Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TMI Tuesday - You Know You Love It

Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay?
Wow - I don't know...I guess a healthy combo of all of the above, but honestly I'm pretty damn satisfied sexually right now. - Jules
Experimentation I guess....but like Jules I'm pretty satisfied with the sex I'm having. I can say that I definitely don't need more romance, you know all that nice stuff makes me gag. - Gwyn
I'd say romance but that's cause I'm all focused, well attempting to foucus, on finding the fairy tale right now - Miranda

Are you capable of engaging in a "friends with benefits" relationship? Have you ever done so?
YES! It's actually about all I'm capable of at the moment. Gavin and I are rocking the FWB thing. I guess Owen and I qualify as this too. I've done it lots and it worked for me when I was married and it's still working for my commitment phobic self now. - Jules
I prefer friends with benefits about 90% of the time, as opposed to being in a serious relationship. I ALWAYS have a booty call on standby so I think I can say with confidence that not only have I done the FWB thing but I'm pretty darn good at it! - Gwyn
Honestly, I probably suck at it.  I've managed to do it with some success a few times but generally if I'm seeing someone more than 1-2 times I like them enough that keeping it at FWB is hard. - Miranda

Where was the first place you ever had sex?
My bed - Jules
A Motel 6 room in a shady part of town with another guy in there sleeping in the bed next to us. Did I mention it was with my friend-at-the-time's boyfriend (aka The Inmate)? That's right, I keep it classy. -Gwyn
I was 16 and it was in my own bed while my parents were out of town. I planned the whole damn thing too. - Miranda

Does size matter? 
Hell yeah it matters and if girls say otherwise they are either lying or they have never had a really big, thick cock...just saying. - Jules
I think the real question is "Does anything matter as much as size?" - Gwyn
I'd like to say "it's not the meat, it's the motion," but when you're comparing cocktail weenies to bratwurst, the bratwurst wins out every time. - Miranda

Have you ever had sex in your office or your place of employment?
Sort of - I mentioned the other day that I did have sex in the hotel where I bartended on several occasions - but not my actual spot of employment - Jules
I haven't had sex but have fooled around, but not at my current place of employment. -Gwyn
Nope, though it's a fantasy. - Miranda

Ever been skinny dipping?
Of course I have been...most recently with Clark in the ocean - HOT. - Jules
Yes, a few times. But I'm afraid my OCD tendencies never let me really enjoy it. The germ implications are a little overwhelming. -Gwyn
Yes a few times and it's awesome! - Miranda

Top or bottom?
Yes - Jules
Either way works for me. -Gwyn
More - Miranda

Where Would You Wish To Wake Up?
In a hotel overlooking the ocean with  room service, a hot tub, a massage, and a hot guy fucking me like crazy before I have to get up and face the day OR  here with my baby pooh bear coming in to snuggle before I make her get ready for school - honestly I love both scenarios...see I can be wholesome...lmao. - Jules
This is another one of those questions that requires fantasizing and choosing favorites, omg these are killing me! I have no hard and set preferences but I can tell you that wherever I wake up I'd like the following to be a part of the setting: pot and related accessories, a comfortable mattress with clean linens, limited number of other human beings, tigers and lions who don't eat people, lots of large birds, my Ipod, a huge library of books, constant sunshine with a breeze, cleaning supplies, a soccer ball, earplugs and a cabana boy to satisfy all my sexual desires. - Gwyn 
Yall kill me! In light of my current overwhelmed, stressed out work status, I'd say I'd like to wake up laying in a huge comfy bed with crisp white linens with a pitcher of mimosas next to the bed while the ocean breeze stirs the curtians and a certain someone who shall remain unamed has his arms wrapped around me and is kissing me. - Miranda


  1. Ok, Gwen, what is up with the soccer ball and cleaning supplies??? This is a FANTASY!! Lions and tigers...that don't eat people? I am glad you specified.

    And I gotta say....with the penis size thing....well.....uh......fuck it....I want a bratwurst too.

  2. Duh Kenny :) In my 'fantasy' everything is clean and sanitized - I would think you of all people as a dentist should appreciate this!

    As for the soccer ball, I've been playing since I was 5 years old so I can't imagine my life without it - fantasy or not.

    And when it comes to penis size, well...I just tell it like it is! Jules said it perfectly. Guys - if a girl tells you size doesn't matter....then most likely yours is small :(


  3. That makes me feel great because I have NEVER been told that size does not matter...I have also never had say...."OH my god that is big."

    I usually get a smile and a "Yummy", or "Ooooh, nice."

    But of course, I am usually paying so.....