Sunday, November 22, 2015

Walk of Shame

Last night I got to go out with The Captain for an amazing dinner at a very nice, local restaurant. It was so romantic and I should add in here that I hadn't seen him in almost two weeks. His work schedule has been crazy (as has Russell's) and then when he was off, he got sick and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. So, it was a much needed date night!!

After dinner we went back to his place and we literally spent the next 3 1/2 hours having nonstop sex. Well we would stop for about a minute after he came and then start right back. It was awesome!! We decided maybe we should see less of each other (not really but damn it was great reunion sex)!

I should mention that I quit seeing Owen right after I started seeing The Captain. Sex with The Captain rivals Owen sex and if I can get that from my boyfriend, no need for Owen. Owen still texts me every other day or so, but I've stood firm.

Anyway back to the actual story, I normally get up and leave in the middle of the night because of Russell's work schedule so I'm here for Chloe. Last night, Chloe had a sleepover so I stayed the entire night. I woke up early at The Captain's and laid there talking to him but because his room faces sunrise and it was like high noon in there, I couldn't fall back asleep. I also wanted to leave before his son or mom woke up. I've met his son once briefly but not in a capacity where I felt like seeing me in my dress from the date before was ok. So I leave quietly as to not wake The Captian up because he fell back to sleep and I go outside and reach for my keys and realize they are in his bedroom. Fuck.

I am standing outside in my low cut black dress from the night before (The Captain loves my boobs, a lot), my glasses on because I had to take out my contacts, and my hair up in a crazy ass ponytail that screamed I was fucked all night. His door locks with a code, which I do not know because he always let me in!! They don't have a doorbell, not that I wanted to ring it anyway, and the condo is super sound proof so I knew he wouldn't hear me knock either. I also knew he probably had his phone off, but I start repeatedly calling over and over and texted him why. All of sudden the door opens and I fully expect him to be there with my keys but no, it was his mom! She was leaving to go to church!!! I wanted to fall through the pavement and die but thankfully she was amazing. She let me in, hugged me, told me how nice it was to meet me, gave me her number in case I ever needed it in the future, and told me how pretty my dress was so obviously she must have determined that I make her son happy and therefore regardless of that first impression she was gracious and wonderful. I apologized profusely and told her this was not how I wanted to meet her!! Talk about an epic walk of shame moment, there it is.

PS The Captain and I are taking things very slowly but it is very evident that we like each other a lot. Last week he asked me to go out the country with him and his son this summer, so even though it's moving slowly (which is a nice change of pace), it's also definitely moving forward too. He just makes me feel good. He's a really, really good guy and I'm trying my hardest to be a really, really good girl.