Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If the Camper is a Rockin' Don't Bother Knockin'

This weekend rocked!  Peabody and I went up to the mountains for a three day music festival with a couple of his close friends and it was seriously one of the most fun weekends of my life.  We left Thursday after work and didn’t get home until late Sunday evening.  Peabody’s work was a sponsor for the event so we had VIP access all weekend which made it even sweeter.

This was the first time I’d “camped” in a pop-up camper since I was a kid and it honestly wasn’t bad. The boys were majorly efficient with what to bring and cooking on the gas grill so outside from having to share the communal showers and bathrooms it wasn’t a bad deal at all. 

Thursday night we sat outside and laughed and talked.  All day Friday we sat up in the festival area and watched band after amazing band. Everything from country to bluegrass to jam-style to rock bands.  We laughed and danced and generally had a blast even though we about drown in the hardest 30 minutes of rain I’ve seen in years.  Fortunately Peabody saw it coming right before the bottom fell out and we made it back the camper without getting totally drenched.  That night we got a little frisky and I’m pleased to say I helped initiate Peabody’s first time having sex in his camper lol.  We had to be uber quite and it was hard because I kept laughing about our stealth moves.  For more than a few minutes I had my hands pressed over my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh out loud.

There was this camping headlight thing hanging from a bar over our bed and in the midst of our getting busy it started swinging and creaking just a little.  Peabody stopped and was like “oh shit” and we laid still for a second and the thing kept swinging.  I started giggling again and he asked what was funny and I said, “Think about it.  It’s a different tempo. We’re not the only ones getting busy behind closed curtains in this camper.”  And then I had another round of laughing that was barely contained.

Saturday was another dozen amazing bands and more festival antics including a plot by me and two other girls to steal a golf cart which the guys thwarted just in time.  Being up in the mountains the number of “hippies” was incredible. I swear I saw more dread locks then I’ve seen in my whole life total.  It was great people watching to say the least. After a very long hot day Peabody and I decided to take a shower before bed.  This shower was seriously the smallest thing I’ve ever seen.  When we stood in there we had about three inches between us.  This caused us to laugh like we were high as kites (which we were actually) for the whole time we were in the shower. Lord knows what people thought was going on in there. 

Sunday was even more music and a very weary crowd.  We mostly sat in our chairs and laid on the blanket that day until we called it quits and packed up to head home.  I know I’ve said it before but the more time I spend with him the more and more I like this guy. He’s so genuinely nice.  He’s the guy who stops to help someone change a tire on the side of the road.  The one who holds a door open for everyone.  The guy who strikes up a conversation and draws people in so that he’s constantly walking away with business cards and making new friends.  He’s pretty much the shit so far and I’m going to try to hang on to this one!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Proceed with Caution

I am seemingly dating The Chilean again, but I am taking it very slowly. Here's how it happened. Last week, his email got spammed and he sent me a message with a link to wedding dresses...rofl. I replied b/c I'd had a few that I thought perhaps this was spam unless it was a proposal. We started emailing and in the midst of it he told me that he is now single, but doesn't want to rush into a relationship. I told him I was fine with that. I wasn't the one saying I love you every 3 seconds before and that just dating and seeing where it goes is quite alright with me.

So we have been...I went over Friday night and you can read about that in the post before this one where I had an epic parenting fail. Yesterday, he called and asked me to go hear a singer at a local resort's bar. I pondered it b/c it meant I would be going out before Chloe goes to bed, which is not something I do. I date around her, but sometimes that's hard. I discussed it with Russell and he said he was fine if I wanted to go, so I went. It was a fun, relaxed evening just hanging out in this intimate lounge listening to music. There was lots of kissing and touching, but we were both exhausted from the night before so I dropped him off after the show and came home to go to bed.

I suspect I'll totally stop seeing GD. The sex is mind blowing, but that's all that's there and sex with The Chilean is also fantastic. Keeping up with 3 different men is more than I have time for in life. I'll probably keep Owen going for a few weeks to see where this is going b/c I'm not throwing that sex out until I know for sure this is actually going somewhere. This is our 3rd attempt...either 3rd time will be the charm or 3 strikes and you're out.

In other news, I'm about to hit the ground running with this single mom thing. Russell is going to CA for a week Sept. 3rd and then he comes back for the weekend and goes to China for 2 months on Sept. 10th!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bad Mama

Today was an epic parenting fail...I guess you win some, you lose some but this was just irresponsible on my part. I'm normally excessively responsible, especially with Chloe.

Last night, I went to see The Chilean after Chloe went to bed. We had a really great time drinking margaritas and hanging out. We talked a lot. He claims he's single now and tried to tell me again that he loves me. I told him not to say that. He said in Spanish that they have many words for love, but in English we only have one. I told him that he can just tell me that he likes me, so he did...repeatedly. I really like him too. I don't know how permanent he is though, time will tell. His work visa expired, so now he's just here on a tourist visa.

His roommate was gone last night, so we hung out in the living room and made out. He finally worked his way down and kissed my kitty forever. He told me that he's keeping my panties...had I known that I would have worn better ones...lol. We walked to the beach after that and hung out and then it gets sketchy.

I woke up in his bed. I'm 99.9% sure we did not have sex. I remember him saying something about wanting more than that with me so I denied him later and then he got a little irritated...men. When I woke up at 5:36am, it was to Russell calling me asking me wtf? He was supposed to be at work at 6am and I had totally forgotten to set my alarm and I'd also left my phone on vibrate, so I missed the 1st 7 calls and texts. The Chilean finally woke up to the sound of it vibrating in my purse.

I raced out and then I flew to get Chloe. I felt HORRIBLE...parenting fail.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jules Loves Silicone

Probably not in the way you think though...I have real breasts. They are pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself. I actually could probably get some testimonials on it, but I digress.

I love silicone toys!! Today, Eden Fantasys  sent me an email announcing 40% off these amazing things but the offer is only good through tomorrow!! If you have never had the pleasure of silicone, now is the chance. It's like fucking yourself with silk. It feels absolutely smooth and soft and oh so pleasurable! I think I've gone on and on about my pink one. I triple love it and use is often, with and without Owen! He loves the feel of it inside me against his own awesome tool too.

Eden Fantasys also has a Rewards Program! You get points for things like rating items and adding items to your wish list and then those points are converted to a gift card to use for free toys!! Who doesn't love free toys??? I'm ready for some new silicone ones and I've had my eye on some new dress up items since the school girl outfit has been so much fun! Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm leaning toward this sexy police girl  because then Owen can handcuff me with the cuffs!!

This is a sponsored post by Eden Fantasys, but after shopping with them for almost a year or so I have to say they are my favorite company! I used to shop the competition, but after lost orders and substitutions for what I'd actually ordered, I was very happy to make the switch! They have lightening fast shipping and their prices are great!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Damn Life!

I’m a mix of emotions right now! Things with Peabody are as good as ever and tonight we head off for a three day music festival in the mountains which will be awesome and beautiful and I’m excited about that. At the same time Gwyn is about to take off from Hawaii to come here for a family emergency and I hate that I’m going to not be here when she lands.  Damn life!  Why does everything have to happen at one time!

Aside from that, I have to say it’s freaking so nice to have an ex-husband that you can get along with.  There has been more than one time in the last few weeks when I needed Duckie to pick up the kids or switch things around and it’s always no big deal. Even today is an example. It’s Ladybug’s open house tonight and instead of us both driving they are just going to swing by and pick me up and we’ll all ride together.

Divorced parents who spend so much time hating each other and not being able to get along for the kids sake need to get over themselves. I know there are always  extenuating circumstances that throw a wrench into the plan but really at the end of the day, as adults I’d hope the vast majority of us would be able to still function at “family” things even if we aren’t technically a family anymore. I for one am incredibly grateful that everything is as good as it is between us.

In other news, the other day I made myself laugh big time.  I was at Peabody’s house – remember he lives in the same neighborhood as Duckie and I realized that I’ve slept with three different men in that neighborhood – Duckie, Sawyer, and Peabody. HA! Mama’s a ho!

Seriously, Peabody is just the easiest person to be around.  Last night we packed up his camper for the weekend, grabbed some dinner, and then hung out watching TV for a while. It was totally relaxed and comfortable and just so peaceful.  Then when everything went down with Gwyn, he was just great again.  I don’t think I’ve ever had as easy of a time just relaxing and being myself as I have with him.

Here’s wishing Gwyn a speedy trip home and for everything to go well this weekend in the mountains.  I’ll see you soon as I get back on Sunday Gwyn!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tantric Sex

I had one of the most sexually satisfying encounters ever Monday night. It was insanely good. I've read about Tantric sex, seen ads online for it, but had not experienced it until last night with GD. I decided after Sunday night's chastity, that he had me worked up. He had already asked to see me Monday night, so I knew I'd end up having sex with him. I did not know that it was going to last for almost 4 hours and be that freaking awesome.

I walked in and he just took me into his arms (he's 6'2") and wrapped me up and started kissing me. Eventually I told him that the clothes could come off tonight and he practically ripped off mine after that invitation. At this point, I was completely amazed at what he put against my body. He has an awesome cock...I mean awesome. It's really long and pretty thick. He had me on his bed and proceeded to tease me endlessly. I swear there were times where it felt like we totally melted into one. We breathed the same breath and were just totally in sync with one another through the entire experience.

He prolonged his orgasm for hours, but when he finally came it was fantastic. We laid there for a little while touching and talking and kissing and then we tried a couple times to have more sex, but honestly I think he broke my kitty. I was so sore after that long that I couldn't. I wanted to badly, but it ended up being too painful. After three more attempts, I finally had to call it quits and put clothes on. As I was trying to dress, he sat behind me caressing my breasts and rubbing my nipples sending me into pure ecstasy. OMG I want to have sex like that every day. (Don't read into that...I'm just saying it was pure bliss!)

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to see Owen for lunch. I think I've healed enough but I'm hoping it ends up being a quickie or I may not be able to walk.

PS Owen did cum for lunch. For some reason this post didn't post on schedule. Thankfully it was a quickie and he spent the majority of the time in my ass. Otherwise, I might have died. Although, I am apparently a glutton for punishment b/c I went back to GD's house last night for more amazing hours of sex. It is seriously a different experience with sex than I have ever had with anyone ever and I'm feeling a little addicted to it. I did declare that today had to be a rest and recover day though.

TMI Tuesday - Pain & Pleasure

1. Which do you enjoy more in bed, pain or pleasure?
Pleasure!! - Jules
I think they are very closely tied. There's a very fine line! - Miranda
Pleasure! Pain is for working out and when people die. -Gwyn
2. Do you like being tickled during sex? Where?
No, I do not like being tickled before, during, or after sex. I am not a fan. -Jules
I'm not ticklish so it wouldn't feel like anything other than random poking.  I used to be incredibly ticklish and then in high school I made the executive decision to not be anymore and I just wasn't. True story.  Though when I find out someone else is ticklish it's incredibly hard not to torture them. - Miranda
No not at all. -Gwyn
3. Have you ever used feathers during sex?
I had a guy tie me up once and use them. I thought it was kind of stupid. - Jules
Am I a bird?  - Miranda
Feathers? Really? There must be a lot of people out there who need extra stimulation of all sorts...I am blessed to be perfectly content with just the penis and the vagina being present. -Gwyn
4. Do you like to be blindfolded during sex? Why?
I like the thought of it, but in practice I'm just too much of a control freak. The only person I think I would ever even consider doing it with is Owen b/c I trust him in bed. -Jules
Love it! I find it highly erotic. I've only let a couple guys do it because it implies a huge amount of trust. - Miranda
Never done it and don't see it ever happening. I guess if I was married I would let my husband do it if he wanted but that's it. -Gwyn
5. Have you ever used cold or heat as part of your sex play? What provided the cold or heat?Yes, Gavin used candle wax on me one night and I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of the experience. It was awesome! I've used cold with putting my glass toys in the freezer, but cold doesn't turn me on so much. - Jules
Other than a random ice cube (on me) or cold mouth of wine (on him) nope. If somebody came at me with hot candle wax I'd probably go honey badger and kick their ass. I've done that on accident and it hurts too much! - Miranda
I've used ice in the context of giving a blowjob but that was in my "oh boys will only like me if I pull out all the stops" phase. I've never had either used on me but it seems like the tickling thing, it might be fun but I'm not going to suggest it. -Gwyn
6. Do you enjoy being spanked, giving spankings, or both?
I love being spanked! I wish Owen would spank me more. It's the only thing he kind of sucks at. If he does it, it's usually just one hard swat across my ass. I think it things progress with GD that he's probably a spanker. He seems that way. I'm not into giving them b/c I'm submissive in bed so no, I've never. - Jules
You can spank me any time, anywhere.  It's hot! Like Jules I prefer to be submissive in bed so unless I had a wild hair and enough tequila I probably wouldn't be doing the spanking. - Miranda
Receiving, sure. I honestly don't think I've ever had sex with a guy who didn't spank my ass a few times. I'm not spanking a grown man unless it's on a game show for money. -Gwyn
7. Do you have a safeword? Have you ever used it?
No, but if I did it would be "Cacao"! I will be incredibly impressed to those of you that get that reference. - Jules
The Christian and I had one for some of the more intense stuff he was introducing me to but I never used it. - Miranda
No but Miranda suggested I use one with Popeye (we've reunited under the sheets lol). I told her as long as he doesn't try to shove his entire arm down my throat again that I think I can handle myself. -Gwyn
Bonus: Tell us in 3-4 sentences the most painful or pleasurable sexual experience you have had.
I tell you guys everything! Read the blog!! The most painful were probably the candle wax and the time Clark tied me up and milked my tits, but both of those incidents were also very erotic and extremely pleasurable too. As far as pleasurable ones go, uh like every single time I fuck Owen...best sex ever. - Jules
The last time The Christian and I had sex was probably the most painful and most pleasurable.  Though the time I let Coach spank me with my favorite paintbrush paddle that was pretty hot too.  I should have kept that thing but I threw it away in a fit of anger once night.  - Miranda
I've never had a painful sexual experience - the closest I've come is last month when I had sex with Popeye and he left me all kinds of bruised and battered. But that didn't hurt while it was happening and the bruises were only sore for a couple of days. Most pleasurable? That's too hard to decide. I've had lots a great sex I couldn't pick just one. Overall, I'd say Popeye has been the best but a lot of that has to do with the physical chemistry we have and his perfect penis. Again, I have to say that if someone enjoys and partakes in painful sex on a regular basis then that person has been traumatized as a child - and I'm sorry but I'm just not into the freakishly wounded. -Gwyn
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Two Potential Players

Things are getting interesting around here again. I've been on OK Cupid and POF lately checking things out. I met a Dr. on OK Cupid!! He's a psychiatrist to be specific...lmao. We've chatted online for about a week and he asked for my phone number this weekend. He went to Kauai this past weekend to visit family. We were supposed to meet after work today for a drink, but he called about 45 minutes later than expected and I assumed he had just stood me up. He explained he'd gotten held up at work by a colleague, but at that point I was on the H1 and I'm not turning around on that thing for anyone. It was probably a mistake. He's HOT from his pics, he's smart, and he seems funny. Here's a hmmm moment about him. He's leaving in a few days to go to Burning Man for 2 weeks. Russell and I have a friend that goes to that annually...in a tutu with his unicycle. I'm thinking the Dr. may well be a freak. At any rate, I may be interested in seeing him when he returns but 2 weeks is a long time in Jules' world of men.

Next up, we have GD. I met him on POF, incidentally where I saw The Chilean stalking around and not mentioning that he has a gf. Anyway, I'm calling him that b/c it makes me chuckle. He's a graphic designer that lives literally right down the road from me. This is a bonus right off. I've become a lazy dater. If you live far away, I'm not really into it. Dr. lives about an hour away, but if you're a Dr. I'll consider the commute. Anyway, thing went fast with GD. I started chatting with him online this weekend. Last night, he called me and we talked for about 2 hours. If you know me, you know that I do not talk on the phone longer than about 5 minutes unless it's my family (and even that is very rare!). In the midst of this, he asked me to meet him. It was late, but I agreed.

We met out in a public spot and chatted for a while. I got a good vibe from him. I think he's super intense, but I like him. Gwyn thinks intense means crazy...lol, it could. Anyway, he invited me back to his place b/c at this point he'd informed me that he's certified to do lomi lomi massage. Um, ok! Ha, I didn't go quite that easily, but I did go. I told him that I wasn't having sex with him. He said it was just a massage. I said ok and reiterated no sex. He laughed and took me back to his place.

We sat on his bed and he gave me one of the best massages ever. I mean it felt fantastic. I was putty, but I wasn't so much so that I was giving into my no sex b/c I just met you thing. I only do this with men that I think I might like for more than FWB. In the middle of the massage, he came around and pulled me to him and kissed me. He's a great kisser!! I melted a little, but remained firm. He finished the massage and we laid there talking and kissing. Things heated up seriously after that. He had me pinned down kissing me and touching me. I can tell he's going to be super dominant in bed. I kept removing his hands from inside my clothes telling him it wasn't happening. (I was very impressed by my willpower!) I could feel how hard he was and it was driving me insane, but I really didn't want to just whore it up the first time.

I finally called it a night about 2:30am and said that I had to get up in less than 5 hours for work and had to go home to sleep. He reluctantly let me go, but he called me when I got home and we talked some more. Here's what I mean about the intense part. He emailed me earlier and told me that he felt that we were already entwined and that he was deep inside my energies. That's a little fast! The other thing about GD is that he has 3 kids with yes, 3 different baby mamas and he's 46. All that being said, I have a primal attraction to him!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well nothing is resolved with my sister. I’m debating whether or not to even say anything.  I don’t know that it truly matters and really at some point we all have to accept that our family is the way it is and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

But that’s not the point of this post. This is a fun post! Peabody is just getting better and better.  He seems to have mastered the art of communication that is just enough without being over the top and we continue to have better and better conversations. Last night we talked for several hours and had yet another in-depth conversation that is really giving me a lot of insight in him.

Last night he also said he had all sorts of free miles from the airlines for all the traveling he does with work and that he’d love to take me somewhere in a couple weeks.  Peabody suggested Portland, Maine because he’s been there a couple times and has been wanting to go back. Between all his travel perks the trip would be essentially free except for food.  I told him I was game to go and I’ve got to check my schedule at work but I expect we’ll go in the next few weeks for a long weekend.

During that same conversation he was asking me all sorts of questions about Hawaii and he looked up airline tickets just “for future reference” hahaha.

Thursday afternoon about 2 pm he texted me at work and asked if there was any way I could slip out for the afternoon.  By a miracle of the scheduling gods Duckie was able to pick up the kids and I didn’t have anything that HAD to be done so I slipped out and Peabody took me for an impromptu afternoon on a nearby lake. 

It was awesome!  It was us and one of his friends and we just rode around and floated in the water (which was bathtub warm!) and drank and had a good time.  At one point we beached on an island and were all out swimming in the shallows when his friend went off exploring and we gave the fishes a little show.  Yep I was a dirty lake ho and I loved every minute of it.

He is just a really really great guy.  I’m really enjoying getting to know him better and honestly, the more I find out the more I like him. This one actually scares me a little bit.  He’s got such potential and I can feel myself on the verge of relaxing and actually really really liking him and that scares me big time. 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Ass Kicking Time

I need a little bitch session.  I’m about to throat punch my sister.  My sister is six years older to me and she and her husband are very wealthy - like they just finished building a mega-mansion wealthy.  And I don’t begrudge them for any of that.  Her husband has worked all of his adult life on building his own insurance business and he’s very good at what he does.  My sister worked for the early part of their marriage but the last 11 years she’s been a stay at home mom and a realtor on the side.  Outside of doing realtor stuff for family and friends she mostly does it for their own benefit because they are also house flippers.   They honestly have enough money they would wipe their asses with $20 bills and not even notice.  

When Duckie and I first moved back here she was wonderful helping watch the kids from time to time during the summer and stuff but then it shifted and my dad was always the kid watcher.  After he passed away and Duckie and I started the divorce process things really shifted. I certainly wasn’t the first experience she had with divorce but I guess because I was the first in the family it threw off our relationship.  Things have been different ever since.  Here’s my list of disgruntlements that I have by and large made my peace with but have been flared up this week
  • They didn’t help me move into my apartment. Both were mysteriously busy the majority of that day. I will say however that my sister did help me move into my townhouse. 
  • They routinely ask me to do things that cost mega-bucks and then want to argue with me when I say I can’t afford to do said things. Yet they know my income! My sister was my own damn realtor and saw all the paperwork.
  • In the whole two years I lived in my apartment they NEVER let their son spend the night.  He came over to play with Leo quite a bit but he never stayed. 
  • Despite our perfectly friendly relationship, they freak out about asking me and Duckie to do things at the same time.
  • I used to see them practically every weekend and now I see them maybe once a month if I’m lucky. 
  • 9 times out of 10 now if I ask her if she can watch the kids she says no for one reason or another.  Though I never say no to her when she asks me. 
  • They have both complained to me that my mom will foot the bill for me and the kids at some of these fancy schmancy dinners they like to go to but yet they have NEVER paid for my mom or me or anyone else when they make three times what we all make combined. 
  • And now, they have asked me and Duckie to be the “divorce gurus” for their best friends who are splitting up. Side note – Gwyn remember “goo-ruu” hahahaha.

About two weeks ago my sister told me her best friend had just confided in her that she was going to leave her husband. Apparently things haven’t been good for a while and they were finally ready to do something about it.  Sounds on the surface like a situation similar to Duckie and me.

She asked me to reach out to her BFF and just be a friend if she needed someone to talk to who had been through that stuff before.  She also asked Duckie to do the same thing to her BFF’s soon to be ex-husband.  
That’s all fine and well but there have been so many weird, odd things about the way they handled our split.  Believe me I have no problem helping a fellow divorcee out and telling her everything I know but I guess I just feel like my sister and her husband handled the whole situation so poorly with me and Duckie that it’s incredibly ironic they want our help now.  I don’t know. As I write it out now it seems petty of me.  

But it’s crazy!  I mean she wants me to become her friend’s divorce buddy and then she tells me they are helping her move out tomorrow oh and by the way can I watch her son while they help her!  It’s just irked me big time this week. 

I am going to have a conversation with my sister to let her know what her BFF will need from her as a friend now.  I’m not sure how to have this conversation without hurting her feelings because I’m going to have to use some examples of things that my “friends” including her did or didn’t do for me.  


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dirty, Hot Sex with Owen

That man rocks the fuck out of my world! I mean he does to me things that no man has ever done. Sure he does things other men could do, but the way he does it drives me wild. This morning was no exception!! We've been texting for a few days about seeing each other today. I suggested he cum over and tie up his sexy school girl this morning and he was on it. Actually, initially I told him I thought I owed him one for Friday night's awesome midnight rendezvous, but he likes being told what I want. It's this weird dichotomy in that he likes being told what I want, but I like being submissive in bed.

He came in this morning to me in my school girl dress with my (and his) favorite glass toy in my ass. I knew how he wanted it today, so I was prepping for him. I had porn on with his favorite position happening for an added touch. He kissed me and started rubbing against me and then he laid me down and did DP with him and that toy. OMG love that! He kept that up until I had cum a few times and then he took the toy out and switched the DP to his cock in my ass and the toy in my kitty. This is his most favorite when I'm on my back and he's in my ass. I actually like it the other way where I'm on my stomach, it's something about the angle, but I'm good with this way too and I love watching him fuck me. As he thrust, he pushed the toy into me and was rubbing my clit. It was amazing feeling!! When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and came all over my kitty. I rubbed it all over my kitty and then he entered me with long, deep strokes!

He's one of the very few men that I've ever met that can keep going. He fucked me for a little while and then he reached into my toy box and pulled out the ties and tied my ankles. He wanted to keep my hands free today. Then he pulled out a giant red vibe that I have. It's one of those toys that almost hurts it's so big. He put that into me and put the glass toy back into my ass and then climbed onto me so that I could suck his cock and lick his balls while he pounded me with that toy. I mean he pounded me almost to the point I thought I was going to explode...lol. He kept marveling at the amount of cum and then he flipped me over onto my side and entered my ass again. I worked my way into my favorite position on my stomach and he pounded away at me as I had countless orgasms and he finally came again in my ass.

Neither of us was in a hurry today, so he laid against me for a while after I finally finished the last few orgasms, kissing my neck and shoulders. As he pulled out, he started massaging me all over. It was THE best way to start my day!!!!

People ask me from time to time if I have feelings for him or if I'm "waiting" for him. Uh no, no I'm not. I mean yes after 3 1/2 years of amazing sex, surely I have some feelings for him but it's not love. It's dirty, hot lust. This is the kind of sex you have in an affair. We don't fight. We don't have bills. We don't have kids together. We don't have a honey do list. It's just sensual, fantastic sex. Why would I ever ruin that by wanting to be with him???

Funny Visual

So, I have a rat in my house...or maybe a ghost. I'm not sure yet. The last few nights I've been hearing noises, but last night scared the crap out of me. I was laying in bed watching Hot in Cleveland (a seriously stupid, but hilarious show with Betty White...she makes it) when I heard a scratching and a thumping against my door that sounded like it was coming from something about the size of a pit bull. (I will inject here that we are a pet free household.) Then it moved along the wall and it sounded like it went into the bathroom beside the living room. I lay there paralyzed in what I can only describe as fear for about 5 minutes. My mind was racing that I had to get to Chloe to get her out of her unattended bed and into mine ASAP so that rat/ghost did not kill her in her sleep.

I finally pry myself off the bed out of sheer maternal will and as I walk (naked) into the living room to go get her, I see Russell leaving his room, much to my relief! I knew he had been sleeping and was only on the way to the bathroom to pee, but I had to forewarn him of the rat/ghost.

He goes into the kitchen to grab a flashlight and starts shining it everywhere. I am convinced that he is going to shine it right out of hiding so I hop up on a stool. I decide that's not a good idea and I leap over to the couch. I visualize it vaulting over the couch and decide the coffee table in the middle of the living room with me still naked and my front window wide open is the best place to stand...rofl. My poor neighbors! It was about 12am, so I think I went unnoticed, except to Russell who informed me that this was bad naked. I was hysterical at the time though and really could have cared less.

We didn't find whatever beast was making the sounds, but today I'm going to buy RAT traps to replace the mouse traps I had purchased b/c if it is a rat instead of a ghost, it's HUGE based on what I heard last night.

PS I think today is the day where I find out if Russell is going to China for 3 months. If he is, I hope we catch the RAT first.

Monday, August 13, 2012

He's Got a Blog Name Finally

I have been a busy girl. My first official date with the new guy last Monday was great!  I’ve finally decided to call him Peabody and there’s a long story behind that but it’s a nickname his friends gave him at some point. Nothing else seems to fit for the purposes of the blog.

Last Monday I went over to his house (remember it’s in Duckie’s neighborhood – I can actually see the top of Duckie’s house from Peabody’s front porch) and he cooked an awesome dinner of fajitas.  We listened to music for a good while and just talked and hung out.  I’m finding him to be a really good mix of a person. There’s this whole high powered businessman side of him but there’s still very much a laid back, hanging out and easy side too.  We easily go from talking about work to music to our kids with a lot of laughs in between.  And honestly, I don’t know if it’s from my disasterous relationship with The Christian or if it’s just Peabody but I find it incredibly easy to just be myself with him.  I don’t second guess myself or try to be anything other than just me. It’s a really good feeling.

That night when I left I forgot to grab the leftovers he packed up for my lunch. I didn’t think much about it that night and figured he’d just eat them.  Tuesday morning I woke up to a text saying he would bring them by my house on the way to work if I wanted them.  I thought that was very sweet and honestly I really wanted them because they were some rocking fajitas.  Peabody brought them by all wrapped up and ready to go and when I got to work I opened the bag to put them in the fridge and he’d put a note in there for me.  I used to do that for Duckie from time to time but in all the years we were married he never did anything like that for me. 

Tuesday night we ended up spontaneously grabbing dinner at one of the few restaurants in my town that I haven’t been to and it was another quick but fun evening!  Wednesday my boss was supposed to come over to my house for dinner and wine but she ended up in an argument with her boyfriend so our plans were cancelled and Peabody and I ended up hanging out at his house.  We watched a movie and ended up making out hot and heavy. 

I lay there on his couch arguing with myself about not sleeping with him but eventually the little horny devil on my shoulder refuted all arguments and we did the deed.  Before he and I started dating I’d arbitrarily set a three week guideline but during my inner dialogue session while making out I honestly couldn’t think of a reason why to wait.  I’ve waited with some, I’ve not waited with others and it all seems a crap shoot in the end.  I really don’t think it has any merits on what direction it takes the relationship and quite frankly, at 36 years old I’m really not too worried about any arbitrary guideline about relationships anymore.

We had dinner with my boss and her BF Thursday night at her house. She’d been dying to meet him and I really wanted to see if he could fit in with my friends because The Christian so did not.  I’m pleased to report that he sailed through it with flying colors. I mean hell he travels all over the country for work meeting with everyone from CEOs to plant workers so I figured he can mesh with just about anyone. But it was still a good litmus test because if you’re dating me you’re going to be spending some time with my friends at some point. 

Friday he invited me over to meet one of his best friends who was at his house.  We’d talked earlier about going up to his friend’s mountain house over the weekend so I figured if I was going to take that step I better meet his friend and make sure he wasn’t going to annoy me.  He was super fun!  The three of us ended up sitting in Peabody’s driveway for a couple hours talking and laughing.

Saturday morning we packed up his truck and headed to the mountains for a quick overnight with his friend and his girlfriend.  We spent the next day and a half just hanging out in this beautiful isolated cabin, playing corn hole and cards, listening to music, dreaming up million dollar ideas, and making delicious food.  It was a super relaxing and fun weekend and I really enjoyed his friends’ company.  The whole thing was so relaxed and easy I told Gwyn it had a very Hawaiian vibe.

After we got back last night we watched a movie and I helped him unpack all the stuff from the mountains then I headed home where my mother grilled me like a 16 year old on her first date for 30 minutes.  Peabody really seems like a great guy.  He’s been terrific so far and I have not seen any sort of red flags.  He is incredibly attentive and we seem to be finding a good balance together.  I hope it stays that way! 


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Midnight Risque Encounter

Owen texted me about 11:30pm and asked if I wanted to meet him on the beach. I was a little drunk and confused. I was like 'what?' 'now??'. He said "yes". I said I'd be right there! We never ever have sex in the middle of the night, which is kind of a shame b/c I love sex before sleep.

It seems he had left something at work and saw this as the perfect opportunity to see me as well. He pulled me to him and kissed me while undressing me. Then he bent me over and proceeded to pound me over and over again. It was delicious! He kept pulling me back into him and kissing me and talking dirty to me...I was soooo turned on by him. He always knows just what I need.

As I was dressing, I noticed he was playing 1950-60s love songs on his phone (think Back to the Future prom). I stifled a chuckle.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Rest of The Story

Here’s the low down on everything that happened with The Chilean. I was supposed to have dinner with a friend of mine that Gwyn calls The Unicorn on Saturday night. She bailed at the last minute and I decided to contact him and see if he wanted to hang out during “normal hours”. He did. I picked him up and we went to Target, where he did buy me some things b/c I left my wallet in the car…had I known now how it was going to end I would have done way more shopping! Then we left and walked around some and decided to just grab a pizza on the way home.
We ate our dinner and headed back to his apt where I laid all coy on the bed b/c we had had some hot sex the night before. We start talking about us and he asks me what I want from him. I tell him that it’s way to soon to qualify this, but eventually I see us being bf-gf. Then he drops the bomb that he has a long distance relationship with another woman. He tells me how dissatisfied he is with it b/c he wants someone with him, blah, blah. When I freaked the fuck out, he said that he was sorry he hadn’t told me sooner. He said he thought this time was going to be like the last time where I just saw him a few times and that was it. He said he didn’t expect us both to have the emotions that we did. I told him that this was totally unfair and had I known this from the beginning, there would have been no this time at all.
I got up and left. He followed me to my car, trying to talk to me along the way, but I walk fast and I was pissed. He ended up trailing along like a freaking puppy dog behind me. I stopped at the car long enough to shoot him daggers and then he kissed me goodbye. I told him to figure his shit out, but that I’d been the other woman before I was not interested in doing it yet again. I left under the impression he was going to work to end things with this woman b/c he’s been telling me he loved me from the first night he got back.
We chatted some this week on the phone and on FB.  I thought he was fixing things. Clearly I had my doubts though, because I did see Owen on Tuesday morning for some super hot, beach sex! As of last night, he still had not ended things with her and pretty much told me it was complicated, etc, etc. I told him I was going to uncomplicated it and that I wanted nothing else to do with him until he’s single (and honestly at this point probably not then either!). I unfriended him on FB, deleted his cell from my phone and all call logs, and called it done. Apparently it really hurt HIS feelings I unfriended him on FB. Really??? 

The Other Woman...Again

No thank you...I'm done being the other woman. I'll still do it with Owen b/c it's the best sex ever...but anyone else can fuck off if they think I'm going down that path. The Chilean announced that he has a long distance gf and that's why he's been acting weird. I told him to kiss my ass. I unfriended him on FB, deleted his number from my cell, and told him to take a long ass hike off a short pier but I am sad b/c I thought there might actually be something there. What a MF!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Savage Advice

I have a serious gay crush on Dan Savage.  I want him to be my gay BFF so bad.  I'm totally fangirly by listening to podcasts, reading his column online, and hell I've even watched his show on MTV.  I stumbled upon this little gem today and thought it was too good not to share.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Why is it so much more fun to write for the blog than to write for work?  That’s a total rhetorical question by the way but honestly some days I would rather pull my finger nails out then write for work. If only writing this blog could turn some bucks for us!  I guess we'll just have to wait until we sell the movie rights.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks!  The Christian has been completely absent. Not a peep from him thankfully.  I found out that Coach is only out of town on a contract job. But it’s for three months so at least I have a few months to not worry about running into him and hope against hope it could turn into a full time position and I could be free of his presence forever.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that. 

Last week I went out with my friend D one night and honestly it was kind of miserable lol. I’m just over that scene. Going out every once in a while is fun but doing it every week is not my thing anymore. I never thought I’d say that haha.  Last Friday one of the girls at work had a party at her house and it was me, another girl from work my age, and then everyone else was 30 or under.  By 10, all the “young” girls were inside falling asleep on the couch and it was me and all the guys (and the girl from work) outside playing beer pong with the guys.  The young guy here at work was there and very flirty but I made myself behave.  I just don’t need to have that drama at work.  At least not yet.

Also somewhere in the week Duckie told me he and his girlfriend were considering moving in. Well the kids told me and I had to have a panic attack and then call him to ask what was going on.  He hedged around a little talking to me and I could tell he was having second thoughts about it.  Sounds like he found himself another big old bag of crazy. I told him if he was taking that step it needed to be serious as in getting engaged shortly after if not before because it just wasn’t right for the kids otherwise. He agreed and told me that he also realized if he did that his alimony ended.  Our talk was good and then a day later he called me and told me not to worry about it because they broke up.  He told me a little more about her and she sounds like a real flake.  He really needs to stop looking for these women to “rescue” and find himself a nice girl – who’s very much not like me at all haha. 

Somewhere in all this I reopened my accounts on POF and Ok Cupid.  Almost immediately it was like a damn burst.  Surprisingly there were a lot of new faces on POF and I picked a couple to respond to.  One guy stood out from the rest.  He’s 35, has two kids, been divorced a little longer than me, college educated, has a great job where he travels a couple days each week, and seemingly has some serious bank.  We met briefly over the weekend and then hung out for a couple hours last night after the kids were in bed. FYI - he brought me a great bottle of red wine and some amazing chocolates. 

Tonight we’re having our official first “date” so we’ll see if things keep looking up.  So far so good!  He does seem like a good catch so I’m cautiously hopeful – one of his best traits is despite his traveling over much of the US he’s never been to Hawaii and guess where he wants to go….the North Shore.  Look out girls Miranda may be back on the island sooner rather than later! 


Saturday, August 4, 2012

THE Most Awesome of Days

I had one of those days yesterday where you are just truly, insanely happy and the world seems to just be going your way. I mean it was just awesome...lol.
It started with a hike with Russell where we discussed his possible 3 month relo to China(!). I am extremely apprehensive about him going, but it would be a great move career wise and it's short term, so ok whatever. I just don't trust that he won't do something to get himself shot. Anyway, great hike and we found some really cool stuff along the way.
After our hike, he went to work and Owen came over to have me for lunch. In the brief interim though, I got called for a job interview that is in the next town up and would cut my current commute time down by 45 minutes and it's in my field!!
Anyway, back to Owen...he came in and pleasured me like crazy. He climbed on top of me and kissed me and then worked his way down my body. Once I'd cum, he moved back up and entered me pressing his hot body against me. Finally he flipped me over and put me in my fave position and after I had totally soaked us, he entered my ass and gave me about a billion more super intense, OMG orgasms before he came. It was fantastic!!!
He left and I went to the beach for a little while and walked. I walked up on 4 sea turtles laying on the beach and as I watched them, I kept noticing more in the surf. I probably saw 20-30 out there and I was literally the only person on the beach. It was one of those moments where you feel like the universe created something just for you (kind of like my owl), only I do have pictures to prove it. I even saw a baby one playing in the surf too!! I walked back and dipped in the ocean and had the most serene feeling ever.
After picking Chloe up, we went for an Acai bowl (her favorite) and hit the beach again. We laid out there talking and playing around for a while before calling it a day and coming home for movie night. Big Miracle is awesome btw if you love whales, which we do.
She went to bed after the movie and I settled into my bed to watch Weeds and who should FB message me but The Chilean. He had randomly called me the day before, claiming he missed my phone call which I didn't make, and we had a nice chat. It made me realize that I really do like him, but I just don't get him. So, anyway we chatted some last night on FB and I told him as much. I told him that it pissed me off that he just totally pushed me away this week and he apologized saying that was not what he meant to do. In the end, he invited me over and I accepted.
I went over in my pjs b/c it was late and as I walked in there is his roommate sitting on the couch high as a kite...whoops. We went down to his room and talked for a while, listening to music and stuff. He told me more about him and then explained his inner frustration with himself over not being able to talk to me more b/c he thinks his English is so bad. It's not great, but he does really well and I encouraged him to try more and we would figure it out. I think his reading English is better, which is why he FB messages me all the time.
He noticed I was totally sunburned and took this opportunity to rub me down in aloe...Hawaii foreplay...lol. When he finished, he started kissing me and worked his way down my back to yes, my ass. He started rimming me and licking my kitty and it was ON after that. We had some really awesome sex, much like last week where I ended up on top riding him reverse cowgirl and soaking him until he came.
After, we laid there talking forever and he kept staring into my eyes and telling me how pretty I am. He is great for the ego that's for sure. It was all very intimate and made me decide to put a little more effort into this. He was worried about his neighbors seeing in through his window, so he went downstairs and called me to the window. I stood in his window naked and he apparently enjoyed seeing my silhouette. He came back in and asked me to go for a walk under the full moon, but we never made it out of the bed. He started kissing me again and for some reason kissing him always leads to fucking him.
We had more, OMG sex...I was trying to be quiet b/c I knew his roommate was still up, but it was impossible. He is really, really great in bed and after he gave me a ton of orgasms again, I finished him off with a great blowjob. We collapsed after that until I got up to go home a few hours later. I actually like sleeping with him a lot.
We talked a lot last night about his need to sleep and how I took that as his lack of interest in seeing me. I understand now that he wasn't just blowing me off. He works all day and then he trains several days a week. He's exhausted after training and usually comes home and goes straight to sleep. He doesn't train on the weekends, which is actually better for me being up and out all night. He told me that during the winter when there is surf, he often goes to bed at 7:30...lol. I guess I have some getting used to with that. Gavin used to surf like that, but he did a shit ton of coke that I suppose circumvented his need to sleep so much.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Case of the Missing Dress

Aloha blogging world!! I've been gone awhile but Miranda's recent visit brought up an old memory that is too good not to share.

In September of last year, Miranda accompanied me on my journey to move to Hawaii. I'm not sure what night it was but towards the beginning of the trip the three of us (myself, Jules and Miranda) decided to take a trip to the local 'bar'. I put that word in quotes because by bar I mean the Hawaiian version of a sports bar that doubles as a karaoke hotspot for obese old people with bad fashion choices. Well, we made the best of the situation and consumed enough alcohol to tolerate the lameness. This was also the night where I heard the pickup line that may have landed the #1 spot on my list - "I have a red Corvette and a six pack" - to which I replied, "And I have a boyfriend". Anyways, after we got good and drunk we made a quick pit stop at the local Seven Eleven to pick up the essentials - doritos, spam masubi, more doritos, reeses cups, hell anything we could get our hands on. We headed back to Jules' porch where they photographed my first ever attempt at eating a spam masubi (a piece of grilled spam on top of rice, wrapped in seaweed). I think we may have smoked pot too but honestly I can't remember. Fast forward an hour or so and we were all ready to pass out. I went in to my new room (which used to be Gavin's room - this is an important fact to remember), Jules went into her bed and Miranda shacked up with Russell because she didn't want to sleep in Jules' bed which had been soiled by Gavin (not literally lol). This is where things got crazy, at least for Gwyn.

I woke up the next morning and noticed a strange, white-ish colored stain on the floor next to my bed. It looked like someone had made a two year old's attempt at cleaning it up but it was still noticeable. Upon further inspection, I realized that it was a puke stain. Totally confused, I got up and decided to ask Jules, Miranda and Russell if they had thrown up in my room. I knew it wasn't me because 1)  I never throw up from drinking, in all my years of boozing I've only thrown up 3 or 4 times and all of those times were during high school when I was an amateur 2)  I didn't taste throw up in my mouth and 3) I'm far too much of a clean freak to let a pool of puke sit by my bed all night. Jules, Miranda and Russell all insisted it wasn't them either and I started to get a little freaked out. My thought was that someone came into my room, stood over my bed staring at me and then threw up - wait a second. Ok, anyways, I never could figure out what happened but just assumed one of them must have come in to drunk talk with me and then got sick and just didn't remember. But then another piece of the puzzle came into play.

I realized that the dress I had worn the night before was missing. Now, at this point, I had only been to two places in Hawaii where I would have been removing clothes - Jules' place and McDreamy's apartment. I didn't have a car, I didn't have any friends nor my own apartment and I had not stayed anywhere besides those two places. I searched high and low for that dress and never found it. I looked through my laundry, McDreamy's laundry and closets, searched Jules' entire house....the dress was nowhere to be found. The last time I know where it was was on the floor of my room where I tossed it before I passed out that night. I was totally mystified. What in the hell happened to my dress and, more importantly, who came into my room in the middle of the night and puked by my bed?!?!

Fast forward again to Miranda's most recent July visit to Hawaii. We were reminiscing about her last visit and how crazy hilarious the night out at the pseudo sports bar was. All that talk got me thinking about the missing dress and mystery puke incident. I'm not sure why but all of the sudden it all became crystal clear. I solved the mystery. So here's what happened - Gavin had been at the house earlier in the evening during the night in question and left before we went out....Gavin returned to the house in the middle of the night (as he was prone to do) and went into Jules' room but was unsuccessful in finding a place to sleep (not clear if she kicked him out or if Chloe was in there but whatever the case he couldn't get in her bed)..he then went into his old room to crash and was thwarted again when he saw me peacefully sleeping....due to his penchant for drinking and doing drugs he got sick to his stomach before he could make it out of his old room....like a child, he searched for something nearby to cover up his puking tracks....he found my dress lying on the floor and made a half ass-drunk-high-brain of a two year old-attempt to clean up the puke....he failed....he took the dress with him and left the house since he couldn't find a place to sleep...he threw the dress away in an undisclosed location never to be seen again.

If any of you have any mysteries that need solving, I'm available for a small fee.


Cradle Robbing

After deciding that I was over The Chilean's bullshit, I did my normal thing. I texted Owen to come fuck the shit out of me because after you have sex with him, you can hardly remember your own name much less give a crap about anyone else. It worked like a charm and I've moved into total ambivalence about The Chilean. If he can get on board with the program, fine. If not, let's not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

Owen lived up to his end of the bargain today and brought it this morning. We had some hot, sweaty, dirty sex!! It felt amazing and I'm so glad he's back on the island!!!

I've also reactivated my ok cupid account and I'm currently totally cougaring out. I don't know if that's a word, but it is now. If bootylicious or however you spell that is a word, I say cougaring out can be too. Anyway, this 22 year old kid messaged me last night almost as soon as I reactivated my acct. I was ready to just delete it because I don't need another kid in my life...but then I looked at his pics. I immediately replied and he's in hot pursuit. I think I'm going out with him tomorrow night. Stay tuned.