Saturday, August 4, 2012

THE Most Awesome of Days

I had one of those days yesterday where you are just truly, insanely happy and the world seems to just be going your way. I mean it was just awesome...lol.
It started with a hike with Russell where we discussed his possible 3 month relo to China(!). I am extremely apprehensive about him going, but it would be a great move career wise and it's short term, so ok whatever. I just don't trust that he won't do something to get himself shot. Anyway, great hike and we found some really cool stuff along the way.
After our hike, he went to work and Owen came over to have me for lunch. In the brief interim though, I got called for a job interview that is in the next town up and would cut my current commute time down by 45 minutes and it's in my field!!
Anyway, back to Owen...he came in and pleasured me like crazy. He climbed on top of me and kissed me and then worked his way down my body. Once I'd cum, he moved back up and entered me pressing his hot body against me. Finally he flipped me over and put me in my fave position and after I had totally soaked us, he entered my ass and gave me about a billion more super intense, OMG orgasms before he came. It was fantastic!!!
He left and I went to the beach for a little while and walked. I walked up on 4 sea turtles laying on the beach and as I watched them, I kept noticing more in the surf. I probably saw 20-30 out there and I was literally the only person on the beach. It was one of those moments where you feel like the universe created something just for you (kind of like my owl), only I do have pictures to prove it. I even saw a baby one playing in the surf too!! I walked back and dipped in the ocean and had the most serene feeling ever.
After picking Chloe up, we went for an Acai bowl (her favorite) and hit the beach again. We laid out there talking and playing around for a while before calling it a day and coming home for movie night. Big Miracle is awesome btw if you love whales, which we do.
She went to bed after the movie and I settled into my bed to watch Weeds and who should FB message me but The Chilean. He had randomly called me the day before, claiming he missed my phone call which I didn't make, and we had a nice chat. It made me realize that I really do like him, but I just don't get him. So, anyway we chatted some last night on FB and I told him as much. I told him that it pissed me off that he just totally pushed me away this week and he apologized saying that was not what he meant to do. In the end, he invited me over and I accepted.
I went over in my pjs b/c it was late and as I walked in there is his roommate sitting on the couch high as a kite...whoops. We went down to his room and talked for a while, listening to music and stuff. He told me more about him and then explained his inner frustration with himself over not being able to talk to me more b/c he thinks his English is so bad. It's not great, but he does really well and I encouraged him to try more and we would figure it out. I think his reading English is better, which is why he FB messages me all the time.
He noticed I was totally sunburned and took this opportunity to rub me down in aloe...Hawaii foreplay...lol. When he finished, he started kissing me and worked his way down my back to yes, my ass. He started rimming me and licking my kitty and it was ON after that. We had some really awesome sex, much like last week where I ended up on top riding him reverse cowgirl and soaking him until he came.
After, we laid there talking forever and he kept staring into my eyes and telling me how pretty I am. He is great for the ego that's for sure. It was all very intimate and made me decide to put a little more effort into this. He was worried about his neighbors seeing in through his window, so he went downstairs and called me to the window. I stood in his window naked and he apparently enjoyed seeing my silhouette. He came back in and asked me to go for a walk under the full moon, but we never made it out of the bed. He started kissing me again and for some reason kissing him always leads to fucking him.
We had more, OMG sex...I was trying to be quiet b/c I knew his roommate was still up, but it was impossible. He is really, really great in bed and after he gave me a ton of orgasms again, I finished him off with a great blowjob. We collapsed after that until I got up to go home a few hours later. I actually like sleeping with him a lot.
We talked a lot last night about his need to sleep and how I took that as his lack of interest in seeing me. I understand now that he wasn't just blowing me off. He works all day and then he trains several days a week. He's exhausted after training and usually comes home and goes straight to sleep. He doesn't train on the weekends, which is actually better for me being up and out all night. He told me that during the winter when there is surf, he often goes to bed at 7:30...lol. I guess I have some getting used to with that. Gavin used to surf like that, but he did a shit ton of coke that I suppose circumvented his need to sleep so much.


  1. I've been faithfully reading your blog now for months and geesh -- I just noticed -- you get almost no comments!! What's up with that?? So I just figured I'd drop you a note letting you know how much I enjoy reading your stuff .. Keep up the good work - I'm living vicariously through the 3 of you!

  2. Amen! We used to get a lot of comments but it seems to have tapered off. Maybe we're not as interesting? Hell no! Must be that we share everything so people don't feel the need to ask questions lol. Thanks for reading!