Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb - Hopefully

Well the good news is Miranda’s not crazy, I just have a lot of unresolved grief and anger issues lol. I went to see my counselor, who is the bomb, yesterday and spilled my guts over the whole Coach issue and not being able to let go. Basically it boils down to this:

  • I’m mad at myself for tolerating Coach’s bs for so long. I know I deserve better.
  • I’m mad and grieving that my life hasn’t turned out like I expected it. Not saying my life is bad, hell I feel ungrateful for not being perfectly content. But I didn’t sign up for a Dad who’d commit suicide, a divorce, sharing my kids, and getting into a relationship with a compulsive liar who I thought would “fix” everything that I didn’t like about my life.
  • I’m mad at Coach for not loving me enough to change his ways. Though really it's not that he doesn't love me enough, it's that he doesn't love himself enough to want to be a better person.
  • I’m mad at my Dad for abandoning me and not loving me enough to stay here and fight. Though I understand he wasn't in any capacity for logical thinking.
  • I’ve got unresolved grief over the end of mine and Coach’s relationship because when we broke up I only focused on being angry to prevent myself from getting back together with him.
  • I’ve got unresolved grief from my Dad – I need to talk to him and let him know how I feel.
  • Coach reminds me of my dad (personality wise) so he receives both his well deserved anger and a portion of my anger at my Dad since I can’t express it to him directly.
  • Coach is a selfish bastard for continuing to try to lure me back because he knows how much he's tormented me and if he really loved me , he’d leave me alone and go do the work he needs to be doing to be a better man.

She thought my 30 day grounding was a brilliant step and I’m supposed to spend the next month working on these issues and avoiding contact with Coach at all costs. I have to find it within myself to stay away from him and give up my anger to God/the universe and let him take care of the burden of Coach. I need to let myself feel sad about the end of our relationship and realize that feeling sad is ok. I need to find a way to communicate to my Dad to let those feelings out and find peace again. And I need to remember that grief is something that comes and goes. Just because I thought I was find with all my Dad stuff doesn’t mean it’s true. Grief can cause issues for years to come and likely it’s extra strong right now because of all the stress I went through buying my house and feeling like I didn’t have someone to lean on.

My Dad was always my go to person. Any time I needed advice on anything he was the person I wanted to talk to. Even when I knew I’d disagree with what he said! I really miss that. If you haven’t lost your father, I’m not sure that you can understand the level of loss that I feel.

And when I get all crazy like I’ve been with Coach I worry about myself. I worry that I’m going to end up depressed like my dad, and heaven forbid, do something like he did. I worry about that more than I’d ever admit. But the good news is I’m aware of my issues. And I talk about them. It may take me a while to say them out loud but I’ve worked hard to change myself enough over the last two years that I do let those feelings out. And I have great supports like Jules and Gwyn and now my boss who are always there for me. Who listen to me, give me advice, rant and rave with me, and always find a way to make me feel better. And because I’ve been willing to go to a counselor (after my Dad died, during the separation process, after Coach and I broke up the first time, and now) I’m showing that I love myself enough to get help. And those things give me security and comfort that I won’t ever end up like my Dad.

I feel much better. I’m still really sad and I’m processing everything but I feel like I’m back on the right path now. I did make a follow up appointment in three weeks to do a check in and see where I’m at then. And I’m holding to my grounding for the month of March. Hopefully by the end of March, I’ll be back to the old Miranda with a new sense of self.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TMI - Sex and Romance

This week’s TMI Tuesday is about sex and romance. Who doesn’t enjoy a little romance or the art of seduction before engaging in sex? Often times the prelude is better than the actual ‘event’.
Gwyn is being a hostess/tour guide again this week, so she can post her answers in time. 
1. You are sitting alone in a restaurant because your lunch date is late. Do you:
a) Throw something and then make out with the waiter.
b) Check to make sure he or she didn’t get into an accident, then wait patiently for two hours and use the time to compose a love song or poem.
c) Send a nasty text followed up by a voice mail telling him/her that “romance is dead and so are you!”
d) Wait for 20 minutes, and then text-message a pal to join you for lunch.
D - I live in HI and no one is ever on time here...ever. Until last week when it almost backfired on me, I've taken to telling Owen 30 minutes ahead of the time I really want to see him...not kidding. - Jules
D - Then if they don't show up probably C. Thankfully never had that happen though. - Miranda
2. What’s more important, a romantic relationship or your career? 
Career - I am about to be a single mom with an 8 year old to feed, clothe, and shelter. (Russell deserves props for a nice child support payment, but still it will fall on me to provide for her beyond that.) I'd rather have my career and independence any day. If romance comes along in the mix, ok but it is not priority one around here. -Jules
Romance - Miranda's a romantic. Yall know that! - Miranda
3. You love to role play in the bedroom, which one of these is more likely to be your kink?
a. Doctor and the naughty nurse
b. You’re the gardener, I’m the hoe
c. Persnickety principal and the wayward pupil that needs a spanking
d. Me Tarzan, you Jane
e. Scattered-brain boss and the seductive secretary
I'm actually not big on role play, but I would say A. - Jules
Role play makes me laugh though if I had to pick one I'd probably say A or C. - Miranda
4. When you want sex, who tends to make the first move?
a. Me! I like to go for what I want.
b. It varies. Sometimes my partner/significant other/date or sometimes me.
c. Oh definitely the other person. Even if I want it, I’m not about to admit such a thing.
d. I drop subtle hints hoping he/she will pick up on it.
B - It depends on the day, time, who, etc. -Jules
I probably swing towards D though I'm not afraid to throw down some moves if things are going too slowly.  - Miranda
5. When it comes to lovemaking, select the answer that best describes you/your attitudes
a. vanilla – meets society’s middle of the road standards
b. adventurous
c. kinky
d. trisexual – I will try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.  –Mae West

B,C, and D - There is no vanillla here. - Jules
B though with the right person being vanilla is enough and with the right person a little kink is fun to add into the mix. - Miranda
6. You want to seduce that sexy someone, what is the sweet-nothing that you’ll whisper in his/her ear? 
"I want you to take me right now, right here" - Jules
Since I'm currently grounded I'm not allowed to seduce anyone right now lol. - Miranda
Bonus: What’s your idea of a romantic getaway? 
Ugg, I don't know...romantic isn't my deal. I went to Bora Bora on my honeymoon and that was pretty romantic. I think you can make anywhere romantic if you're with the right person, so I don't have an "ideal". - Jules
Anywhere where it's just you and the other person.  On the beach, in the mountains, hell in your own living room.  Just somewhere where you can put away your phones and do nothing but focus on each other. - Miranda
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I feel like a great deal of the last two years has been a roller coaster with some amazingly fun highs and some devastatingly, dark lows.  A lot of this has centered on my relationship with Coach. There’s something about him that has changed the very essence of me. Something that takes me away from my normal stable, easy going self into the land of insecurity, anger, and irrationality. 

Despite my attempts to keep him at arm’s length, he continues to find ways to get under my skin. Ways that ultimately are my own issue at being unable to cut off contact with him completely and remove myself from situations involving him.

After the incident a couple weeks ago (the night he almost beat up my boss’s boyfriend) I did finally cut off contact.  I did because the depth of my anger scared me that night.  But as things always seem to go, after about a week he started leaking back in.  I had blocked him on both Facebook and on my phone but then I got curious. So I removed the block on Facebook.  I saw things I didn’t like. The anger took over. Crazy Irrational Miranda sent him a message.  The dialogue started again. 

One night this week after drinking (a way I seem to be coping with the roller coaster lately – not good) I removed the block from my phone and yelled at him for an hour.  I did this because I’d found out about a lot of lies he’d been telling me lately. Rinse and repeat night number two.  Mostly Sane Miranda reestablished the block on my phone after that.

Then came this weekend. Friday night I got a message from Coach asking me to go to couples counseling with him.  I didn’t respond but clearly it caused some sort of final mental break. I’m not sure what got into me but I told every guy (the landscaper, Kansas, and the new guy Chef) pretty much exactly what was wrong with them – and yes I realize the ironic subtext in me telling other people what was wrong with them when I am in fact apparently crazy.  I told the Landscaper all he wanted was to get laid and he needed to stop trying to make that happen with me.  I told Kansas he sends mixed signals and that I wasn’t interested in any sort of weird pseudo casual/boyfriend relationship.  I told Chef that well, there wasn’t anything I could really point to as wrong with him other than the fact that he has no real time for a relationship and that my gut instinct was pinging against him but I wasn’t sure what for yet. 

I was out both nights with friends and I drank a lot which as I said before seems to be becoming my weekend habit.   What I’ve come to realize is that I’m not ok.  I’ve been on some weird downward slope that is heading to me being the Mayor of Crazy Town.  It’s not ok. I’m not ok. I am not the person I want to be.   Right now, I am not someone I want my daughter to be like. I am unhappy. I am sad.  I am not enjoying all the good things I have in my life.  In short, I'm not Miranda right now. 

I think I do a good job of covering up my unhappiness but when I read my posts of late it’s apparent.  Hell the fact that I’ve hardly been posting says it all.  I’m angry and hurt and I can’t stop lashing out.  It’s why no relationships have worked since Coach.  It’s why I can’t seem to move forward and I’m stuck in this spiral of self loathing, destructive behaviors.

I don’t know why I’m in this place still. We’ve been broken up longer than we were together.   I’m drinking too much.  I’m starting to make bad boy related decisions.  I’m acting impulsively and recklessly. I am in short, becoming the very essence of a person who I don’t like, not one single bit. And it scares the shit out of me.

So I’ve grounded myself for the month of March.  I’m not going out. I’m not dating.  I’m not talking to any new guys.  I’m going to spend the next month working on myself. And that’s going to include going to talk to a therapist about not being able to let go of this anger towards Coach and whatever it is that allows him to still be under my skin.  I need to get a grip on myself before it’s too late.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seduced By Chicken AKA The Night I Lost My Underwear - Literally

So I met a new guy on Pof last week. He’s not my typical “type” but look how well that’s been working out for me lol.

Chef (he’s practically a gourmet cook) is 33, about 5’11, he’s been married (twice – eek), and has primary custody of his 4 year old daughter. He owns his own business – something to do with working with car dealerships to repair alloy wheels and windshields. Chef also has a great sense of humor – much like mine – which means he laughs at the most random things and finds life pretty amusing all the time. And the cherry on the cake, he doesn’t have the same name as Coach or Kansas or the other 10 guys I’ve dated who all have the same name lol.

We exchanged a few messages and then texted back and forth and talked on the phone. He invited me to have dinner with him Saturday evening and I accepted. I walked up his driveway with hesitancy (I’ve been burned one too many times lately) and was quite pleased to see him come out the door to greet me and he was exactly as promised!

We had great conversation and watching him cook this unbelievably delicious meal from scratch was super sexy. He made garlic herbed chicken with a lemon caper sauce, potatoes, and peas (at my request – I love peas!) We talked a ton and laughed and I really found myself starting to let my guard down some and actually like him. Chef is Mr. Entrepreneur and has started a couple businesses and has all sorts of plans for the future with other businesses and hopes to one day own his own restaurant. Over all this conversation we finished one bottle of wine and ended up going to get another though we only drank a couple glasses out of it.

Now obviously, the no sex till monogamy thing was going strong until I slipped with the landscaper, then with Kansas, and well I slipped again with Chef. I swear he seduced me with the chicken. It was so delicious. And the talking and the having plans for the future and the wine and the humor. It was just a perfect storm for Miranda.

We were in Chef’s living room making out and stuff and one thing led to another and I ended up having the best oral sex I’ve ever had. At one point I remember thinking I was going to pass out it was so good lol. We started to have sex and he pulled me up and suggested we go to his bedroom in case his roommate (who’s a bouncer at a strip club lol the things we do for our friends) came home.

We started things back up and he went down on me more! That man loves to do that! And he made me laugh because (TMI Gwyn – look away!) he kept telling me how good I tasted….like candy. It was almost enough to make me laugh out loud for real haha. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and we had sex. Three times in a row. Yep. Three long times in a row. Three!

Sometime later we were laying there and he went to get us both a glass of water and when he came back he brought the clothes I’d left in the living room along with my purse in case I needed it. We passed out and somewhere around 5 am he woke me up rubbing my back and we had sex AGAIN. Yep, time number four. Shew!

We fell back asleep and around 10 the next morning I drug myself out of bed because I had an appointment to go get some work done on my car. Chef went out in the kitchen to start cleaning up as I got dressed. Camisole - check. Bra - check. Shoes - check. Jewelry – check. Dress – check. Purse – check. Hmmm, what was I missing…? MY FREAKING UNDERWEAR! I looked all over his room high and low and could not for the life of me find my underwear. I stood there for about 10 minutes debating what to do.

I could just not say anything and leave without them but then what if his daughter found them? Or his roommate? Or he thought I was being a d-bag girl leaving something behind? Plus they are my very favorite sexy pair! Or I could bite the bullet, put on my big girl panties (proverbially since I was currently pantless), and ask him to help me find them.

I took a big gulp and sauntered my way into the kitchen like I didn’t have a care in the world. We chatted for a minute and then I coyly said, “Um, I have a little problem. Um, well, see, I didn’t want you to think I was trying to be super sexy or anything but I can’t seem to find my underwear.” Chef laughed so hard he had tears streaming down his face lol. We went in the living room to look around and I did my best not to look sheepish and he said, “Wait, I think I know where they are.” He took off to his room and said he remembered seeing them on his dresser. He handed them to me with a laugh and I just slid them into my purse. It’s not like I was gonna put them on right then and there lol!

He walked me to the door, gave me a very sweet kiss, and then I managed to make it inside my car before I started laughing over the whole missing underwear incident. That is definitely one of the funnier things that have happened to me in a long time.

We’ve been texting and talking ever since and sadly our schedules kid wise are clashing this week so it will probably be the weekend before I see him again. Chef is definitely different from my norm so it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.


Close Encounters of the Legal Kind

Well it was quite an interesting lunch break here today! I met Owen for some steamy hot sex this afternoon. He's leaving tomorrow night for a week and we had planned to meet up today for lunch and we're planning tomorrow for breakfast. So, everyone was home here today and his house is a constant stream of people. He has an apt. at his house that they rent out and in addition to those tenants, there is a surf kid staying with them right now too. Therefore, my presence would be fairly detectable at his place, especially since I cannot for the life of me fuck him quietly. I suggested that he drive up near the town I'm doing my practicum in and we would meet up on this road nearby with just pineapple fields for miles and I'd hop into his van.

We had some super awesome sex and then as we're getting dressed and talking...up rolls a cop. He pulls in behind my car, which is parked behind his van and turns on his light. I almost had a panic attack. I do not want Owen to get busted, but more importantly neither do I b/c technically having sex in this situation could be considered a sex offense if the cop decided to go that way and that would destroy my career. I was literally in a flustered state, but he's a fast thinker. He had picked up lunch for me since I was giving up my lunch break for sex and he calmly told me to finish getting my clothes on while he dressed super fast and then opened my food, spread it out, and told me to eat. I was literally about to puke, but at this point I'd managed to get dressed and the cop was still in his car.

He calmly opened the door of his van and the next thing I knew he was getting out. I was like "Oh holy fuck" at this point, but decided to let him go. He seemed far more in control and I don't lie well, so if he could field the cop that was an awesome plan in my book. He came back a few minutes later and I was asking what he said. He told the cop we were eating lunch and he was welcome to come and see if he wanted. Fortunately, the cop took him at his word and pulled off. I'm sure we looked like a drug deal in this situation or like we were hanging out smoking or something in his van. Once I was able to breathe again I suggested that in the future, we resume our tried and true locations. OMG, fucking heart attack!!!

When he gets home, he's decided that he's taking me to a hotel one afternoon. That will be a fun day and I've decided that's the day we're going to try out all the new toys, ropes,  and the cute naughty school uniform I bought! I can't wait!

Gavin called me today while I was at practicum. I called him back when I got out and we talked for a few minutes. I don't know why he's calling. I guess he misses me. He just wanted to chit chat today, which was cool. I miss that.  He's always made me smile on the phone and now I can have that part with him again and b/c of his location not complicate our friendship with sex. It will be interesting to see if we're able to resume a friendship without that component. As long as I'm not involved with him again sexually and he's in CA, I don't think it will be harmful to me. I think we're mature enough to be friends.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TMI Tuesday

1. List ONE word to describe your last sexual encounter.
Shamazing. It's my new word. Feel free to use it - Miranda
Aggressive. -Gwyn
2. Can you recall your worst sexual experience? Why was it so awful? Did you do anything at the time to try to make it better?

Whoa...I'd say the worst was Bob. I don't know if you guys remember him. You would need to be a long time reader for that. He was this guy that Russell and I had sex with...the last guy we did a threesome with before calling it quits actually. Then he moved into Russell's room every weekend and wouldn't admit he was gay and well it turned into a debacle, but it was the worst sex ever...I mean ever. - Jules
Hmmm, I remember plenty of times when I was young that the sex wasn't good like the guy I had sex with who's penis was so small I literally couldn't feel it and thought I was too "stretched out" to enjoy sex anymore haha.  In recent memory it would be the drunken night after we broke up that I called Coach and made him have sex with me in the dark with no lights on at any point and then leave immediately afterwards. - Miranda
I don't like to let bad memories linger, I'd rather focus remembering the good stuff...so I can't say there's a specific 'worst' time I can remember. I had sex with a guy with a tiny penis back in college, I do remember that but no details other than me thinking 'is he serious with this?" -Gwyn
3. Do you fuck outside the box?
We all have a laundry list of things–features, demographic characteristics, etc. that we like and/prefer in a sexual partner. Do you ever deviate from that list? Give an example.

Jules is an equal opportunity lover if she thinks you are hot. That's really all that matters. I don't fuck outside of the hot box. - Jules
Yall know Miranda loves a tall guy.  Being over 6 feet tall makes you automatically 2 points hotter in my book.  It's all chemistry and physical attraction at the end of the day.  I think we all have a "type" but we all are equal opportunity enough to deviate when the opportunity arises.  I've tried to date, not fuck, people who I wasn't phycially attracted to and never worked for me. - Miranda
I didn't have a list until last year lol. I created that list on the plane with Miranda and since then I've only had sex with two people - Popeye and McDreamy, both of whom met the list qualifications. Would I sleep with someone who doesn't fit the list - um, duh. Would I date someone long term who doesn't fit the list - probably not, but I can't predict the future :) -Gwyn 
4. Do you blend BDSM in to your relationship? If yes, just in the bedroom or in other areas of your life? Explain.
Yes and just in the bedroom! I'm very submissive in bed, which is totally the opposite of my personality b/c in real life I'm a type A, dominant bitch. ;) I love for Owen (or any man I'm with) to take control, tell me what to do, tie me up, spank me, pull my hair, etc. I actually have ropes on order right now that should arrive tomorrow for some pleasure with Owen. He's never tied me up before, but he's going to very soon! - Jules
I definitely did with Coach. We explored a lot of things.  I do like to be submissive and overpowered in bed.  I think because I'm in control so much of the rest of the time in my life. I'd have to really trust someone to let them try some of the kinkier stuff Coach and I did. - Miranda
Let me be the odd woman out on this one. No, I do not. I like for the man to be in control, and some spanking and hair pulling is fine, but as far as whips, paddles, ropes and other tools of the BDSM trade - no ma'am. Outside of the bedroom, no way. I like for the man to control certain aspects of the relationship for sure, but I'm not being anyone's damn slave. That ish is certifiably crazy if you want my honest opinion. -Gwyn
5. Does the thought of your partner/significant other having sex with another person turn you on? Would you want to watch the act? Would you like to join in?
It depends...I love a threesome, I love swingers parties, and I love to join in. If it were someone I were madly, deeply in love with I imagine I might have some jealousy issues but it's been a long time since I felt that way about someone...so as of right now, it's all fair game and I've had a great time in the past when I've done it. - Jules
While the thought of a threesome hold some appeal in the imagination, Miranda is not a sharer. What's mine is mine and I don't want anyone else touching it.  There's no way I could watch someone I liked have sex with someone else and be ok with it or want to join in.  If I was ever going to have a threesome, it'd have to be with strangers.  - Miranda
I fear I may be to vanilla for TMI lol. No it does not turn me on. No I would not want to watch the act. No I would not like to join in. If my significant other/partner wants to have sex with another person then go right the hell ahead but I won't be there for the occasion. -Gwyn 
Bonus: Fill in the blanks.
I like it _____ on the outside and ______ in the middle.
I like it hard on the outside and full of cum in the middle...lol, I don't know what this question is asking. - Jules
I like it hot on the outside and juicy in the middle - mostly because right now I'm thinking about getting a burger for lunch. - Miranda
I like it normal on the outside and crazy in the middle. Wait, I thought we were writing a sentence about the type of guys we attract. -Gwyn 
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


As we are all painfully aware from my multitude of posts about it, Gavin fucked with my head and my heart. I let him, so I own that. I fell for him even though I knew how toxic he was for me and that it wouldn't end well. In the past few months I've done a lot of soul searching b/c of cutting him and my Dad out of my life. Neither decision was easy and I still hate it a lot....daily. I miss both of them much more than the ice queen cares to admit. I re-read old posts on here and realize that there are a lot of things about him that I don't miss, but there were a shit ton of good, fun times that I do.

I've even gone so far as to justify my feelings for Gavin as playing into the whole Electra complex. Gavin is a younger version of my Dad in many, many ways. He's charming, funny, sweet, thoughtful, and an addict which makes him a selfish asshole at times and when their addictions are in full force those times outweigh the good times tenfold. Anyway they have both been on mind a lot lately. My dad just had a wreck this weekend and totaled his truck. He swore it wasn't his fault via our text messages. Then he asked me when I planned on talking to him again. I told him when he went into treatment and he told me to have a nice life and he'd see me on the other side. Nice, Dad...really fucking nice. I'm sure he was drunk and/or high when he said it.

I don't know why but I was seriously thinking about Gavin a lot today. It's so random. Some days it almost consumes my thoughts and other days I barely think about him. I can't honestly say that I've made it a day without him crossing into my thoughts though. It seems our connection still exists b/c just as I was literally coming into town tonight and passing the very place where we met on that fateful day almost 2 years ago and mentally comparing the toxicity of our relationship to kryptonite, my phone rang. I had taken his number out of my contacts and it registered mentally as a number I knew but not him. I answered and he paused and said "Hey". My heart skipped a beat. We talked for a few minutes and he asked if it was a good time. I told him I was literally just pulling into my driveway and asked if I could call him back in a few. I needed to gather myself.

I started to not call back b/c I knew it would hurt to talk to him. It did, but it was also nice. One of the very first things he said to me when I called back was that he thinks of me a lot. I told him that I think of him a lot too and then I apologized for the way things ended. I felt like I kind of owed him an apology. I did what I needed to do at the time to get some space from him. He remarked that he was very happy to have worked himself off my blocked caller list. Honestly it expired a few days ago after 3 months and I didn't think to renew it b/c since he moved last month, he hasn't called. I called him once to ask what he wanted to do with his stuff, but that was it. So we had a really nice conversation  and when I hung up I instantly let a few tears flow.

He sounds good and he's working. He said he's clean and hasn't done any coke since he left HI, granted it's only been a month. He's torn b/w being somewhat happy there and experiencing a new environment and missing here and his son. Things are not good in his relationship with the gf and they never will be. He mentioned how much I traumatized her. I reminded him that I don't care and I wasn't the one in a relationship. He reminded me of some of the fun times we had and told me he misses that.

I hope he stays in CA b/c honestly if he were back on the island I don't know that I wouldn't fall right back into it and I can't. It's toxic. How many times in one post can I use that word? I'm sure I could work it in a few more b/c it's just the right word and intellectually I know it, but emotionally I miss the crap out of him. For a great chunk of time over the last 2 years, we weren't just having a crazy, intense, sexual relationship but we were pretty much each other's best friends during that time and I think we're both mourning the loss of that and I'll admit it...it made me happy to know he's thinking about me and misses me too.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So after the demise of Kansas, Saturday night I was going out with my boss and her new man and his midget friend (seriously dude is like 5’2 and thought he had a shot with me – I told him it’d make me feel like a pedophile kissing someone that short). Just before we headed out to see a friend’s band play, Coach messaged me via Facebook. He does it off and on and I largely ignore him. He told me he was going to see the band play and asked if I was going. I didn’t answer but it did cause a dilemma.

In large, I’ve avoided being anywhere in the same vicinity as him. But everyone was already on the way to pick me up and they all really wanted to see this band. So I just sucked it up, pulled my hat a little lower over my eyes and hoped for the best.

We got there and right off the bat Coach came over to say hello. I said hello back and made a beeline for a beer and we set ourselves up on the opposite side of the room from him. Everything was good for the first few two hours. Coach was clearly getting super drunk, like normal, and acting like a fool dancing with girls and letting them rub all over him. He kept dancing with his hands behind his back like he was at a strip club which was making me laugh. I knew it would set him off so I was actually behaving pretty well and I didn’t dance with anyone other than Coach’s sister’s boyfriend (I work with his sister so we’re still friendly) and 1-2 times with my boss’s boyfriend.

Side note – my boss and her boyfriend are ridiculously cute together. They have swept each other off their feet and they were totally the couple everyone was watching that night – dancing up a storm, kissing, making a general fun spectacle of themselves.

So it was about midnight and the dance floor was packed. Coach was right up front waving his hands to the music like a drunken baboon. My boss and her BF were a couple feet behind him slow dancing and kissing. I was standing over to the side of the dance floor because it was a slow song. Coach turns around and walks up behind her BF, puffs out his chest against his back, and glares down at him. I immediately saw what was about to happen and I swear I saw a million colors of rage. Funnily enough, my boss and her BF were so wrapped up in each other they didn’t even notice Coach.

I stomped out on the dance floor and pushed between Coach and the BF and started pushing him back. I got in his drunken face and told him to back the fuck off, open up his eyes, and realize that that guy was my boss’s boyfriend. Coach looked confused and tried to push me out of the way and I pushed him as hard as I could and he finally stepped back.

I told my boss and her man to get off the dance floor just in case and about that time Coach’s sister and her man saw what was going on and they got Coach off the dance floor too. I stood there with literal visions of breaking my beer bottle and slicing Coach’s throat open while taking deep breaths to calm down. His sister came over to me and asked that I go talk to Coach to try to calm him down. I walked over to where he was sitting and told him he needed to calm the fuck down. Coach drunkenly rambled about how I was a date that night and dancing with all the guys and his sister told him he was insane. That I had talked to her and her BF all night and that the only guys I’d danced with were her BF and my boss’s BF. I was so seriously enraged I don’t even remember the rest of the conversation except that he was stupidly rambling and all I could think of was how good it would feel to really hit him. At one point I do remember catching myself making a fist and I had to laugh at myself because while it metaphorically would have felt good to hit him, it’d only hurt my hand in the end.

I saw my boss and her man out of the corner of my eye motioning that they had paid our bill and we got the hell out of there before Coach went all Incredibly Hulk on us. I will admit I sent some quite pointed messages to Coach when I got home letting him know how stupid he was and that he could go die in a fire for all I cared. Sunday he messaged me a couple times saying he was sorry and that he didn’t remember anything I was talking about. A while later he said he’d talked to his sister and realized what all went on and that he was sorry. I did message him back on time and used every combination of curse words I could imagine.

On Monday he messaged me and said how sorry he was again and he realized one of the pills he’s still taking from his surgery shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol and maybe that’s why it hit him so hard and he acted so stupid. I replied that he was always a drunken asshole who didn’t remember what he’d done the night before but that was because he drank like a fish, not because of any medication. Then I hit the damn block button and severed all ties with him.

Before Saturday night, I’ll admit I was struggling a bit like Jules has been, especially seeing how my boss and her BF are acting because that’s just like how Coach and I were (when we weren’t fighting and me throwing his shit off the balcony haha). But honestly, I’ve never felt surer that I’m completely and finally over him. And that my friends, is the best damn Valentine’s Day present I could have given myself!


He Dreams Of Strap-ons

Tonight I was browsing Eden Fantasys for some fun new toys for Owen and I to play with and I ordered a new glass dildo for myself and a Tenga egg for him. I hear those eggs are supposed to be amazing and because it was on sale I threw one in the cart for him. I hope he likes it! It occurs to me that I've never bought a toy that was just for him before. Actually, I've never bought him anything before. (Don't read into this...I'm just feeling awesome after 2 days of sex.)

Anyway, I ventured over into the Eden Cafe section of the website and stumbled across this article about strap on play. It is a post all about a bf who dreams of having his gf do him with a strap on. I've seen one once at a swingers party with Gavin. Needless to say, he avoided it at all costs (though he did love some rimming). Capt. Awesome recently brought up having a strap on used, though he seems to have fizzled out. It made me wonder if I would be comfortable doing that to a guy. After this fall when Owen and I quit seeing each other for a few weeks, he sent me a text one night saying that he had a fantasy of me punishing him for his bad behavior. It included me laying him on the bed, spreading his legs, and using my glass dildo in his ass while jacking him off. Now because I was pretty pissed off at him at the time, I never fulfilled this fantasy and he's never brought it back up. After reading this post though, it's made me curious to play with him in that way.

Normally, I am the submissive one in bed and I've never really reversed that role. I'm not sure how comfortable I am switching it up, but I think one day when we're at my house alone with these new toys I may well try it. My dominant fantasy is to lay him down, lick his ass, and finger him slightly to get him ready. Then I want to suck him to relax him, use this new egg on his big cock, and put my glass toy into him when he's ready. I wonder if he can take it like I can? ;) Readers, what are your experiences with strap ons, male ass play, and the like?

PS While this is a sponsored post from Eden Fantasys, I'm really curious what your experiences are and if anyone has any tips to share. Don't be shy!

Cupid Has Aim!

Like I said on TMI, Cupid hit Owen in the ass a few years ago and that man loves to fuck me, which is awesome b/c I love fucking him. Sunday night he was texting me and telling me how awesome he thought  Friday's lunch time had been and how much fun he'd had. I asked him what his week was like this week and he didn't reply until the next morning. I hate when he falls asleep when we're texting, but honestly I've done it too...lol.  He said that he was free right then (Monday morning) for a little while and that he could also probably see me Tuesday and/or Wednesday. 

As luck would have it, I was home on Monday and we met up for a quickie first thing. I didn't even shower. I figure after 3 years he can finally see me with minimal makeup and my hair up in a ponytail. I walked up to meet him near my house and here's a funny story for you. I put the We Vibe in and headed out. The We Vibe had been inserted into my kitty and my ass, until I started walking. As I was walking, it starts coming out. I'm kind of wiggling around trying to keep it in and then my neighbor comes out and waves and starts talking. I'm standing there with this vibe falling out and since I had on skin tight pants, I'm sure it looked like I'd pooped my pants. I was dying laughing on the inside as I walked away. When I got to Owen, I shared this tale and totally cracked up. 

I quickly refocused my hysterical laughing by getting on my knees and taking his cock into my mouth and getting him super close to cumming. Then I could tell he wanted to be inside me, so I pulled back and he told me to show him how the toy had been inside me. I placed it back in and got on my knees for him to enter me in doggie. He gave me about 50 million orgasms, pulled the We Vibe out of my ass and placed it all inside my kitty and started giving me great anal. He came, as did I and we talked about hooking up again this week. 

I got to practicum today and rec'd a sweet Happy Valentine's text from him. As I've mentioned, I'm not a fan of this Hallmark holiday and I don't really wish boys Happy Valentine's if I'm not actually in a relationship with them, but he wishes me happy holiday on pretty much all of them. I fully expect a 'Happy President's Day to my Hot MILF' next Monday. (I'm not kidding. It's kind of cute though, so I let it slide.) I read a texts from last night on FB today that cracked me up and made me think of him b/c I suspect this is what he probably wants to say. It read " Ya know since we have a lot of sex with each other I figure I should wish you a Happy Valentine's Day". 

As the day ended up, we couldn't meet for lunch b/c my schedule was weird at practicum for a variety of reasons today but mostly b/c I was leaving early b/c Russell and Chloe are sick and also b/c someone was bringing lunch in for us. We had decided to just meet up in the morning, but then I got a text from him asking if I was still free this afternoon. I told him that I was, but needed to meet him out b/c everyone was home sick. We met up near my house for some fabulous sex. I cannot believe how much that man satisfies me sexually...still. It still amazes me. Anyway, we had hot sex where I rode him and then hopped off and asked him for more doggie b/c he rocked it yesterday. Finally after I'd cum a lot, he asked if he could finish by fucking my big, pretty tits. Of course he could!! He came all over me and I licked him clean as he rubbed his cock around my mouth. We cleaned up and made out some before he had to go pick up his kid. 

Then I came home to a bunch of sick, whiny people. Chloe bitched about dinner (which incidentally was one of her most favorite meals) and then threw a tantrum b/c I wouldn't give her dessert. Then she proceeded to be super dramatic all the way up until bedtime bitching about living in HI and pretty much how I've ruined her life by moving her away from her family. Some days I would like to run away and join the circus. It's sad when your married lover is the only damn one who appreciates you! Well in all fairness, Russell thanked me for making dinner and doing the dishes in between his whining about being sick. 

PS Chloe and I just had an apology cuddle fest...all is right in the universe again. I really wish she would stop these tantrums though! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super Snoopy

A week without an update. I think that’s a record for me. And while there’s lots to tell, there really has been very little going on. So last week proceeded and Kansas’ birthday was on Thursday. The week before I’d said something about cooking dinner for him on his birthday but we didn’t make any set plans. Monday he was supposed to come over but he was sick. Tuesday he came over and brought me dinner and we just hung out for a little while. I didn’t see him Wednesday but I did text him as reiterate that I’d like to cook him dinner Thursday for his birthday. What followed was an inane series of texts that ultimately ended with him saying he didn’t really like to celebrate his birthday and he didn’t want me to go out of my way to spend any money on him.

I was irritated because he’s done so much nice stuff for me that it just seems ridiculous that he wouldn’t let me return the favor with something as simple as cooking. Thursday comes and I refused to wish him a happy birthday, I said happy Thursday instead. We text off and on all day and into the evening. That night he said he’d like us to get together to have dinner and watch a movie Friday night. Ok whatever. I was still irritated by the whole birthday thing. I told me I was going to see a friend’s band Saturday night and asked if he was interested in going. He passed. WTF! I mean really, it’s my kid free week and I’m only going to have seen him two times. Whatever, next, time to move on!

Friday comes and he’s right over about 6:30 and guess what he shows up with. Dinner, movie, bottle of my favorite wine, and a freaking VALENTINE’S DAY present. I laughed when I opened the door then promptly put the gift in a chair and refused to open it for the next almost two hours.

We ate and started watching a movie. At this point my general agitation had already led me to finish off most of a bottle of wine when he paused the movie and said I should open my gift. I told him I didn’t think it was fair that he could give me a gift and I couldn’t give him one in return (note I had actually bought him a shirt with his college basketball team on it for his birthday and had actually put it in the mail to return it that very morning). He laughed at me and told me to open the present and that he'd brought it that night because he wouldn't see me on the actual Valentine's Day because I would have the kids. Hello! The kids go to bed you dumbass!

With great trepidation I picked up the bag and it was pleasantly heavy. My mind wandered to the possibility that he’d bought me something for the house or some lovely Bath & Body Works items. I reached in to the bag and pulled out……. A foot tall Snoopy stuffed animal. I sat in stunned silence and reached for my glass of wine and mustered up a half hearted “Oh Snoopy.” He took it from me, made it stand on the table and pressed a button and low and behold, Snoopy makes kissing noises and claps his hands. (Crickets chirping) I took another swig of wine and reached in the bag with even greater trepidation and pulled out the biggest giant red cellophane heart of Russell Stover chocolates that Wal-Mart could sell. I finished off my glass, brightly said thanks, and uncorked my second bottle of the night. (Check out my Twitter page for a picture my friends.)

Side note - I'm fully aware this post makes me sound like a raging bitch for not appreciating the gift.  But you know why I didn't appreciate it?  Because it was given to me three days before Valentine's Day when he could have given it to me on the actual day - if he cared enough.  Because while the thought counts - if the thought show you have no conception of what the other person likes/appreciates/enjoys, then the thought only counts as shit.  And because it was a freaking gift that you grab last minute and it's a gift even my teenage self would have thought was juveline! Yeah I'm a bitch, deal with it.

We finished watching the movie as I furiously texted the girls and told them what a wondrous gift I had received. The movie ended and we made some chit chat and Kansas announced he was going to head home because he had to work in the morning. It was 10 pm people. On a Friday. And I was a bottle and a half in. I just laughed at him and told him to drive safe. I don’t think I even kissed him when he left.

Then I proceeded to throw on my favorite jeans and I went and met D and her boyfriend at a bar where I flirted with Imaginary Baby Daddy and sat in stun at the presents a 14 year old Miranda would have loved but a 35 year old one not so much. Especially from a guy who has been as weird as Kansas.

I made it home that night, threw Snoopy to the floor for the cat to play with, did a little random texting with stupid boys and slept for a blissful 8 hours.

The next morning I texted Kansas and told him his behavior was entirely too confusing and that it made my head hurt to think about it. He said, “Then don’t think about it lol. That’s usually what gets people in trouble.” I told him I FELT like he was just passing time with me and that I didn’t want to do this half relationship thing where he got all the benefits and I felt like he was holding me at arm’s length. He offered up some sort of explanation that he just didn’t really want anything serious right now and that he was confused by it all because he may not even stay in this area much longer. I told him I knew all that and I wasn’t trying to make this something it wasn’t. Kansas asked if there was anything else I wanted to say and I said no.

He texted me off and on like normal all that day but I was already shutting the door on him and moving on. I don’t have time for someone who doesn’t know what they want or who wants a relationship that is on their terms only. He’s texted me like normal since then and even texted me a Happy Valentine’s Day this morning but I’m so over it. Kansas has turned out to be like one of the chocolates in that box of candy he bought me. From the outside he looks normal and pretty and tasty but when I finally bite down he’s filled with the mysterious goo you can’t quite figure out the flavor of but you know you don’t like the taste of it in your mouth!


TMI Tuesday - V Day Edition


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or think it’s a consumer-oriented, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance, just have yourself some fun by answering these TMI Tuesday questions. Gwyn is living it up as a tour guide this week, so she'll have to put her answers in later! 

Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. As the myth goes, a person who is shot by Cupid’s arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire. On your behalf, who would you like Cupid to shoot?
Imaginary Baby Daddy.  I don't want anything from him but sex. Even though it would be oh so wrong. - Miranda

Well it seems Cupid shot Owen a few years back! That man has some serious uncontrollable desire and I love it. I wouldn't be upset if Cupid found me an unmarried version of him (minus the cheater trait...lol). - Jules

Earlier in the evening you had dinner at the Fook Yue Chinese Restaurant. You are feeling quite amorous. You open a fortune cookie in the bedroom. Three fortunes appear:
1- “Your patience will be rewarded.”  What would you like that reward to be?

2- “Try something new.”  What is the something new you want to try?

3- ” ’tis better to give than receive.”  What would you like to give?
1 - Finally finding a non-gimpy man who loves me. 2 - Dating a non-gimpy man. 3 - I'd like to give Coach a swift kick in the nuts. - Miranda
1. Getting my Masters degree! I know that's non sexual but I've been working on this degree and essentially putting my life on hold for almost 2 years. 2. LMAO, um not cheating and finding someone unattached?? 3. Oral...I love having Owen's cock in my mouth. You can tell how much he enjoys it, but he rarely asks for it. He's all about pleasing me. - Jules

If you were to write a special Valentine message (e.g., card, letter, etc.) what is that message?
No boy deserves a special Valentine's message from me this year so I'd send one to Gwyn and Jules thanking them for the awesome box of Hawaiian house warming presents they sent me! - Miranda
I'm definitely not sending a boy a Valentine. I'd send Gwyn and Miranda one thanking them for being awesome or I'm giving Chloe a Valentine's gift telling her how much I love her and how awesome she is! -Jules

Are you doing something special for Valentine’s day or is it just another day?
This year it will be just another day. - Miranda
It's always been just another day. I don't do Hallmark holidays. If I love you, you know it every day and I don't need one day out of the year to express that. -Jules

You must give chocolate to your secret Valentine for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate is in the shape of your what?
I don't have a secret Valentine and somehow giving a chocolate vagina just doesn't seem right. - Miranda
Lol, well if I were going to give chocolate in the shape of something I guess it would be my tits. Men seem to love them. -Jules

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sick Sex

Actually,  it was some of our very best yet in my opinion!! Owen has been sick all week! (You thought this was going to go another way didn't you...lol) He came back from an outer island trip with his son and caught a nasty cold. I didn't see him Wednesday morning b/c I didn't want to catch it and apparently he was just gross that day (according to him). We had talked about seeing each other for lunch today and him coming to the house to teach me how to work my new drill press. I cleared the house of all other inhabitants and we were set and then last night I discovered that I also have a cold. It seems the entire island is suffering from this cold and someone was nice enough to pass it along...awesome, thanks. Fortunately since we both have it, we didn't have to worry about infecting the other one so we were ON.

He came in and got right now to business...me. He started licking me and fingering me and made me cum several times this way and then he pulled out the we vibe (OMG still love, love, love it) and we started having sex with that. After several more orgasms, he switched toys and moved his big cock to my ass. I was playing with my toy and he was pounding me and then he moved into the best position ever...e-v-e-r. My legs were up and over to the side. He was laying parallel (ish) to me with his cock still in my ass, my glass toy and the we vibe still in my kitty and his face near my feet. I'm sure I described that horribly, which is a shame b/c it was absolutely one of my most favorite ways we've ever had sex. The angle was fantastic for him to go into me deeply. I could still play with my toys with total ease and most importantly I was cumming sooooooo hard. We both had great visuals of each other and he could totally watch me play and cum and his cock going in and out of me. AMAZING! I'll try to clarify if you aren't clear and ever want to try it.

During this, he switched out my glass toy for the vibe that I just blogged about from Eden Fantasys. He knows it is my new favorite and loves pleasuring me with it. He also loves to do double vaginal with it, which is what came next! He flipped me over and put both him and my toy inside me and pounded away. It is super intense but in a stunningly wonderful manner!! He was about to cum, but thankfully knows the antibiotic rule, so he pulled out and I flipped back over to suck him as he came. I licked him clean and then he asked if he could go back into my ass. I readily agreed and laid back down for him on my stomach with my toy still in tact. He gave me quite a few more orgasms and then we finished off with our shower after play where he washes me, kisses me, and caresses my body. Today was the best sick day ever and since I haven't heard a peep from Capt. Awesome in 2 days I'm no longer planning on having a sick day with him.

Before Owen left, he helped me set up my new drill press and gave me a lesson on how to drill. Yes, many jokes have been made by him and oddly by Russell about him, the drill, my bedroom, etc. It was super fun though and he texted me later to ask me what all I'd drilled and made. I told him I only drilled a few shells b/c I didn't want to drill too many without an actual purpose to it. I'm totally addicted to it though (sex with him and my new hobby)!

PS I almost forgot this little gem. Remember Gavin's friend? The one that called me randomly like twice and I totally shot down? He called me again yesterday and asked me out again. I finally kind of agreed and he told me that he's moving into Gavin's old place this month...uh, hello single white male...it's like he's totally taking over Gavin's life here. Anyway, he texted me a picture today and he was so not my type!! Also his name is crazy funny...I wish I could reveal it, but for anonymity sake I won't. It was priceless though.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Countdown

Eden Fantasys is heating things up in time for Valentine’s Day! Jules is NOT a fan of the sappy Hallmark holiday per say, but if it’s an occasion for hot sex and sex toys than bring it on!! Capt. Awesome is desperately trying to reschedule from last weekend and we are talking about planning a sick day. I actually refused Valentine’s Day as an option because of the pressure of such a day. Anyway, this is NOT an anti Valentine’s Day post…it’s a buy your lover something sexy and fun post!! If any of the team were so inclined to purchase me toys for this holiday, I would not turn them down and I would recommend where they shopped (Eden Fantasys…duh).
Eden Fantasys is currently having a cute Valentine's Day advent calendar of daily specials to countdown the days. What a fabulous idea!! Of course, this could get costly for me since I love a deal and I love toys. Another super fun V Day promotion currently going on is BOGO. You buy one toy and you get one FREE. They are also still running the promotional codes that correlate savings to how much you spend complete with shipping deals as well. You cannot go wrong shopping for your lover on this site.
Now if you are hoping for an actual shopping tip from your resident sex toy queen, I recently acquired this toy and it is my new favorite!!!

The SinFive Ilo Silicone vibe is absolutely fucking amazing. I mean amazing!!! It’s currently 20% off too…score! I cannot tell you the number of orgasms this toy has given me and when used with Owen it is mind blowing. The smooth texture is of the silicone is so different from any of the other toys in my box (pun intended) and I just discovered last weekend that it has many different speeds and vibe sensations.  I highly recommend this one! You won’t be disappointed.  
PS This is a sponsored post where Eden Fantasys graciously gives me a gift card for my opinion, but I really do mean it about the vibe being the best ever! They only want our honest opinions and this is it! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Let's Go To Bed!

TMI Tuesday this week was submitted by My Undercover Metamorphosis. Thank you! Show her some love, stop by her blog and say hello.
1. A friend is coming to have sex. There are 3 twin beds and an air mattress in the room. What do you do? (choose one)
a. Have sex where ever we land first, who needs a bed?
b. Have sex on a single twin mattress
c. Have sex on an air mattress
d. Or? (tell us your solution)
A,B,and/or C!!! I love sex anywhere, anytime. - Jules
I couldn't care less! -Gwyn 
Ditto girls - bed, couch, counter, washing machine. Anywhere will work.  - Miranda
2. What is the oddest thing you have in your bedroom that someone would be surprised to find. Why is it there?
Well my mother would probably be shocked to find my toy box! I guess the current odd thing in my bedroom is a drill press. It's there because I just ordered it to start making shell jewelry and I currently cannot think of another place to store it. I lack a garage and I don't think I want it on my porch either...time will tell where it lands. - Jules
My room is so small there is no room for anything other than the essentials....I do still have a Christmas tree (tabletop size) out but that's because I don't have anywhere else to store it! -Gwyn 
Hmmmm my bedroom is pretty normal. Maybe my wrist restraints or the paintbrush paddle or the bindfold.  Outside of that I don't know anything in there that's weird. - Miranda
3. What are your favorite sheets?
a. Flannel
b. Cotton
c. T-shirt cotton (jersey)
d. Satin
B...Jules loves the cotton. Flannel is hot. Satin is slippery and hot. T shirt sheets are weird. -Jules
Cotton. Flannel and T shirt sheets are hot. I've never tried satin but that sounds far too classy for me. -Gwyn 
Cotton. I tried satin sheets once and slid out of bed. You can't get any traction with that suckers!  I had flannel sheets when I was in high school and they make you sweat like holy hell! - Miranda
4. Do you sleep with sheets tucked in or out? Why?
Tucked in but if I'm sleeping with someone and I'm hot then I stick my feet out. - Jules
Normally, tucked in. Since I've moved in with Jules and Russell, tucked out - I'm sleeping on a futon bed so I can't really tuck them in. -Gwyn 
Definitely tucked in. Always have. I think it started from having a fear bugs would climb in the bottom of my bed. - Miranda
5. What is your usual bedtime? Why?
a.  8-10 pm
b. 10-12 midnight
c.  12-24
d. Whenever my eyes won’t stay open any longer.
D - I'm a night owl, but my current life dictates that I'm up by about 6:45 or 7am weekday mornings. Thus, I'm usually asleep between 11:30 and 12:30, but it depends. - Jules
Haha if I make it to 10pm that's a miracle. I'm usually ready for bed around 9pm unless I've been at work or something and I'm wound up. Staying up past 11pm is a really late night for me! -Gwyn 
I try to be in bed by midnight. Some nights are better than others. Luckily it's pretty easy for me to get up the next morning though I've noticed that getting harder as I get older. - Miranda
5. Do you sleep with closet door(s) shut or open? Bedroom door shut or open? Any particular reason why?
Shut! My current house doesn't have closets...well, we counted Gwyn's room as one until she moved in, but there are closet monsters...duh. I sleep with my bedroom door closed b/c I don't live alone and it's a habit I started when we moved into this house. You never know what I'm doing in there...lol. -Jules
Closet? What is a closet? At McDreamy's I make him shut all of his glorious closets because one night he didn't and I swear there was a mouse up there rummaging around. Either a mouse or a monster!!! -Gwyn  
HAHA I thought I was the only one with closet monsters!  Closet door must be shut. Bathroom/Bedroom door can be open.  - Miranda
6. Have you ever broken a bed or other furniture during sex?
Oh god yes, lol. My current bed moves all over the place if it's really good sex! I've broken beds, but never any other furniture. -Jules
I don't think so. Loosened it up a bit maybe but not broken it. -Gwyn 
I had a cheap ass bed in college that always broke and SoCo and I used to break his bed all the time. - Miranda
7. What’s your favorite type of bed for sex?
Any kind!!! - Jules 
There are different types of beds? Clearly I've been sheltered. Any bed is fine with me. If it's too comfortable I'm likely to fall asleep though. -Gwyn 
What?  This is weird. Beds are beds. - Miranda
8. What do you sleep in?
a. Lingerie
b. Underwear
c. Day clothes
d. T-shirt
e. Nothing
E - Nothing - Jules
Usually a t shirt. Sometimes underwear. Sometimes all natural. This doesn't count the many times I've fallen asleep in full work gear (at my desk), in day clothes (in my car) or in a bikini (at the beach/pool). To me there are no limits to when or where a girl can sleep and therefore no limitations on what she may be wearing during said sleep! -Gwyn 
I generally sleep in a nightgown - not a grandma nightgown lol.  I used to wear t-shirts but I felt like that was so boring.  I'm not a naked sleeper. I've tried it a few times and I didn't like it.  - Miranda
How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblogfrom your website!
Happy TMI Tuesday!