Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Countdown

Eden Fantasys is heating things up in time for Valentine’s Day! Jules is NOT a fan of the sappy Hallmark holiday per say, but if it’s an occasion for hot sex and sex toys than bring it on!! Capt. Awesome is desperately trying to reschedule from last weekend and we are talking about planning a sick day. I actually refused Valentine’s Day as an option because of the pressure of such a day. Anyway, this is NOT an anti Valentine’s Day post…it’s a buy your lover something sexy and fun post!! If any of the team were so inclined to purchase me toys for this holiday, I would not turn them down and I would recommend where they shopped (Eden Fantasys…duh).
Eden Fantasys is currently having a cute Valentine's Day advent calendar of daily specials to countdown the days. What a fabulous idea!! Of course, this could get costly for me since I love a deal and I love toys. Another super fun V Day promotion currently going on is BOGO. You buy one toy and you get one FREE. They are also still running the promotional codes that correlate savings to how much you spend complete with shipping deals as well. You cannot go wrong shopping for your lover on this site.
Now if you are hoping for an actual shopping tip from your resident sex toy queen, I recently acquired this toy and it is my new favorite!!!

The SinFive Ilo Silicone vibe is absolutely fucking amazing. I mean amazing!!! It’s currently 20% off too…score! I cannot tell you the number of orgasms this toy has given me and when used with Owen it is mind blowing. The smooth texture is of the silicone is so different from any of the other toys in my box (pun intended) and I just discovered last weekend that it has many different speeds and vibe sensations.  I highly recommend this one! You won’t be disappointed.  
PS This is a sponsored post where Eden Fantasys graciously gives me a gift card for my opinion, but I really do mean it about the vibe being the best ever! They only want our honest opinions and this is it! 

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