Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Let's Go To Bed!

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1. A friend is coming to have sex. There are 3 twin beds and an air mattress in the room. What do you do? (choose one)
a. Have sex where ever we land first, who needs a bed?
b. Have sex on a single twin mattress
c. Have sex on an air mattress
d. Or? (tell us your solution)
A,B,and/or C!!! I love sex anywhere, anytime. - Jules
I couldn't care less! -Gwyn 
Ditto girls - bed, couch, counter, washing machine. Anywhere will work.  - Miranda
2. What is the oddest thing you have in your bedroom that someone would be surprised to find. Why is it there?
Well my mother would probably be shocked to find my toy box! I guess the current odd thing in my bedroom is a drill press. It's there because I just ordered it to start making shell jewelry and I currently cannot think of another place to store it. I lack a garage and I don't think I want it on my porch either...time will tell where it lands. - Jules
My room is so small there is no room for anything other than the essentials....I do still have a Christmas tree (tabletop size) out but that's because I don't have anywhere else to store it! -Gwyn 
Hmmmm my bedroom is pretty normal. Maybe my wrist restraints or the paintbrush paddle or the bindfold.  Outside of that I don't know anything in there that's weird. - Miranda
3. What are your favorite sheets?
a. Flannel
b. Cotton
c. T-shirt cotton (jersey)
d. Satin
B...Jules loves the cotton. Flannel is hot. Satin is slippery and hot. T shirt sheets are weird. -Jules
Cotton. Flannel and T shirt sheets are hot. I've never tried satin but that sounds far too classy for me. -Gwyn 
Cotton. I tried satin sheets once and slid out of bed. You can't get any traction with that suckers!  I had flannel sheets when I was in high school and they make you sweat like holy hell! - Miranda
4. Do you sleep with sheets tucked in or out? Why?
Tucked in but if I'm sleeping with someone and I'm hot then I stick my feet out. - Jules
Normally, tucked in. Since I've moved in with Jules and Russell, tucked out - I'm sleeping on a futon bed so I can't really tuck them in. -Gwyn 
Definitely tucked in. Always have. I think it started from having a fear bugs would climb in the bottom of my bed. - Miranda
5. What is your usual bedtime? Why?
a.  8-10 pm
b. 10-12 midnight
c.  12-24
d. Whenever my eyes won’t stay open any longer.
D - I'm a night owl, but my current life dictates that I'm up by about 6:45 or 7am weekday mornings. Thus, I'm usually asleep between 11:30 and 12:30, but it depends. - Jules
Haha if I make it to 10pm that's a miracle. I'm usually ready for bed around 9pm unless I've been at work or something and I'm wound up. Staying up past 11pm is a really late night for me! -Gwyn 
I try to be in bed by midnight. Some nights are better than others. Luckily it's pretty easy for me to get up the next morning though I've noticed that getting harder as I get older. - Miranda
5. Do you sleep with closet door(s) shut or open? Bedroom door shut or open? Any particular reason why?
Shut! My current house doesn't have closets...well, we counted Gwyn's room as one until she moved in, but there are closet monsters...duh. I sleep with my bedroom door closed b/c I don't live alone and it's a habit I started when we moved into this house. You never know what I'm doing in there...lol. -Jules
Closet? What is a closet? At McDreamy's I make him shut all of his glorious closets because one night he didn't and I swear there was a mouse up there rummaging around. Either a mouse or a monster!!! -Gwyn  
HAHA I thought I was the only one with closet monsters!  Closet door must be shut. Bathroom/Bedroom door can be open.  - Miranda
6. Have you ever broken a bed or other furniture during sex?
Oh god yes, lol. My current bed moves all over the place if it's really good sex! I've broken beds, but never any other furniture. -Jules
I don't think so. Loosened it up a bit maybe but not broken it. -Gwyn 
I had a cheap ass bed in college that always broke and SoCo and I used to break his bed all the time. - Miranda
7. What’s your favorite type of bed for sex?
Any kind!!! - Jules 
There are different types of beds? Clearly I've been sheltered. Any bed is fine with me. If it's too comfortable I'm likely to fall asleep though. -Gwyn 
What?  This is weird. Beds are beds. - Miranda
8. What do you sleep in?
a. Lingerie
b. Underwear
c. Day clothes
d. T-shirt
e. Nothing
E - Nothing - Jules
Usually a t shirt. Sometimes underwear. Sometimes all natural. This doesn't count the many times I've fallen asleep in full work gear (at my desk), in day clothes (in my car) or in a bikini (at the beach/pool). To me there are no limits to when or where a girl can sleep and therefore no limitations on what she may be wearing during said sleep! -Gwyn 
I generally sleep in a nightgown - not a grandma nightgown lol.  I used to wear t-shirts but I felt like that was so boring.  I'm not a naked sleeper. I've tried it a few times and I didn't like it.  - Miranda
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