Friday, February 3, 2012

Trusting in the Timing

So yesterday I was trying to encourage Kansas to come over after the kids went to bed and he balked at it a little.  I’ve played things really cool with him because I know he got royally screwed over by his last GF and I didn’t want him to feel like I was pushing for anything. And honestly it’s worked out really well for me.  I’m able to keep things in perspective with him, I’m not going crazy overboard, he’s done a shit ton of nice things for me, and it’s definitely set up the relationship to be the more traditional “man in control” relationship than I usually fall into.

Despite all that, I was a little testy Wednesday evening with his seeming reluctance to be around when the kids were here. He’s only done it once before and I swear he was scared to death lol.  He whispered the whole time he was in the apartment and he was as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof.  Anyways, last night I got a laugh because he “disappeared” for a while only to pop back up via text as I was getting into bed. Kansas apologized for disappearing because he was playing basketball online with a friend in Colorado – HA! See Gwyn, he really is McDreamy 2.0.  I do understand wanting to take things slow but that doesn’t mean you can’t come over after the kids are in bed.  I certainly don’t want a guy who I can only see every other week ya know?

So after last night I was determined to not initiate anything with him coming over again. I was putting the reins firmly back in his hand.  I was going to remember to be light and breezy and follow his lead.  We texted throughout the day a few times and all was right with the world.

Tonight Leo had a sleepover so Ladybug and I were having a girl’s night – getting our hair done and nails painted.  It was super fun and throughout Kansas was texting me. At one point he and Ladybug got in a text fight – Gwyn she didn’t bust out the breadhead line though; that one is all you – and we sent him a funny picture of her holding her fist up at him.

As they were finishing my nails he asked what was on our agenda next. I told him we were going to grab some Subway and head home.  Totally of his own free will he suggested we come eat dinner at his house and Ladybug could play his Xbox Kinnect thing.  I asked Ladybug if she was up for that and she literally broke out in a dance in the middle of the nail salon. 

While we were getting our dinner he kept texting me and asked if she really seemed like she wanted to come over. I assured him she did and that she did a Kansas dance when I told her.  He was really cute and said he was excited to meet her but also nervous because it was kind of a big step.  (Cue – Awwwwww.)  Also when I said Leo would be mad he hadn’t got to meet Kansas, Kansas piped in right away saying we’d have to fix that soon.

We got there and right away he was all about her, showing her how to play the video games, tickling her, telling jokes.  It was so freaking adorable.  Lord a guy who gets along with your kid is so freaking sexy.  We were there close to three hours before heading home and in the car on the way home; Ladybug gave Kansas her stamp of approval.

He’s texted me several times since then and has been so freaking cute about the whole thing.  He’s definitely smitten with Ladybug, but then again who isn’t?  I think it was a really big step for him and I think it can only bring good things to come for me and my non-BF.


PS – Today I went to the OBGYN to have them adjust my IUD in light of Kansas’s abundance lol.  It was quite hilarious to explain to the DR why I needed the strings shortened.  It was very hard for me not to giggle like a 16 year old; especially because I kept expecting the DR to high five me or something.

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