Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cocktails and Sunset

I had a really nice date with The Captain tonight! We went to one of my favorite restaurants for happy hour and had a few glasses of wine and then he suggested a sunset walk on the beach, yes please! It was very romantic and our first kiss turned into this one really long amazing one. He has a beard, which I'm not crazy about and thought I would hate kissing him, but it wasn't a big deal.
I like him a lot and I'll probably date him for a little while, but he doesn't make my knees weak yet. He's stable and kind and those are some attractive qualities. We have a lot in common. I'm definitely interested in seeing it play out more. He leaves tomorrow night for 5 weeks, so I guess that will be the true test too. He comes home periodically during that time but I don't know how much I'll see him then because I would imagine that's family time, as it should be.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Captain

Well, it seems Jules likes her boat captains! I went out to lunch with a guy yesterday who is a boat captain! If you remember, The Fisherman (or ex husband #2)  was also one. Of course this one says he  is a real one because he captains a real boat and not a tour boat.
I like him!! He's got some potential. I'm actually going out for happy hour with him tomorrow too! So he's 41-42, super stable, owns his house (which is a big deal in Hawaii), works a great job making really good money, tall and stocky, and he hates sports except for surfing...all wins. The downside is he is a single dad to a 13 year old boy and because he's gone for 5 weeks at a time with his job, his mom moved here to help with his son and she lives with them!!!
He's super sweet and kind of shy, but really easy to talk to and can carry on a conversation without long, awkward pauses. He pulled out my chair at lunch, held doors, and didn't try to paw at me in the parking lot after lunch. He has great manners. I actually talked to him on the phone tonight for like half an hour. I never talk to anyone (even my own mama) for that long on the phone. Originally from the South, he went to college for a few years and didn't excel, so he joined the Navy and became a Seal. I'm not into the military at all, but that's a little badass.
Anyway, we shall see how date #2 goes tomorrow, but I'm calling him Captain. (The fact that I named him is a good sign.)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A new member of the dead dads club

Josie, a childhood friend of Jules and Miranda joins the blog today. If you're a long time reader you may remember Josie and her errant husband Dave as the schoolyard friends who helped Miranda move not once but twice she since her divorce. To say the least, life has changed for them...

My Dad, my hero died July 16, 2015. He wasn't always perfect but after caring for my Mom relentlessly for 12 years with Alzheimer's he paid his penitence. 

There is no penitence for what my husband did in the days that followed my Dad's death. 

July 17th we went shopping for appropriate funeral attire. (after losing my Mom in 2011 I wouldn't keep those things in my house).  I lost my wallet/cellphone, I set it down mindlessly and it was stolen. My husband, (who has been referred to as Dave in the past and from now will be here) lost his shit. He yelled at me in front of our son and strangers about being a stupid, wasteful cunt.  There was no "accidents happen" nor " you just said goodbye to the person who has known you since the day you were born, of course you are a little off"... Nope straight to "stupid bitch".

My son and I did not sleep in the house that night, we slept at my dead Dads house. July 18th, visitation day. It sucked, Im an atheist so a bunch of christians saying he is in a better place, happy again with my mother did nothing but piss me off. I know for a damn fact my Dad would be happier alive spending time with my kid, which he did often. 

Anyway, I gave Dave the benefit of doubt and asked if he wanted to go to the visitation with us and stand in that stupid "lets hug cause he is dead" line. At this point, i had forgiven his outburst because i thought maybe he was more touched by Dads death than i realized and the kid really needed us both, it hit the kid hard losing his partner in crime.

So after the 4 hour hell, of reliving my dads last breaths to people i didn't remember meeting, we got in the car to head home. My nerves completely shot, Xanax wasn't touching my issues. Dave lit into me again, apparently my sisters ignored him and other family members didn't give him enough attention. To be fair, I did lose it here and I'm not sure what i said in response. I was way beyond pissed off, I screamed enough that my throat hurt the next day. 

Fast forward, after the burial, we had a family thing at my middle sister's house. Dave and my sister do not like each other at all, which is ok because i don't care for her much either. But our Dad is dead, so we are trying to figure out a relationship. BUT, less than an hour after we planted Dad, Dave couldn't handle being at her house anymore. He commenced yelling at me "I have shit to do, i can't be here all day!" and when approached by my very large, young Marine nephew... "Fuck that bitch, fuck you all" and then had his Dad pick him up. It was bad, so bad that every relative is still worried about me. I confronted him that same day and he didn't have any clue that he was in the wrong. It was a month before he admitted that it was the "wrong time" for his outburst but to this day he has not apologized.

So thats where i begin, i have not been an award winning wife, but being a good daughter is in my blood. I will make my Daddy proud and leave this jackass. 

Way Back Wednesday (although now it's Thursday)

Today was weird.  I did go out with Guy #3 tonight. I would name him but since I probably won't ever go out with him again, why bother? We went for drinks at a local bar and it was nice, but just nice...no chemistry and he talked about his drama a lot during the date. I'm a social worker all day, I don't want to hear about your shit in my downtime unless we are friends.
The super weird part of the day though was Clark. Remember Clark from like 4 years ago? He's still in NC but he messages me on FB today and we started chatting and he told me how he had loved me and would welcome me back in his life and oh yeah, did I want a roommate bc he wants to move back to Hawaii?! For real...I told him I had one, Russell. It was so strange though bc even after all this time, these strange feelings resurfaced. I told him with his ability to control people, he really should be using his powers for good. Where in the world did the universe find him?!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Pool is Open!

Well I have finally decided to date again and it's already been fun, funny, and frustrating. I met a really nice guy that I thought had a lot of potential, but I was wrong. He works like all the time and is very self involved, which is fine. I don't need a clinger. He started off as a clinger and then moved into a weird zone. Then we had sex and it was ok. Ya'll know ok sex is never ok in my book...ever. After that I was kind of like "eh", then we did it again and while the sex was slightly (just slightly) better that time, I found out he snored and asked him to leave. I texted him a few days later and said I was out. I can't date someone that the sex is just ok and he snores on top of it.
Then I met a cop online and a local boy at that. I've never dated a local guy, by that I mean Hawaiian. I like him but his life seems like it has some drama so I'm proceeding with caution. He has an ex wife and 2 kids.  I was supposed to go out with him Sunday but due to a medical issue (hives) on my end I had to bail. I don't know that I want to reschedule, but I might. He seems really nice and he's cute.
Next up, we have the construction worker. He has the most drama and of course the guy I decided to go out with. He and his ex wife are involved in a nasty custody dispute. He wants full custody of his two boys. He's older too, like 12 years older than I am. We may go out tomorrow night if I can commit to it.  It just seems like it could be messy with that whole custody issue. I also don't want two boys hanging around all the time. I like easy. Guy #1 would have been easy but on the flip side it does raise some red flags when a guy is almost 40 and has never been married. I know, I know...you can't please me.
Meanwhile, I am still getting fucked regularly by Owen and it continues to be mind blowing. A guy is really going go have to be impressive for me to ever walk away from that sex. There are no current contenders in that area. Owen sex is the best I've ever had and it's been going strong since 2009.
I read a comment the other day from an old post about how to recover from being cheated on. Um, thanks but I'm the mistress. ;)