Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TMI Tuesday

1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?
I went to bed at 1am and yes, blissfully I was alone. I am not a fan of sleeping with people. I love to fuck them, but I don't love sleeping with them. - Jules 
About 11:45. Coach and I did dinner and saw the Hangover 2 after spending the whole day at the pool. It was totally domestic and I loved every minute of it! - Miranda
I was counting sheep by 11:15pm, which is actually pretty late for me. I was alone unless you count my cat. I had a peaceful sleep knowing that my house has been rented and I'll be in Hawaii by September!!! -Gwyn
2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be? 
Well, yesterday as I was driving around Waimea Bay I thought about how nice it would be to have a sailboat with a stand-up paddle board out on the water. Short of that, I'd love a beach house here on the North Shore or enough money to buy one. - Jules 
Hmmmm realistically a paid ticket to Hawaii in September.  Ideally a house in Hawaii. - Miranda
The paid in full deed to my house. Grandma are you reading this???? -Gwyn
3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why? 
Suckerpunch disturbed the crap out of me. I thought about it for weeks. Clark and I went to see it late at night one night and it really stayed in my head. Of course, it could have been his negative energy playing into that too...who knows? - Jules 
Blue Valentine. Heavy heavy movie about a marriage falling apart. - Miranda
Food Matters. It was one of the most eye opening documentaries I've seen in a long time. I've been feeling very disillusioned with life lately and have begun to realize that everything is not as it seems and that our society has some fucked up priorities. I've also realized that things I've been taught to look at as beneficial to ME are actually beneficial to the people telling me they're beneficial to me - like health insurance for example. Food Matters is all about how American society has been conditioned to believe that medicine is the cure for disease and that the western system of medicine is set up to benefit pharmaceutical companies and big business, not the consumers. I was mad when I finished watching it, but inspired to make some changes. -Gwyn

4. What is your favorite way to wake up and what is the first thing you do? 
My favorite way to wake up is when I'm ready without an alarm or a kid running in and to go into the kitchen with the coffee already made (if it is not delivered straight to my bedside). I am not really a morning sex person. If I am waking up with someone, then obviously I want to wake up and fuck them...but typically I wake up in Mom mode.  - Jules 
I love to sleep in and wake up to the sounds of outside with my windows open. If Coach is here, I love to wake up with his hands down my pants. - Miranda
I like waking up to any kind of nature sound - waves, birds, rain, etc. The first thing I do is hit the snooze button and yell at my cat to get out of my face. Once I actually get out of the bed (which takes about 30 minutes) I feed the annoying cat and start some coffee. Then I like to watch public access church shows and/or blast my iPod and have a little dance party in my room before work. If you've never watched a public access church show you are missing out! -Gwyn

5. You’ve been granted an extra hour in the day, what are you going to do?
a. Sleep more
b. Extend a sexual interlude
c. Shop
d. Finally fit in that workout that you usually can’t make time for 
Crap, it depends on the day. I would almost always say B, but sometimes a girl needs A.  Jules 
Most of the time a. Miranda never sleeps enough. I'm lucky to get 5 hours a night! - Miranda
Sleep more. If sleep is ever an option I am choosing it. We can have sex, shop and workout after my nap. -Gwyn
BONUS:  Are you in love or lust?
Lust - I am definitely in lust with the team. Gavin and I love each other as friends, but I think that's where that ends.Though for those of you that feel differently, I'm sure time will tell.  Jules 
Love. - Miranda 
Neither. I've been talking to a couple of Hawaii guys online and I'm enjoying it but I'm not in lust with any of them at this point. -Gwyn

Pissed Off Monday

Well, Gavin has landed himself firmly on the Jules shit list and that's not a happy place to be, as he will find out tomorrow. I am super pissed off at him. First of all, he came over to my house tonight high while Russell and Chloe were still up. That was his first error of the night. His second error came in his insistence to watch porn and my stubbornness of being over it. Finally his third error came when he just abruptly left without getting me off and refused to come back despite my phone call advising that this was his best option. I was so pissed. If you're going to come to my house high and act stupid all night in front of my family, the very least you can do is make me cum and if you're not...FUCK YOU. He leaves Wednesday for Maui and I leave Thursday for NC. While I'm in NC, he leaves for NJ supposedly until the end of the month. I think he needs to take that time to sit on himself and think about what an idiot he is and only when he's ready to admit and make amends for being a total stupid asshole will I even consider talking to him again. I'm taking Chloe to the local water park tomorrow and then I'm taking her to dinner with Russell, so I hope he doesn't think I'll be available for him tomorrow because he would be wrong...jackass.
On the upside, Owen is super on it and is so turned on by me right now it's insane. I can't wait to come back from NC and fuck him silly for almost two weeks with total freedom!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mellow Sunday at Peyton Place

Today was a day of recovery and discovery. Life is hilarious around here sometimes. So, Gavin called and I did in fact go up to the track with lunch and beer. I arrived just as his son was racing and watched from the sidelines for a little bit before joining him on the track. He's so cute when he's in Daddy mode. We hung out for a while and I walked around trying to find Chloe to no avail. He drove me all over the place looking for places where they might be camping and at one point we hiked into this amazing spot where you could look out down the mountain we were on and over the ocean. I sat there staring at the water for a while and he laid in the pine needles and took a 30 minute cat nap. It seems last night wore him out! I was super impressed that he got up and took his kid racing at 7am because there is no way, no how I would have made it.

I left him about 3pm and ran some errands and then went to dinner with the Nice Guy from a few weeks ago. I decided that he is a really nice guy and he seems to accept that we're never, ever having sex or anything but seems to genuinely want to be friends. He took me out for Indian food, which was amazing. I don't know how I made it to 35 without having Indian food, but I've been missing out.

When I got home, Russell was still awake and we chatted. He told me that he and his bf and the neighbor had a 3sum last night. Then he told me that he went to bed at 1am, but according to the bf the thing with him and the neighbor continued in our guest room until 6am. Gavin and I came home around 3am pretty tipsy and laughing and such. When we came in, the door to the room slammed shut. I was all loud with a "Well ok then..." because I knew the bf had slept over and I thought he was pissed we woke him up. I was slightly offended because well, it's my house and all but whatever. Come to find out, the door was quickly closed because the neighbor and the bf were going at it until 6am. (Gwyn, no worries they were on a mattress we are getting rid of before your arrival.) I fessed up to Russell where Gavin and I had been and he was all like "I totally thought so". Really? How in the hell would you think that? Random...but he was right. I think Gavin must have dropped hints when they were chatting on the porch while I was showering. It also turns out Russell and the neighbor have a pretty regular thing going on and the neighbor repeatedly asked Russell last night if he could have a 3sum with the 2 of us. Thankfully, Russell cleared that up for him with a negative. Russell actually thought I was still doing him and had last weekend, but I cleared that up as well also with a negative. I've got enough going on right now without adding that to the mix.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic Saturday

Yesterday was one of those amazing and very strange days. It's days like that one that are so surreal sometimes it's hard to believe that this is my life. I would never have imagined 4 years ago when I was stuck in suburban working mom mode that this would be how things turned out in just a few, short years. This is a super long post, but stay with me because it was a crazy day.

Friday afternoon I start getting some steamy sexts from Owen talking about how amazing Tuesday was and how hard he was at work just thinking about it. (It really was an awesome time. One of the top 5!) I told him how much I loved it too and that I couldn't wait to see him again. I mentioned that I'm leaving Thursday to come home to NC for 10 days and I hoped he could arrange some time to fuck again before Tuesday (Tuesday and Wednesday I'm with Chloe before she leaves and I'm freaking out about the time away from her all summer) He said that he might be able to get away that evening, but he'd have to see once he got home. He texted me later and said he couldn't get out, but he could definitely see me at lunch yesterday. He also told me that the day after I get back, his family leaves the island for almost 2 weeks! He said he couldn't wait to come over with freedom. In the meantime, I had emailed this girl on CL for us and she and I were exchanging some hot emails that I forwarded to Owen. He said I'm the BEST mistress EVER...lmao.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to more hot sexts from Owen and we texted and sent pictures back all morning. I went to the beach until he could break for lunch and raced home to meet him. His request yesterday was to walk in to me bent over my pillow on the bed playing with just my ass and to not even touch myself anywhere else because he would handle that for me. (Dude, I love fucking this man!) He came in and went straight inside me. We barely managed a "Hello" first. We had about 30 minutes of the most insane, intense, orgasm filled sex since we had really worked ourselves up all night and day. It was just on. We were in all the right places at all the right times and he came twice. I love days when he cums twice. I always feel a little guilty during amazing sex because I can cum sooooo many times and poor men can't. He does though. He came the first time and looked down and said "What do you know? I'm still hard.". It was hilarious because he's always still hard. He just flipped me over and went back at it. We showered and he went back to work and I went back to lay out on the beach for 2 more hours.

Gavin came over around 5pm and I showered from my beach day and we headed to town to dinner and another swinger's party. We've decided that this is probably our last one. It's fun and we like playing around with an audience, but hell we can do that free at home. There was only one or two girls that he found attractive and one of them was just there to watch (really??) and one of them was so into fucking her bf that she said she was tired when we asked her join us (weird). Anyway, we ate a great dinner beforehand and had some really nice, easy, drunken conversation about us and our relationship. I told him that his recent behavior was freaking me out a little bit and that I really like our thing. As we left the restaurant, he saw a Ferrari and told me that in 10 years he'll have a few of those thanks to his son's career. I laughed and told him if he does, then I'll marry him. He looked at me and said in such a cute, hopeful voice "Would you really?". I laughed and told him "No". Sometimes it's fun to fuck with him. ;)

We got to the party and walked in to see the black guy I'd fucked before when I went with Clark. The sheriff was back from last time and we hung out chatting for just a little bit. Q, the black guy, directed us and the girl that was just there to watch back into one of the rooms. She just kept walking though (weird, weird, weird) and we got undressed. I started blowing Gavin and Q and got them hard and then I continued blowing Gavin and Q got behind me and started fucking the holy hell out of me. We all came (me multiple times) and Q left and Gavin and I continued to play around. There was another couple (the girl who was only into fucking her bf) playing at the end of the same bed and he was enjoying watching her blow him. During this time, another guy comes in and is watching us and Gavin tells me to blow him too. I'm not kidding when I say this next part. I put the guy in my mouth and blew him for literally 10 seconds before he came. It surprised me and I had to spit. (I don't swallow strangers...ewww.) Gavin was like "What the hell...." and I went back to him. In the meantime during all of this, he was back into the kissing me thing. It's so strange to me that he only deeply kisses me at swinger's parties.

After that guy left, we played around for a little while with just us and then another guy comes in and says the sheriff said he needed to meet me. We introduced ourselves and he asked if he could join me in bed and he started going down on me. Gavin went to get a beer and I could have killed him because this kid had zero skills and I was sooooo bored. He sensed it and my total lack of noise or movement caused him to stop. I told him I was sorry, but he really just wasn't doing it for me and I headed out to the living room. Q and I hooked back up and Gavin and Q came back into the room with me and we fucked some more. Gavin left to wander around on his own and Q just kept giving to me hard core. I finally squirted all over the bed and he was happy.

I went out on the balcony after this to get some fresh air and Gavin and I started talking. We were talking about us again and I cautioned against it because we were both tipsy at this point. He moved onto talking about all the prostitutes working the street below us, how we should start our own one of these things, and then took it back to us and who else I'm fucking in real life. I told him it's just him and "married guy". Then he asks who "married guy" is by name and I told him I wasn't telling him. I told him that it was none of his business, it didn't affect him, and that he only wanted to know out of sheer curiosity. I explained that I'm very protective of him because he is married and that I would never, ever tell him so he needed to drop it. We argued a little about this and finally he dropped it. We went back inside and the sheriff and the guy that couldn't eat pussy to save his soul asked if I wanted a 4sum with them and Gavin. Well, hell a girl can't really say "No" to that.

We ended the evening (as it was about 1:30am) with me playing with all 3 of them and getting some great orgasms. I blew Gavin and the sheriff and the other guy tried again with the oral sex (bless his heart) and finally put a condom on and fucked me. He sucked, but in the interest of saving face I acted like it wasn't horrible. I didn't fake an orgasm though. Gavin knows me well enough to know I didn't get off and when the guy finished, he took over. He got behind me while I blew the sheriff and pounded me until I came a lot more and he pulled me off the other guy to take his cum in my mouth. I just laid there for a little while and soaked in the awesomeness of so much sex and so many Saturday orgasms and then Gavin said he needed to leave to get home because his son races today.

As we were walking to the car, he kept questioning why the hookers weren't with men. He'd watched several of them talk to guys and then the guys move on. I said their rates must be too high or something. When we got to the intersection with the pretty one (she really wasn't all strung out skanky looking) he approached her with me beside him and asked her what was up and then he followed that with basically asking if she was all clean and such. She didn't take to kindly to this and shooed him away. I was laughing so hard I was about to pee myself. At the next intersection, we were talking and I told him I needed to get out of town b/c I was feeling old. Another hooker heard me and said "Honey, don't feel old. You're very pretty and still hot.". We chatted her up a bit as we walked and found out she had 3 kids at 26 and has been working for a while to support them. She could recall every drink she'd had the nights they were conceived (all with the same guy). It was interesting and hard to not social work her since she had a huge bruise on her breast that I really wanted to ask about. We hit the parking garage and then did one of the weirdest things I've ever done. He said he had to pee and asked me to hold his cock for him while he went. I did it, just because and about mid stream he told me to write his name with it. It was so fucking funny. Then I decided I needed to pee before the ride home and went to squat in front of the car. He asked me to lift my skirt more so that he could watch me...weird. I pee at home in front of him all the time, but I guess me squatting to do it in public was hot for him.

On the drive home, we had a fun time. We sang our hearts out to various songs on the radio and he continued to talk about how much he likes me. He told me at one point last night that he wishes I would just be a bitch to him so he wouldn't have feelings for me. I told him I really like him too and that our relationship is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I love that he lets me be me and for the most part doesn't ask a lot of questions. Finally he took it back to Owen one last time and I refused again to reveal his name reiterating what I'd just said about liking him b/c he doesn't ask a bunch of questions. I think it hurt his feelings because for starters he thought I'd quit seeing him and because it's the one thing I won't be completely open about with him. I've never flat out refused to answer him. He finally told me that if he really wanted to know, he could find out. I advised against it. I don't know what I'd do if he figured it out, but I hope to not have it be an issue. I leave Thursday to come home and he leaves for NJ while I'm gone and I don't think he's coming back until June 30th. This should give him time to get it out of his head.

We got home at 3am and he came in to eat and have a beer. During this time, the gf had started stalker calling so he decided he better leave coupled with the fact that he had to get up at 7am to take his son to the track. He kissed me again and headed out. I fell into the bed and just woke up at 10:15am to him calling to see if I'm coming to the race track. (Chloe is camping up there this weekend with some friends of mine, so he knew I was planning to go see her and wants me to watch his kid.) It was an amazing day, like I said, but I'm ready for a little break to sort out (read swallow and get over) some of these feelings we (he mostly) seems to be having.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life, Love, and Wisdom by Jules (HAHA)

My bff has the most amazing child in the universe (next to Chloe). I adore this kid. I've known her since she was a teeny tiny toddler and I've loved her even when I hated kids. She's probably the very reason I even have Chloe...I learned how great they can be from watching her grow up. Her mom and I have been bffs since I was 18. My goddaughter just turned 18 and has apparently hit a bit of a rebellious streak after many years of perfection. Last week, she put a post on FB about how her mom found out about her new tattoo and wasn't happy (although, I'd like to point out the bff has one on her ass). The goddaugther's tat is on her hip and is totally coverable in all types of scenarios. I suggested that maybe we ease up on the ink because gravity tends to not be kind as we age and what's hot now at 18, may or may not be hot when she's 50.

Thanks to my mother's views on tats, I've never so much as even thought about getting one. This was drilled into me almost as hard as the not leaving the house without your face on thing. I know my girls on here have them and they are all very tasteful, but it's just not me. (You guys should do a tattoo HNT.) I like them on my men, but again just not on me. Anyway, I digress.

A few years ago, my goddaughter started dating her first real boyfriend. He was much older (like 7 years older) and she was only 16. It ended disastrously when my bff found out about his age and that they were having sex and I can't remember all of the details, but a TRO may or may not have been issued for him. I remember some court dates and it was a huge dramatic mess and to my goddaughter's credit, she quit seeing him.

Flash forward to tonight...I received a series of texts from her around 1:30am her time telling me that she found out tonight that he'd cheated on her with like 8 other girls while they were dating and she was freaking out about never being able to trust another man ever again and she didn't think she could possibly talk to her mom about this situation. I got the texts about 30 minutes after she sent them and I texted her back to make sure she was up and then I called her. It seems that her computer crashed and she called him (admittedly a stupid move on her part) to see if he could walk her through fixing it. In the process, he proceeded to dump all of his baggage onto her in what I assume to be the usual attempt to wash his guilt away for being such a complete jackass. (I know I'm a jackass too.) She was sobbing into the phone and she asked me "Jules, how do you find men you can trust? I mean, how do you know that they aren't lying, cheating assholes?". My heart broke for her! He was her first and now she's freaking out that she may have something since he was cheating the whole time. After a quick review though, she's symptom free.

In the end, I convinced her to tell her mom but not in a preachy way, I had her laughing, and I told her that the good boys are usually the most trustworthy. The bad boys are way more fun, but they will break your heart and lie and cheat on you every time. I also taught her about karma. She was seeking revenge when I called and I told her she could do something like go slash his tires, which could potentially get her arrested OR she could wait it out. She may or may not ever see it for herself, but I assured her that karma would get him. Karma always gets me. I know it will come for my Owen obsession, though I'm willing to take whatever Lady K dishes for that one....it's worth it. I hope it's not worth it for him though, I hope it hurts (in a bad way).

In the end, I also hope I retain some of this wisdom and calm when Chloe has these issues. I doubt I will because it's closer to home when it's your own, but then I guess it will be my bff's turn to talk Chloe through it. Now, I really want to fly to VA Beach, hug her,  and then go wring his fucking balls. The irony of this is not lost on me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stalker Status Activated

I have got to share a funny story with you all that Miranda and I have been dying over for the past two days.

So I’ve told you all about Chinless Wonder, the system administrator at my workplace who has an annoyingly intense crush on me. In the past 2 weeks he’s probably asked me out no less than 10 times (lunch, dinner, rollerblading, drinks, etc.) and I’ve said no every single time.

Funny sidenote: last week I was literally drowning in work and working 12-15 hour days without taking lunch breaks or really even leaving my desk. On Wednesday, Chinless Wonder started instant messaging me at work (we have an internal message system, I did NOT give him my Yahoo chat name!) asking me if I wanted to get dinner and/or drinks when I finished up. After declining his offer multiple times (every time I said no he would change up the offer a little to try and get me to say yes) I finally typed, “Listen, if you want to know what I could really use right now it’s a Newport and a Coke.” This is after he had offered to go get me dinner and bring it to me at my office. To my utter shock, he said he’d be happy to buy me a whole pack of smokes and asked if I preferred a fountain Coke or one in a bottle – fountain Coke duh!!! He again offered to buy me an actual meal but I declined – I’m ok letting a guy spend $6 on me without feeling obligated to do something for him, but an entire dinner would make me feel guilty. See, I do have a heart. So about 20 minutes later he shows up at my office with a pack of Newports, a huge fountain Coke and a pack of matches. I sat outside and smoked a couple while he ate his taco bell and I bitched about work. Then I went back inside and chained myself back to my desk. Now, why was this scenario so hilarious to me? Well, Chinless Wonder has a ‘list’ describing his perfect mate. This list describes Gwyn almost to a tee except for one small factor – his list says smoking is a dealbreaker. Hahahahahahaha I just can’t stop laughing over this.

So, back to my post. I begrudgingly accepted Chinless Wonder's friend request on FB awhile back. The other day I noticed he had changed his profile pic when one of his status updates showed up on my home screen. As soon as I saw the pic I had a terrifying flashback….Chinless Wonder used to stalk me on POF last summer!!!! He used the same profile pic on POF as he was now using on FB!! The experience was so memorable (aka traumatic) that as soon as I saw the picture it all came flooding back to me. He used to message me incessantly and was super duper persistent. I can’t remember exactly how much I communicated with him but I know I was polite and returned at least a few of his messages – his messages were like 3 pages long and asked me a million questions. I remember feeling sort of bad for him and not wanting to hurt his feelings. Good move Gwyn, good move.

Once I came to this disturbing conclusion I asked Miranda to find him on POF and make sure I was correct. Being the master investigator that she is, she found him in two seconds flat and confirmed my suspicions. And the cherry on top – he’s a fucking VIRGO!!!!!

I’m never going to tell him that I know the above information. Although I suspect he knows as well I feel like it’s better to just pretend it never happened. Now I’m left to wonder if in any of my messages I talked about my work and he somehow figured out where I work and found a way to get a job here too……I’m trying to convince myself that no one is that crazy but this is a man who dressed as a vagina for Halloween.


PS - I've got a new POF boy from my Hawaii profile and so far he's been lovely. He's in Iraq and going back to Hawaii the same time as I'm moving there....he's a Gemini (great for Libra) and has two Master's Degrees. He's sort of a nerdy bad boy and so far Gwyn likey.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today was an awesome Tuesday of epic proportions!  I woke up early and took Chloe to school and then Russell and I went to get our oil changed. (It gets better.) We had a lovely breakfast at Starbucks and then strolled around Costco and decided that we're joining the masses. It was just a nice morning hanging out. We talked about things we're going to do this summer while Chloe is in NC and again I say, I'm so happy we're in such a good place. Yesterday morning, he brought me coffee in bed and then bought me a late Mother's Day present of a mani-pedi. Things are just nice here on that front. 

While I was in Costco, I was sexting with Owen about hooking up at lunch. Then the phone calls started....Gavin called me 5 times in the span of 45 minutes. I called him on the way home and we were talking and he asked where I'd been. I told him and he was all like "I should be changing your oil." I said, "Yes, you should but since I asked you to a month ago and you haven't...I had it done.". Then he moved into sort of an accusatory tone and said that he didn't really think that was what I was doing because if Russell and I were just hanging out shopping, I should have answered his calls. I told him that I was shopping and didn't want to chat and that yes, that was what I was doing. He told me he's ok with me getting laid (gee, thanks) but he hated for me to lie to him about it. I informed him I wasn't lying and that I was seeing Owen at 12:45 for lunch sex. I finally asked him what his problem was because he was acting really weird. He said that he's likely getting kicked out of the new place b/c the gf parties too much, he has to spend almost $1000 on anger management classes for the requirements of his probation (which since he didn't do in time, now they are extending him 6 more months), and that his feelings were hurt when I didn't answer his calls. Then, he said he was at my house and he was waiting to see me. 

I got home and he told me that he was totally feeling jealous today when I wasn't answering his calls. He started wondering if I was seeing JM. It seems JM asked Gavin if he would mind if he saw me again on his own (so glad I got to weigh in on that) and Gavin told him no...but then he started freaking out that maybe he was here because JM wasn't at home. I was laughing at him at this point. He said he wanted to bring me men and he wants me to be getting laid and having fun, but he didn't want me seeing them again without him. It was  a trippy conversation. He said that he felt like after Sunday night, he needed to "reclaim his territory" and he did. I started sucking him and then he told me to sit on him and ride him. He kept talking about how hot my ass looked bouncing off him and I was cumming all over him. It was really hot sex and then he pulls me off him and cums all over me. I totally felt like he was marking his area...hahaha. 

After we came, he got dressed and told me he was going to finish washing his truck and would wash my car too. He totally knew I had plans in half an hour, but he stayed right up until Owen texted me saying he was on the way and then he left to go to work for a little bit. As he was washing my car, he continued to talk about wanting to share me when he wanted too, but hoped I wouldn't see JM without him. I assured him I would not. It was quite comical. Before he left, he told me to get some stuff for dinner and he would come roll me sushi for dinner later. 

Owen came over literally about 10 minutes after Gavin left and we had o-m-g sex. It was literally amazing. He  came over and I was playing with my glass toy waiting on him. He came to me in my bed and I started sucking him and then he asked if he could go straight into my ass. I said he could and he slowly worked it in and then started pounding me. He came pretty quickly for him and then because he just stays hard, he kept going. We moved into a bunch of positions...me on my back with him on his knees in front of me, me laying flat, me riding him with his cock in my ass and I was literally soaking him I was cumming so much, and finally him behind me and then pushing me down on the bed and laying on top of me again...yum. I always, always, always have to change the sheets after he's visited. We got into the shower and he just looked at me and said "I still can't believe how much you love and cum from anal sex. You know, you are not like most women at all". Am I really not? I mean I know I have a super high sex drive, but do most women not love this kind of sex???  I'd take it daily if I could! 

After he left, I ate lunch and sat down recollecting myself. I swear we fucked so hard I thought I would pass out at one point. Then, I went to pick Chloe up for some mother-daughter spa time. I got a pedicure and she got a princess package where they paint little girls' nails and toenails. It was so cute. I love that she's at an age to do this kind of thing now. When I left the salon, I had a text from Owen telling me how amazing today was and how much he loves fucking me. Ditto, baby! When I came home, Gavin had been back over to clean up the car wash mess and to finish his laundry. He even started a load of mine! 

Verbally Challenged

Is it just me or has today’s modern man really fallen off of his game? We’ve already blogged about men being big babies and I’m about up to here with men who expect to be pursued by women but I’ve started to notice another trend in today’s men – they have no game and they are lazy as hell when it comes to pursuing a woman. I guess that’s what we get for sleeping with them before they make any effort…..

I’ve set up another POF profile for Hawaii and my inbox is inundated with the lamest messages from guys I’ve ever seen. The top three messages I get on any given day are “Hi.”, “Hi, I’m Bob.” and “Hi let me know if you want to chat.”

Come on guys seriously? Is that the best you’ve got? I know it must get hard being shot down all the time so I can understand not wanting to put too much effort into something that has a high probability of not working out, but how hard is it to read my profile and come up with at least one halfway intelligent question to ask me? If you are too lazy to do that then why in the world would I ever take any time to respond to your message, I don’t care how hot you are. You’re LAME. I’ve gotten more thoughtful approaches at the bar and the gas station for God’s sake!

I’m looking for a confident man, as I think most women are. If a man is too scared to come straight out and approach me over the Internet then that is not a man I am interested in at all. The Internet is almost completely anonymous, you have zero chance of being publicly humiliated or turned down in front of your friends and the Internet version of turning a guy down is just not responding to his message – are those risks really so big that you won’t even try? I mean even if I was a bitch and sent you a message back about how I don’t date guys whose profile pictures are shirtless, would that crush your delicate ego so bad that you’d rather just send me a “Hi.”

Step your game up gentleman because this is ridiculous. I’m a woman and I deserve to be wined and dined and complimented. Why do I deserve this? For one, because I have to carry a child and then push that miniature human being out of a hole the size of a pea. I also have boobs and a vagina which are two things you men can’t live without. I can live without your penis, trust me on that one.

I’m over it……..yours truly, Gwyn

TMI Tuesday - Penis Edition

A couple weeks ago Gwyn and I had a funny conversation on none other than penises.  So I've taken it upon myself to create our own TMI Tuesday list of penis related questions.  Enjoy! - Miranda

What’s more important – length or width?
If I have to pick one I'm always going to go for a fattie.  - Miranda
OMG I don't want to pick one...I guess length. - Jules
For me personally, I'd probably go with length - as long as it's of at least average thickness I'm usually fine. But if it was short I don't think there's much I could do with that. This is a hard question! -Gwyn

Ever encountered one that was too big for you to handle?
Yes! The summer between high school and college I tried to hook up with a friend of a friend.  As if doing it on the floor of her living room while she was passed out on the couch wasn't skanky enough, we played for a little bit and my relatively inexperienced self wondered why he wasn't whipping it out and wanting me to go down on him.  When we got to the actual having sex part he unzipped and I swear a campbell's soup can fell out. It was HUGE!  I was frightened lol.  We tried but he was too big and it hurt too much.  Sadly, no one got off that night. - Miranda
When I was 16, I fucked this group of guys one summer and they had a cousin that came over and I tried to have sex with him but I could barely do it. He was HUGE. I was super uncomfortable the whole time! - Jules
Yes, a guy I attempted to have sex with back in college. He was only like 5 ft 7in so when he pulled that giant out of his pants I was completely taken by surprise! We tried and we failed. That was also the 3rd black penis I had ever seen and let me tell you that the rumor about black men is totally true. I've seen my fair share and only 2 (Romeo and The Barber) were not completely gigantic. -Gwyn
Seen a teenie weenie?
Funny but shortly before the above campbell soup guy happened I was dating a guy I worked with. After senior prom I told my mom I was spending the night at Jules' house and went to spend the night with him.  I snuck into his parents house (he was going to college and living at home) and we proceeded to get it on.  Now he was tall and extremely, painfully thin but I liked guys like that back then.  We were laying on his futon - yes I said futon - and he entered me.  First thing I felt was his damn hard ass hip bones grinding into the backs of my thighs.  Next thing I felt was, well nothing. I swear I didn't think he was inside me as he was pumping and grinding away. I remembered being horrified and thinking that it was true that girls could get stretched out from too much sex - note I'd only had sex with two guys before him lol. I bet in it's full glory it was only about three inches long and very thin. - Miranda 
LOL, you used my house as a cover story?! I'd forgotten that! SD is the smallest guy I've ever been with...hence his name SD (Short Dick). Bless his heart, he's maybe 4 or 5" long and super skinny. It's kinda gross. I hated blowing him because it actually creeped me out. I like a big hard cock in my mouth, not something small and strange. He's a sweet guy, but I was never able to get past that. - Jules
Thankfully, no. I've never seen a teenie weenie. If I ever do, I'm seriously afraid that I will laugh. Crossfit had a small penis for sure (which thankfully I only saw and didn't have to fully experience) but I'm never sure if my standards are too high since I've been blessed to experience larger than average penises almost every time.
Weirdest looking penis you’ve seen?
I haven't seen too many weird ones really.  I got flashed buy an uncircumcised guy and thought that looked weird to my unappreciative eye.  First time I saw a black penis I thought that was weird too.  Mostly, all penises look pretty weird whether they are flopping around flacid or sticking straight out strong.  They might look weird but they sure are fun. - Miranda
I agree that uncircumcised penises are weird. I'm not a fan. I'm sorry if you're not circumcised, but it's just not my thing. I'm hoping that San Fran bill falls flat on it's ass. Unlike Miranda, I love the look of a guy's penis. SD's super small one is probably the weirdest. Oh no, wait...Russell and I did this guy one time that had kind of a growth on his. It wasn't anything contagious, but it was odd. - Jules
Truck Driver and his mushroom top/microphone penis. By far the strangest looking penis I've ever seen. -Gwyn
Any penis deal breakers?
Not really.  As long as it's not small, smelly, or sickly I can deal. - Miranda
Sickly? LMAO! Um yeah drippy dick would be a deal breaker...smelly would definitely too. I would probably say no to a Prince Albert because I would be afraid of the condom breaking. - Jules
Size is a dealbreaker if it's either abnormally skinny or short I'm not wasting my time. I know myself well enough to know that a baby penis/pencil penis isn't going to be able to satisfy me. -Gwyn
Best place to put a penis?
Well in you of course!  Though I love to play with one with my hands. I'm fascinated by them. - Miranda
In everyone of my waiting holes...duh. - Jules
Um what? -Gwyn
Best all around penis you've had your hands on? 
That is really, really tough.  Coach has a great one but that's sort of an unfair comparison because I'm in love with him so that clouds my judgement.  Lawyer Boy had an honestly beautiful penis but if I had to give an award it'd be to Flyboy. It was long, wide, and had it going on in every way possible. - Miranda

Owen's...hands down...awesome, amazing Owen and his sex god penis is my fave! - Jules
Hmmm another hard question. Popeye had a beautiful penis. The Ex had a beautiful penis as well. So did that crazy Scientologist whose nickname I can't remember. I really think I've been spoiled with the penises I've seen. I'm almost beginning to wonder if I have a gift for subconsciously picking boys with pretty and/or big dicks? Hmmmmmm if only I could bottle this and sell it......-Gwyn
If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?
I would probably be so fascinated and distracted by it hanging between my legs I'd play with it all day.  And I can totally see myself turning into a guy and taking pictures lol.  Clearly I'd have to stay at home. - Miranda

FUCK! Oh, damn...would I fuck guys or girls? Hmmm....that's an interesting dilemma. Maybe I should just stay home and play with it too. - Jules
I think I would play with it all day, seems like that would give me an advantage with men because I'd know exactly what everything I do feels like. -Gwyn

Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny Business

First of all, I have some super funny Sunday sacrilege for you guys, though it's Monday already in the rest of the US...whatever. Owen emailed me this link today and I laughed until I was almost in tears. This kind of thing always puts me in stitches.

Owen is dying to see me. He told me today that the lockdown is getting old and his cock is restless. Mind you, it's only been a week and a day since I saw him last. He's going to try to get away on Tuesday for some much needed playtime.

Josie texted me today to tell me that she thinks Gavin has been acting all weird and jealous lately because he's worried I'll replace him over the summer. I concurred and told her that I had in fact told him I was looking for his summer replacement recently. Whoops!! I didn't really think it would engender a lot of jealousy within him, but clearly I didn't think it through all the way. In hindsight, I would have been jealous too.

So, what does he do tonight? He shows up about 7:45 with a friend of his from the new house, or maybe the new neighbor...I don't know. Anyway, they are both from Jersey and have started hanging out. This kid is cute, but he's just a little tiny bit taller than I am and that's not my type...I like big, tall men. However, since I'd bailed on his last threesome idea and clearly he's bringing me treats to keep me from looking,,,I went with it. He walks in and pulls me over to the side and tells me that this kid, Jersey Mike, licks pussy super well and he wants to play with us. I told him he needed to discuss these things with me before springing them on me, but the guy was nice and he was cute...so wth? We hung out drinking for a little while and then it was on.

Gavin pulls me over to my bed and undresses me and tells Jersey Mike (JM) to start licking me, while I blow Gavin. We're doing this and then Gavin goes over to watch porn and watch us play. He's totally directing us, which was funny and weird all at the same time. I start blowing JM and Gavin comes back over and pulls out my toys and puts something in each place. JM came almost immediately. It seems not only do I have mad skills, but he also really likes watching girls get played with too. He stayed hard though and next thing I know, he's on top of me fucking me super hard. I thought we were being super quiet, but about 15 minutes into it, I hear a knock on my door. Chloe is there asking what is making the house shake. ROFL, I told her maybe the wind and shooed her back to bed. I thought I was going to die laughing.

JM comes out of the bathroom, where he was hiding and gets right back into it. I rolled over and got on my stomach and he came soon. (I am sitting here typing this on my bed and the whole bed is a big wet spot. It was a fun evening.) I thought we were done at this point and Gavin starts acting like he's ready to head out when JM starts licking me again. He gave it 110%...meanwhile Gavin's walking around the room telling him they need to leave soon...as I'm cumming and cumming. I finished and yelled at Gavin. I asked him WTF was his problem? JM said he wasn't ready to leave until I blew him one more time (I guess he thought he'd earned it and honestly he did) and so I started in. He was playing with me while I was sucking him and it was hot. He came and then I looked at Gavin and told him now they could leave. He laughed and said he was fine, they could stay for a little bit. OMG...what was his deal? Was he jealous I was enjoying it and ignoring him? He brought the guy. He was high, so he wasn't hard. I can't help that. Sometimes I do not get him.

In other totally unrelated news that should probably be it's own post, Russell and I had a great talk this afternoon. We talked about how happy we are that things are back to "normal" and how well we're getting along. He told me that he loves this because he's getting all the good parts of me again and then he told me how much he loves me and I almost started to cry. It's insane. I love him too, I really do and I always will and it's so odd to conceptualize feeling this way about someone but realizing you can't stay married and that it just wasn't right. I'm endlessly thankful for our friendship though. I'm really happy it has survived this and improved on a level that I was pretty sure last year this time was damn near impossible. Life is funny...I'm curious to see how it all continues to play out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Blues

Yikes how did a week go by with out Miranda blogging?  Oh I know - a bat shit crazy work schedule followed by an amazing and much needed vacation with Coach!

A quick week in review, last Saturday we did Ladybug’s birthday.  Duckie’s family came this time and it was actually really nice and very much normal, well as normal as we ever get around here.  Even his Dad acknowledged my presence!  Sawyer of all people came with his son and it was so weird to be in the house I used to live in and cheat with Sawyer in!  He seemed like he wanted to talk to me but I tried to keep my distance. Especially since I’d been recently thinking about our relationship.  I want to stay far far away from his type of temptation.

Sunday I had an inkling based on Duckie’s behavior that he might have a new girl and it’s proven to be true.  I don’t know much about her but I hope she’s a whole lot less crazy than the last one! Oh and Gwyn swears this girl looks just like me.  So weird!

There wasn’t much going on on the Coach front.  He stayed in DC last weekend so it was 10 long days without seeing each other. But it culminated with a great 4 day beach trip!  We went with friends to see his best friend’s band play and it was seriously a blast!  We laid out all day, drank a ton, danced, bar hopped, and ate delicious food.  It just rocked to spend that much time with him and hang out with so many good people.  Definitely a much needed break from the craziness. Coach’s best friend called me on the way home to tell me how much he appreciated us coming to support him and what a great weekend he and his girlfriend had had with us.  He also told me he was so glad I was part of Coach's life and what a difference I’d made in it.  He’s like a big teddy bear and it was so sweet.  It’s funny to see the two of them and their bromance. You don’t see too many guys have a close friendship like that.

Coach and his Ex are going to court in a couple weeks to work out the child support and visitation issues because she has refused to compromise.  His lawyer seems to think he has more than a good shot of keeping the child support at the same level it is now or maybe even lowering it a bit because the EX's paystubs show she's making about 6 figures now.  He actually offered her a bit more if she’d agree to let him have the boys two weekends a month while he’s living in DC but she’s not willing to agree to that.  One way or another it will be worked out and done for in a couple weeks and I’m so ready for that. 

Funny on the way home today I was driving part of the way and I ended up telling him a lot about my Dad. I’ve found myself talking more and more about him lately in general but Coach started asking questions and I went into details about my dad dying and just opened up in a way I hadn’t opened up with him before. It was really nice to feel that safe opening up that vulnerable side of myself.

Now I’m sweltering in my apartment because I’m fighting my hardest to not turn on the AC just yet.  And I’m depressed lol.  Sunday evening when Coach leaves are always kind of downers but it has an extra little sting since we’ve just spent so much time together.  It was wonderful to have him for that long all to myself and not have to share him.

To end on a potentially positive note, Coach’s work is opening a disaster server site about an hour away from where I live now.  It’s set to open by the end of the year.  He’s already put in notice that he’d like his position to be moved to that site if at all possible.  So maybe in the end he’ll be able to keep the sweet job he has now and live back in town in the next few months.  Sure sounds like a silver lining to me…


Don't Ask Me No Questions

And I won't tell you no lies...
I'm pleased to report my good decision making continued, but the universe aided it. Gavin came over tonight like I'd told him to yesterday. I was actually pretty wiped out from my night last night. When he saw me laying on the bed, he asked why I was so tired. I told him I'd hung out with the neighbor last night and his first question was "Are you fucking him too?". Jesus...I do not like being questioned about what I'm doing when he's not around. I told him that I was not (because I didn't last night and that wasn't a lie). I did not tell him that I already had because that would have just come back later as he seems to be developing some jealousy issues.  In his next breath, he tells me that he was sitting in a hot tub with several naked chicks last night, but didn't fuck any of them since the gf was there. Dude, you don't get to be jealous of my actions and hookups when you have a gf and because I know him well enough to know that if the gf hadn't been there, he would have.

He told me that his friend wasn't answering his phone, so he hadn't come with him. I said "Good, I don't want him to come over". Gavin started questioning me and I just said because I don't. I didn't want to go into the whole Owen thing for several reasons. First of all, it's none of his business and I don't feel like explaining myself. Second of all, if Gavin makes the connection then he will know who "married guy" is and I don't want that. Third reason, Clark was always insanely jealous of Owen and because Gavin is currently showing the aforementioned jealous tendencies, I don't want to have to deal with this component. If my choice were Owen or Gavin, I'd pick Owen but why would I pick when I can have both?! Finally, I think I'm at quota for the married/attached men I am fucking...two is plenty.

After the inquisition, I was laying flat on my stomach on the bed. He reached over and started rubbing my back. Then he reached between my legs and started playing with me and I was drenching his hand in no time. He climbed over my legs, pushed them together, and entered me. It was some great sex! It was slow and fast at different times. He pulled my hair together and tugged on it some and then he started talking about how great the sex felt and how great I felt and I was in the moment and letting go at that point. He came, got up to get me a towel, and kicked his beer all over my room on accident. It was hilarious watching him try to wipe us up and the beer all at the same time. He was rather flustered. He regained his Gavin cool quickly, got hard again, and asked me to blow him. I love quick recovery. ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Decision Making by Jules

This almost never happens...I'm excellent at making questionable choices, especially when I've been drinking for hours and then if you add pot into the mix...well, it's typically the recipe for a wtf kind of morning the next day. Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, Gavin came over and we played around some before I went to get Chloe. Then we started drinking...around 4pm. He left around 6pm and I started dinner. I decided to invite our neighbor for dinner b/c he lives alone and usually if we feed him, he gets us high.

The evening went as planned. We ate (Jules has gone vegetarian) vegetarian chili and I was toasted. Chloe went to bed and Russell said he was too. He declined smoking with us, for reasons I don't know...weird. The neighbor and I went next door to his house to smoke. He always has good shit and I was high before I knew it. We laughed and talked and I noticed flirting. I tried to process what I wanted to do with that. He's the neighbor that I fucked last summer and Russell was pissed at me (mainly b/c he was home). Then, I found out later Russell fucked him one night (also while I was home). So, it seemed odd to have sex with him again.

In addition, Gavin's been mind fucking me a little. We were talking about the swinger's party next weekend earlier this week. He wants to go, but his son races the next morning so we have to come home when we finish and not spend the night. He looked at me during this discussion and said "Well, I guess you could stay, but I'd rather you not. I don't know how I feel about that". Um, ok...whatever. I wouldn't stay without him anyway, but it was strange. Then he pulls basically the same thing yesterday when we were talking.  I don't know how we got on topic of the Mile High Club, but I mentioned I'm not a member. I informed him I was flying alone to and from NC and I might remedy that. He pulls a face and whips that same phrase out "I don't know how I feel about that.". I laughed at him and told him to quit being jealous. This is why I don't want a boyfriend...I want to see and fuck who I want, when I want.

So, back to last night...I was noticing the flirting and thinking about Gavin and thinking about the complication that could present itself with Russell and decided sex was not a good plan. I came home and he followed me over and we sat on the couch talking and drinking some more and then I did what I'm good for - I passed out. I could feel it coming on and decided it was my safest option and went with it. I feel good about that decision today.

Gavin called me this morning and asked if I would have a threesome with him tonight and his friend he brought over the other day...the one that I think is friends with Owen. I said I didn't know and he got kind of pissy. I really love this thing with Owen and I think if Owen got wind of this, he'd quit seeing me. I'm pondering it, but I am not really feeling it right now. We'll see how my decision making skills hold up tonight. On that note, Owen is on lockdown at home right now. His MIL is visiting and his wife is off for the summer. I hate summers. He's always stressed about money, she should really be teaching summer school or something.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Fuck!

That pretty much sums up my day on all levels...I could leave it at this, but I'll give you guys some background. Basically, I just need to unload on why today sucked ass.

Today started with my MIL icing my divorce cake...by this I mean, not making me one iota teeny bit sad that I'm out of that crazy family soon. She sucks as a human, on a very basic level. I feel really sorry for Russell. Here's the deal. A few weeks ago she told us that she wanted to spend some time with Chloe over the summer while Chloe is home. We agreed and told her to arrange it with my mom. It never, ever occurred to us that she would want her more than a week because my MIL is a selfish cunt and doesn't really like kids. As it turns out, she wanted her for 3 weeks. Um, no. Here's why...
1. Chloe triple loves my family and that's who she is going home to see.
2. We  triple hate her (my MIL's) new husband and do NOT want our child exposed to him.
3. She makes zero effort to see Russell, why should we make any effort to arrange for her to see our kid?

Russell called her a few weeks ago to tell her that 3 weeks with my FIL was totally not ok. She got pissed and hung up on Russell mid -convo like a 13 year old. They made amends and worked out 2 non-consecutive weeks. Clearly, she wasn't over it.

Today, Russell is emailing with his brother and SIL about the visit and trying to arrange a time for them all to see each other. My brother and sister in law live about 4 hours from my hometown, where we are going in June, and my mother in law lives about 3 hours in the opposite direction. Mind you, we live 5,000 miles away and Russell was giving her a chance to see both her sons and their kids all together for a few days. She told Russell that she didn't know what was going on during that time and that she didn't want to go that long without seeing her husband. OMFG, kill me now. Are you kidding me??  I'm sending that bitch "Co-dependent No More" for Xmas. (I'm also giving it to Gavin, but that's another story.) She tells Russell that she already scheduled a time to see his brother's kids during the summer. GAWD!

Ok, so I get past her sucking by bitching about her to my mama (who rocks) and to Miranda. Then, I made the epic mistake of checking my mail. In my mail today, I realized we owe the IRS $877 more than anticipated on our 2009 taxes, which after an hour on the phone I got reduced to $590 but still...wtf?  I realize that our auto insurance carrier has done a random driving record check and raised our auto insurance from $187 a month to $666. (No shit.) I realized that I made a D- on a final exam and thus a B- as my final course grade for one of my classes. I'm a freaking "A" student!!! My mood went into an epic downward spiral.

Gavin came over during this time and bless his heart, he does know the Jules needs to be alone mood. I have a Jules Alone Mood that occurs a few times a year and when it happens, I don't even want to be near me. In addition to the shit that happened today, I'm also in full PMS mode. He is apparently so fucking into me that he doesn't care. That scares me. Russell and Chloe both know this mood and even they know to leave me alone. He came over mid-afternoon and I yelled at him for not coming earlier while Chloe was in school so that we could fuck. He said he was busy and I yelled more. He left to go teach a kid's martial arts class and I didn't think I would see him again. I started drinking at 3:14pm, but I was still in full on bitch mode. After his class, he came back. He's either brave or stupid. I yelled some more. He finally took me outside and told me that I needed to get fucked and he would wait around to do it. He did. He waited until Russell went into his bedroom and I put Chloe down and then he was on me. I sat on his lap and told him that I only wanted to fuck. I wasn't blowing him or doing  a damn thing for him, that this was all about me. He complied and asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted it from behind, fast and hard, and I needed to cum a lot. He made it happen and exploded in me.

It greatly improved my mood, but I'm still pissed that my MIL sucks as much ass as she does. I'm still pissed my auto insurance thinks they can jack my rate up $500 a month, because they can't AND I'm still pissed the IRS wants more money and Clark left the island today and I'm oddly sad about that too. I do not want to talk about it, but I'm sad. I cannot explain it, so don't ask.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Getting to Know You

Today's TMI proudly stolen from Hedone at the Pleasure Principle amongst many others. Gwyn's swamped with work so you'll have to be entertained with Jules and Miranda for today.  And say a prayer that Gwyn doesn't go postal and start shooting up the workplace. Or at least say a prayer that she gives Miranda fair warning before she does so Miranda can hide under her desk...
What does your online profile name mean?
I am a self professed Sex and the City fan. Love, love, loved it then, now and always will.  I always figured I was a toss up between Miranda and Carrie. Thus, Miranda became my blog name. - Miranda
I love the show, Cougar Town and since I have some cougar like tendencies...it just seemed like Jules was a good pseudo-name. - Jules

How did you decide on the title of your blog?
When Jules and I decided to start this thing as a means to keep in touch with each other and a few close friends (shout out to Josie and ShortGirl!), we kicked around a bunch of different names. Infidelity Chronicles sounded fun and interesting.  - Miranda
What she said. :) - Jules

How much of your online personality transcends into your real life (RL)? What's the biggest difference between the two?
I think my personality is pretty close to real life.  I'm probably a bit more of a romantic in real life and not quite as tough as I like to believe I am. Though through my recent deconstructing Miranda phase I let more of the real me come to the blog. - Miranda
I'm pretty much a what you see is what you get kind of person, so I think there is absolutely no difference in online me vs. real life me. Those of you that know real life me may disagree, but I doubt it. In real life, I probably wouldn't sit around and detail in such graphic details my sexual encounters, but I would still tell you if you wanted to know. - Jules

What have you stumbled across through reading blogs that really made you want to try it out? Have you done it yet? Was it a good, bad or so so experience?
There is a lot of crazy stuff I've read about from you people!  I would say reading about more people trying various anal experiences made me more open to it.  I have tried it and I liked it.  I don't want to do it all the time but a little ass play every now and then hits the spot. - Miranda
I've been amazed at how open people are and what people are willing to try and talk about. Hell, I used to think I had some freaky tendencies until I started reading some of the stuff online...lol. I would definitely be willing to try more bondage. I've done it a little and I liked it, but there aren't a lot of people that I would trust enough to do this with. I would trust Owen enough, but he doesn't seem overly into it. I'm willing to try a MFF, but I was willing to do that before blogland b/c of Owen's urging. -Jules

And now, in honor of May is Masturbation Month...

After you masturbate, do you taste your cum? Do you like the taste of you?
This is the weirdest question ever. Why would I taste my own cum if some sort of other sexual experience wasn't involved?  No I've never tasted myself after I masturbated. In the midst of sex, sure.  The taste didn't bother me a bit. - Miranda
Um, not during masturbation...no. I have definitely tasted it after sex when I was licking the guy clean or he'd licked me and then we kissed, but with myself...not so much anything that's ever cum up as an idea. I do enjoy the taste of my cum mixed with a guy after sex though. - Jules

Do you like to masturbate in front of someone else? Does that heighten your arousal or are you indifferent?
I've only masturbated a couple times in front of anyone. Once via skype with Flyboy. That was HOTTTT!  Pardon me while I daydream a little about him....... Ok  back to reality.  I have also done it in front of Coach and it was harder to get myself off but it made him so horny it was awesome. - Miranda
As you know from reading, I frequently masturbate in front of Owen. He loves it and thus it definitely heightens my arousal because he's so turned on. I've done it in front of Gavin before too, but for some reason it was different and less satisfying. I think it's because I know he's got issues with my toys (though he seems to be letting some of that go). I've webcammed and masturbated for Texas previously and a few others in person here and there. - Jules

Have you ever been caught masturbating? By who?
Not that I know of.  I used to do it in bed with Duckie after he was asleep. He never even made a peep. HA! - Miranda
Owen likes to "catch" me, but obviously I'm doing it for him so I don't think that counts. I would also do it in bed with Russell but same as Duckie - not a peep if he even noticed! - Jules

Monday, May 16, 2011

Adjustment Period

This move started off as not causing any differences in my Gavin time since he was literally at the house everyday last week until Thursday. I don't know why it took them 73 years to move one household of stuff, but it seemed to and that was cool because he was still close. Since then, I hadn't seen him until today and I realized this morning that I kinda missed him. As I put on FB, no this does not mean I'm in love with him...it just means I have to adjust to the new norm of him not being 3 houses down and less convenient access.

It seems he felt my neediness and today he called me this afternoon to see what I was doing. He's continued to call everyday, so rest assured the stalking continues...lol. He's just telecommuting now. He asked if he could come by and do a few things and I agreed. I was in the midst of cleaning my house like my mama is coming (which she isn't until July) and so I was disgusting and Chloe was hanging out. We sat on the porch and had a few beers and just chit chatted. It was nice to see him and talk. He acted like we hadn't seen each other in eons. We were discussing our summer plans and trips home. I think he and I are leaving for the East Coast around the same time with our kids. He suggested we meet up, since he'll be gone all of June as it currently stands. I assured him that since I can only go for 10 days, my mama is not letting me out of her sight. When I mentioned her coming to bring Chloe home before school starts, he said he wanted to meet her. I said "Nope". He left and I was pondering if I've become co-dependent on him being around all the time or not. I'm on the fence with my verdict, but I definitely enjoyed seeing him.

He called back a few hours after he left and asked if he could come back. At least now, I have a little warning before he shows up. I said he could because I knew this visit was all about the sex. We played around and he told me to sit on his lap like I did at the party the other night. That was soooo hot! He seemed to have a really good time that night too and we're discussing whether or not we're going back at the end of the month. He still has the same girl on girl fantasy that Owen has, but Owen wants to go through CL instead (you know due to being married and living on a small island and all!). I'm not sure how far I'm willing to go with it since I've never so much as even kissed a girl before, though I make half hearted attempts to post ads on CL for Owen and I periodically.

He's been all hot and heavy about it again lately, Owen that is. He's sent me several links to ads that he wanted me to respond to for us and I posted again this past weekend. For whatever reason, it really is hard to find a girl on CL that wants to have NSA sex with us. I don't get it...we're hot and very sexual. Anyway, I posted the other day and a guy replied. He told me that it would be fun to blindfold Owen and have a friendly competition to see which one of us sucked him better. If he won, he would teach me how to suck dick better but only if I agreed to suck him. Weird! We declined.Owen's exact words were "Yuck! What did you post under??"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parking Lots and Run Ins

It was finally sunny here today and I piled Chloe and 3 of the neighbor kids into the car and took them to the beach. We tried to go to a super kid friendly beach, but there was no parking so we ended up at the beach right across the street from Damien's house. When I left the beach today, he was pulling out of his driveway and stopped to get out for something. He caught sight of me, waved, and gave me this really big grin. It was super strange. I'm still pissed about the whole Gavin's gf thing with him, so I kind of half smiled and half waved...asshole. It seemed better than flipping him off.

As I got to the beach, Gavin called and just wanted to see what I was doing and chit chat. Very randomly and completely off topic, he whips out this sentence "It's really nice to just be fucking one person right now". I laughed and said "Um, what about your gf?" since I had just fucked him the other day and assumed he was not referring to me. He said she has not and has been sleeping in the other room all week since they moved. I said "Well, ok then" and got off the phone call.  Please note that I didn't ask, nor do I want to know these things. If I wanted to know the status of their sexual relationship, I would have asked.  Plus I feel like it kind of lays a pressure on me, since I'm not just fucking him.

On that note, I was laying on the beach and Owen texts me that he has time after work to hook up today. I told him we would have to meet out because everyone's home at my house on Saturday evenings, and we discussed locations. Our "normal" spots are not good evening and/or weekend spots for various reasons, so he finally suggested the school. I agreed because I always agree with him, but I have to say it kind of sketched me out a little. I haven't had sex in a school parking lot since I was in school...lol!

I met him there right after work and it was totally fine. There was absolutely no one around and it ended up being great. We didn't have long because technically neither one of us should have been out. I said I needed me time to go to the beach since we don't go out when Chloe is up and/or home, but I needed him. I needed to feel that amazing rush of excitement and constant orgasmic state that he gives me. I had told him how I wanted it today and he kissed me some and told me to get on my knees over his seat. He pounded me and talked to me the whole time, which makes me cum even harder. His hands were all over my body and he was being slightly aggressive, which you all know totally does it for me! I had quite a few really intense orgasms and then he told me he wanted to be in my ass. I was supposed to bring a toy, but I couldn't get one out without notice so he asked if I wanted the lube bottle (which I keep in the car for such occasions as today) inside me. I said "Yes" in the heat of the moment as I had forgotten at that moment what happens when you put bottles inside your body.

We finished with him exploding in my ass and collapsing onto me. He asked me if I could get the bottle out. I laughed and tried...I could not. I told him I needed his help and he reached in to try to retrieve it, only everything was really wet and slippery and he was having trouble. He finally had to put pretty much his entire hand inside me as he's telling me to push. It was a very not sexy, hilarious, weird moment. He was afraid he was hurting me and was worried about not being able to grasp it. Finally, he got it and we were done. It was definitely one of those moments I could have lived without, but I appreciate that shit like that can happen with him and we don't skip a beat. He started kissing me good bye and we cleaned up and left. OMG he makes me feel amazing!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Playing the Blame Game

Last night I was randomly thinking about Sawyer and what my relationship with him was really like.  I was thinking about him because last night was also the start of my summer bartending duties and it made me think about all the crazy stuff I was doing last summer.  Dating multiple guys at one time, being the mayor of whore-town, essentially having the time of my life.  And Sawyer was a big part of that.  At this point last year, I was still seeing him though things were beginning to slow down.

For newer readers who don’t want to go back and figure out who he is, Sawyer is the guy I had an affair with at the end of my marriage.  He was my next-door neighbor who was/is unhappily married but has no intentions of leaving his wife.  We got involved right after my dad died, took a whole lot of stupid chances, and our relationship got intense when he started mind fucking me talking about feelings.  I ended my marriage, moved out, and we continued to see each other for several months though he got jealous that I was dating.  Over time, I felt increasingly guilty for seeing him and I started the long process of ending the relationship.  As of today, I’m Sawyer sober for 9 months.  Go me!  HA!

So I was thinking about all the crazy ways he and I used to get time together and how exciting it all was.  I was also thinking about how the longer we were involved the guiltier I felt about it.  I talked with my counselor about it quite a bit both when it was going on and during this last stint when I saw her again after breaking up with Coach. 

What seems strange to me is that my guilt induced by thinking about Duckie or even Sawyer’s wife.  My guilt is more strongly tied to feeling as if I let myself down by crossing some base moral threshold I had for myself.  It’s like I broke one of my basic tenants for my own behavior.  I crossed some invisible line I’d drawn in the sand about the type of person I would allow myself to be.  Like I feel worse in a way for getting involved in someone's relationship than I do for cheating on my own relationship.

I used to worry a lot that I’d never be able to be faithful again since I’d crossed that line but I’m starting to feel differently about that.  I’m not saying I’ll never be tempted but I feel pretty confident that I’ll never cheat again.  It’s just not worth the burden of guilt I’ve dealt with thanks to Sawyer.  If my urge to cheat is that strong I’ll just break up with whoever I’m with before I do anything (let’s hope alcohol is not involved because y'all know Miranda gets a little slutty when she drinks).

So this brings me to a question for you readers.  When it comes to cheating, who takes the blame?  I know we’re all responsible for being faithful when we’re in monogamous relationships.  But what about when you’re single and the other person is involved/married?  Is it your responsibility to police their behavior? I know us Infidelity Chronicles girls have differing perspectives on this issue but I’d love to hear what the rest of you think!