Monday, May 9, 2011

Swinging Part II

The second time was so MUCH better than the first! Gavin went back and forth on whether or not he wanted to go, but he finally decided Saturday morning that he did and came over to announce it. I told him I thought it was too late because you're supposed to make your donation deposit ahead of time, but I emailed the "sheriff" and he approved us paying at the door. Gavin left to go work on his move (It seems the place the gf fucked up is back on, but I give it a few months max.) and then he starts calling me around 3pm every hour. I finally called him back at 5pm because I was at Chloe's dance performance and he told me he was nervous. It was cute. I'm never actually seen him nervous about anything (although he's terribly afraid of heights). I told him I would be home in 15 minutes and I had no sooner walked into the house when he shows up. He really was pretty anxious.

We hung out at my house drinking and played around a little before I got ready to go. We left and ran to the mini mart for beer and headed to town. Once in town, we both got totally stressed about the parking thing and I ended up yelling at him, getting out of the car, and telling him if he thought he could do a better job at driving then he could be my guest. I totally had to pee at this point in a way that was super uncomfortable and making me bitchy. He drove me to a restaurant to find a place to pee and tried to find parking. When he could not, I took it back over and we parked and headed up to the hotel. It was funny watching the country folks try to navigate the city. :)

As we got up to the room, he became almost antsy. I remember that feeling from when I went with Clark but I was pretty cool and collected this go round. We were greeted by a pretty, older Hispanic woman and I walked in first to see a guy in a wheelchair. To my surprise, Gavin pressed on because I felt certain at that he was going to pull me back out. It was an older crowd than when I went with Clark and a different vibe. There was a Canadian couple there that I instantly knew he would be attracted to the girl, so I started chatting them up. We moved around and they apparently decided this wasn't their scene and bolted. We mingled and finally the sheriff announced that if everyone kept their clothes on all night, nothing would ever get started. Gavin took that as his cue to take my top off in the middle of the kitchen area. Then he starts playing with my tits and kissing me. We never kiss, but we actually did a lot last night. It was strange, but nice.

So he's kissing me and we're hot and bothered at this point and  we move into a room thinking others will follow. A group of women walked by to the bathroom stopped to watch us and then the guy in the wheelchair comes in with his gf and asks if we mind if they use the room too. Gavin being Gavin said "Sure", but then thankfully he found us a way out because I was totally not ok with it. (Yes, I know I'm a bitch and a social worker but I'm not turned on by old men in wheelchairs, I'm sorry.) We moved into a back room and we're playing around with each other for a little while. He's always very thoughtful with sex to make sure I cum, but he's also usually very focused on his desires (blowjobs for example). Last night, he was totally focused on my pleasure, which totally worked in his favor because I was eager to return. He licked me and fingered me and played with toys to give me more orgasms than ever before with him.

After we finished this round of play, we went out into the common room again. Most people were still clothed and hanging out talking. He sits down and pulls me onto his lap facing outward. I have on my bra and panties and he just has on his jeans. He slides my panties over and starts fingering me in front of everyone and then asks who wants to come suck on my tits. At this point, the whole room is watching and the two young military guys that were there with girls said they would love too, but their girlfriends (who were playing alone in another room) would probably be pissed. Then this single military guy (mid twenties or so) comes over and gets right to it. The room thought it was super hot to watch, but Gavin decided we needed our own room again so we headed back with this guy. He was not someone that was my type, but Gavin was totally into watching it so I was down with it. We all played around for quite a while in a variety of ways. I blew them both, they took turns licking me and sucking my tits, we had sex while I blew the other one.

We finished up after a few hours and various people walking in to watch us. When we headed back out the main room again, most people had left. There was this one crazy (literally) couple still there talking to themselves and attempting to talk to us, but I guess they caught our vibe and left. We were alone in the suite together and fooling around when the sheriff comes back into the room. He'd taken his wife home and was back to clear things out. He sat down and started talking to us and he and Gavin talked about big wave surfing forever. The sheriff would not tell Gavin his real name, but they knew a ton of the same people.

During this time, we started talking to the sheriff about us and our life/relationship stories. He shared his and how he got started organizing these events and it was a pretty entertaining conversation. He mentioned this thing about primary lovers that was interesting with regards to Gavin's reaction. The sheriff said that in polyamorous couples, there is always a primary and secondary lover. Gavin piped in and said "Not here...we've been doing this thing pretty solid for a year despite the fact that I have a gf". Obviously in the tier system, I'm the secondary lover b/c I'm the other woman but his response startled me. Then he goes on and on about how we're such good friends and our relationship exceeds just the sexual component. What he was telling the guy is that I'm his gf too, but I'm not by name (I would never actually let him call me that). It was interesting to hear his replies. We were pretty tipsy at this point, but I've never heard him speak about me to someone like this and definitely not with me sitting there!

I'm am sitting there taking in all of this and he asks the guy if he would like to join us. We'd stopped playing around at this point to have the conversation above. The guy said that he definitely would. He's an older guy (probably around 50) but he has the body of a 30 year old and he's hung like Owen. I was down! We played around much like we did with the first guy but the sheriff was cumming in no time as he had me doing the same, so it was much faster. It was HOT and Gavin was loving it. I left a huge wet spot on the bed after this go round.

It was so much fun watching him watch me and smiling. He was so cool and so into it. I love that he embraces who I am and is ok and comfortable with my sexuality. I wasn't certain how this was going to go after the Clark incident and knowing that Gavin is kinda stalker-ish with me and has had issues in the past with my dating. We talked about it before leaving and I asked him point blank if there was anything he wasn't ok with and he said no. He was perfect all night and was the best "date" I could have picked to go to one of these things with, hands down. He was so dominant and directive. He took control and told the men that I was with how to be with me and what I liked. It was such a turn on.

The guy finished up, wiped me up (very thoughtful), and as I'm blowing Gavin he tells us that if we want to stay there in the hotel that night we're welcome to do so. He also invited us back to the next party on the 28th and asked if we wanted to host. We're undecided on all of that, but it was cool of him to ask. He left and Gavin and I spent the next 3 hours fucking like bunnies. I mean we never stopped. Our mouths were almost always touching some part of each other's body and he fucked me in every place imaginable. Anal sex is actually frowned upon at these, which rules out DP but once everyone left we were on it, or into it as the case may be. We were watching porn and fucking and he knew at this point how turned on I was by the dominance factor. He kept grabbing me and making me watch and telling me to look him in the eyes when I sucked his cock and then would fuck me the way the porn was going and say things like "she's getting it nice and hard up the ass and now you are too". I've not re-read this, so that may read strangely but it was amazing. Finally at 5am, I caved. I said we had to sleep because we had to get the car out of lockup at 7am to avoid tickets and/or towing.

I woke up at 6:30am to go the bathroom and laid there unable to go back to sleep for fear of missing the 7am alarm. I finally woke him up and we headed out. I came home to lay in my bed for a few hours to sleep before going to pick up Chloe, when Owen texts me. He and I had been talking about hooking up this morning before I knew if  Gavin was going to commit to the party. I laid down in my bed at 8:30 am and immediately drifted to sleep only to wake up to his text at 9:15am asking when and where. I laughed and groaned all at the same time.  I was sore from last night, but I also never turn Owen down. I laid there for 20 more minutes in and out of sleep and then got up to meet him. He was working and couldn't come here and it was raining which eliminated the beach, so we met in his van on his break. He told his partner he had to go get a Mother's Day gift for his wife, but he was actually delivering one to his MILF (direct quote by the way).

We had our usual fun and he made me cum more times than I thought would ever be possible after a night like last night. I swear he's the best lover ever. I've been with a lot of men and he's hands down the best at sex. Gavin is ranking pretty high right now with my overall needs but cock to cock, Owen takes that cake. I came back home to clean up before going to pick up Chloe. It has been an awesome weekend, but I honestly think it will be a day or two before I have sex again, even my legs are sore today. ;) The team hit it out of the ballpark this weekend!

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