Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nice Guys Finish Last

I had a perfectly lovely date last night with a guy from PoF. He was cute (though I thought cuter in his picture), funny, and charming BUT he was a nice guy and that's so not my type. We met at an Italian restaurant, which has really great food but does NOT serve alcohol. I didn' t even know that such an establishment even existed. How in the hell can you have an Italian restaurant and not serve wine?? Minus 3 points.

We left the restaurant after a few hours and some not so subtle nudging by the waitress and went to a sports bar. I'm not a sports bar kinda girl, but I'm willing to try new things and branch out of my norms. It wasn't crowded, so that was nice because we could talk at a normal level and still hear each other. After 3 beers, I decided I needed to head back to the my part of the island and I offered to drive him home since he lacks a car. I dropped him off and he politely reached over and kissed me quickly. It just all lacked any type of spark. I didn't feel the chemistry at all. I had told Miranda and Gwyn earlier in the day that I wasn't sleeping with him, but the sad part was I didn't even want to.

He is very funny and someone I'd like to hang out with, but I know that rarely works out if you're not screwing them. He also dropped during the date how much he makes and it's a paltry sum of money even by my standards as a social worker. Granted he's 27 and all, but christ! Minus big points - I think it's crass to talk about how much money you make (or don't) at most points, but especially on a first date. It was fun to do something different last night than the same ole, same ole, but I doubt we'll go out again.

PS I almost forgot the icing on the cake. As I was coming home last night at 11:30pm, I got pulled and the cop wrote me a speeding ticket in a total speed trap area...asshole. I even called him on it being a speed trap zone and he kind of grinned at me.


  1. Took a long time to learn.Since injecting a bit of asshole into my personality things have been on the up and up (pun intended)

  2. Very funny! I love the line about how it was more sad that you didn't even want to sleep with him. It's a bummer when a cute guy turns out to be a dud!