Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Woman Injured

My team is currently loving Tuesdays since I'm home right now with no practicum site. Owen had texted me over the weekend to see if we could meet today for lunch, but he had not anticipated the end of the semester and his wife being home. He texted me on the way to work saying she expected him home for lunch. I told him to figure out something, an errand, bathroom break, whatever. I don't know what he did, but he texted me an hour later and told me to meet him at our normal quickie spot. I jumped in the shower and he told me to show up with no bra and/or panties. I complied.

When I got to him, he was waiting and I got into his van after the yard guys down the road were distracted. He was sitting on the bench seat in the back (which sits along the side of the van) and I climbed onto his lap. As he's kissing me, he pulls up my skirt and starts rubbing his hands across my bare ass. It was super hot. He's kissing me, running his lips along my neck, pulling my halter down to get to my nipples and commands me to sit on him. I do and he proceeds to give me 3 very intense orgasms. The last one soaked him and he told me to hop off and lick him clean. (I should back up and say that I'd told him since I kind of took over last week on his birthday week that he could totally control me today and I'd do whatever he asked.) He pulled me off when he was satisfied with my cleaning and told me to get my toy out of my bag. I pulled it out, put it in, and he entered my ass. He fucked me hard, pulled out and came all over my hand, toy, and other areas, and told me that those were the best 20 minutes of his day.

Immediately after getting back into my car, I realized I'd totally pulled something in my neck. As he was fucking me, I was kind of in a weird angle on his seat but I didn't want to tell him to stop because we were on such a short time frame and I'd told him I would do whatever he wanted...I didn't want to break the rhythm. I came home, popped some Tylenol, and crawled into my bed while texting Miranda my whoas. As I was texting with her and we were discussing explanations for the chiropractor, Gavin called and asked me to go to town with him to pick up a check and go out to lunch.

He came down a little while later and I was on the phone (sorry Gwyn). I was talking and he was sitting on my bed stroking his cock. He kept motioning for me to hurry up, but I leisurely discussed panini makers and taunted him while standing in the doorway watching him in my halter top and panties. When we hung up, I walked over to him and took him in my mouth for a brief second before I climbed onto him. For a minute, I almost felt guilty for fucking them so close together yet another week in a row but then I decided that was stupid and I should relish in the awesomeness of it.

We finished up and started driving to town. He takes the conversation to Gwyn and starts questioning me about what it's going to be like when she moves here. He's convinced that we're going to be out every night looking for men. I have no idea how in the hell he jumped to that conclusion based on her visit a few months ago and the convo about kitchen appliances, but he's certain that I will now have a partner in crime and be out frequently. I laughed and said "Maybe...". As we were driving to town, I started complaining about my neck. I had to turn to look into my blind spot and it was painful. He reaches over and massaged it while I drove and pulled on me some until it felt better for a few hours (it's back to ouch now though...damn it). I decided I might be going to hell for having him rub my neck which I had hurt hours before fucking another guy.

Well, it seems Gavin is moving again this week. His roommate didn't pay her rent before moving out last month and he and the gf were given 14 days to look for a place. He found a place about 15-20 minutes away that is a large bedroom in a house with a bunch of guys living there. He's going to share this room with the gf and her 12 year old son. This should be entertaining. I'm giving it 4 months at the max and that's if he goes home for a few months to visit this summer, maybe less because I'm sure she'll piss everyone off quickly. I'm going to miss him living within walking distance, but I have no doubt he'll be around frequently based on the living arrangements.


  1. Hahahaha I thought you seemed a little distracted during that conversation!

    And how funny that he is already anticipating our nightlife activities...he has no idea lol.


  2. No, no he doesn't! ;)
    I was totally listening, I promise. That's what was driving him wild that I was paying attn. to our convo and he wasn't the center of my world. Bless his heart.