Monday, May 30, 2011

Mellow Sunday at Peyton Place

Today was a day of recovery and discovery. Life is hilarious around here sometimes. So, Gavin called and I did in fact go up to the track with lunch and beer. I arrived just as his son was racing and watched from the sidelines for a little bit before joining him on the track. He's so cute when he's in Daddy mode. We hung out for a while and I walked around trying to find Chloe to no avail. He drove me all over the place looking for places where they might be camping and at one point we hiked into this amazing spot where you could look out down the mountain we were on and over the ocean. I sat there staring at the water for a while and he laid in the pine needles and took a 30 minute cat nap. It seems last night wore him out! I was super impressed that he got up and took his kid racing at 7am because there is no way, no how I would have made it.

I left him about 3pm and ran some errands and then went to dinner with the Nice Guy from a few weeks ago. I decided that he is a really nice guy and he seems to accept that we're never, ever having sex or anything but seems to genuinely want to be friends. He took me out for Indian food, which was amazing. I don't know how I made it to 35 without having Indian food, but I've been missing out.

When I got home, Russell was still awake and we chatted. He told me that he and his bf and the neighbor had a 3sum last night. Then he told me that he went to bed at 1am, but according to the bf the thing with him and the neighbor continued in our guest room until 6am. Gavin and I came home around 3am pretty tipsy and laughing and such. When we came in, the door to the room slammed shut. I was all loud with a "Well ok then..." because I knew the bf had slept over and I thought he was pissed we woke him up. I was slightly offended because well, it's my house and all but whatever. Come to find out, the door was quickly closed because the neighbor and the bf were going at it until 6am. (Gwyn, no worries they were on a mattress we are getting rid of before your arrival.) I fessed up to Russell where Gavin and I had been and he was all like "I totally thought so". Really? How in the hell would you think that? Random...but he was right. I think Gavin must have dropped hints when they were chatting on the porch while I was showering. It also turns out Russell and the neighbor have a pretty regular thing going on and the neighbor repeatedly asked Russell last night if he could have a 3sum with the 2 of us. Thankfully, Russell cleared that up for him with a negative. Russell actually thought I was still doing him and had last weekend, but I cleared that up as well also with a negative. I've got enough going on right now without adding that to the mix.


  1. I'm going to need you to tell Russell there will be no more threesome related activities to occur in the guest room - the guest room is now a sanctuary awaiting my arrival.


  2. ROFL, I shall surely pass along the message, but I suspect this house will be a den of sin during the time Chloe is gone. ;)