Monday, May 16, 2011

Adjustment Period

This move started off as not causing any differences in my Gavin time since he was literally at the house everyday last week until Thursday. I don't know why it took them 73 years to move one household of stuff, but it seemed to and that was cool because he was still close. Since then, I hadn't seen him until today and I realized this morning that I kinda missed him. As I put on FB, no this does not mean I'm in love with him...it just means I have to adjust to the new norm of him not being 3 houses down and less convenient access.

It seems he felt my neediness and today he called me this afternoon to see what I was doing. He's continued to call everyday, so rest assured the stalking continues...lol. He's just telecommuting now. He asked if he could come by and do a few things and I agreed. I was in the midst of cleaning my house like my mama is coming (which she isn't until July) and so I was disgusting and Chloe was hanging out. We sat on the porch and had a few beers and just chit chatted. It was nice to see him and talk. He acted like we hadn't seen each other in eons. We were discussing our summer plans and trips home. I think he and I are leaving for the East Coast around the same time with our kids. He suggested we meet up, since he'll be gone all of June as it currently stands. I assured him that since I can only go for 10 days, my mama is not letting me out of her sight. When I mentioned her coming to bring Chloe home before school starts, he said he wanted to meet her. I said "Nope". He left and I was pondering if I've become co-dependent on him being around all the time or not. I'm on the fence with my verdict, but I definitely enjoyed seeing him.

He called back a few hours after he left and asked if he could come back. At least now, I have a little warning before he shows up. I said he could because I knew this visit was all about the sex. We played around and he told me to sit on his lap like I did at the party the other night. That was soooo hot! He seemed to have a really good time that night too and we're discussing whether or not we're going back at the end of the month. He still has the same girl on girl fantasy that Owen has, but Owen wants to go through CL instead (you know due to being married and living on a small island and all!). I'm not sure how far I'm willing to go with it since I've never so much as even kissed a girl before, though I make half hearted attempts to post ads on CL for Owen and I periodically.

He's been all hot and heavy about it again lately, Owen that is. He's sent me several links to ads that he wanted me to respond to for us and I posted again this past weekend. For whatever reason, it really is hard to find a girl on CL that wants to have NSA sex with us. I don't get it...we're hot and very sexual. Anyway, I posted the other day and a guy replied. He told me that it would be fun to blindfold Owen and have a friendly competition to see which one of us sucked him better. If he won, he would teach me how to suck dick better but only if I agreed to suck him. Weird! We declined.Owen's exact words were "Yuck! What did you post under??"

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