Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Blues

Yikes how did a week go by with out Miranda blogging?  Oh I know - a bat shit crazy work schedule followed by an amazing and much needed vacation with Coach!

A quick week in review, last Saturday we did Ladybug’s birthday.  Duckie’s family came this time and it was actually really nice and very much normal, well as normal as we ever get around here.  Even his Dad acknowledged my presence!  Sawyer of all people came with his son and it was so weird to be in the house I used to live in and cheat with Sawyer in!  He seemed like he wanted to talk to me but I tried to keep my distance. Especially since I’d been recently thinking about our relationship.  I want to stay far far away from his type of temptation.

Sunday I had an inkling based on Duckie’s behavior that he might have a new girl and it’s proven to be true.  I don’t know much about her but I hope she’s a whole lot less crazy than the last one! Oh and Gwyn swears this girl looks just like me.  So weird!

There wasn’t much going on on the Coach front.  He stayed in DC last weekend so it was 10 long days without seeing each other. But it culminated with a great 4 day beach trip!  We went with friends to see his best friend’s band play and it was seriously a blast!  We laid out all day, drank a ton, danced, bar hopped, and ate delicious food.  It just rocked to spend that much time with him and hang out with so many good people.  Definitely a much needed break from the craziness. Coach’s best friend called me on the way home to tell me how much he appreciated us coming to support him and what a great weekend he and his girlfriend had had with us.  He also told me he was so glad I was part of Coach's life and what a difference I’d made in it.  He’s like a big teddy bear and it was so sweet.  It’s funny to see the two of them and their bromance. You don’t see too many guys have a close friendship like that.

Coach and his Ex are going to court in a couple weeks to work out the child support and visitation issues because she has refused to compromise.  His lawyer seems to think he has more than a good shot of keeping the child support at the same level it is now or maybe even lowering it a bit because the EX's paystubs show she's making about 6 figures now.  He actually offered her a bit more if she’d agree to let him have the boys two weekends a month while he’s living in DC but she’s not willing to agree to that.  One way or another it will be worked out and done for in a couple weeks and I’m so ready for that. 

Funny on the way home today I was driving part of the way and I ended up telling him a lot about my Dad. I’ve found myself talking more and more about him lately in general but Coach started asking questions and I went into details about my dad dying and just opened up in a way I hadn’t opened up with him before. It was really nice to feel that safe opening up that vulnerable side of myself.

Now I’m sweltering in my apartment because I’m fighting my hardest to not turn on the AC just yet.  And I’m depressed lol.  Sunday evening when Coach leaves are always kind of downers but it has an extra little sting since we’ve just spent so much time together.  It was wonderful to have him for that long all to myself and not have to share him.

To end on a potentially positive note, Coach’s work is opening a disaster server site about an hour away from where I live now.  It’s set to open by the end of the year.  He’s already put in notice that he’d like his position to be moved to that site if at all possible.  So maybe in the end he’ll be able to keep the sweet job he has now and live back in town in the next few months.  Sure sounds like a silver lining to me…



  1. Awww, it great to see your relationship working and even evolving despite the distance setback. And I'm glad Duckie's family is at least starting to tire of being complete asses.

  2. I second that - I'm super happy the family is coming around, finally!!! I hope your week has improved and the funk has lifted a little. I'll be home in a week and a few days....now there's something to look forward too! LOL!!! :)