Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Italian Mama

I don't think Gavin knew what to do with my push-pull yesterday. He came over last night and cooked himself dinner and what ended up being my lunch today, because I'd already made our dinner. Chloe was up and out playing in the neighborhood and he wanted me to have sex with him, but I told him he would have to wait until she came home and got into bed. I was kinda not feeling it. I'm not sure why, but I just wasn't. Anyway, I guess he got my vibe because he went home without getting any.

He called this morning to see if he could come over for sex. I told him he could later because Russell was home this morning, but closing tonight. Then he asked if he could come over and have me help him list some things on CL. I told him he could, but later because it was finally sunny and Jules needed some beach time! Then, he calls me back (yes, again...5 minutes later) and asks what beach I'm going too because he wanted to get into the water. I told him I didn't know yet, but I'd call him when I headed out.

I called him about 15 minutes later and he told me he was waiting at this one spot for me that he knows I like which is right around the corner from my house. I drove over there and we walked down to the beach. He was on the phone with his sister when I got there and once we hit the beach, he turned it to speaker phone and told me it was his mama. OMG, it was classic Italian style. I love her. He was talking to her about his move, his kid, the possibility of him coming out for the summer, and the gf being a bitch and taking some stuff out of a box he had sitting around to the send to her. Then she says "Gavin, where do you find these women?!" in her best NJ, Italian accent. I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. She actually was giving him the what for all the way around. She told him not to come out if he didn't have the money. She told him he needed to get a handle on his kid, which he does but to his credit he's really trying. I'm seriously loving this lady.

He hangs up and I quoted the above quote and we discussed what a bitch the gf has been about this entire moving situation and how last night she refused to sleep in the same room with him. It was hilarious, but wait for it...the best part is coming. The gf calls as we're talking about her and they have a huge screaming fight on the phone over her stupidity and her kid and the kid's gross habits already being a problem in the new house and then he hangs up on her (which makes me cringe because it's just so immature to hang up on people) and I said "Gavin, where go you find these women?!". I cracked myself up. Then Russell called to tell me about a convo with his mom and Gavin left because he wasn't the center of my attention anymore and because he's still moving and I think actually had stuff to do. I put Russell on hold and told him I'd see him later and he should definitely come over for sex later because watching him walk up and down the beach while I was on the phone and swimming in the ocean had totally turned me on.

He did come back over around 7pm and asked if I'd eaten dinner. I had not and was in the process of microwaving Chloe left over mac and cheese. I normally feed her better, but I spent hours being all manic and cleaning out my house today and didn't feel like cooking. He said he would make us dinner and off into the kitchen he went. He whipped up a yummy salad and we ate and talked about his new place. In the midst of this, the gf calls and starts bitching him out because there is no water at the new place. Does anyone want to lay a bet on how long this is going to last? I told him last night that I give it until October at the latest and that's if he goes home for the summer. After today, I'm giving it until  July before they get sick of her and kick them out. It's entertaining in a train wreck kind of way and he's frustrated. I don't mind him being frustrated at all though, as sex is his release.

After I got Chloe to bed and finished dinner, we promptly went into my room and had some very satisfying sex. It's crazy humid here right now, so we both showered afterward because we were sweaty messes and I could tell he didn't want to leave, but he knew he needed to go home and deal with the mess. I almost felt a teeny bit sorry for him because I know he's trying to be positive and see the good in this situation, but sadly for him there's not a lot of good to see in it.

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