Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic Saturday

Yesterday was one of those amazing and very strange days. It's days like that one that are so surreal sometimes it's hard to believe that this is my life. I would never have imagined 4 years ago when I was stuck in suburban working mom mode that this would be how things turned out in just a few, short years. This is a super long post, but stay with me because it was a crazy day.

Friday afternoon I start getting some steamy sexts from Owen talking about how amazing Tuesday was and how hard he was at work just thinking about it. (It really was an awesome time. One of the top 5!) I told him how much I loved it too and that I couldn't wait to see him again. I mentioned that I'm leaving Thursday to come home to NC for 10 days and I hoped he could arrange some time to fuck again before Tuesday (Tuesday and Wednesday I'm with Chloe before she leaves and I'm freaking out about the time away from her all summer) He said that he might be able to get away that evening, but he'd have to see once he got home. He texted me later and said he couldn't get out, but he could definitely see me at lunch yesterday. He also told me that the day after I get back, his family leaves the island for almost 2 weeks! He said he couldn't wait to come over with freedom. In the meantime, I had emailed this girl on CL for us and she and I were exchanging some hot emails that I forwarded to Owen. He said I'm the BEST mistress EVER...lmao.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to more hot sexts from Owen and we texted and sent pictures back all morning. I went to the beach until he could break for lunch and raced home to meet him. His request yesterday was to walk in to me bent over my pillow on the bed playing with just my ass and to not even touch myself anywhere else because he would handle that for me. (Dude, I love fucking this man!) He came in and went straight inside me. We barely managed a "Hello" first. We had about 30 minutes of the most insane, intense, orgasm filled sex since we had really worked ourselves up all night and day. It was just on. We were in all the right places at all the right times and he came twice. I love days when he cums twice. I always feel a little guilty during amazing sex because I can cum sooooo many times and poor men can't. He does though. He came the first time and looked down and said "What do you know? I'm still hard.". It was hilarious because he's always still hard. He just flipped me over and went back at it. We showered and he went back to work and I went back to lay out on the beach for 2 more hours.

Gavin came over around 5pm and I showered from my beach day and we headed to town to dinner and another swinger's party. We've decided that this is probably our last one. It's fun and we like playing around with an audience, but hell we can do that free at home. There was only one or two girls that he found attractive and one of them was just there to watch (really??) and one of them was so into fucking her bf that she said she was tired when we asked her join us (weird). Anyway, we ate a great dinner beforehand and had some really nice, easy, drunken conversation about us and our relationship. I told him that his recent behavior was freaking me out a little bit and that I really like our thing. As we left the restaurant, he saw a Ferrari and told me that in 10 years he'll have a few of those thanks to his son's career. I laughed and told him if he does, then I'll marry him. He looked at me and said in such a cute, hopeful voice "Would you really?". I laughed and told him "No". Sometimes it's fun to fuck with him. ;)

We got to the party and walked in to see the black guy I'd fucked before when I went with Clark. The sheriff was back from last time and we hung out chatting for just a little bit. Q, the black guy, directed us and the girl that was just there to watch back into one of the rooms. She just kept walking though (weird, weird, weird) and we got undressed. I started blowing Gavin and Q and got them hard and then I continued blowing Gavin and Q got behind me and started fucking the holy hell out of me. We all came (me multiple times) and Q left and Gavin and I continued to play around. There was another couple (the girl who was only into fucking her bf) playing at the end of the same bed and he was enjoying watching her blow him. During this time, another guy comes in and is watching us and Gavin tells me to blow him too. I'm not kidding when I say this next part. I put the guy in my mouth and blew him for literally 10 seconds before he came. It surprised me and I had to spit. (I don't swallow strangers...ewww.) Gavin was like "What the hell...." and I went back to him. In the meantime during all of this, he was back into the kissing me thing. It's so strange to me that he only deeply kisses me at swinger's parties.

After that guy left, we played around for a little while with just us and then another guy comes in and says the sheriff said he needed to meet me. We introduced ourselves and he asked if he could join me in bed and he started going down on me. Gavin went to get a beer and I could have killed him because this kid had zero skills and I was sooooo bored. He sensed it and my total lack of noise or movement caused him to stop. I told him I was sorry, but he really just wasn't doing it for me and I headed out to the living room. Q and I hooked back up and Gavin and Q came back into the room with me and we fucked some more. Gavin left to wander around on his own and Q just kept giving to me hard core. I finally squirted all over the bed and he was happy.

I went out on the balcony after this to get some fresh air and Gavin and I started talking. We were talking about us again and I cautioned against it because we were both tipsy at this point. He moved onto talking about all the prostitutes working the street below us, how we should start our own one of these things, and then took it back to us and who else I'm fucking in real life. I told him it's just him and "married guy". Then he asks who "married guy" is by name and I told him I wasn't telling him. I told him that it was none of his business, it didn't affect him, and that he only wanted to know out of sheer curiosity. I explained that I'm very protective of him because he is married and that I would never, ever tell him so he needed to drop it. We argued a little about this and finally he dropped it. We went back inside and the sheriff and the guy that couldn't eat pussy to save his soul asked if I wanted a 4sum with them and Gavin. Well, hell a girl can't really say "No" to that.

We ended the evening (as it was about 1:30am) with me playing with all 3 of them and getting some great orgasms. I blew Gavin and the sheriff and the other guy tried again with the oral sex (bless his heart) and finally put a condom on and fucked me. He sucked, but in the interest of saving face I acted like it wasn't horrible. I didn't fake an orgasm though. Gavin knows me well enough to know I didn't get off and when the guy finished, he took over. He got behind me while I blew the sheriff and pounded me until I came a lot more and he pulled me off the other guy to take his cum in my mouth. I just laid there for a little while and soaked in the awesomeness of so much sex and so many Saturday orgasms and then Gavin said he needed to leave to get home because his son races today.

As we were walking to the car, he kept questioning why the hookers weren't with men. He'd watched several of them talk to guys and then the guys move on. I said their rates must be too high or something. When we got to the intersection with the pretty one (she really wasn't all strung out skanky looking) he approached her with me beside him and asked her what was up and then he followed that with basically asking if she was all clean and such. She didn't take to kindly to this and shooed him away. I was laughing so hard I was about to pee myself. At the next intersection, we were talking and I told him I needed to get out of town b/c I was feeling old. Another hooker heard me and said "Honey, don't feel old. You're very pretty and still hot.". We chatted her up a bit as we walked and found out she had 3 kids at 26 and has been working for a while to support them. She could recall every drink she'd had the nights they were conceived (all with the same guy). It was interesting and hard to not social work her since she had a huge bruise on her breast that I really wanted to ask about. We hit the parking garage and then did one of the weirdest things I've ever done. He said he had to pee and asked me to hold his cock for him while he went. I did it, just because and about mid stream he told me to write his name with it. It was so fucking funny. Then I decided I needed to pee before the ride home and went to squat in front of the car. He asked me to lift my skirt more so that he could watch me...weird. I pee at home in front of him all the time, but I guess me squatting to do it in public was hot for him.

On the drive home, we had a fun time. We sang our hearts out to various songs on the radio and he continued to talk about how much he likes me. He told me at one point last night that he wishes I would just be a bitch to him so he wouldn't have feelings for me. I told him I really like him too and that our relationship is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I love that he lets me be me and for the most part doesn't ask a lot of questions. Finally he took it back to Owen one last time and I refused again to reveal his name reiterating what I'd just said about liking him b/c he doesn't ask a bunch of questions. I think it hurt his feelings because for starters he thought I'd quit seeing him and because it's the one thing I won't be completely open about with him. I've never flat out refused to answer him. He finally told me that if he really wanted to know, he could find out. I advised against it. I don't know what I'd do if he figured it out, but I hope to not have it be an issue. I leave Thursday to come home and he leaves for NJ while I'm gone and I don't think he's coming back until June 30th. This should give him time to get it out of his head.

We got home at 3am and he came in to eat and have a beer. During this time, the gf had started stalker calling so he decided he better leave coupled with the fact that he had to get up at 7am to take his son to the track. He kissed me again and headed out. I fell into the bed and just woke up at 10:15am to him calling to see if I'm coming to the race track. (Chloe is camping up there this weekend with some friends of mine, so he knew I was planning to go see her and wants me to watch his kid.) It was an amazing day, like I said, but I'm ready for a little break to sort out (read swallow and get over) some of these feelings we (he mostly) seems to be having.

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