Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Fuck!

That pretty much sums up my day on all levels...I could leave it at this, but I'll give you guys some background. Basically, I just need to unload on why today sucked ass.

Today started with my MIL icing my divorce cake...by this I mean, not making me one iota teeny bit sad that I'm out of that crazy family soon. She sucks as a human, on a very basic level. I feel really sorry for Russell. Here's the deal. A few weeks ago she told us that she wanted to spend some time with Chloe over the summer while Chloe is home. We agreed and told her to arrange it with my mom. It never, ever occurred to us that she would want her more than a week because my MIL is a selfish cunt and doesn't really like kids. As it turns out, she wanted her for 3 weeks. Um, no. Here's why...
1. Chloe triple loves my family and that's who she is going home to see.
2. We  triple hate her (my MIL's) new husband and do NOT want our child exposed to him.
3. She makes zero effort to see Russell, why should we make any effort to arrange for her to see our kid?

Russell called her a few weeks ago to tell her that 3 weeks with my FIL was totally not ok. She got pissed and hung up on Russell mid -convo like a 13 year old. They made amends and worked out 2 non-consecutive weeks. Clearly, she wasn't over it.

Today, Russell is emailing with his brother and SIL about the visit and trying to arrange a time for them all to see each other. My brother and sister in law live about 4 hours from my hometown, where we are going in June, and my mother in law lives about 3 hours in the opposite direction. Mind you, we live 5,000 miles away and Russell was giving her a chance to see both her sons and their kids all together for a few days. She told Russell that she didn't know what was going on during that time and that she didn't want to go that long without seeing her husband. OMFG, kill me now. Are you kidding me??  I'm sending that bitch "Co-dependent No More" for Xmas. (I'm also giving it to Gavin, but that's another story.) She tells Russell that she already scheduled a time to see his brother's kids during the summer. GAWD!

Ok, so I get past her sucking by bitching about her to my mama (who rocks) and to Miranda. Then, I made the epic mistake of checking my mail. In my mail today, I realized we owe the IRS $877 more than anticipated on our 2009 taxes, which after an hour on the phone I got reduced to $590 but still...wtf?  I realize that our auto insurance carrier has done a random driving record check and raised our auto insurance from $187 a month to $666. (No shit.) I realized that I made a D- on a final exam and thus a B- as my final course grade for one of my classes. I'm a freaking "A" student!!! My mood went into an epic downward spiral.

Gavin came over during this time and bless his heart, he does know the Jules needs to be alone mood. I have a Jules Alone Mood that occurs a few times a year and when it happens, I don't even want to be near me. In addition to the shit that happened today, I'm also in full PMS mode. He is apparently so fucking into me that he doesn't care. That scares me. Russell and Chloe both know this mood and even they know to leave me alone. He came over mid-afternoon and I yelled at him for not coming earlier while Chloe was in school so that we could fuck. He said he was busy and I yelled more. He left to go teach a kid's martial arts class and I didn't think I would see him again. I started drinking at 3:14pm, but I was still in full on bitch mode. After his class, he came back. He's either brave or stupid. I yelled some more. He finally took me outside and told me that I needed to get fucked and he would wait around to do it. He did. He waited until Russell went into his bedroom and I put Chloe down and then he was on me. I sat on his lap and told him that I only wanted to fuck. I wasn't blowing him or doing  a damn thing for him, that this was all about me. He complied and asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted it from behind, fast and hard, and I needed to cum a lot. He made it happen and exploded in me.

It greatly improved my mood, but I'm still pissed that my MIL sucks as much ass as she does. I'm still pissed my auto insurance thinks they can jack my rate up $500 a month, because they can't AND I'm still pissed the IRS wants more money and Clark left the island today and I'm oddly sad about that too. I do not want to talk about it, but I'm sad. I cannot explain it, so don't ask.


  1. OMG Jules. The MIL stuff was bad enough but the car insurance! Yikes! Let's just hope it was a perfect storm of bad things happening and they all went away with Clark on the airplane yesterday. Big hugs!