Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Verbally Challenged

Is it just me or has today’s modern man really fallen off of his game? We’ve already blogged about men being big babies and I’m about up to here with men who expect to be pursued by women but I’ve started to notice another trend in today’s men – they have no game and they are lazy as hell when it comes to pursuing a woman. I guess that’s what we get for sleeping with them before they make any effort…..

I’ve set up another POF profile for Hawaii and my inbox is inundated with the lamest messages from guys I’ve ever seen. The top three messages I get on any given day are “Hi.”, “Hi, I’m Bob.” and “Hi let me know if you want to chat.”

Come on guys seriously? Is that the best you’ve got? I know it must get hard being shot down all the time so I can understand not wanting to put too much effort into something that has a high probability of not working out, but how hard is it to read my profile and come up with at least one halfway intelligent question to ask me? If you are too lazy to do that then why in the world would I ever take any time to respond to your message, I don’t care how hot you are. You’re LAME. I’ve gotten more thoughtful approaches at the bar and the gas station for God’s sake!

I’m looking for a confident man, as I think most women are. If a man is too scared to come straight out and approach me over the Internet then that is not a man I am interested in at all. The Internet is almost completely anonymous, you have zero chance of being publicly humiliated or turned down in front of your friends and the Internet version of turning a guy down is just not responding to his message – are those risks really so big that you won’t even try? I mean even if I was a bitch and sent you a message back about how I don’t date guys whose profile pictures are shirtless, would that crush your delicate ego so bad that you’d rather just send me a “Hi.”

Step your game up gentleman because this is ridiculous. I’m a woman and I deserve to be wined and dined and complimented. Why do I deserve this? For one, because I have to carry a child and then push that miniature human being out of a hole the size of a pea. I also have boobs and a vagina which are two things you men can’t live without. I can live without your penis, trust me on that one.

I’m over it……..yours truly, Gwyn


  1. I'll freely admit to having a lot more "game" on-line than I do in real lift. If I guy can't pull off a decent introduction and conversation from the safety of their own living room, then you know they can't do it in person.

    Great post.

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  3. It's even worse when you're a guy getting pursued by guys online. You don't even get "Hi" or "My Name is Bob," you get "Where you at I need my dick sucked" and... well, here are some verbatim examples from my archives of actual intros I've received WHEN I WASN'T EVEN LOOKING FOR MEN (I was looking for couples, but because I admit to being bi single guys just fill up my inbox... er, no pun intended...):

    From: millertime
    Subject: (none)
    Message: Man, if you have no luck and want to settle for a bj from a good looking first timer, let me know!

    From: (redacted due to it being his REAL NAME AND WORK ADDRESS)
    Subject: downtown at the Hilton
    Message: I am staying at the Hilton on Broadway and would enjoy making us both feel good tonight.

    From: Big Package
    Subject: boner fuel
    Message: What's up? Find your couple yet? Single male. That bad?

    From: Proman
    Subject: (none)
    Message: looking to suck you off age 57, 32w, 165lbs, 5ft9in, 61/2 cut white

    From: Castca
    Subject: horny

    Again... none of those were actually ads for single men. I'm scared to think about what kind of replies THAT would have got me.

  4. LOL to your reply Ethan...jesus! Yes, Gwyn I agree men are OFF their games thanks to the laziness of texting and the Internet. I don't even respond to those emails. If that's your starting point, no thanks. In defense of Hawaii though, no one here wears much clothing...so you may want to reconsider the shirtless policy.

  5. PS Advizor, you're spot on...I would definitely think it would be even easier online!!

  6. Hahahaha Ethan those are some winners for sure.

    Jules - I can deal with shirtless but if the only pic you have is one of you in the mirror with your head cut off or the phone right in front of your face or the flash blinding your face....no thank you. I also like the ones where it's a short guy trying to take pictures that hide it - those crack me up. I mean your profile says you're 5'7 no point trying to fight it.


  7. Ohhhhhh, those pics...yes, lame!! Those tell me you must not be hot. If you're hot, you know it and you're going to photograph it. (OR you are married and it's a small island...)