Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't Ask Me No Questions

And I won't tell you no lies...
I'm pleased to report my good decision making continued, but the universe aided it. Gavin came over tonight like I'd told him to yesterday. I was actually pretty wiped out from my night last night. When he saw me laying on the bed, he asked why I was so tired. I told him I'd hung out with the neighbor last night and his first question was "Are you fucking him too?". Jesus...I do not like being questioned about what I'm doing when he's not around. I told him that I was not (because I didn't last night and that wasn't a lie). I did not tell him that I already had because that would have just come back later as he seems to be developing some jealousy issues.  In his next breath, he tells me that he was sitting in a hot tub with several naked chicks last night, but didn't fuck any of them since the gf was there. Dude, you don't get to be jealous of my actions and hookups when you have a gf and because I know him well enough to know that if the gf hadn't been there, he would have.

He told me that his friend wasn't answering his phone, so he hadn't come with him. I said "Good, I don't want him to come over". Gavin started questioning me and I just said because I don't. I didn't want to go into the whole Owen thing for several reasons. First of all, it's none of his business and I don't feel like explaining myself. Second of all, if Gavin makes the connection then he will know who "married guy" is and I don't want that. Third reason, Clark was always insanely jealous of Owen and because Gavin is currently showing the aforementioned jealous tendencies, I don't want to have to deal with this component. If my choice were Owen or Gavin, I'd pick Owen but why would I pick when I can have both?! Finally, I think I'm at quota for the married/attached men I am fucking...two is plenty.

After the inquisition, I was laying flat on my stomach on the bed. He reached over and started rubbing my back. Then he reached between my legs and started playing with me and I was drenching his hand in no time. He climbed over my legs, pushed them together, and entered me. It was some great sex! It was slow and fast at different times. He pulled my hair together and tugged on it some and then he started talking about how great the sex felt and how great I felt and I was in the moment and letting go at that point. He came, got up to get me a towel, and kicked his beer all over my room on accident. It was hilarious watching him try to wipe us up and the beer all at the same time. He was rather flustered. He regained his Gavin cool quickly, got hard again, and asked me to blow him. I love quick recovery. ;)

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