Thursday, June 30, 2011

He's Back and He Bought Presents!

Gavin got home late Tuesday night and yesterday about lunch time I rec'd a text from Russell that read "Oh June, the Beaver's home.". It made me laugh out loud during a training where laughing was inappropriate. I got home and he called me to find out where I was about 3pm. When he heard I was home, he offered to bring me food and said he was on the way.

Gavin walked up to me on the porch and kissed me. He said he had missed me and then he handed me a dress he'd gotten for me. It's totally cute and I loved it. I've never had a man other than Russell buy me clothes, so that was a little strange. We chatted for a bit and then we went into the kitchen for him to unload the groceries he brought over. He stripped down and said he was going to roll my sushi in the nude and then he suggested that I suck his very hard cock. I did and within seconds, he flipped me around and entered me...in my kitchen! The kitchen was a virginal room until today (yay!). I've had sex in my other kitchens, but oddly not this one yet...until today. It was also the only room other than the bathrooms where sex had not occurred for Jules.  (They are next!)

He went between fucking me and having me suck him...giving me an orgasm or two....having me suck him....back and forth. It was hot. Sometimes he would get me right to the point of cumming and stop for me to suck him and then go back. This went on in the kitchen in full display of anyone outside. I really should learn to lower the blinds.We ended on the couch in the living room. I sat on him and rode him backwards and finally got off him after several more orgasms and sucked him until he was ready to cum and then he took his cock out of mouth and sprayed my tits. I cleaned up and went outside to have a drink.

We hung out drinking, talking, and finally eating sushi he rolled. He went inside and called me in to join him. He said he wanted to see me in the dress. I put it on for him and he said I looked super sexy. He'd landed on the couch at this point with porn on. He asked if I wanted to play with his cock. I said that I did and I sucked him for a little while and then told him I wanted more sex, all this while still in the new dress. I'd also like to interject that during this entire encounter, we were on my couch and the front door was wide open...very classy. I pulled a pillow up to block the door somewhat and climbed onto his hard, waiting cock. I rode him and rode him through many orgasms for me as he played with my tits and held my hands and we laughed and joked until he finally exploded inside me. It was really good!!!! Have I mentioned that I love the simplicity of Gavin?

We hung out for a while longer and then he asked if he could borrow my car to run some errands. I said "Yes", not thinking he would be gone for all of eternity while he had my car and meanwhile I ran out of wine...gasp. I finally decided to take his truck up to the store. It was a rather bold move on my part b/c his truck is very him...everyone knows it's his. It was my equivalent of cumming on his tits and doing so in public. I was marking my territory, indirectly. He passed me as I got to the store and pulled in and asked what I was doing. I told him I was going to buy wine and we could switch cars if he wanted. He did not, he thought it was hilarious I was driving his big ass truck. I'm short and it's very tall....I suppose it's funny to watch.

He tried to bring Owen back up and I shut it down immediately. I think we're ok on that topic, but I don't know. He keeps bringing it up. He said he just wants to know where he stands. I told him he stands where he is and to let it go…seriously. He also brought up the swinger's party on Saturday, but I think we've agreed that neither of us is very into it. He did drop that the gf leaves on the 14th and that he would like to stay here while she's gone. I kinda agreed, as long as Owen is still on lock down. ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Show Me Yours I'll Show You Mine

If you all read my TMI answers this week then you know that one of my unaccomplished goals with McDreamy was to see the goods. I am happy to report that mission has been accomplished. Not only did I see it but I also had what Miranda refers to as "Skype sex" for the first time ever...it was awesome!

Let me set the scene for you.......

My second Skype date with McDreamy was planned for Monday night. We agreed this 'date' would be more casual than the first and that we just wanted to see each other and talk (in the first date I put on makeup, did my hair, wore a sexy outfit, etc..). I didn't put makeup on this time and wore a v-neck boys tshirt (no bra of course) with a pair of VS thermal boy short pajamas. McDreamy requested more light for our second date, the first date was at a friend's house and the room I was in didn't have an overhead light, so I set my computer up on my bed and made sure the light was suitable. I laughed at myself as I staged my scene, dragging a floor lamp to be right behind my computer and practicing my poses on camera before he logged on. Once I had everything set I called McDreamy and our second 'date' began.

He was nervous, like he was the first time, and I could tell that he really liked my choice of outfit and the way I looked. The cleavage I strategically had on display didn't hurt either. We started talking about all sorts of stuff - our feelings for each other, the weather, his schoolwork, my crazy IT stalker...pretty much whatever came to mind. This went on for about an hour and I decided it was time to amp it up a notch so I pulled my v-neck down to put the girls on display for him. He went crazy which was just what I had hoped for. Then I showed him a little of my body and told him he'd just have to wait to see the rest in person. That got him all excited and he stood up and said "It's getting really hot I've got to take my shirt off." Then I asked him if he was turned on and he untied his board shorts to show me his growing bulge lol I couldn't help but giggle a little. He sat back down and we just sort of stared at each other for a minute or so.

We were honestly about to end the call (our attraction to each other is so strong that sometimes it's worse to get turned on and not be able to be together physically than it is to just avoid getting turned on) but somehow the conversation turned to his penis. I honestly can't remember how it started but at some point he said "You want to see it don't you?" to which I replied "YES!". He seemed shy and sort of nervous about just pulling it out so I told him it was o.k., I could wait. I pouted a little and then he pulled it out for just a brief second sort of teasing me. At that point I knew that he wanted to show me but he was just feeling shy so I took my shirt off and backed away from the webcam so he could see my whole body.

Well folks that was all it took. Next thing I know not only is it out but he's caressing it and talking dirty to me. One thing led to another and I was no longer a Skype virgin. I could tell it really turned him on watching me touch myself and it was a really good feeling knowing that he wanted me so bad. When we were both finished we laughed a little at the fact that neither of us had ever done anything like that before and I think he was still a little embarrassed to have masturbated in front of me. I told him I thought it was super hot and not to be embarrassed. He just kept saying how he'd never shown a girl his penis like that before, not even via text pic, and that he didn't know what came over him but he could tell I liked it so he figured what the hell. This has been a common theme in our relationship thus far, we each bring a side out in each other that hasn't been brought out before.

We ended the call not long after that because it was getting late for me and I had work early the next day. He told me he would Skype with me whenever I wanted to and all I had to do was say the word. It was so funny seeing him so excited, I could tell that he really liked what we did and was eager for more. We signed off and he sent me this text: "I want to show you how I feel in so many ways..when you're here you'll feel amazing. Everyday somehow it's getting better :) goodnight." And with that my heart turned to mush again and I went to sleep.

Yesterday, I got the following text (he's referencing how many days there are to go until I get to HI): "I was comparing it to how long the NFL has been locked out...they're on day 100 and doesn't seem like that long..70 is a lot less it will be here soon and I'll be so happy that I will no longer have to go without u. I'm never going to let you go." Normally this type of message would make me throw up in my mouth but instead I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. I don't know if it's just how he says it or if it's just HIM but I eat it up.

After that text we started sexting hardcore (this was 11am HI time lol) and he told me all the things he would do to me when he sees me. I was at work at this point and it was very hard to maintain my composure! I called him on the way home to tell him he was making me crazy and he told me he'd had a dream about me (this would be the second dream so far)...the dream scenario involved me farting on him while he was trying to have sex with me - I was dying laughing. He also said that he heard the Bob Marley song "Is This Love" on his way home from class and it made him think about me and what these feelings are that he has for me. That led to him saying that he wasn't going to say it was love at this point but that if things stay this way by the time I get to HI it will be love. Miranda, if you're a betting woman I'd go ahead and place your bets on when the L word gets dropped - if he can wait until September I'm going to be shocked.

We ended the day with him sending me a video of the gorgeous mountain view behind his house and a little more sexy talk - he said he had to get off the phone to go 'finish up' and that he'd be looking at my pictures while he did. I told him to have fun and that he had my full permission to fantasize about me doing anything his little heart desired. Before we hung up he told me he wanted to see me again tonight for another Skype date. Three dates in one week, this is getting serious :)

And, Hedone, I know you're curious about the penis so let me tell you that my pretty penis streak is still alive! I'd say it's about 7 inches, a little thicker than average and perfectly straight. Seeing it made me 10,000 times more excited to get my hands on him in person :) I have a feeling that I'm going to be participating in a sex marathon for the entire month of September and I can't wait...


The Skies are Clearing

It’s no surprise Miranda’s been a little lackluster lately. I’ve been in a funk for a month or so now. Some days are worse than others though lately I’ve felt it finally lightening up a good bit. 

I’ve been trying to think about why I’ve been so blue.  I know work is unfulfilling and annoying, I’m having early sadness about Gwyn’s departure, and the wear and tear of a six month long distance relationship have all been issues. I also know Father’s Day played a part of it.  The first few days after that were particularly hard and it took pretty much everything I had in me to keep up a relatively sane and un-miserable front for the kids last week. Honestly it was so bad and unusual for the way I normally feel that more than once I’ve Googled signs of depression and considered calling my counselor.

I’ve opened up quite a bit to Coach about this stuff and he’s taken more than his fair share of the brunt of my “grumpiness” as of late and he’s taken it in stride knowing I was working out this funkiness. 

Last weekend he came home unexpectedly and it was a good surprise. He always comes straight here on Fridays when he comes home. And he did as usual and we had sweet kisses and all the gooey-eyed stuff that happens when we’ve been apart for a week.  We got in a little personal play time and then he needed to head to his hotel (he doesn’t stay nights with me when I have the kids).  We were texting a little right before we both went to sleep and in my lingering depression I made a statement that was seemingly innocent but as soon as I typed it, it opened my eyes to a lot of what’s been going on.  The statement was

I hate being the one left behind.

Clearly it applies to my Dad situation.  I (and my whole family) got left behind with no choice when he committed suicide. And even though we had a great relationship, when someone suddenly disappears it leave so much unfinished business.  I think I’m always going to feel left behind by him.

With Gwyn counting down the days to Hawaii I know it’s triggering my “left behind” syndrome as I’ve taken to calling it in my head. I have a lot of acquaintances but very few close friends. I’ve always been that way.  And over the last two years Gwyn couldn’t help but become one of my best friends by the sheer fact that we work together and pretty much talk/text/instant message each other incessantly lol.  Knowing that I’m literally going to be left behind by her transition to a Polynesian paradise is part my issue. (It has also made me realize that I tend to hold my emotional self apart in a lot of my “friendships” and I tend to be the one to “leave” the friendship first. Something to be examined another time.)

Also being in a long distance relationship with Coach triggers those feelings.  I’m the one who stays here while he goes to DC to work. He has this whole other life up there that I’m not a part of other than hearing about it from him.  And while we’ve been going through the court stuff with his ex, I feel left behind here in some ways because we haven’t been able to fully integrate our lives kids wise.  Thankfully that aspect should be coming to an end next month.

I also think in some way I went through so much change so quickly in the last 18 months or so between my dad dying, my affair with Sawyer, ending my marriage, and my reintroduction to the dating world that I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to just live normal life.  Like that time period was so overwhelming that having this relative period of calm has made me feel stuck in a sense.

As I tend to do, once I made that statement and acknowledged my feelings I started to feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  No work is not any different but I did make the decision that if this last job interview I went on didn’t amount to anything I was going to take that as my sign to get my butt back in school and start working on my nursing degree. And no (thank heavens or I’d have to kick her butt) Gwyn hasn’t changed her plan to move to Hawaii but I know thanks to technology our relationship will stay just as strong as it is now. Hell I know you can sustain a relationship that way thanks to Jules. And clearly Coach isn’t moving back home just yet but I know it will change as soon as it can.  But somehow acknowledging that I was feeling left behind made those feelings much less intense and it gave me a sense of direction to regain control of my life.

I’m much pleased to report that the everlasting gloom and doom seems to have almost fully lifted over the last couple of days.  And this weekend I’m finally going to DC to spend a long weekend with Coach in which we already have tons of fun, romantic, and sexy plans made (you better believe I’m taking all my new toys with me). 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Slight Scare

There is a downside to fucking older men. They have health issues. I'm in my mid 30s and Gavin and Owen are both in their early 40s, but things start happening around this age it seems. Gavin and Owen both have a lot of physical pains b/c of how hard they run their bodies. Both of them are very active and still act like they are in their 20s, when in fact they are not. I've mentioned Owen's recent back and shoulder pains, but it also seems he's having an issue with his eyes. He mentioned it a few weeks ago that they were bothering him, but honestly I couldn't tell anything. If anything, he looked just a little bloodshot and tired when he brought it up.

Yesterday, he went for his work physical and failed the eye exam. Because what he does for work is very visual, he's on sick leave until this is cleared up. The doctor wants to run some blood work and do some tests because they aren't sure what's going on. It seems it's not just old age, normal vision failure. I got the following texts from him.

Owen: " Hey! Weird question...I'm having a bunch of blood work tests for a problem with my eye, they say can be linked to HIV and things of that sort. Have you been tested for anything lately? Are you still sexually active with your husband who is still sexually active with others as well? Kinda scary here..."
(Side note: Owen is very paranoid about the gays. He's pretty sure they all have HIV/AIDS. I know intellectually he knows better, but we almost quit seeing each other when he freaked out over Russell's sexuality. We started using condoms per his request for like 2 weeks and then he got over it when I assured him we had both been tested numerous times.)
Me: "I was tested in May (2011) for everything and it was all clean. I haven't had sex with him since January 2010."
Owen : "Cool, thank you!!!!"
Me: "What kind of eye problem do they think you have that would be HIV related?"
Owen: " Not sure...guess they are checking for everything."
Me: "Well, I've been tested 5 times since I started seeing you in January 2009, so I think if you have anything it would have come up by now! I think you can rest easy on that front."
Owen: "I haven't been tested in awhile, but you are the only one I've been with, so if you are clean I'm hoping I am too! Will keep you posted!"

What kind of Dr. goes straight to that? Obviously, I only know part of the story, but I know that I'm clear with the HIV thing based on my last May test, still  scary all the same. I trust him and I do think I'm the only person he's fucking and I think if he had anything I definitely would have tested positive by now. It does make me wonder though if his wife is being faithful and about his previous partners...could something have been dormant?? You hear about couples all the time (especially in the gay community...not trying to perpetuate the false stereotype but just saying) where one partner is positive and the other remains negative despite having had unprotected sex with the infected partner. I'm trying to work myself back down from the 'oh shit' moment, but my mind is spinning a little bit. The timing of this after the whole Brooklyn debacle is a little unsettling too.

Monday, June 27, 2011

TMI Tuesday - From I Never to I Want to...

What are the three "nevers" of your life (things you would never do or never have done)?
Cocaine. Threesome. Toss a guy's salad. -Gwyn
Heroin, those electroshock sex toys, and sex with Cabana Boy (the guy who gave me chlamydia last summer) - Miranda
Meth, skydive, and become a lesbian - Jules

Who or what sleeps with you?
One or both of my cats and my phone. -Gwyn
Normally no one. But randomly my cat or Ladybug end up in my bed. Of course Coach gets to sleep here when he's in town and I don't have the kids. - Miranda
No one and/or nothing is allowed in Jules' bed for sleeping except Chloe sneaks in a lot. I sleep alone and I love it! It is one of my favorite things about divorce.- Jules

What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was in a cough syrup/Mucinex induced coma. -Gwyn
Sleeping in preparation for a killer 5 hour interview I had today for a new job. Keep your fingers crossed. - Miranda
Ordering back to school clothes for Chloe on line - Jules

What is the most bizarre thing someone has asked you to do sexually?
I really can't think of anything. I pretty much give off an 'I'm not doing any weird kinky shit' vibe so even if a guy wanted to ask me I doubt he would. -Gwyn
I still think the most bizarre thing was when SoCo asked me to use my teeth during a blow job. - Miranda
Scat (Clark)...enough said. - Jules

What is stashed under your bed/mattress? Why is it there?
This may be the most boring answer ever - nothing. I don't like putting things under my bed because I am far to OCD and they collect tons of dust and give bedbugs a place to hide. I used to keep a plastic under-the-bed container with wrapping paper under my bed but it has since found a new home. -Gwyn
Nothing but some empty shoe boxes.  My bed is raised up so you can see under it. Also I used to have a devil cat (thanks Josie for taking her in) who would tear up anything under there too.   All the goodies are stashed in my night table anyways. - Miranda
My toy box is under the bed b/c I lack a nightstand. I actually lack storage, so all kinds of things are under there...purses, quilts, clothes, bed rails (that aren't to this bed), sheets. Gawd, now I'm feeling like I should clean it out! - Jules

BONUS: What is the one thing you have not done with your partner that you really want to do and how will you go about making it happen?
Currently, I want to ask McDreamy for a picture of his penis but I haven't yet. I've been hinting around and sort of egging him on and I'm guessing I'll get one in the next week or so. I think he's a little scared to send it because he thinks I'll think he's a perv or something - which is funny because that's the same reason I don't want to come right out and ask for it. I think my current strategy is going to work, if not, I may up the ante during one of our future Skype dates and ask him to see it right then and there - while wearing only my lingerie of course. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would do it. -Gwyn 
Hmmm, there's not a lot that Coach and I haven't done from a sexual standpoint. Well there are tons of kinky things we haven't done but not much that I feel like I'm missing out on. I'd like for us to go away somewhere just the two of us on a real vacation and I bet that will happen before too much longer. Oh and I'd like to actually date him and live in the same town as him lol.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. - Miranda
I'm thinking the whole dominatrix thing with Gavin would be smoking hot if he'll let me. I've left those shoes out for him to see when he comes home this week and I bet it sparks some conversation. Of course, I'm hoping it sparks a lot more than just talking!! There isn't really anything with Owen that we haven't done that I've wanted to do, other than I'd love for him to pick me up and fuck me up against a wall. Since I've asked for this though, he's actually had some back and shoulder issues due to jiu jitsu, so we haven't gone there yet. - Jules

The Ice Is Melting

I know I’ve been away for awhile but a lot has been going on with work and otherwise and I really haven’t had much time to devote to posting. But, the wait has been well worth it because now I have lots of good things to share!

For those of you who don’t know already, my dream of moving to Hawaii turns into a reality on September 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jules is in the process of transforming my closet/room into an island oasis as we speak and I cannot wait to set foot back in paradise! After six months of hard work everything is finally coming together. Karma is on my side right now and it feels amazing :)

A couple months ago, in preparation for my big move, I set up a profile on POF for Hawaii. I met a few potentials but mostly a whole bunch of weirdness. I was about to give up when I got a message from a cute guy who seemed to have a good sense of humor and, on the surface, didn’t seem crazy as a loon (side note – I’ve learned over the past months that there are LOTS of crazy people in Hawaii). We messaged for about a day and then started texting. We talked on the phone, per his request, after about a day of texting. That was on June 12th (I only know the date because last night he told me he looked back through our old messages and his calendar and figured out the first day we talked on the phone – how cute is that). Since that day we have talked on the phone every day, usually 3-5 times a day and sometimes for a 4-5 hour stretch. We also text, sext, send pics….you know all the stuff you do when you are physically separated by 4,000 miles. This past Saturday night we had our first Skype date – it lasted 4 hours (no webcam sex in case you were wondering) and afterwards we both agreed that we were pleasantly surprised at how well it went and how much more it made us like each other. Now, this next part is going to sound crazy (and especially crazy for cold hearted, pessimistic Gwyn..) but during our Skype date I think we both agreed not to see other people until we meet in September. Yes, Miranda you heard right. Gwyn has not only gotten herself into an exclusive long distance relationship, she’s done it with someone she has never met in person.

I can honestly say that I NEVER thought something like this would happen. Especially not at 30 years old. I can’t explain why it’s different with this guy but it is. It’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives. I am totally myself when I interact with him and he likes everything about me, even the ‘bad’ stuff. I can’t even begin to list everything we’ve talked about and done for each other already. We’ve even talked about future plans (like going to Maui over the holidays) and he told me yesterday that he has an extra closet at his apartment and can’t wait for me to fill it up with some of my things. Yes it’s gotten that intense in a matter of 2 weeks. We have both discussed why it is that our feelings are so strong for each other and how it feels crazy but I guess it’s just one of those things that happens – and it is making me very happy so whatever the reason I’m just going to go with it. Last night, he told me he bought me a Phillies baseball hat (he’s a big Phillies fan) and a new case and keyboard cover for my laptop and that they’d be waiting for me when I come in September. Normally this would freak me out big time. But for some reason, whether it be our crazy chemistry or the fact that he’s so far away, it didn’t freak me out at all.

It’s as if all my defenses have been disabled and I’m open to him completely. I’ve only had these types of feelings one other time in my life and that was with The Ex when I was 21 years old. And thinking back on it, the feelings I have now actually seem stronger and more real than the feelings I had back then. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t bust out the L word in the next few weeks. Will I say it back? I won’t lie and say that I haven’t considered it, the feelings are just that strong. But, I would never say it first and even considering how I feel I do realize that it is slightly loony to tell someone you love them when you haven’t met yet. Miranda suggested I use her technique and tell him I don’t want him to say it over the phone or via Skype but I want him to wait until we are in person. I know this all sounds crazy and maybe it is but something inside me is telling me to keep going.

I have so much to share about this experience that it is too overwhelming to try and put it all in this post. I will give you his stats though – from now on he will be known as McDreamy (hahahahaha just this choice of name should tell you a lot). McDreamy is 31 years old (will turn 32 in late September)…temporarily retired from the Army due to a back issue and is also on temporary disability for that same condition…he’s a Libra like me…he’s half French and half Italian….5’9 with blue eyes and brown hair (although his head is currently shaved because his best friend has cancer and he promised to keep it shaved until his friend is in remission again)….he skateboards, dirt bikes and played baseball and football growing up….he’s from New Jersey…he has 4 sisters and 1 brother…parents are divorced and remarried…he smokes pot but isn’t a pothead…has one tattoo….is living in Hawaii and going to school, all paid for by the government, for the next 3 years….he moved to Hawaii after he got put on disability after never having even visited the island, it was a dream of his and he knew he’d never have the opportunity again….he is artistic and likes drawing and painting….he’s sort of a reformed bad boy (shocking for an Army guy I know..) which gives him the edge I like but mixed in with a sweetness and charm that I am totally addicted to…he has a great sense of humor…I guess that covers the major points, I could go on and on but I’ll spare you ;).

So there you have it folks. Ice queen Gwyn has been transformed into a giggly schoolgirl in a matter of weeks. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high but at this point I’d say that McDreamy has lots of potential. I know I won’t really know until we meet in person but right now I feel very good about it. Miranda you’d better start saving for another ticket to HI because this time next year you could be a bridesmaid in a fantasy Hawaii beach wedding….yes, I just said that!!!!!

I fully expect you all to tell me I’m crazy and this guy could be a serial killer but I do want you to know that I consider myself an abnormally perceptive person with an uncanny ability to pick up on peoples’ auras and energies. As much as we’ve interacted over these past 2 weeks there hasn’t been one single time where any of my ‘crazy antennae’ have gone up. No red flags. No feeling like I’m glossing over negative traits in an attempt to make him into something he’s not. I’ve told all my friends about him, my bff even talked to him on the phone for about 20 minutes the other night, and not one has told me anything except that he sounds awesome and they’re excited for me. Maybe they don’t want to dash my hopes but I think it’s more likely they know how choosy and careful I am with guys and they know that if I’m talking like this then it must be something special.

McDreamy asked me last night if he could ‘see me’ again tonight so hopefully tonight’s Skype date is even better than the first. I’m excited to see him again too and I can’t wait for September 7th!!!!!



I'm here to tell you all now it's going to be really hard to ever give up sex with Owen. I have never, ever, ever in the many lovers I've had experienced more orgasms than that man gives me. His family comes back tomorrow, so it's going to be a few weeks before we can see each other again with school being out and his wife being off and my current schedule. Today, we decided to have some hard core, porn star type sex. I bought this outfit a few days ago...I'm not savvy enough to have photographed it all together, but it's this dress 

with these shoes. I sent Owen pictures of it the other day and he couldn't wait to get here after work today. He's worked like crazy doing two jobs these past two weeks, so we haven't had as much sex as anticipated, but it's definitely been awesome and far more frequent than normal! I'm lobbying for him to let the family go away on vacation alone more often! I could get used to this.

He came in today and I was leaning against my bedroom door frame in this ensemble. He walked over and started kissing me and rubbing his body against mine. He pulled strings over for easier access to my nipples and started sucking on them. When I could feel his cock throbbing, I suggested we move further into my room. I was headed for the bed, but he grabbed my arm as I passed my dresser and bent me forward in front of the mirror. It was soooooo hot to watch. I had totally done it up with full on makeup and my hair was done (for me that means dry, down, and smooth) and to see him in the mirror behind me looking at me was amazing. He had suggested maybe I have a surprise for him under the dress, so I had one of my favorite plugs in my ass. He entered me and we fucked in front of the mirror for a long time. He was alternately watching me cum in the mirror and watching his cock slide in and out of me. After I came a few times, he pulled me over to the bed and laid me on my back with my feet up and around his shoulders. He entered me again and kissed my calves as he pushed into me.

At some point, he rolled me over on my side and was doing me like that and moving the toy in and out of my ass. He was going slowly and taking his time teasing me. I love that! As I was laying there in ecstasy, he put his thumb in my mouth to suck. I think that's one of those really hot moves that a guy pulls. It's like he loves the way you suck so much, that he'll give you any part of his body to do it just so he can feel it. Finally, he rolled me over and pulled me up on my knees and gave it to me super hard. I was drenched in sweat and cum at this point. He brought it today! He was in between the kitty and my ass and going so hard. I thought he was going to cum, but he waited.

He rolled off of me after I'd cum a million times or so (I exaggerate only a little) and asked for my mouth. I sucked him for a while and then he kind of pulled me up and got on top of me and fucked my tits. I could taste his pre-cum and still he waited. He told me he wanted me to bend over the side of the bed in those heels and I obliged. He rubbed his cock between my holes and ended up in my ass, where he proceeded to tease me with the head. He's done this plenty of times, but never in my ass. It felt awesome and I finally couldn't take it and just pushed back onto him. He pounded me and pounded me and then pushed me onto the bed and went so deep I swear I felt him in my intestines...lol. He was so far into me and I was cumming so hard, I was pretty sure he'd either made me have the biggest anal orgasm ever, or I'd pooped on him. Fortunately it was the first one because he kept going and going and as he started talking to me more, I could feel him building up to cum.  He'd told me that he really wanted me to suck him as he came today, so he got there and pulled out and I flipped over to take him into my mouth. He came so hard it literally just shot straight down my throat.

When we finished, we laid there and he kept playing with me. I love when he does that. He's not in a big hurry to go anywhere (rarely does this happen) and he just sits there touching me and caressing my body. Finally we couldn't stand it anymore and needed to shower. We were literally drenched in sweat. My bed was soaked from sweat and cum. We hit the shower and he soaped me up and kissed me and held me in his arms as the water washed us clean. That was some hot sex!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Channeling My Inner Samantha

If we had gone with all Sex and the City names, I would definitely have been Samantha. She's my favorite and the one I relate to the most. I woke up a little out of sorts this morning over the whole judgement thing by Brooklyn. It really pissed me off, but I also used it as a time to reflect some on myself.

Truthfully, I texted Clark to ask his opinion. It's a sad day when he's my moral compass, but I needed some honest feedback and I knew he'd provide it. Basically, he told me that I'm wrong. I can't expect men to want to date me on any level really, serious or otherwise, if I'm fucking other men....especially other men that I've been fucking for years.I still disagree with this assessment, but I'm curious how our readers answer the poll...be honest.

I was sitting on the couch this morning watching the aforementioned show and it's the episode where Carrie walks in on Samantha servicing the delivery guy in her office. My favorite line was when Samantha has confronted Carrie about judging her and she retorts "I will not be judged by you or society.  I will wear whatever and do whomever I want as long as I can breathe and kneel." Amen, sister!

Judge Much??

I hate judgmental people. If I wanted your Puritanical Christian values imposed on me, I'd join your club, but since I haven't...shut it. Jules is pissed today. I should be relieved but I'm not because while I was pretty much over the Brooklyn situation, he imposed his judgement on me today and it has not set well.

Back it up, he called me today to hang out at the beach. I agreed, but he didn't call me when he said he would so I left to head to my favorite resort here. It's North Shore and they have a restaurant on the beach and serve great cocktails and wonderful food. I parked my ass there and waited for him to find me. He showed up and we hung out for a while and talked and then went to eat. While we were eating, he asks me if he's the only person I'm sleeping with. Well, when you ask me a direct question like that, I'm going to give you a direct answer. I said "No, is that a problem for you?" (Please keep in mind this is date 4 in 1 week and 1 day!) He replied that it was and I told him that I was sorry, but that was why I said I just wanted to date and then he said he thought it was "dirty". Really?? You're going to sit there and call me dirty? I replied that I supposed he had some things to think about, but it was sunny and I was going to lay out. I promptly got up and left the table. I assumed he would come fetch his things and leave. I was wrong.

He walked down the beach about 15 minutes later and kissed me. He told me that he enjoyed hanging out with me and that he liked spending time with me. I told him I thought he should cut his losses because I was never going to be what he wanted or expected. I laid back down and enjoyed the sun, but hated the awkwardness of him just continuing to sit there. If you're going to call me a dirty whore, then you need to move the fuck on. I got up to pee without announcing where I was going, texting Miranda along the way. Much to my surprise, he was still there when I got back. I told him that it was raining (only sprinkling) and that I was leaving. He got up and picked up my stuff. I told him I'd brought it down and I could carry it without help and then I turned to go. He called after me and said he didn't mean to offend or hurt me and I just simply replied "Well, you succeeded" and walked off. I meant that with regards to the offended part. I'm not hurt. I could care less from a dating standpoint, but from a human standpoint I'm pissed off on an epic level that someone would say such bullshit to me after dating me for like a week. He told me that he wasn't trying to make me qualify our relationship, but he wanted to know that if I was fucking him that I wasn't fucking anyone else...sure seems like he was making me qualify it.

He didn't follow me, so I have no idea how long he stayed. Chloe called me as I was storming off to my car and I had a great convo with my Baby Pooh. I miss her a lot. I also miss Gavin a lot. He called me at 2:30am today and I was sleeping, but managed to have some sort of convo with him. He called me back this morning and we talked for a while. He told me that he's not coming back with a lot of money, but he wants to use what he has to send the gf to Maui for a week so that he can hang out with me for a week. That speaks volumes, but in the interest of not judging...ok. I have missed him and I have missed how much he cares about me and how he doesn't judge me. He just accepts me for who I am and I expect everyone to do that....am I wrong to expect this?? Has his lack of judgement ruined me?

PS The real irony of the Brooklyn situation is that during lunch, right before he asked me that fated question, he told me that I'm a dream date b/c of how much I love intimacy and how simple I am with regards to other areas in life. One more time, really???

PPS Flash forward 4 hours and Brooklyn called and left a voice mail that said he was sorry about choosing the wrong words today and that he really hoped to see me again. Why? Because he didn't actually get to use the word "whore"? I mean where does he think you go after this? He didn't use the wrong word today. He used a word that totally offended me, but it was the word he was thinking. You can't back peddle from that. There is no recovery from telling someone that is sleeping with more than one person that you think it's dirty and that you are not ok with it, but that you still want to see them.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Energizer Bunny

Men make this analogy with me a lot. I can keep going and going, but honestly I'm ready for a day or two off. ;) Owen texted me this afternoon and said he could cum make me cum in an hour if I was home. I was home and if I hadn't been home, I would have made it there before then! 

He came in and got onto the bed with me and started sucking my tits while  I was playing with my favorite vibrator. I came and he quickly replaced my toy with him. He put my legs over his shoulder and watched me as he pushed into me. I was laying there with my eyes closed and smiling. I felt him watching me and when I opened my eyes, he was smiling back at me. I love the intimacy we have, but I also appreciate that it really is just sexual between us. It makes it all about 1 million times hotter for me. He had me dripping and then told me to ride him.

I hopped onto his waiting cock and rode him hard while he played with my ass. The bed was slamming against the wall and I was trying to be quiet since my neighbors were outside, but he was slapping my ass and pulling my hair and fingering my ass and well, quiet failed on an epic level. It was awesome! I was feeling depleted and thinking that I'd had too much sex lately to fully get into today, but once we got to this point I was so there. 

He finally told me he needed to be in my ass and I flipped off him and onto my back. He loves this position because he likes to watch his cock sliding in and out of my ass and he likes to watch me as I cum. He took my vibe back out and did some DP action and I was soaking him more. Finally, I asked for him to flip me over on my stomach and with the vibe still in place, I continued to cum. He finally came in my ass and kept going so that I could have a few more orgasms before stopping. 

When we got into the shower, he was kissing me and soaping me up and said "You really are like the Energizer Bunny. I've never met anyone that can just keep going like you.".  Another fabulous time with him, but I must say I need a day or two to rest now. Tomorrow night, Russell and I are going to a wine bar with his bf and I'm looking forward to coming home and crawling into my bed alone! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caught Red Handed

Last night was my 3rd date with Brooklyn. I invited him over for dinner and drinks. We ate and sat and talked on the porch while drinking for a long time...and then I started sneezing, so I made the mistake of taking an allergy pill (important part of the story).  By the way, he's a biter and I've already had to put a stop to that.

We came inside after a while and it was determined that Russell was going out after work, so I thought we had a while to play around. We fucked a couple of times and then apparently we passed out on each other. The allergy pill knocked my ass out along with a bottle of wine and I woke up at 12:30am with him jumping off of me and Russell slamming the door and announcing his presence....ooops. Russell had texted that he was on the way about 15 minutes earlier, but I slept through the text. Brooklyn ran into the bathroom and started dressing and I went out and apologized to Russell, who just smirked at me.

Russell ended up being ok with it. He knew it was an accident, but he didn't really appreciate walking into me naked on the bed with a naked man and the aforementioned naked man parked in his parking space in the driveway. I apologized again this morning and we're totally cool. We actually just left our maiden Costco shopping voyage together. (We did join after our walk through a few weeks ago!) Brooklyn has called and texted a few times to make sure things were cool too. I've assured him that they are. The shiny attraction of his newness is starting to wear off though. I suspect I lose interest soon. He's cute, but overall just not really my "type".

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lingering Questions

Recently both Jules and one of our favorite bloggers – Ethan from Confessions of a Bastard – questioned if I was glad I was not going to have to see Sawyer anymore.  Let me assure you dear readers that I am.

I don’t deny that there’s still a wickedly weird attraction there but I truly want nothing more to do with him.  Even if he left his wife, I still wouldn’t want to be with him because I know I’d never, ever trust him to be faithful.  He’s definitely one of those out of sight out of mine situations.  When I lived next door to him, it ramped up the attraction and intensity to unbelievable heights.  As soon as I moved out, it started filtering down and eventually I got to the point where I didn’t even think about him (especially when I was dating like 10 guys at once lol).

I will always be "grateful" for him shocking me out of my life of inertia and reawakening the me that was carefully tucked away inside.    For making me take a risk and start my life over anew but he was never part of the long term vision I had.  Sure, in the depths of the relationship I imagined what it would be like if he left his wife and we tried to make things work but I knew even then that it wouldn't work.  Sawyer, for all his hotness, is a dog deep down. I wasn't the first person he cheated with and I damn sure won't be the last. And there's not way I could be with someone who I had to worry about if they were being faithful or not.  

Also in some weird way I feel like he brings out the worst in me.  Like he's the one who got me to cross my moral threshold and cheat on my marriage.  He's the one who had me skipping out on work to have sex, meeting up to have sex in his truck (in broad daylight) in a parking lot, he had me lying what felt like nonstop to cover up our relationship.  So I really don't want someone who brings out that kind of stuff in my life long term.

Lately I’ve just had the misfortune of running into him a bit, which made me start thinking about him.  I do have to day that I am so relieved that his kids ended up not going to the same camp as Leo and Ladybug.  Seeing him every day would make it a very slippery slope to avoid falling down.   

Ethan also said in passing that he had wondered how Coach had ended up on the top of my heap of suitors from last year and that’s a good question.  I’ve been trying to think about how to explain that and I’m not sure that I can.  Part of it I’m sure is just me being ready and open to a relationship at the same time as him but there’s also an undeniable chemistry and connection there.  Something intangible and hard to describe.  It’s just like we click and everything seems better when he’s around.  I mean of course I can tell you that I love his body, the way he treats me, and of course, the sex is awesome.  I can tell you we have similar personalities and we like a lot of the same things but are also different enough that we can push each other outside our comfort zones. 

Ultimately, I can’t really explain it.  It’s just chemistry and some elemental connection.   


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Fun, Random

How many states have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts– penetrative or not– are sex.
Well, if all sex acts are sex I better up the numbers I've been telling people. (Joke...because I lost count eons ago.) Ok, onto the question...I've had sex in Hawaii, California, Washington (state and DC), Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. I've been to many more states, but I was with Russell and well we know how that went...bwahahaha. Interestingly enough, all of my foreign sex with was him though to include Amsterdam, France, Bora Bora, Moorea, somewhere in the waters of the Caribbean, Peru, and Jamaica. That brings us to 12 (11 if you don't consider DC) states and 7 (?) countries...not sure how to count the water thing. - Jules
Miranda is not nearly as well traveled as she'd like to be.  I've had sex in North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia only.  Wow that's pathetic now that I think about it. And I've yet to leave the USA. I have so much left to do! - Miranda
North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida....I think that covers it all. -Gwyn

What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.
Interesting question...hmmmm. I'm going to say nothing. I love the full on nudity and beauty of a hot, sexy body BUT if I must pick I'm very partial to men in board shorts these days. All my boys wear them daily and they look mighty fine hanging off their tight asses. I love wearing a tank top and panties around the house. I think that's super sexy. (Yes Gwyn, I'll put shorts on when you move in....lol.) - Jules
I wear dresses almost every day and I love them. They make me feel sexy and beautiful whatever kind of dress they are.  I love when guys are in workout clothes.  That probably comes from my recent obsession with the gym but I find guys in athletic shorts and those tight-ish workout shirts super hot. - Miranda
I feel sexiest in dresses, boy shorts and a bra or tshirt, or in a short skirt. For guys, I like semi-fitted shirts where you can see their arm muscles and I am also a fan of them in their swim trunks (speedos excluded).  But to me, there is NOTHING sexier than a good looking man in a nice, tailored suit and tie...mmmmmm. -Gwyn
Would you date yourself? Why or why not?
Fuck no, I'm a cheater and a whore...wouldn't trust myself further than I could pick myself up and throw me. That being said, I'm awesome and I love myself...don't take that as some self loathing comment...I just own my shit. ;) - Jules
I would absolutely date me. I think I'm a pretty great freaking girlfriend. Sure I go a little nuts every once in a while but don't we all? - Miranda
Of course. If I didn't want to date myself how can I expect anyone else to? I can be difficult at times but it's all part of my charm. - Gwyn
Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth?
Presently my brain because of school, but clearly I'm a talker...heart, not so much. - Jules
Hmmm, probably my heart as of late since I've felt so generally unhappy. But my brain is finally kicking into gear and making me an exit plan. - Miranda
Mouth then brain then heart. Although I'm in the middle of a pretty steamy Hawaiin romance right now so the heart has been getting more of a workout lately. -Gwyn
Fill-in the blank: I’m a total priss when it comes to _____ .
Not much anymore...Hawaii has taken the priss right out of this former priss pot. I used to be prissy about being dirty, no more. I used to be prissy about bugs, no more. I used to be prissy about a lot of things, but I've changed immensely in the past few years and learned to chill out and relax on a lot of things and focus on what is really important in life. I do still get kinda prissy over a mouse though (I'm not a fan of the rodents.) and over my car (like if it's not working right kind of thing or the tires need air or the oil needs changing) - Jules
The only things that really makes my inner priss come out are spiders and bees. Either one makes me scream like a little girl though I have learned to kill the few that get in my apartment since I've been on my own. - Miranda
Snakes and having dirty hands. I also can't stand touching trash cans or garbage but I don't think that's a prissy thing I think that's a germophobe thing. If I'm leaving something else out Miranda can surely fill you all in. -Gwyn
Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.
I'm still looking for another guy to tie me up like Clark did. I loved that whole Japanese rope tying thing where he tied my tits up and milked them. I know it sounds super strange, but it was one of the most erotic and sensual experiences of my life.  Gavin has a bukkake fantasy that I'm intrigued by and strongly considering. - Jules
The whole birthday spanking, tied up, blindfolded, DP thing was pretty dark for me.  I have had some pseudo-rape fantasies in the past but it's not like I want a stranger to rape me or that I even want it to be actual rape. I just like the whole forcible, super dom thing.  - Miranda
Call me boring but I really don't have any fantasies. I'm not the daydreaming/fantasy type unfortunately. Maybe if I spent a day or two thinking about it I could come up with something but there's nothing I'm really longing for at this moment, especially not anything dark. -Gwyn

Second Date

Last night, I had my second date with Brooklyn. It was one of the best second dates ever. He picked me up at my house and handed me a bag with 3 boxes of condoms to "replenish my stash". He took me to the State Fair and we rode a bunch of rides, ate yummy food, and played a ton of games. I totally kicked his butt at one game and we won a bunch of stuffed animals. (Since I'm a mom, I refused to take the animals home though. Those suckers multiply like rabbits and I have a current ban on new stuffed animals in my home, so it didn't seem fair for me bring more in.) I couldn't ride a lot of the super crazy rides like the Zipper and the Ring of Fire thing b/c I get sick, but we had fun on the rest. The ferris wheel was definitely the best...we rode it three times. Two of the three times, he went down on me when we were stuck at the top. It was so hot and naughty. Best line of the night from him came after the first ferris wheel cum trip when we were sitting on a bench waiting for him to go back down, he said "So, are you fixed or are you on the pill?". I laughed so hard and told him that since I'm not an animal, I haven't been "fixed" yet, but I do maintain consistency on the pill. 
After we left the fair around 11pm, we headed to the beach for a good fuck before he took me home at 1am where I fell into my bed to catch a few hours of sleep before work today. I wasn't going to have sex with him last night, but after the ferris wheel foreplay I couldn't resist. He wavers between bad boy and good boy. He's so well mannered unless we're discussing sex. He opens doors me for, pays for everything, compliments me, etc. but he'll also stand behind me and whisper very dirty things into my ear about his plans for me. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Highs and Lows

This weekend has been full of highs and lows.  I’m starting to think I’m manic – HA!

Friday was a good day with Coach sending me early birthday flowers at work and a hilarious trip to the sex shop at lunchtime because he was too embarrassed to go get what was on our shopping list.  FYI – the shopping list was a pair of wrist restraints, a cock ring, a new vibrator for me, a blind fold, and a paddle - all part of my birthday present from him.  I did get the most awesome paddle ever. As I texted with Jules and perused the stock I happened upon this awesome paddle that looks like a paintbrush.  The handle is hard leather and then instead of the brush it has strings like thin rubber bands.  It hits just hard enough to sting but doesn't leave welts.  We used it Friday night when I got a birthday spanking face down across Coach’s lap.  HOT!

That night when he got home we were very happy to see each other of course. We actually jetted off to see a movie right away and I was more than a little titillated to whisper in his ear as the movie started that I had no bra or underwear on.  I thought he might come out of his skin when he heard that.  After the movie, we raced home to some amazing hot sex that included a hearty birthday spanking as I mentioned.

Friday we slept in then went to the gym and before we could even get out the door, he had me pressed up against the counter and teasing me like crazy.  I had told him I wanted part of my present to be that he was in total control of everything I did for 24 hours.  Coach quite enjoyed that by ordering me to spread my legs while he teased me through my gym clothes.  After that, we did actually go to the gym and then lay out for a while by the pool. 

After the pool we came back inside and he took charge and told me to go get cleaned up in the shower and that he’d join me in a moment.  I was being a submissive birthday girl so of course I hopped in and got squeaky clean.  A few moments later, he got in and I washed every bit of him resulting in a super hot hand job thanks to copious amounts of soap.  After that, he bent me over in the shower and we had OMG hot shower sex!  Thank god I have a garden tub because I don’t know how you could do that in a regular one!

Finally we got dressed and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants where he gave me a gift certificate for a massage and a delicious birthday cake.  Later we caught up with some friends and had a wild night on the town that (much like last birthday) ended up with me singing on stage in front of an audience.  Have I ever told you I can’t sing worth a lick? 

Speaking of licking, we got home late and Coach proceeded to give me super hot birthday sex with my hands restrained behind me.  He was definitely manhandling me and I have to say I loved every minute of it even if it did result in me having a yucky spot of friction burn on one knee.  In short there was spanking, lots of licking, blind folding, being tossed around on the bed, and even a little double penetration with the new vibrator in action. Sorry Gwyn - I know that's TMI for you!

Sunday we slept until about noon and then Coach went off to do Father’s Day activities with his kids and the weekend highs crashed into a very black low.

If you’re a new reader, my dad committed suicide about a year and a half ago.  Last father’s day was not great but I expected it to be that way.  This one I was expecting to be easier and instead it caught me really off guard.  At first, I thought I was just tired and hungover so I just lay on the couch and watched movies for hours.  Then I started getting irritate at everything and everyone and I made the fatal mistake of getting on Facebook.  Of course, there were tons of posts about being with their dad and pictures and stuff.  Which just set it off the blackness more and made me fully realize why I was feeling the way I was.

Coach came home just after that and was sweet and tried to comfort me but there’s really nothing anyone can do.  I just have to wade through the feelings and hang in there until they let up.  I hate feeling this way!  And it sucks to feel this way after the majority of my birthday weekend was so awesome!


PS I found out this weekend that Sawyer's kids are NOT going to be going to the same summer camp as my kids after all. I kind of feel like I dodged a bullet there.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Owen texted me this afternoon asking what time he could cum over tonight. I told him the time he suggested was fine and I'd see him soon. I was a little satisfied after the last 2 nights of insane sex, but I never, ever turn him down. I can always put myself in the mood very quickly.

Well the time he was supposed to cum, came and went. It's Hawaii so I'm not overly hung up on punctuality like I used to be but after about 30 minutes, I texted to see if he was on the way or not. He replied about 30 minutes later that the massage therapist had just left and that yes, if we had time before Russell came home he definitely wanted to cum and apologized for not being on time. It seems the massage therapist is an old family friend that used to babysit his kids and he couldn't exactly just kick her out when she finished. I was watching Lost and was a little put out by his lack of communicating, so I said he could but I didn't do much to prep myself for him. 

He entered the house and I was laying on my couch. He came over and kissed me and started rubbing his already hard cock on me. His body was still slick with massage oil and he smelled fantastic, although he's probably going to need a follow-up massage after sex with me tonight. One of his favorite things to do is to fuck my tits, so he started there and then worked his way down and around. I wasn't wet at all when he got here, but when he left I was soaked. He was rubbing me as he was leaving and commented on how amazing the difference was from when he arrived to then. I told him he has that effect on me. 

As he was leaving, I wished him Happy Father's Day. He laughed and thanked me and then commented that he was being wished that by his girlfriend before his family. Oh yeah, his hot ass can be my "daddy" anytime.  We don't role play that specifically, but he's definitely very dominant with me and I love it! 

I am having that rush of guilt and weird twisted feelings that comes when I meet someone else and then when I see him. I feel guilty when I fuck other people with him because I'm not open with him about it. I don't like that at all, but I'm afraid to be honest about it and he doesn't ask. I keep it totally safe with randoms though, not even swallowing their cum, so I feel that justifies it some. I know it really doesn't though especially since I also fuck Gavin unprotected. On that note, Gavin continues to be very faithful in our thing though and tells me unprovoked all the time that he's only fucking me and the gf. I've been tested 3 times since I started having sex with him and they've all been clean, so I'm inclined to believe him. 

Brooklyn called me this evening to tell me what an amazing time he had last night/this morning and to ask me out tomorrow. I agreed and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I like talking to him. He's very engaging and charming and I felt like a school girl when I saw his name across my cell. I am vowing not to fuck him tomorrow though since I couldn't wait last night and honestly unless we were to have public sex, there won't be an opportunity. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Strange and Some Serious Potential

Every now and again, a girl needs some strange. I love my current team, but different is fun. I met a new guy on CL a few days ago and we had some super hot sexting until 1am 3 nights ago. We satisfied each other that way and decided to meet up this week. He lived right down the road from me it seems until this past week and now he's in a hotel awaiting a move to CA on the 27th...so perfect timing for a quick fling before Gavin returns. I was supposed to see Owen Thursday night but Russell came home from work early due to jetlag and totally cockblocked him. Owen and his wife rent out the bottom part of their house, so it's not an option for me to go there especially since I'm soooo loud with him. It seems he threw his back out though, so he was ok with it all. I'm not...he needs to mend now! (He said yesterday that  he needs one more day and is planning to come over this evening after work.)
Now, back to the strange...I met this guy at his hotel after a lot of texting. We met in the lobby for drinks and he was much shorter than I would have thought, but he was cute and well I needed it. We had a few drinks and then went up to his room and it was on. He was totally not big and huge like I love, but he knew how to work it and made me squirt and soak an entire half of the king size bed. I slept on very wet sheets last night, well for the small amount of sleep I got. He also has amazing stamina and did all of the things I told him I love in bed. After more than an hour, he couldn't cum in the condom so he took it off for oral and as I'm pleasuring him, damn if he didn't use his hands and make me squirt all over the floor, totally hard core. When we finished it was about 12:30am and I knew we had to get up at 5:30am because of a medical appt he had this morning, so I rolled over for some sleep. I  woke up to pee at about 2am and then he woke me up at 3:15am for some more. He woke up like he had had a full nights sleep and he was ready to go in the middle of the night. It was hot, but not nearly as amazing as the first time. He made it well worth waking up for though and then I rolled over for another small nap before getting up. 

When I got home from work, I just laid on my bed for a few hours. I was exhausted, but decided to wait until bedtime to sleep. I've been playing around on PoF some this week since Chloe is away and I need entertainment to occupy myself some to pass these very long 45 days.  I've met a few guys on here before, but never anyone I thought had any potential in my life for longer than a one night stand, until now. Jules may be in some trouble with this one.

Brooklyn (where he's from) has been messaging me all week. He actually sent me a message while I was in NC and I responded this week when I got back to HI. He's a smart ass, wise guy which we all know I find endearing being of the same ilk myself.  He sent me an email around 6pm asking me out for that night. I'm not one to play games, but I did ponder on whether or not to play slightly harder to get and decided against it. I said "Yes" and then he asked me to go to the fair. I'm a big fan of the fair and games and rides and such, but I had zero interest in going to town even though he was picking me up.  Then, he called me on the phone like an actual adult and asked what I'd like to do instead. I suggested we just meet up here in my town, but noted the lack of  entertainment. He agreed and said he'd be up in an hour. 

As I was waiting for him, I changed clothes and as I was putting on underwear went for the mismatched version to keep me from being too frisky with him on the first date.  I also didn't shower again. It was very impactful with Gavin that I made him wait so long, so I decided to try that approach again. He got a little lost coming to my house, but when he got here he came up to the door to get me and then walked me to the car and opened my car door. I adore men with manners, so he was scoring some points already before we even left the driveway! He took me to a local restaurant/bar I suggested and we had a few cocktails. He's in the Navy and having been on a ship for  a week or so, needed some outside time. We finished cocktails and grabbed a 6 pack and headed to my favorite beach to sit and talk. He's very easy to talk to and super funny. I could tell we were really connecting.

On the beach, we were sitting and talking and drinking and he finally leans over and kisses me. We laid back on the towels and just made out for what seemed like forever. His hands roamed and he asked if he could touch me and I said "No". I didn't want to rush things and I wanted to just lay there kissing him. He kept trying, but I kept putting him off. He was killing me though, running his hands around my body...gasp. Oh lord, finally around 1am we decided to lay down and just sleep on the beach until he had to leave at 5am for work.  It was an amazing evening laying out there under the moon and stars and sometimes a little sprinkle of rain. Around 3am though, sand fleas or something started biting and since Russell was out at his bf's house, I invited Brooklyn to come over and lay on my bed to sleep the few hours before he had to go. He agreed and we headed to my house.

I got situated and laid down with every intention of sleeping. I kept my dress on and he kept all his clothes on and we snuggled in my bed. He started kissing me and I laughed at him noting that I didn't think he had any intention of sleeping. He assured me he didn't, but if I wanted to than we could. I kissed back and let his hands roam. He noted in delight that I'd lost my panties on the way to the bed (it really started out as a comfort move) and asked again if he could touch me, asking me as his hands were moving across my bare ass. I told him I was having a harder time resisting now in my bed, but that I had no intentions of having sex with him that night. He started caressing the kitty though and I lost myself. 

He spent forever going down on me. I usually can't cum this way, but he made me. He had me cumming so hard, he was literally drinking my cum. I decided right then that I was in love (lol, kidding!). He licked me to quite a few orgasms and finally came up to kiss me and asked for more. I said ok and fished out some condoms. Brooklyn is only about 5'7" and so I really wasn't expecting a big dick....I was wrong. Damn, he was long and fat and oh so fantastic in bed. We fucked and I came quite a few times and then he did and he's so loud. I actually giggled a little bit as he was screaming. I've never had a guy cum so loud before and it startled me (and probably my neighbors at 4am!). He cleaned up and asked for round 2. Um, yes please.  We went again in another show of fabulous fucking and he came equally as hard the 2nd time. Again, I was stifling giggles b/c it was so cute watching and hearing him. He literally did everything I love in bed and we hadn't discussed it at all. He just seemed very intuitive with my desires and was very in tune with my body. Finally, we slept for about 30 minutes cuddling some and then his alarm went off for the 5:30am backup one. 

As he was getting dressed, he was kissing me and finally pushed me back on the bed and asked for round 3.  I told him I was out of condoms, but I was sure we could find other ways. I finally gave back some oral and he played with me as I licked him to another orgasm, also resulting in the same scream (lol!). It was so much fun being with him. I laid down at 6am to sleep and in the light of the day, I hate I didn't hold out longer but OMFG it was great sex! I really like this one. He's 30, married once (military contract marriage), no kids, employed, owns a house in CA, and has goals in life. I'm so not looking for a bf, but we've definitely got some intrigue going on right now.  He's on duty for the next 24 hours, so I'm hoping to see him again later this weekend or the very first part of the week. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sexting 101

I’ve said before that doing the whole long distance thing doesn’t totally suck.  I still get my me time, I have enough freedom, and I see Coach just enough to keep from getting sick of him or him getting on my nerves.  There are times I hate it (generally the night after he goes back to DC) but in many ways, it has been really good for us because it’s made us focus on really getting to know each other in a way that would be easy to gloss over if we were in person. 

All of this is to say that another benefit of the long distance thing is super hot sexting! I mean good grief, how did any of us exist before cell phones and texting.  So far there have only been a couple of long stretches (2 weeks) where we haven’t seen each other but boy does that make the sexting skyrocket! 

We’re currently at the end of one of those 2 week periods (thank god he’ll be home for my birthday this weekend) and the last few days the sexting has been intense.  I have big plans for celebrating my birthday with him this weekend and none of them involves us leaving my apartment.  HA!

In random sexting news, the glorious Fox News channel did a story about sexting and teens not too long ago and included some handy dandy sexting acronyms.  These literally made me laugh aloud because I’ve never seen any of them. 

8 – Oral sex
DUM – Do you masturbate?
DUSL – Do you scream loud?
FOL – Fond of leather
GYPO – Get your pants off
IF/IB – In the front or in the back?
IIT – Is it tight?
NIFOC – Nude in front of the computer
Q2C – Quick to cum
RUH – Are you horny?
IMEZRU – I am easy, are you?
J/O – Jerking off
TDTM – Talk dirty to me

And my personal favorite - FMLTWIA – Fuck me like the whore I am


She's Back!

Jules is back on her island with a bang and apparently referring to herself in third person...lol. I texted Owen today to alert him of my return, though it seems he was already aware. He told me that he was taking the family to the airport tonight and I suggested he stop by on the way home.(Pleasant surprise since I didn't think they left until tomorrow!)  He sort of hesitated because apparently he'd told the kids he would call and talk to them until boarding (really?!), but in the end he realized Russell returns tomorrow and the only way to get some before Thursday was to cum tonight.

I was a bit tipsy when he arrived and was seated on the edge of my bed with one of my favorite toys in my ass getting it ready for his giant cock. We had the usual sheet soaking, toe curling, omfg sex, only I realized that at this hour after a bottle of wine...I have no intentions of changing my sheets before the morning. I wonder how many nights I shall sleep on dirty sheets over the next 2 weeks. Tipsy sex is fun because I let go even more than normal and I totally soaked him tonight, which he loves. One of my favorite things he said to me tonight was asking me where his cock was...I don't know why, but it was extremely hot with me telling him it was in my tight little ass and I was loving every second of it. I've only had sex with him twice at night during the entire duration of this affair. It was fabulous and strange all at the same time.

I let him go after he came and many kisses, because I knew his kids were expecting his call (and he missed the first call from them) but I have explained that I fully expect un-rushed, no interruptions sex for the remainder of the time they are gone. Dear God this was a great kick off!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's time for you all to give Jules some pointers. Gavin and I have been chatting since we've been apart and he's mentioned some new fantasies. Actually, the dominatrix thing started before he left when we were watching porn one night and this chick was standing on some guy's balls in heels and he mentioned he might enjoy that. I'm so domineering in my normal life, but I'm totally submissive in bed. Hence my dilemma...I want to do this for him out of submission, but it violates my very sexual nature.

As we were talking this morning, he made a comment about me spanking him. I get how guys spank us. My ass is up in the air because you're fucking me from behind or I'm straddling your lap and your hands are just right there...but how do women spank guys? Am I supposed to bend him over my knee and what am I supposed to spank him with? This just seems a little maternal and odd for me, but I'm willing to give it a go when he comes back. Tips, please!

TMI Tuesday - What's In a Name?

Happy TMI Tuesday! Here are today's answers from Gwyn and Miranda - Jules will add hers in when she recovers from her jet lag and finishes up Jules Appreciaton Day!

You have started your own sex themed business. What is the name of your business? What is your specialty service or product? BONUS: In one or two sentences, what is your business’s slogan or motto? 
Me and Gwyn talk about starting a business to bust cheating spouses/partners.  We'd call it Double B's (we both have b's in our names) and our motto would be - "Catch your Dick being a Dick!"  - Miranda
Well said Miranda! - Gwyn 
I've been told on more than one occasion that I should charge for my oral services, so I guess it would be Oral Fixation if I ever went the way of prostitution and all. "We'll lick and suck you til the last drop"??- Jules

You have to write a 10-word message to the man/woman of your dreams, what would you say?
Liam Neeson - please make me a trophy wife. - Miranda  
Give me all of your money please and thank you. -Gwyn
I know you're married, but I'll fuck your brains out. - Jules

What’s the word or string of words your partner can say to you that sends you over the edge the quickest? 
I don't think there's a set string of words but anything sexual said in a very authoritative tone works for me. - Miranda
I like anything whispered in my ear, sweet nothings or hard core dirty talk - as long as its whispered it makes me crazy. -Gwyn 
I'm with Gwyn on the ear whispering thing. I love it when Owen bends down and tells me he's ready to fuck my tight little ass...omg. - Jules

What is the nickname of your partner’s pussy or dick? Did you name it or was it already called that?
The Captain.  We came up with it together during a silly drunken sex night. - Miranda
Bahahahaha Miranda that is hilarious. I don't have a partner right now so I can't really answer this one. I'm in the midst of some sexting (along with actual phone conversations lol) with a new guy in HI so maybe soon I'll have something to share. So far he hasn't mentioned his dick, he's been doing a lot of mentioning about his mouth and his hands though so I'm sure the dick isn't far behind....-Gwyn 
Um, I've got nothing. I actually hate when men name their dicks so if the current team has named theirs, they blissfully have kept the moniker to themselves. - Jules

What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
That is a weird and random question. I would probably just stick with my own name.  Though I do like Miranda lol. And when I was in elementary school I'd have given anything to be named Maria. I thought it was so exotic. HA! - Miranda
This is a funny question for me since I have a very unique name.  Being called by so many different names your entire life makes you feel sort of like you don't actually have one set name.

I have lots of aliases that I use in restaurants, etc. or if I just don't feel like answering a barrage of questions about my name. In restaurants I mostly use Kristen - not because I love the name just because it's simple. When people witness me do this for the first time they usually think its pretty funny - I guess people with easy/normal names don't get how annoying it is to have to say your name 15 times and then it still gets butchered. It's so much easier to lie.

I also have plenty of nicknames that I've gotten over the years - yelling out my real name in soccer games is sort of a hassle so many of my nicknames originated that way. Then there are the people who make up names to call me because either they think it's funny or because they're too dumb to pronounce my real name.

So, in other words, I already have chosen my own name with all my aliases and I've been given every nickname you could ever imagine and I've decided that in the end, I'm happy with the name on my birth certificate.- Gwyn
Definitely random question that threw me for a loop, I think I've always liked my name. My mom named me after a song from the 70s and my Dad said it worked because it was short and if I was stupid, I could still spell it. I named my daughter a long, beautiful name though....I guess I knew she would be smart enough to spell it. - Jules

Friday, June 10, 2011

OMG I'm Having a Thrisis

Amidst our boy and sex talk, a reoccurring theme has appeared here on Infidelity Chronicles.  We’re all relatively well established, thriving adult women in various stages of life; doing fine professionally and personally; handing our business and taking care of ourselves despite whatever bumps the road may have had for us.  And yet each and every one of us are over it.  We’re not satisfied with our lives.  We’re tired of working.  We’re tired of living by someone else’s rules.  Basically, we’re all having a thrisis.

Thrisis – a 30 something life crisis

There have been tons of articles written about this in the last few years.  It’s not your quarter life crisis where you’re fresh out of school and trying to figure out how to be an adult.  It’s not your mid-life crisis when you’re in your mid-40s and think the best years of your life are behind you.  A thrisis is about looking forward and thinking, “I don't want the next 30 years to look like this."

I think for me my thrisis was set off by my dad dying.  It certainly rocked my world and really changed the way I saw everything from my marriage to my relationship with my mom to my career.  Going to Hawaii to see Jules last summer definitely set it off even further.  And I think I was holding it in check pretty well until I had the realization yesterday as I picked up Gwyn for work that I will literally be helping one of my best friends move 5000 miles away to go live with one of my other best friends and that’s going to leave a big void in my life.  (Coach better hurry up and move the hell back here quickly after Gwyn leaves lol.)

Since I came back from Hawaii the first time, I’ve spent many a nights dreaming about how I could pick up my life and move there.  The reality is that I can’t, at least not right now.  Well I can but I’m not ready emotionally to do that.  I can remember sitting in the airport on the way home crying and thinking could I give up my kids to stay in Hawaii.  Could I survive (guilt wise) by just having them in the summer there?  I obviously decided I can’t which is why I’m here, trapped, watching Gwyn live out my Hawaii dream.

Sometimes I think I could survive the guilt of moving away from my kids.  (Everyone’s answer is always to take the kids with me but I couldn’t take them away from Duckie and I don’t think he’d let me anyways.)  I can imagine a life there in Hawaii with Jules and Gwyn that is very fulfilling.  But I can’t imagine telling people I gave up my kids to move to Hawaii.  I mean if I knew someone who did that I’d think they were a pretty shitty mom.  And then even if I could deal with the guilt and get over the social pressure, I think of all the stuff I’d miss out on and what kind of damage would I do to my kids to pick up and leave them like that. 

So my backup plan has always been to wait till the kids are old enough to decide where they want to live but I think more realistically it’s when the kids are in high school/college.  Which feels like a long fucking time away.

And sometimes it scares me to think of putting off my Hawaii dream because I’ll be that much more settled here.  Like what if I get married and the guy doesn’t want to go? What if my mom is sick or ill?  What if I end up right back with a big mortgage and a job sucking the life out of me bit by bit?  There’s really no easy answer. But thrisis or no thrisis, I’m not giving up my Hawaii dream.