Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Electric

So today I went to Leo’s school for a class picnic and bam, who do I run into coming out of school?  Sawyer.  We chatted for a moment and then I noticed his sister and mom glowering in the distance. Maybe they weren’t glowering. Maybe they were just hot or uncomfortable. Regardless they didn’t look happy and my spidey senses were tingling that they weren’t happy and it had something to do with me.  I could tell he wanted to talk more but I wrapped up the conversation and quickly went in the school.

Though it’s been over between us for quite a while, damn if I still don’t have a bodily reaction to him though.  I certainly don’t want to be involved with him but there’s some sort of chemical reaction that happens when I’m in close proximity to him.  My pulse speeds up, I get a shot of adrenaline in my system, and as clichéd as it sounds my knees literally feel weak.  I so don’t get it. Maybe it was because he woke up my dormant sex drive or because the whole affair thing was so illicit.  I have no idea why but the reaction is intense. 

What’s going to be awkward, tempting, and so so weird is that this summer my kids and his are going to the exact same day camp. So that means every other week I’ll see him twice a day.  And at the same time I’ll be seeing Sawyer, I’ll be seeing Hot Chocolate. HA!  Hot Chocolate has only recently given up the idea that we're ever going to hook up again. I swear every day I've seen him since he has something to say to me or some little innuendo he throws out there.  A month or so ago I noticed his behavior tapering off and recently mentioned it to Gwyn.  Of course I jinxed myself because Wednesday he told me he loved him, he loved my tan, and to never think he wasn't thinking about me. Also that he was going to "have" me again one day.  

Lord knows I am going to have to fight some urges and work to keep myself on the straight and narrow girlfriend track. Maybe if I start seeing Sawyer all  the time the reaction will peter out (no pun intended).  Let’s hope that’s what happens …



  1. It's not totally surprising, he was a big part of your life and of your rediscovery of yourself. And I'm sure there were a lot of good times :-) I get that way about Amy, my ex, sometimes. Lord that was a toxic relationship, but when I think of all the exploring and self-discovery together... yeah, I get a little tingly and wistful.

  2. Honestly it scares me a little lol. I just don't want to fall back into anything stupid.


  3. Hmmmm, life's short...that's all I have to say. :)