Monday, June 27, 2011

The Ice Is Melting

I know I’ve been away for awhile but a lot has been going on with work and otherwise and I really haven’t had much time to devote to posting. But, the wait has been well worth it because now I have lots of good things to share!

For those of you who don’t know already, my dream of moving to Hawaii turns into a reality on September 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jules is in the process of transforming my closet/room into an island oasis as we speak and I cannot wait to set foot back in paradise! After six months of hard work everything is finally coming together. Karma is on my side right now and it feels amazing :)

A couple months ago, in preparation for my big move, I set up a profile on POF for Hawaii. I met a few potentials but mostly a whole bunch of weirdness. I was about to give up when I got a message from a cute guy who seemed to have a good sense of humor and, on the surface, didn’t seem crazy as a loon (side note – I’ve learned over the past months that there are LOTS of crazy people in Hawaii). We messaged for about a day and then started texting. We talked on the phone, per his request, after about a day of texting. That was on June 12th (I only know the date because last night he told me he looked back through our old messages and his calendar and figured out the first day we talked on the phone – how cute is that). Since that day we have talked on the phone every day, usually 3-5 times a day and sometimes for a 4-5 hour stretch. We also text, sext, send pics….you know all the stuff you do when you are physically separated by 4,000 miles. This past Saturday night we had our first Skype date – it lasted 4 hours (no webcam sex in case you were wondering) and afterwards we both agreed that we were pleasantly surprised at how well it went and how much more it made us like each other. Now, this next part is going to sound crazy (and especially crazy for cold hearted, pessimistic Gwyn..) but during our Skype date I think we both agreed not to see other people until we meet in September. Yes, Miranda you heard right. Gwyn has not only gotten herself into an exclusive long distance relationship, she’s done it with someone she has never met in person.

I can honestly say that I NEVER thought something like this would happen. Especially not at 30 years old. I can’t explain why it’s different with this guy but it is. It’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives. I am totally myself when I interact with him and he likes everything about me, even the ‘bad’ stuff. I can’t even begin to list everything we’ve talked about and done for each other already. We’ve even talked about future plans (like going to Maui over the holidays) and he told me yesterday that he has an extra closet at his apartment and can’t wait for me to fill it up with some of my things. Yes it’s gotten that intense in a matter of 2 weeks. We have both discussed why it is that our feelings are so strong for each other and how it feels crazy but I guess it’s just one of those things that happens – and it is making me very happy so whatever the reason I’m just going to go with it. Last night, he told me he bought me a Phillies baseball hat (he’s a big Phillies fan) and a new case and keyboard cover for my laptop and that they’d be waiting for me when I come in September. Normally this would freak me out big time. But for some reason, whether it be our crazy chemistry or the fact that he’s so far away, it didn’t freak me out at all.

It’s as if all my defenses have been disabled and I’m open to him completely. I’ve only had these types of feelings one other time in my life and that was with The Ex when I was 21 years old. And thinking back on it, the feelings I have now actually seem stronger and more real than the feelings I had back then. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t bust out the L word in the next few weeks. Will I say it back? I won’t lie and say that I haven’t considered it, the feelings are just that strong. But, I would never say it first and even considering how I feel I do realize that it is slightly loony to tell someone you love them when you haven’t met yet. Miranda suggested I use her technique and tell him I don’t want him to say it over the phone or via Skype but I want him to wait until we are in person. I know this all sounds crazy and maybe it is but something inside me is telling me to keep going.

I have so much to share about this experience that it is too overwhelming to try and put it all in this post. I will give you his stats though – from now on he will be known as McDreamy (hahahahaha just this choice of name should tell you a lot). McDreamy is 31 years old (will turn 32 in late September)…temporarily retired from the Army due to a back issue and is also on temporary disability for that same condition…he’s a Libra like me…he’s half French and half Italian….5’9 with blue eyes and brown hair (although his head is currently shaved because his best friend has cancer and he promised to keep it shaved until his friend is in remission again)….he skateboards, dirt bikes and played baseball and football growing up….he’s from New Jersey…he has 4 sisters and 1 brother…parents are divorced and remarried…he smokes pot but isn’t a pothead…has one tattoo….is living in Hawaii and going to school, all paid for by the government, for the next 3 years….he moved to Hawaii after he got put on disability after never having even visited the island, it was a dream of his and he knew he’d never have the opportunity again….he is artistic and likes drawing and painting….he’s sort of a reformed bad boy (shocking for an Army guy I know..) which gives him the edge I like but mixed in with a sweetness and charm that I am totally addicted to…he has a great sense of humor…I guess that covers the major points, I could go on and on but I’ll spare you ;).

So there you have it folks. Ice queen Gwyn has been transformed into a giggly schoolgirl in a matter of weeks. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high but at this point I’d say that McDreamy has lots of potential. I know I won’t really know until we meet in person but right now I feel very good about it. Miranda you’d better start saving for another ticket to HI because this time next year you could be a bridesmaid in a fantasy Hawaii beach wedding….yes, I just said that!!!!!

I fully expect you all to tell me I’m crazy and this guy could be a serial killer but I do want you to know that I consider myself an abnormally perceptive person with an uncanny ability to pick up on peoples’ auras and energies. As much as we’ve interacted over these past 2 weeks there hasn’t been one single time where any of my ‘crazy antennae’ have gone up. No red flags. No feeling like I’m glossing over negative traits in an attempt to make him into something he’s not. I’ve told all my friends about him, my bff even talked to him on the phone for about 20 minutes the other night, and not one has told me anything except that he sounds awesome and they’re excited for me. Maybe they don’t want to dash my hopes but I think it’s more likely they know how choosy and careful I am with guys and they know that if I’m talking like this then it must be something special.

McDreamy asked me last night if he could ‘see me’ again tonight so hopefully tonight’s Skype date is even better than the first. I’m excited to see him again too and I can’t wait for September 7th!!!!!



  1. Thanks for having my back Miranda!!! I know this is making you very happy to see and I hope it all works out :)

    If I end up moving to Hawaii AND meeting the man of my dreams I will have you and Jules to thank!!!

    Now, your job is to remind me that it's ok to have feelings and for someone to like me a lot...especially over the next couple of months when the ice may try to harden up again :)


  2. Watching Gwyn fall for McDreamy has been amazing. It's like a whole new girl has blossomed right before my eyes. And McDreamy seems every bit as dreamy as Gwyn says. And he makes awesome Hawaii videos for her (and me) to enjoy. I'm definitely team McDreamy!


  3. OMG my jaw is on the ground. I can't wait to mee this McDreamy!