Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Owen texted me this afternoon asking what time he could cum over tonight. I told him the time he suggested was fine and I'd see him soon. I was a little satisfied after the last 2 nights of insane sex, but I never, ever turn him down. I can always put myself in the mood very quickly.

Well the time he was supposed to cum, came and went. It's Hawaii so I'm not overly hung up on punctuality like I used to be but after about 30 minutes, I texted to see if he was on the way or not. He replied about 30 minutes later that the massage therapist had just left and that yes, if we had time before Russell came home he definitely wanted to cum and apologized for not being on time. It seems the massage therapist is an old family friend that used to babysit his kids and he couldn't exactly just kick her out when she finished. I was watching Lost and was a little put out by his lack of communicating, so I said he could but I didn't do much to prep myself for him. 

He entered the house and I was laying on my couch. He came over and kissed me and started rubbing his already hard cock on me. His body was still slick with massage oil and he smelled fantastic, although he's probably going to need a follow-up massage after sex with me tonight. One of his favorite things to do is to fuck my tits, so he started there and then worked his way down and around. I wasn't wet at all when he got here, but when he left I was soaked. He was rubbing me as he was leaving and commented on how amazing the difference was from when he arrived to then. I told him he has that effect on me. 

As he was leaving, I wished him Happy Father's Day. He laughed and thanked me and then commented that he was being wished that by his girlfriend before his family. Oh yeah, his hot ass can be my "daddy" anytime.  We don't role play that specifically, but he's definitely very dominant with me and I love it! 

I am having that rush of guilt and weird twisted feelings that comes when I meet someone else and then when I see him. I feel guilty when I fuck other people with him because I'm not open with him about it. I don't like that at all, but I'm afraid to be honest about it and he doesn't ask. I keep it totally safe with randoms though, not even swallowing their cum, so I feel that justifies it some. I know it really doesn't though especially since I also fuck Gavin unprotected. On that note, Gavin continues to be very faithful in our thing though and tells me unprovoked all the time that he's only fucking me and the gf. I've been tested 3 times since I started having sex with him and they've all been clean, so I'm inclined to believe him. 

Brooklyn called me this evening to tell me what an amazing time he had last night/this morning and to ask me out tomorrow. I agreed and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I like talking to him. He's very engaging and charming and I felt like a school girl when I saw his name across my cell. I am vowing not to fuck him tomorrow though since I couldn't wait last night and honestly unless we were to have public sex, there won't be an opportunity. 


  1. I am vowing not to fuck him tomorrow...

    Wait a second, who are you and what have you done with our Jules?!

    Haha, just teasing. If anything at all sounds weird it's that new guy is giving you butterflies. You've always struck me as the "I can take you or leave you asshole, my life is great" type of gal. Reading that seeing this guy's caller id makes you feel like a school girl... got to admit, it's giving me a big smile (the happy for you kind, not the shit eating passive aggressive kind).

  2. Ethan, I love your comments and observations. ;) They almost always make me laugh. Well, rest assured I did fuck him and I'm still a "take you or leave you" kinda girl, but I love the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of new.