Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Strange and Some Serious Potential

Every now and again, a girl needs some strange. I love my current team, but different is fun. I met a new guy on CL a few days ago and we had some super hot sexting until 1am 3 nights ago. We satisfied each other that way and decided to meet up this week. He lived right down the road from me it seems until this past week and now he's in a hotel awaiting a move to CA on the 27th...so perfect timing for a quick fling before Gavin returns. I was supposed to see Owen Thursday night but Russell came home from work early due to jetlag and totally cockblocked him. Owen and his wife rent out the bottom part of their house, so it's not an option for me to go there especially since I'm soooo loud with him. It seems he threw his back out though, so he was ok with it all. I'm not...he needs to mend now! (He said yesterday that  he needs one more day and is planning to come over this evening after work.)
Now, back to the strange...I met this guy at his hotel after a lot of texting. We met in the lobby for drinks and he was much shorter than I would have thought, but he was cute and well I needed it. We had a few drinks and then went up to his room and it was on. He was totally not big and huge like I love, but he knew how to work it and made me squirt and soak an entire half of the king size bed. I slept on very wet sheets last night, well for the small amount of sleep I got. He also has amazing stamina and did all of the things I told him I love in bed. After more than an hour, he couldn't cum in the condom so he took it off for oral and as I'm pleasuring him, damn if he didn't use his hands and make me squirt all over the floor, totally hard core. When we finished it was about 12:30am and I knew we had to get up at 5:30am because of a medical appt he had this morning, so I rolled over for some sleep. I  woke up to pee at about 2am and then he woke me up at 3:15am for some more. He woke up like he had had a full nights sleep and he was ready to go in the middle of the night. It was hot, but not nearly as amazing as the first time. He made it well worth waking up for though and then I rolled over for another small nap before getting up. 

When I got home from work, I just laid on my bed for a few hours. I was exhausted, but decided to wait until bedtime to sleep. I've been playing around on PoF some this week since Chloe is away and I need entertainment to occupy myself some to pass these very long 45 days.  I've met a few guys on here before, but never anyone I thought had any potential in my life for longer than a one night stand, until now. Jules may be in some trouble with this one.

Brooklyn (where he's from) has been messaging me all week. He actually sent me a message while I was in NC and I responded this week when I got back to HI. He's a smart ass, wise guy which we all know I find endearing being of the same ilk myself.  He sent me an email around 6pm asking me out for that night. I'm not one to play games, but I did ponder on whether or not to play slightly harder to get and decided against it. I said "Yes" and then he asked me to go to the fair. I'm a big fan of the fair and games and rides and such, but I had zero interest in going to town even though he was picking me up.  Then, he called me on the phone like an actual adult and asked what I'd like to do instead. I suggested we just meet up here in my town, but noted the lack of  entertainment. He agreed and said he'd be up in an hour. 

As I was waiting for him, I changed clothes and as I was putting on underwear went for the mismatched version to keep me from being too frisky with him on the first date.  I also didn't shower again. It was very impactful with Gavin that I made him wait so long, so I decided to try that approach again. He got a little lost coming to my house, but when he got here he came up to the door to get me and then walked me to the car and opened my car door. I adore men with manners, so he was scoring some points already before we even left the driveway! He took me to a local restaurant/bar I suggested and we had a few cocktails. He's in the Navy and having been on a ship for  a week or so, needed some outside time. We finished cocktails and grabbed a 6 pack and headed to my favorite beach to sit and talk. He's very easy to talk to and super funny. I could tell we were really connecting.

On the beach, we were sitting and talking and drinking and he finally leans over and kisses me. We laid back on the towels and just made out for what seemed like forever. His hands roamed and he asked if he could touch me and I said "No". I didn't want to rush things and I wanted to just lay there kissing him. He kept trying, but I kept putting him off. He was killing me though, running his hands around my body...gasp. Oh lord, finally around 1am we decided to lay down and just sleep on the beach until he had to leave at 5am for work.  It was an amazing evening laying out there under the moon and stars and sometimes a little sprinkle of rain. Around 3am though, sand fleas or something started biting and since Russell was out at his bf's house, I invited Brooklyn to come over and lay on my bed to sleep the few hours before he had to go. He agreed and we headed to my house.

I got situated and laid down with every intention of sleeping. I kept my dress on and he kept all his clothes on and we snuggled in my bed. He started kissing me and I laughed at him noting that I didn't think he had any intention of sleeping. He assured me he didn't, but if I wanted to than we could. I kissed back and let his hands roam. He noted in delight that I'd lost my panties on the way to the bed (it really started out as a comfort move) and asked again if he could touch me, asking me as his hands were moving across my bare ass. I told him I was having a harder time resisting now in my bed, but that I had no intentions of having sex with him that night. He started caressing the kitty though and I lost myself. 

He spent forever going down on me. I usually can't cum this way, but he made me. He had me cumming so hard, he was literally drinking my cum. I decided right then that I was in love (lol, kidding!). He licked me to quite a few orgasms and finally came up to kiss me and asked for more. I said ok and fished out some condoms. Brooklyn is only about 5'7" and so I really wasn't expecting a big dick....I was wrong. Damn, he was long and fat and oh so fantastic in bed. We fucked and I came quite a few times and then he did and he's so loud. I actually giggled a little bit as he was screaming. I've never had a guy cum so loud before and it startled me (and probably my neighbors at 4am!). He cleaned up and asked for round 2. Um, yes please.  We went again in another show of fabulous fucking and he came equally as hard the 2nd time. Again, I was stifling giggles b/c it was so cute watching and hearing him. He literally did everything I love in bed and we hadn't discussed it at all. He just seemed very intuitive with my desires and was very in tune with my body. Finally, we slept for about 30 minutes cuddling some and then his alarm went off for the 5:30am backup one. 

As he was getting dressed, he was kissing me and finally pushed me back on the bed and asked for round 3.  I told him I was out of condoms, but I was sure we could find other ways. I finally gave back some oral and he played with me as I licked him to another orgasm, also resulting in the same scream (lol!). It was so much fun being with him. I laid down at 6am to sleep and in the light of the day, I hate I didn't hold out longer but OMFG it was great sex! I really like this one. He's 30, married once (military contract marriage), no kids, employed, owns a house in CA, and has goals in life. I'm so not looking for a bf, but we've definitely got some intrigue going on right now.  He's on duty for the next 24 hours, so I'm hoping to see him again later this weekend or the very first part of the week. 

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