Monday, June 20, 2011

Highs and Lows

This weekend has been full of highs and lows.  I’m starting to think I’m manic – HA!

Friday was a good day with Coach sending me early birthday flowers at work and a hilarious trip to the sex shop at lunchtime because he was too embarrassed to go get what was on our shopping list.  FYI – the shopping list was a pair of wrist restraints, a cock ring, a new vibrator for me, a blind fold, and a paddle - all part of my birthday present from him.  I did get the most awesome paddle ever. As I texted with Jules and perused the stock I happened upon this awesome paddle that looks like a paintbrush.  The handle is hard leather and then instead of the brush it has strings like thin rubber bands.  It hits just hard enough to sting but doesn't leave welts.  We used it Friday night when I got a birthday spanking face down across Coach’s lap.  HOT!

That night when he got home we were very happy to see each other of course. We actually jetted off to see a movie right away and I was more than a little titillated to whisper in his ear as the movie started that I had no bra or underwear on.  I thought he might come out of his skin when he heard that.  After the movie, we raced home to some amazing hot sex that included a hearty birthday spanking as I mentioned.

Friday we slept in then went to the gym and before we could even get out the door, he had me pressed up against the counter and teasing me like crazy.  I had told him I wanted part of my present to be that he was in total control of everything I did for 24 hours.  Coach quite enjoyed that by ordering me to spread my legs while he teased me through my gym clothes.  After that, we did actually go to the gym and then lay out for a while by the pool. 

After the pool we came back inside and he took charge and told me to go get cleaned up in the shower and that he’d join me in a moment.  I was being a submissive birthday girl so of course I hopped in and got squeaky clean.  A few moments later, he got in and I washed every bit of him resulting in a super hot hand job thanks to copious amounts of soap.  After that, he bent me over in the shower and we had OMG hot shower sex!  Thank god I have a garden tub because I don’t know how you could do that in a regular one!

Finally we got dressed and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants where he gave me a gift certificate for a massage and a delicious birthday cake.  Later we caught up with some friends and had a wild night on the town that (much like last birthday) ended up with me singing on stage in front of an audience.  Have I ever told you I can’t sing worth a lick? 

Speaking of licking, we got home late and Coach proceeded to give me super hot birthday sex with my hands restrained behind me.  He was definitely manhandling me and I have to say I loved every minute of it even if it did result in me having a yucky spot of friction burn on one knee.  In short there was spanking, lots of licking, blind folding, being tossed around on the bed, and even a little double penetration with the new vibrator in action. Sorry Gwyn - I know that's TMI for you!

Sunday we slept until about noon and then Coach went off to do Father’s Day activities with his kids and the weekend highs crashed into a very black low.

If you’re a new reader, my dad committed suicide about a year and a half ago.  Last father’s day was not great but I expected it to be that way.  This one I was expecting to be easier and instead it caught me really off guard.  At first, I thought I was just tired and hungover so I just lay on the couch and watched movies for hours.  Then I started getting irritate at everything and everyone and I made the fatal mistake of getting on Facebook.  Of course, there were tons of posts about being with their dad and pictures and stuff.  Which just set it off the blackness more and made me fully realize why I was feeling the way I was.

Coach came home just after that and was sweet and tried to comfort me but there’s really nothing anyone can do.  I just have to wade through the feelings and hang in there until they let up.  I hate feeling this way!  And it sucks to feel this way after the majority of my birthday weekend was so awesome!


PS I found out this weekend that Sawyer's kids are NOT going to be going to the same summer camp as my kids after all. I kind of feel like I dodged a bullet there.


  1. So are you happy or sad that you dodged that bullet?

    So the Coach... in the spirit of honesty gotta say, I wasn't a hundred percent sure I totally understood the attraction. I mean, he seemed like a nice enough guy, I LIKED him based on what you've told us, but I didn't totally "get" how he, out of all your suitors last year, ended up on top.

    I think I get it now. That story was pretty hot. :-)


    PS: It would be disingenuous of me to pretend I could sympathize with your Father's Day, so I won't. But I sincerely hope it gets easier one day for you, and for what it's worth I do think I'm qualified to say that... well, you don't strike me as the kind of girl who wilts away when faced with adversity.

  2. Interesting question Ethan, I too wonder this about the bullet dodging?? Where there's smoke, there's fire honey and you've brought him up a lot lately...maybe you're not finished with it yet.
    I'm very sorry you had a crappy day yesterday. Big hugs, lots of love, and I'm drinking a beer for you. :(

  3. I'm definitely glad to dodge that bullet. I want nothing more to do with Sawyer. Ever!