Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm not getting older, I'm getting better!

Birthday party 2 was ridiculous! Out of control! Magnificent! Well, at least what I remember was totally awesome LOL.

We kicked off the evening at Gwyn’s house where we chilled and had some of my new favorite drink – OJ & vanilla vodka. Delicious! Then we were fast and furious girls getting ready to go out and managed to only show up to dinner an hour late. Whoops! I kept getting text from the rest of the group about where we were and every time I told them we were on the way. They must think Gwyn lives in BFE.

Dinner was a blast. Half the table was under 40 and half the table was way over 40 which was interesting but I was lit and loving it. After taking a gazillion pictures with everyone at the table both wearing and not wearing my sunglasses and managing to break a fifth of vanilla vodka on my food (ouch!) we headed to the piano bar. I remember maybe the first 30 minutes at the piano bar. It was classic!

I don’t know why I have no memory of anything from 10-2. I mean I did drink but it wasn’t overboard and there were other things going on but still. It’s weird. Maybe it was just too much fun and my mind had to block it out to keep me from feeling like every day of my life was boring after that LOL. The pictures from the night are awesome. Apparently, me and my friends were the hit of the bar and Gwyn said everywhere we went a crowd followed us. We went back and forth from the piano bar to the club about a million times and the stories everyone tells me are ridiculous and fun. The pics are even better too! Apparently I gave out a lot of lap dances which would explain why I have so many freaking bruises all over my body and why my ass is still sore. I remember the end of the night and taking a bunch of random pictures with my girls and some random guys and the ride home and hour or so that followed as we went to bed. It was crazy, that’s all I can say.

It’s funny. For the last few weeks I’ve been so amped up about my birthday and then this last week I started getting nervous about it. Worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations and would be a disappointment. I mean this felt like a really important birthday to have a great time considering it was my first without my dad and without Duckie. Well, all I know is that this birthday so far exceeded my expectations it’s just ridiculous. I know I’ve used that world a million times but there’s just no better word.

I’m feeling so grateful and lucky to have such amazing women in my life who took the time to make this birthday so special. I really don’t know what I would do without them!

Father’s Day was a bit of a downer. I did wake up and I don’t know if it was fatigue or the whole dad thing but the morning was a bit depressing. I shook myself out of reverie and spent literally five hours at the pool (about that much time on Saturday afternoon too) fending off the advances of Cabana Boy and Pool John. I have promised to let them come to my work concert on Thursday. That should be interesting to say the least. I’ll admit Cabana Boy’s attention is nice but it’s so over the top. I told Gwyn on Saturday that if he tried any harder to impress me he’s going to have a stroke.

I’m in such a weird state of mind today. I need to do some serious revamping of Team Miranda and I need to figure out some shit with College Crush and Lawyer Boy. The longer I’m involved with both of them the more perplexed and weird I feel about it. And then there’s Sawyer. I really need to cut him out of my life but that is so much easier said then done. I think I’m just still exhausted from my glorious birthday celebrations but who knows.


PS – 10 days till Hawaii!

PPS – Duckie’s an ass because he didn’t have the kids buy me a birthday present. Cards yes, token gift no. It’s not like I expected much but come on! If my mom finds out she’s going to flip!

PPPS – Duckie also mentioned that he thinks we should change our custody arrangement and do the version where I have the kids for a week and then he does. I’m thinking about it. It definitely has some benefits. He said he was thinking about changing it up because he realized he never has Thursday or Friday night free to go out LOL. I’m just glad he even wants to go out these days! Maybe one day soon we’ll be more comfortable having some sort of friendship with each other.

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