Friday, June 11, 2010

Crouching Tiger

I have got to stop sleeping with men that live in the same town that I do...it's too small and it's making me paranoid. Today I was in the 7-11 right around the corner from my house and I was 99% sure that I saw the Chilean guy by the soda machine. I did NOT want to run into him and start a convo in front of my bff (or really just at all), so I went behind an end cap and crouched down on the floor while I made my bff scope out his location. He got in line and the line was for freaking ever...so there I sat crouched on the floor feeling like an idiot, texting Miranda (b/c I knew she'd love the visual), and waiting for him to go. I finally poked up to check on his status and realized as he was walking out the door that it WASN'T him. How freaking embarrassing...seriously.
In other news, Russell is being a total asshole these days...really I have days where I have to hide the knives from myself. Today he had his bf pick him up at the house to return the kid's car to us, but he went about it so very wrong. We have the agreement that men we date do NOT come to the house while the other one is home. I'm sitting on the porch and he prances out and announces that bf is almost here and I should go inside if I don't want to see him. Excuse the fuck out me, but I don't think so...motherfucker...walk your stupid, lazy ass up to the end of the road and wait for him...which is what he did AFTER my tantrum. Gawd, I seriously want to rip his dick off and shove it up his ass somedays. The best part was that he had the audacity to act like I was being a bitch...c'mon!


  1. Too funny! Wednesday night at my softball game I kept seeing guys who I thought were guys I'm dating. Not once, not twice, but three times I started to walk up to one to say hey only to realize at the last second I didn't know them.

  2. Hahaha, great story. Hey, some days you just don't need the complication.