Monday, June 14, 2010

Things Just Went To a Whole New Level

Things here have been fucked up lately...we've been having some knock down drag out fights and tonight it went to a whole new level. The entire field changed, but I still hold the cards (or balls or whatever analogy you pick). Russell walked out of the house after dinner tonight with the announcement that he was spending the night at his bf's house. We don't do spend the nights at other houses when Chloe is home...period. It's THE rule. He said he was tired of my rules and he was changing them. I told him his shit was on the front lawn and he should come get it before the sprinklers did...he was too slow. His friend that came to live with us for the summer was trying to pick it up, as was my bff until I told them very sternly to get out of the yard. I felt badly for Chloe waking up and seeing that though, so I decided later to put his sopping wet mess of stuff into his car until he decides to come and get it. I promptly went and drained our bank account so I would have some cash. Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day. I think I'm headed home to NC...don't see anyway to stay here with the current environment what it is. I've arranged with my Dad to get home if needed as soon as possible. Your move, motherfucker...your move.


  1. Hardcore. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through right now, so I'll keep my canned commentary to myself. But good luck with these next few days... I imagine they'll be some of the toughest.

  2. Hang in there, be smart, and protect yourself! Whether or not I get to come to Hawaii is far less important than you taking care of yourself and Chloe! Love you!