Monday, June 7, 2010


My bff is here as I mentioned before and I'm on a man hiatus, which is actually really nice. I'm enjoying less drama at the moment, but I've got to either start shopping at another market or stop sleeping with men in this town. Last night I went to our local market for some last minute things for Chloe's bday  party today and who should I see in line? Owen...OMG...I started acting like I was 16! He caught my eye as I looked up (he must have been watching me), he kind of waved and smiled THAT smile, so I did the same...instantly I thought 'OH FUCK...we're in public...I shouldn't wave, but he waved.' Then I moved onto 'OMG my kid is here!'. Then I looked at him again and he's totally watching us in line!  My worlds collided and it was WEIRD. My bff was behind me oblivious to my flustered self and as soon as we left I told her that HE was in there and to watch the door b/c she could see him come out. He did and totally walked right past us, meanwhile I'm seriously acting like I'm 16...I could hardly breathe...I hate being a stupid girl. He found it hilarious. He sent me a cute text right after about how cute Chloe is and how much he's missing me at the moment...and I fessed up to him that he'd sent me into a tailspin. He thought I was just flustered from shopping with a kid, um I wish. I'm just really not used to seeing him out...it's only happened once (aside from the beaches where he works) in the 18 months we've been seeing each other...but now we live MUCH closer.
PS Bad news today...I'd actually gotten another job in town since the gallery thing isn't seeming to pan out and they emailed me to tell me that due to an emergency situation, my position is no longer available and the owner will be covering what would have been my shifts. Rats...but good for Miranda's visit because now I only have to work 1 day while she's here (if my current employer lets me stay!).


  1. HAHAHAHA! Just imagine all the times I've run into Sawyer and his family before and after I moved out. It was literally every fucking week at the hell that is WalMart. Seriously! I feel your "flusteration!"

    The very first time it happened right after we made out the first time, I literally thought I was going to stroke out on the floor at WalMart. I broke into a sweat and got all pale. Duckie said he thought I was about to pass out and wanted to know what was wrong. LMFAO!

  2. That WOULD be awkward. I've been mostly lucky, I almost NEVER run into exes here in town, but there is this married girl I fooled around with a little bit last year that I'm constantly terrified I'll run into. Not because she'd be the type to say anything (I hope), but because it would be so WEIRD.