Sunday, June 20, 2010

When I'm Feeling Blue

I like to find new toys. ;) Since my current "team" as Miranda refers to it SUCKS, I've decided to kick them all off and start over. DO-OVER! I'm no longer having sex with anyone that I know ahead of time is married or in a relationship. I don't care if it's going poorly, unless you're out of if...don't talk to me. I plan to stand firm on this for at least the next 24 hours.
Last night, I was bored and replied to a CL ad and met a nice guy. When I call a guy nice, it means I'm not attracted to him at ALL. Sadly, this was the case. He has some super interesting stories, but I didn't feel the chemistry and he's 27. I met him this afternoon for coffee and we watched sunset together. I agreed to one glass of wine after sunset, but then we parted ways. In this time, Gavin called to see what I was doing. I told him I'd do him later but by the time I got home he crapped out on me and said he was tired from moving all day...whatever, loser. So I posted an ad on CL of my own...I really need to move past both Gavin and Owen as neither is a particularly healthy relationship. I'm certainly not looking for a relationship since I currently have the emotional capacity of a gnat, but I would like to at least be with someone that I could actually be with should the mood strike me at some point.
Nick responded to my ad...Nick is hung like Owen (seriously!) and has a super deep voice like Gavin...score!! Chloe is over at my friend's house this weekend and Russell said he doesn't care if I have guys over when he's home now...so Nick and I chatted for a while tonight and I figured out who he is...he works with Owen and is a pro-surfer. (I FB stalked him and he knows Owen (naturally) and Owen's wife.) Once my stalking was throughly complete, I invited him over. It was some pretty awesome sex...the only problem with him is that he's super short (like my height)...but I swear his other qualities might make me look past that one. He said he's 3" taller than I am, but he lied. He didn't lie about other things, so we're cool.
I had another hottie, Andrew, respond that has great potential too. He lives about an hour away, but not in town so he's a strong contender too. Hello new boys!! Welcome!


  1. I'm revamping my team too!

  2. LOL, I made it about 24 full hours before I saw Gavin again...I wish his gf wld hurry up and get back from vacation. Then I might make some better choices for myself...maybe. ;)