Friday, June 18, 2010

Slow Down The Trainwreck

Well things aren't dull here, that's for sure...dull might be nice, but I'm not really a big fan. My bff left today after 2 weeks and I'm super sad. Apparently when I'm sad, I crave sex. Who am I currently having sex with? Gavin...I know, I know...judge away.
He came over Monday night after all the drama...apparently he claims now that he heard nothing and that his presence was purely by chance. You guys know that story...we did it in Russell's bed...haha. Then we took Tuesday night off b/c we were both in recovery mode. I don't want to elaborate, but I did some things Monday that I haven't done in years b/c I just needed to dull the rage. Things are back in check though...really, I mean it. So he came back over last night and we got it on again in Russell's room...mainly just because. ;) My bff and Chloe were asleep in my room, so it just seemed logical (and well...I just wanted too).
Russell and I met last night before this and discussed our divorce in step 1. He's willing to pay a nice child support amount...I still contend it's not really enough, but it's a generous initial offer and I think I can milk more as needed. I did agree in an effort to have all of my July bills paid to have him move back in for a few days until he can find his own place...I do know this is a bad idea, but we've agreed to stay in our seperate corners during this time...just breathe...yep, breathe.
Tonight, Gavin was back on it. His gf is out of town this week and while the cat's away...the mouse will play. I wish I could say no to him, but I can't...his body is just SMOKING hot and the sex is pretty good. It's not Owen good, but since Owen has been MIA since our supermarket run in...whatever. Gavin moves next week (for real this time), but has reinforced that it's only around the corner...uh oh.

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