Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awkward Much?

I met Andy last night and while I must say I had a rocking good time with Gavin Sunday night, I’m not sure I should have blown this guy off. He’s a hottie! He’s in the military and wants to be a dentist when he gets out. He’s able to carry on an intelligent conversation for hours and seems like he’s just a really nice guy all the way around and I don’t’ mean nice as in I’m not into him...like I’ve said about other guys in the past. He just turned 26, which makes me feel like an old woman…but the other issues I’ve had with guys his age in the past don’t seem prevalent here at all. We shall see how this goes. He’s got some amazing talent. Sadly he goes on leave Friday for a month, but I’ve got a pretty crazy month ahead of me anyway.

So he comes over to the house last night and we’re hanging out in the kitchen making out and having cocktails and in walks Russell. He got home an hour early from work! He was totally cool about the whole situation and introduced himself to Andy and then went into his room. It was actually a nice, normal exchange. I apologized this morning via text to Russell and he said it was totally fine that if we’re going to be roommates it’s to be expected and that since this guy is way cute, he especially didn’t mind if I had pretty people over.

Then he drops this bomb…I had asked him to pick Chloe up today so I could work later at the office. He said “Oh, btw…since my bf needed to use his car today (We’re borrowing his car while we figure out what to do about mine still.), he’ll actually be with me today when I pick up Chloe so she’ll meet him” Ummm….hello! No, no she won’t be meeting him. We had about a 30 minute text exchange where I told him that I would handle picking Chloe up and that if and when she meets his bf it will be a joint decision at a much later and more appropriate time, not a week and a half after she learned we’re getting divorced. I explained that this is not just his decision and the previously agreed upon terms of me meeting the bf first would in fact still be upheld. I swear to god I don’t know when this man b/c so incredibly stupid, but sometimes I wonder how he even gets up and puts his pants on in the morning.


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