Thursday, June 10, 2010

Footing the Bill

In my various dating exploits these last three months (yes it has only been three month lol – seems like a lifetime since I moved out) I’ve been intrigued by this whole “who’s paying for what” deal with dating.

I’ll be honest, women’s lib aside; I do think the boy should pay on the first few dates. I have no logic behind that other than that’s just what I think. That being said, I do always offer to split the check or at least make the old fake out rummaging around in my purse like I’m looking for my wallet move. I mean I’m a grown ass woman I should at least pretend to offer right? Now as a relationship progresses I think it evens out more and you share the bill more often.

In the vast majority of my dates, the guy immediately either just takes the check no questions asked or he sees my fake rummaging and tells me not to even think about paying. A few of them have even been a little insulted that I would even think I needed to pay.

Other than the random awfulness of Toe Boy (remember that freak!), I’ve not actually paid for much. I bet by now I’ve been on probably 20-25 dates (in three months – go me!) and by my calculations I’ve shelled out less than $100. Not too shabby. With Lawyer Boy, I’ve bought two rounds of drinks, with College Crush I bought him one beer and paid for half our cab ride, and then of course there was freaky Toe Boy who I bought my own dinner with. Pretty sweet huh?

Even last night I ended up going out with some girls from my softball team – yes they are lesbians – and I didn’t pay for my own drinks. They bought them! HA! Considering I average going out three nights a week I think I’m doing pretty freaking good!


PS – Randomly, my Plenty of Fish account has started getting tons of messages again. Some from some really cute guys and there’s even a guy who is 6’8!!!!!! OMG I love a tall guy. Not sure that any of them are team worthy yet, but I do have some spaces available….

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  1. I always thought that it just sort of went without saying that the guy pays on dates, unless it's a special circumstance (i.e. it was something that he couldn't financial do, and she really wanted to and could). I don't think it's even necessary to do the fake purse rummaging thing... it takes a really special kind of guy to assume he's not responsible for the bill.