Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Out on the Town

OMG how could I forget to tell you this? Last week Duckie texted me and asked if I could keep the kids this Thursday (that’s one of his regular nights). I said sure and asked if everything was ok. He of course ignored that question. We still keep about 85% of our communication limited to text or email. I really wish we would get to the point where we could at least hold a conversation face to face or on the phone that touches on something other than the basics about the kids.

Thursday is one of my work concert/bartending nights so I arranged for the kids to stay with my mom and sister. My mom also told me she had seen on Duckie’s Facebook page that he had posted something to the effect of “I’m ready to go out,” and several people (including girls) had replied with “yeah!” and “let’s go!”

So apparently Duckie has plans this Thursday. I’m hoping it’s a date but most likely he’s just going out with friends. Either way it’s a big step for him and I’m really happy for him. I hope he has a blast whatever he’s doing.

Of course I guess I should think carefully about where ever I end up going after my work concert. It’d be mighty awkward to run into Duckie downtown!


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