Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best Lines - 2010 Edition

Wanted to share some of my favorite lines I have heard from guys recently (and one old school line for good measure). I swear men are too much some times. And you wonder why we don't believe a word you say......enjoy!

The Inmate (upon hearing he took my virginity)

“Maybe I can be your first and your last.”

High School Hookup (we were about 15 at the time)

“I make beautiful babies.”

Crossfit (on our first date; making a comparison between our stargazing and spooning)

“You can be the little dipper and I’ll be the big dipper.”

The Inmate (via text; referring to the strawberries I was eating)

“Are you going to let me put some one you? You will love it. I can do things to you that you only dream of.”

(Extra info: I responded with “Doubtful.”)

Truck Driver (via text after I looked through his phone)

“I’m gonna f**k the s**t out of you when I get back for putting me through all this.”

The Barber (from the first night we met; since then he doesn’t really use lines on me)

“I just want to see if your nipples are big or little.”

Every Guy I’ve Ever Dated

“What about just the tip?”


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