Friday, June 4, 2010

Jules Hiatus

I'm on a 2 week hiatus from boys while my BFF is visiting! I'm super excited to see her and I think this time off will allow me to clear my head and start fresh mid June when she leaves. I need to slow down for a minute and see where I want things to go. I'm not feeling the Hungarian anymore after that crazy text convo...I just can't get past the pressure. Owen is back and I may sneak off to see him once while she's here, but that's just b/c I'm weak and I love fucking that man. Damien is still telling me how much he's in love with me. I told him yesterday that while my shit is fucked 83 ways to Sunday, he can't even see Sunday anymore. I adore him as a friend, but that's it...really, I mean it. So my peeps...see you again mid -June...Aloha!

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