Monday, June 14, 2010

I Hate Work

The title of today's post really has nothing to do with the post topic - just wanted to make a statement I suppose. Work has been driving me literally insane lately (just ask Miranda....) and I haven't had too much energy to devote to the ever-shrinking man team. Hence the 'ever-shrinking' part..........

I went out of town early last week to go to my cousin's eighth grade graduation and awards ceremonies. Long story short - I spent 8 hours on Thursday watching her get medals, pins, diplomas, plaques, etc. I'm definitely glad I went because my little genius cousin got the award for highest grade point average in every single one of her classes - except PE (the complete opposite of me who won every athletic award possible but did just enough to get As in my academic classes). I sort of felt bad for the other parents every time my cousin's name got called but hey we can't all be the best! However, the pomp and circumstance involved in the ceremonies was unlike anything I've ever seen. I guess the whole private school scene in VA is something I wasn't prepared for. Not to mention the entire experience was led by a clearly homosexual Headmaster with a hoop earring, comb over and white suit jacket. Imagine Nicolas Cage playing Willy Wonka.......
The only thing that made it bearable were the hilarious pics and texts Miranda sent me from the work charity event. One picture of H3's butt made me laugh out loud and I thought Willy Wonka was going to send me down the chocolate river!

I got back in town on Saturday afternoon and knew I was going to see The Barber because he was helping out a friend of mine with getting some 'party favors' for his birthday. Best part of that deal was that The Barber told me I could keep the money my friend was paying for the 'favors' - I know it's dirty money but I need cat food and groceries! So I went to meet The Barber to get the 'favors' and he told me he had to go meet a couple other people but if it didn't take too long he would come over afterwards. Then he leaned over and kissed me, squeezed my boob and said "Let's do it in the parking lot real quick." We both laughed and he said he would call me and let me know if he was gonna come by - I barely made it 10 minutes down the road when he texted me to say "I'm coming."

He made it to my house about an hour later and we hung out in my room (he's allergic to my cats and being in my room is easier because we can lock them out and it's not so cat-hairy in there). We watched these shows about ancient aliens for literally 3 hours straight. Of course we took a brief intermission to partake in adult activities (I tried a few new techniques on him and he went crazy, he was like putty in my hands) which was totally amazing as usual. We stayed up until about 4am just talking and watching tv. He was very affectionate and cuddly and I could tell he was really enjoying himself. Now here's the shocker - not only did he spend the night for the second weekend in a row, he didn't leave my house until noon on Sunday. When we first started dating, this was the normal weekend routine for us. Since we broke up, this is not the normal routine. I didn't even expect him to stay the night (he also has his youngest daughter at his house for the next week so when she is here I never expect him to spend the night) much less stay until mid-afternoon the next day. When he left he told me that he had lots of fun and gave me a kiss and a hug, then he told me he'd call me later. He has both his daughters for the next couple of days (they are both 2 years old) so I don't expect to see him again until they leave. They are going for professional pictures today and to the zoo tomorrow!

I guess my post about coming full circle was pretty accurate. Another weekend passed and another night spent with The Barber. Since he left I've been feeling all giddy and happy - damnit ;)



  1. Imagine Nicolas Cage playing Willy Wonka.......

    This is, by far, the best mental picture yet :)

  2. If you're happy, I'm happy! And that was an awesome line....