Friday, June 18, 2010

Go Shorty... It's Your Birthday....

Last night was legendary. LEGENDARY! It really didn’t end up being totally any one scenario but it was all a bunch of good drunken fun! I don’t even know if I can do it any justice by writing about it but I’ll give you some highlights.

So the concert started off with a bang and who should appear, Budweiser Man. Late in the day, he had the balls to text Gwyn and see if she was going to be working the concert. I told her he was totally going to show up and he did. For a while he acted like he was ignoring her, and really Gwyn didn’t want anything to do with him, then he did finally talk to her. I’ll leave that story for her to tell. What’s funny is that for quite a while H3, Braceface, Budweiser Man, and BT were all standing together talking. All the beer guys whose numbers we either currently have or have had LOL. And there was even a new cute beer boy but he’s only 23….I got his number anyway HA!

The bartending went great as usual and we worked hard core for tips! By the end of the night we’d gotten about eight glasses of sangria and $37 (which a coworker totally took and gave to our organization – no fair but whatever!) I totally tried to set up Braceface with Cougar but other than a little flirting, he didn’t seem that interested in her. But he behaved and didn’t cause any trouble though more than once he whispered something inappropriate or made a dirty hand gesture. What a punk! At least I know now he can keep his mouth shut on occasion.

I’m so glad Lawyer Boy (LB) came out! It was nice to get to show him off to people I know for a change. He’s been bugging me about meeting some of my friends so I think he felt special to meet so many at one time. Gwyn gave him a deliciously hard time but he earned her drunken approval in the end! You should have seen his face when Gwyn asked him why he still had a profile on Plenty of Fish! LMFAO! It was also incredibly nice to be with a guy who could be comfortable talking to people on his own when I flitted off to talk to other people or do whatever. And LB can talk let me tell ya. That man could talk to the wall!

I tried to hook up Gwyn and H3 but he wasn’t playing our games last night for some reason. Today on a lunch run, Gwyn and I figured out that because he knows about the whole playing of Budweiser Man, maybe he thinks we’re trying to play him too and that’s why he’s been reluctant to get involved.

After many a drunken picture taking sessions, Gwyn split to go out with another friend and I stayed with LB. Gwyn had a ridiculous night flirting with a ton of random guys from the sweaty washcloth guy to her personal trainer. She ended up alone in a phone booth inside of a bar at 3am texting me. Then she woke up this morning next to her computer with her former booty call’s number mysteriously programmed back in her phone due to some excellent drunk super-sleuthing.

After leaving our private “after party” par for the course LB wanted to hit up the dive bar near my house where DJ works. I texted DJ on the way there to let him know I was coming and that I was with Lawyer Boy. I didn’t hear back from him, which made me nervous. Before we went in the bar, I made LB promise not to start anything with the DJ just in case LOL. We drank a massive amount of shots in a very short period of time there and I proudly became an official member of the bar HA! But LB wouldn’t let me sign the membership contract before he thoroughly evaluated it and added in a bunch of random, funny clauses. He is a freak! But in a really good way!

We finally grabbed some 3 am fast food and crashed at my place. He ate the food; I never eat after we’ve been out like that, danced around my living room for an hour to David Geutta, then had some sloppy making out and passed out near 5 am. I drug myself out of bed about 9 am to come to work. Ugh!

But LB was incredibly hungover which provided a lot of entertainment. He was the laying still in the bed, don’t want to move/talk/breath type of hung over poor thing. I offered to let him crash there all day while I worked but he said he had to force himself to get up so he could get to studying. Oh LB, what am I going to do with you? I need to do a whole special post and the weirdness/awkwardness of our relationship sometime.

Tonight is birthday party part 2 – Girls Night Out! And I just got a text from High School Crush saying he was going to try to put in an appearance at the very same club we’ll be at. Hmmmmm, oh the possibilities….



  1. I am so about to throw up on my desk right now. That phone booth was amazing by the way. But I do remember people kept asking me why I was in there. Meanwhile my friend was buying shots for everyone in the bar - probably better I stayed in the phone booth.


  2. It sounds like a legendary night!! I hope this one is too! ;)