Thursday, June 24, 2010

If I Know It's Bad For Me...

Why must I keep doing it?? It's because I like bad boys. I've always been inexplicably drawn to them. Gavin is my current 'wtf am I thinking?' bad boy. I do things with him that I know I shouldn't. I do things with him that I would totally judge others for. I do things with him that just feel good and comfortable. Tonight I snuck into his house (per his invite). The reason I snuck in was because Russell was home and out on the porch with a friend of ours. I told them bye and started walking up the road like someone was picking me up, then I turned down into a yard past where I knew they could see me and came up in front of Gavin's. It was like I was 15 years old again. Gavin is super paranoid of Russell now since the infamous supermarket run in of May '10 and I didn't want to hear Russell's judgement of where I was going. Gavin's gf comes back to HI on Monday, and I have to say that while I'll miss the open access to his rocking hot body...it's really for the better. Then he's spending July on the mainland with his kid, so temptations and availablility will decrease dramatically. This train to nowhere needs to derail, but I'm unable to turn down his sexy voice and hot body and promises of a good time (which incidentally he always delivers in one form or another) when he calls me. On that note, he's someone that outside of my HI life, I would judge as a total loser. He's smoking hot (as we've established) and we have a lot of fun, but he's rarely employed, has a restraining order out on him by his gf, just got arrested last month for a fight, has no driver's license due to child support isses, and is currently being evicted from his house (and waiting for them to evict him before he moves despite having another place ready to go), oh and he's got major substance abuse issues...yet I will go to him in a New York minute...wtf am I thinking? I could be thinking that he's the polar opposite of Russell.
PS I did forget to add my favorite quality about him. He's a big wave surfer with no freaking fear. I love that in a guy and that could very well be a giant part of the attraction.

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