Monday, June 28, 2010

OMG I Forgot to Tell You Something Important!

How could I have forgotten to include this in my post?

Thursday at my work concert, I had a text from Duckie asking if I was working at the concert. I said I was and that I was in the VIP section and that he should come by and I’d give him a free beer. I knew he was “going out” that night but I didn’t know he was coming to my work event.

He eventually came by, I handed him a beer, and we exchanged a few pleasantries. Then I handed him two passes to get in the VIP area and he looked quite shocked that I’d do that LOL. He walked off I guess to find his “date” and I did a little victory dance with my friends who were working.

After about 20 minutes, he walked in with his date who looked absolutely uncomfortable and terrified LMFAO! She made a beeline for the other side of the VIP area to get some wine and I gave Duckie another beer. He looked so shocked that I was being friendly which is dumb because I’ve gone out of my way to be nice to him.

I went back to serving the VIPs and was trying to get another good look at his date but they disappeared. Guess she felt weird being in that close proximity to me. She was not an unattractive person but I did think she looked a little old LOL.

After a bit he came back over, handed me the passes back, and said thanks. Then later in the evening, he sent me a nice text thanking me again and we did a little polite back and forth banter. Maybe he’s finally moving on, I hope so! He needs to be happy!

Oh and then Sunday when he dropped off the kids we were the most at ease with each other that we have been since last November and we had a good conversation. Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Wow, that's great! I think he'd like it if the women he dates look a little older. You looked too young for his liking and all... LOL

  2. Damn it Miranda...you're making me look like a bitch. I don't want Russell to be happy. I know that's really shallow and selfish of me, but alas... ;)

  3. Ha! Jules it's totally self serving for me to want him to be happy!