Friday, September 30, 2011

Do Ask Do Tell

I had an interesting day on Tuesday that both Miranda and Jules begged me to blog about so here it goes...

Russell had the day off and I needed to go to Target to get some things for McDreamy's birthday. He told me that he was meeting a friend (aka booty call with an army boy) in town and that if I wanted I could drop him off and then take his car to Target and come back and pick him up. Beggars can't be choosers so I took him up on his offer.

A little background - Russell had already seen this particular guy at least once (maybe twice) and had told me that he actually liked him and it was a shame he was moving back to Texas in the next couple of weeks. He's an army guy and I think like 32 or 33 years old. I hadn't seen a picture and didn't know anything about where the guy lived and what not. Just that he was an army nurse (I lol'd on that one please forgive me God) and a pretty cool guy.

Back to Tuesday.....so we make the 30 minute trek into town and I find out that the booty call is staying at an ALL MILITARY hotel downtown. It is well known that this particular hotel is only for military personnel and their families. I did wonder if this rendevous would've occurred so readily if the DADT policy hadn't been repealed the week or so prior. I was trying to figure it all out in my head...would the guy just come down to the lobby and meet Russell? Would I have to drop Russell off in some secondary location? Would there be an ID check?

So we pull into the hotel and one of my questions is immediately answered - yes, there is an ID check. "Driver's license please." Thankfully only the driver has to show ID and Russell explained to the guard that he was just meeting a friend. I wondered then what kind of interesting things (and people) the guards got to see coming and going from this hotel. From the stories Russell tells, there is no shortage of gay men in the military and apparently they like to get it on. I imagine this type of arrangement happens quite often but I'd love to hear some of the cover up stories the guys tell.

So we get through the gate and pull up to the front of the hotel, along with a bunch of other cars either loading or unloading military men and their belongings. Did I mention we were driving a red convertible? I felt like I may as well have had on a neon flashing sign that said "I'm dropping off an older man here to have sex with a young military man who may or may not have revealed to his employer that he enjoys the company of other men. Then I'm going to Target." Then another one of my questions was answered, Russell's friend was indeed down in the lobby waiting for him.

He was very cute and had a really friendly smile. He walked up to me and shook my hand and Russell introduced us. I swear I felt like I was dropping off my son for a prom date or something - ok, maybe not a prom date but you get the point. It was so strange. I saw a couple of guys in uniform looking in my direction and I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking. Older gentleman pulls up in red convertible with young female passenger. Older gentleman and young female exit the vehicle and are greeted by young military man. Young female shakes hands with military man and then he and older gentleman walk away into the hotel. Young female drives off in convertible.

I headed to Target and about halfway through my shopping trip Russell texted me to say I could come back whenever I was ready. It must have been pretty quick because not more than 30 minutes had passed at that point. I finished my shopping and headed back to the hotel to pick him up. And yes, I was ID'd at the gate. Thankfully, I wasn't questioned.


OMG SEX (The Really, Really Good Kind)

I'm sorry I bailed on HNT today. I had plans to make my body into a sundae for Owen's pleasure, but since the universe thwarted us yesterday, we had to meet today and I didn't want to stop on the way home to meet him to get supplies...so, ya'll get nothing from Jules this week...sorry. I'll probably do it at some point because the idea of him licking whip cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce off of my tits and stomach makes me dripping wet and when I do, I'll post a pic.

We met up today at my house (finally) and he sexted with me all the way here from town. OMG, I was ready for him and he walked in and dropped his shorts and his hard cock indicated he was quite ready as well. He came over and rubbed my tits and watched me play with myself and then pushed his cock into me along with the glass toy I was using and told me to keep fucking myself with it. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and pounded me. (Miranda had our current FB status as her real status today, but I couldn't resist putting it on our site because it made me think of Owen sex.) He moved down into total missionary and grinded against me for a while too. That felt really great and then he asked me if I wanted a mouthful of his cum b/c he wanted to fuck my tits. I assured him that I did. He rubbed against me and told me to open my mouth for him. I looked up at him as he came all in my mouth and then I sucked it off and swallowed every last drop. He laid down and I climbed onto him and he guided his cock into my ass. I came hard several times and then he told me that he wanted to pin me down like he knows I love. I flipped off of him and rolled over onto my stomach with my glass toy back inside me. He started fucking me super hard and normally he doesn't announce when he's cumming, but today he said with almost surprise "I'm going to cum again!". I told him to fill my ass with it and as he did I felt a huge orgasm building. He came hard again and I begged him to keep going. I came soooooo hard immediately following. It was one of the strongest orgasms I've ever had with him without squirting...super intense. He finally pulled out and bent down and kissed the side of my ass before he got up.

We hopped into the shower because we both needed to go pick up our kids and made out in the shower for a few minutes. I love, love, love the way he kisses me. LOL, I totally forgot a hilarious story from the weekend. Russell, Gavin, Gwyn, McDreamy, and I were eating dinner the other night. Someone brought up kissing and Russell snickered something about me. I thought at first he was referencing what I said about him the other day, but one look at him and he was referencing the Gavin situation! One day last year our old neighbor, who was insanely jealous of my affair with Gavin, came over with delight to tell Russell and I a very nasty story about Gavin and his gf. Gavin told the neighbor that one of the things he liked most about me was how clean I am. It seems his gf went through a period where she was less than clean. He went down on her one time and apparently she had not done a good job wiping her ass and not only that had left some tp there. Now, why in the world would you share that with anyone in life baffles me but he did and now we all know. Other than a few times at swinger's parties in the moment, I refuse to kiss him. So when Gavin chimed in with "Yeah, Jules really doesn't like kissing, do you Jules?" I almost choked on my wine. I love kissing, just not him. He's a great kisser, but that's something you can't just easily block out of your mind. On the other hand, I could make out with Owen all day long.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ultimatums and Universe Thwarting

It's been a crazy few days in Jules' world, not crazy good either. I'm really pissed at Gavin...like super pissed at him. Sunday night, we hung out and ate dinner and had a great time. It was fun and he was funny. The rest of the week, not so much.

Monday night he was at my house acting like the total drug seeking addict that he is and was doing so in front of Gwyn, Russell, and more importantly Chloe. WTF? I wasn't home, but when I got home he had just left and had hung up on me because I refused to give him $40. It was insane. He called me about 1 hour or 2 later and asked if he could come over. I asked why he'd left 10 minutes before I got home if he just wanted to come back. He said he'd had to take some weed to a friend and was ready to come back over. I'm leaving out chunks of the story, but it would just be too long...so this is the Reader's Digest version. On the way over, he called back to ask me to put on the strappy black dress and to be on the bed. He came in and started licking my kitty immediately. For some reason, he craves that when he's high. I didn't realize how high he was at the time and enjoyed this activity. We played around more and I blew him and we fucked and then his substance use became a problem when he wanted to do more right when I was ready to go to sleep, you know because I have a JOB and all. I spent 45 minutes arguing with him and throwing him out. He called once he got home and apologized, but I didn't really accept it.

Tuesday I didn't hear a peep until after dinner. We had company and I didn't want to answer my phone (which rang 4 times in 30 minutes). So, he comes over and just makes himself at home like nothing to it. I expressed my displeasure, but I was drunk and just kind of went with it. I was seething though and after everyone left I hung out with Gwyn some before going into my room to go to bed so that I wouldn't kill him. When I got into my room, I noticed almost immediately that he was fucked up again. I was PISSED. I think I actually hit him on the arm a few times and then settled onto my bed and told him how fucking pissed I was. We argued some and then he started fucking me with my toys and I came like he's never, ever made me before. It was amazing. We had sex after he finished with me and the toys and then he went back at it with the toys again and then I gave him a hand job. It was really great sex, but angry sex on my part. I was really mad, but drunk and when he left is kind of a blur. I saw in my phone that he must have called once he got home and it looked like I answered the call but briefly.

So, today he comes over to my house in the middle of the afternoon. I'm never home during that time and Gwyn and I were watching an episode of Mad Men (which we are all 3 obsessed with) and I was doing some stuff before leaving for class. He came in all chipper and started talking to me like nothing was going on. Once he figured out I was still pissed and I told him we needed to talk, he practically ran out of the door. He said he had to go and just stopped by, but didn't expect anyone to be here. Um, then why would you come over??? Weirdo...

He called me later and left a voice mail that said it sounded like I was over him. When I tried to call him back, he made some excuse about really wanting to talk to me but that he was busy and would call me back. I actually called him on the way home from school, but he didn't answer. He called back once I got home and I was watching Mad Men and let it go. I finally called him back just now and he said "Well, you knew the job when you took it" regarding his use and recent behaviors. I told him that if that was the case, I didn't want the job anymore. I told him that I love hanging out with him when he's not using but that using in my house will not be tolerated. I told him I felt totally disrespected and that he had absolutely no regard for me or my situation or he wouldn't put me in this situation. He said he didn't want to be controlled. I told him I'm not controlling him, but I will control what happens in my house. Then I did it...I gave him the ultimatum. I told him that he needs to decide whether hanging out with me is more important than using. He apologized and said he totally understood what I was saying, but at the end of the day I think his using is far more important and his days here with me are limited.  He's gotten me to the point where I'm a gnat's ass away from being over it, so we'll see what time brings.

In funny universe thwarting, I was supposed to see Owen this morning. I thought Gwyn was home so I told him I couldn't have him over and he'd driven the kids to school in his wife's car, so we couldn't meet out in his van. I didn't have time to meet out at our beach spot, so we are going to try for tomorrow afternoon between work and my picking up Chloe. The house will be free and I'm hoping we work out the timing. The funny part of this story is that as soon as I gave up on seeing him and left my bedroom, I noticed Gwyn was in fact not home. She'd driven Russell to work and we totally could have had the house to ourselves. Ooops! Oh well, tomorrow will be better anyway because I won't be rushed as much as I would have been this morning and I can have it the way I love it...long and hard. ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magic Dick

Finally, I got to see Owen yesterday!! It was super fast, hurried, frenzied sex with a funny run in afterwards. He had texted me in the morning to see if I could meet him around lunch time. Chloe was away as mentioned before b/c Gavin had come over (yep, totally whored it up yesterday and it was awesome!).  I had jumped in the shower to get ready to see him when 3 kids descended onto my house wanting to the go the beach.  I had to bail and told him I could do after 2pm when she was at a party or after he got off from work. He said after work was best for him and I promised to be available because Russell would be home and I needed to run to the store for dinner items.
He texted me right before he was supposed to get off from work to tell me that the wife and kids had just left the beach and he’d tried to say he was going to the hardware store but the wife reminded him they close early on Sundays. I expressed my disappointment, but said that clearly the universe didn’t want us to meet up this weekend. L  Then he remembered that he needed to drop something off to a friend and run to the store for beer so we arranged for a super quickie.
I pulled up and he came in right behind me. I jumped into his van and we were naked in like 3 seconds. He’d spread out a blanket for us and we knelt kissing for a few minutes. I knew he was in a hurry, as was I because Gavin, Gwyn, McDreamy, and Russell were expecting dinner in less than an hour and I still needed to run to the store. I asked him how he wanted me and he said he wanted to pin me down and fuck my pussy and then my ass. Yes, please!!
I flipped around and he gently pinned me down and entered me. I wasn’t overly wet, but within seconds I was cumming the first time. Within minutes, I had soaked him and he pulled out and entered my ass and within a minute or so he pulled out and shot a huge load all over my ass and up my back. It had to have been a record for us. He usually goes at least 30 to 45 minutes with an hour being his preferred…I was in and out in less than 15 and more satisfied than I have been in weeks!! Clark used to be insanely jealous of him and refer to his cock as the “magic dick”.  Let me assure you, it’s magical alright!!
I ran over to the local grocery and was answering his “you’re awesome” text when I damn near ran into him (literally) in the parking lot. I smiled and he kind of waved. I told him I thought the beer thing was just a story (and honestly thought he would have gone to the other grocery store right near his house).  As I entered the market, fear hit me. I’d told Gavin I was going to that market at that time if he wanted to meet me there on the way to my house since he was cooking.  Fortunately, Gavin took his sweet time leaving the beach and just met me at the house about 30 minutes later.
I raced through the store getting my groceries and as I’m at the deli counter, Owen is in the checkout line paying. It’s a super small store and he looked up and smiled at me. I am sure I blushed 83 shades of red while standing there. He took what I thought was a really long time at the checkout and I noticed he kept looking over at me and making eye contact, which prompted more smiles between us and blushing on my part. OMG I felt like we were in junior high…lol.  When he got back into his van, he sent me a text saying “Totally fumbling at the register…”.   I love that we’re still so hot for each other that we have that effect on one another after all this time.  He always strikes me as so confident; it was cute to see him like that.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Your Number?

So I’ve been having a shit ton of anxiety related dreams lately.  I’m sure all due to the changes in my job.  But I’ve also had quite a few that were about me being with guys and them asking me what I want and I can never answer in the dream.

The most recently one involved SoCo and me at a Mexican resort of all places.  We were having weird freaky sex like we used (remember he liked me to bite his penis) to all over this resort, in front of people in the lobby, on the beach, in the bed, on a lounge chair by the pool, and then he got mad at me and said something to the effect of I was there in body but not spirit.  WTF?  I remember he asked me what exactly I wanted from him and I stood there trying to answer and I literally could not move my mouth.  So I picked up my beer and walked butt naked into the ocean presumably never to be heard from again.

Yeah, crazy dream.  Clearly, Miranda’s in the midst of a mindfuck to borrow Jules’ terminology.  I’ve got anxiety over changing jobs and Gwyn being gone but also I’m trying to figure out what I want now in my personal life.  Do I need to just be single and have nothing to do with boys for a while?  Should I throw myself back into the dating pool with gusto (really my online dating antics of late have been halfhearted at best)? Do I want to try to date date someone or just revert to a modified version of last summer’s sluttery?

There’s a very big piece of me that wants to get back in a relationship with someone.  Clearly, after 20 or so years of dating I’m finally figuring out that Miranda’s that girl – you know the one who would go from relationship to relationship.  Even last summer’s sluttery would have ground to a quick halt had one of the top ranked guys pulled a BF card out of his hat.  But I do have some standards.  It’s not as if I’m going to just settle for a trip to the boyfriend/girlfriend rainbow wonderland for just anyone.

On the other hand, there’s a big piece of me that feels like I need to exorcise the Coach demons and just go out and be wild and have fun with the girls and do my best to not end up falling in bed with every guy that comes along.  And we all know exactly what Miranda is capable of doing and not doing lol.

The reason I don’t want to have sex with a bunch of random dudes aside from the obvious reasons, makes me sound totally crazy.  Yeah, shocker there folks.  Miranda’s a little loo loo.  I know I told this to Jules in Hawaii but I can’t remember if I told Gwyn but I have always had this idea that I wouldn’t be a “whore” (in a bad way) as long as I kept the number of guys I’d slept with less than my age.  HA! That makes me laugh to even write that.  Jules about keeled over when I told her that.

And let me be clear to say that this is only the standard for myself, not for everyone.  I believe every girl has her own inner whore setting.  Yours may be more than 10 or less than a 1000, that’s your right as a woman to decide.  So anyways, my rule of thumb has always been to keep it less than my age.  Well I’m going to do something very few women will do, maybe I’ll start a revolution, but I’m going to tell you my number. 

36 – thanks to the Ginger. 

I remember right before he was in me literally, I caught myself thinking oops there goes my limit.  At least I pushed over my limit and got an orgasm and a funny story – OHBOY – out of it.

I started the debauchery of last summer at 19 and with my wild and crazy antics; it quickly escalated to 35, which was Coach.  And the inner romantic dreamy girl part of me thought perfect – Coach could very well be the “one” and my limit will remain intact!  That was until he turned into a total douchebag skank idiot mother fucker (yes I’m aware I still have anger issues there). 

So obviously, it’s unrealistic to think that I won’t sleep with anyone new for the next nine or so months until my birthday.  Or is it?  Could I employ Gwyn’s time tested efforts for recycling and just keep bringing back old team members?  Could I go nun-ish and just not have sex – ahhahahahaha.  No way!  Are there members of my team who I could successfully maintain a FWB type relationship now that we’ve all literally been there and done that?  Hmmm, things to ponder on a Monday afternoon…


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Much Improvement

I woke up at 7am to Gavin calling and asking if he could come over for coffee...thank god it meant fucking. I'm still totally jonesing for Owen, but he's the next best thing. He came over and crawled into bed with me. Chloe and Russell were both gone and Gwyn has pretty much moved in with McDreamy, so we had the house to ourselves.

I was totally sleepy and not into full on acrobatic sex. I was laying on my stomach and he crawled on top of me and gave me some really awesome sex. I love getting it in my favorite position and he was feeling extra frisky, so it was great sex. Afterwards, he moved back into mindfucking though. We were laying in bed talking and he asked me if I was stoked he was there or what? I asked what he meant and he said he wanted to know if I was happy he was there or if I had moved back into just FWB thinking. I told him I was on the fence. I can't remember exactly what he said but you could tell he was responding based on what my reply had been. Gwyn pointed out the other day that he's good for that. I decided to call him on it. I asked if he was happy to be here and he assured me that he was. Mindfucker...lol.

We moved to the couch and I was watching Sex and The City. He saw Samantha and noted how much like her I am. I laughed and pulled a face and said, "Yeah, except I've been fucking the same people for eons now". It seems that was the wrong response...I didn't think it would hurt his feelings, but then I had to spend like 15 minutes backpedaling and saying that I didn't really mean it as a bad thing. Ooops.

It seems the gf left this morning to go back to CA, hence why he was up so early. Part of me loves that he came here and fucked me right after dropping her off at the airport and part of me really thinks he's a tool for it. At any rate, he's coming back tonight and making me crab legs so I'm pretty freaking happy about that part and just going back with the flow of the universe.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have recently been pondering the terminology associated with mistress, as in what is the male equivalent. I googled it today to discover it is master. Owen is my master...rofl. Well in many ways, I suppose this is true. I would definitely call him the DILF to my MILF, but master struck me as funny.

We spent 12 hours sexting yesterday. (I think we both may absolutely explode if we don't get to see each other soon. It's been 2 weeks!) It started with him sending me links to new sex toys and ended with me calling him and cumming for him on the phone late last night. I've posted the toy links below and found the timing hilarious with the link Miranda posted yesterday. Sex toys must be on the brain!

We almost had it worked out to meet after work yesterday, until I had to become the voice of reason. We live on an island. His wife and kids were surfing. He would have had to drive right past them with no good reason for being over here in order to come see me. If she had seen him, which was highly plausible, it would have created some questions. I don't want him in a position to answer questions. He doesn't strike me as someone who thinks fast on his feet.

So, the sexting resumed and I looked  into the toys he had sent earlier since when he sent them I was at work and decided I'd better not open the links. Yesterday, hot deals Hawaii had a offer for $50 worth of merchandise for $25 at Sensually Yours (our local sex shop). I kid you not...the sex toy gods were in line yesterday. I told him I'd bought it but because of the high costs of these items, we could only get one of them. He replied that he's getting a check for something within the next 2 weeks and he wants to give me a bunch of money of go "crazy sex toy shopping". His reasoning is that I'm the "BEST mistress EVER" and he needs to step it up and fund our play things. I'm thinking he's the BEST master EVER. When I go see the psychic, I've decided I no longer need to ask questions about this relationship. I'm going to be his mistress forever. ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Most Disturbing Sex Toys Ever

Shocker - Miranda wastes a lot of time on the Internet. Can't help it.  Between the web and Facebook I've got a serious case of adult ADD. Especially now that I only have two weeks left at the job I detest. 

That being said, Cracked.com is a favorite site of mine. It's a repository of funny, interesting, weird, and all around odd stuff. Today, I stumbled upon the mother load of holy hell I just fell out of my desk chair sex toys listed on there.  Take a moment to check this link out.  You'll be both intrigued, repulsed, horrified, and hell, probably oddly aroused all at the same time.

Some of this stuff is insane!  http://www.cracked.com/article_16032_the-25-most-disturbing-sex-toys.html


Annoyed and Mindfucked

Gavin annoyed the piss out of me today. He called me not once, but twice while I was at practicum to see if I could contact my neighbor so he could buy some weed. Dude, go fucking knock on the door...next door. That was my first annoyance, but it gets better.

Then he tells me he's picking up his gf from the airport tonight and that she's home pretty much just for the weekend from CA and then I guess she's going back. Who knows or cares really? What I want to know is how in the hell someone with no job gets to travel this much? Anyway, I was not annoyed by this part but what super pissed me off was when he asked what I was doing this weekend and told me he had a friend I should hook up with. I snapped at him and told him that I did NOT need him to be in charge of my dating life, for real. I ended the call and was very abrupt and bitchy when he called the 2nd time regarding the weed.

When I got home, I was leaving to go get Chloe and he was pulling in. I gave him a mumbled line about going to get her and stalked off walking. When I got home, he had left (thankfully b/c it would have been a fight otherwise) and called me about 5 minutes after I arrived home. He said he'd washed my car, taken out my trash, taken my recycling, and wanted me to know how much he appreciates me. I asked if he was even curious as to why I was pissed at him. He said it was b/c the gf was coming home. I said it was not, but that it was his need to treat me like his whore and try to hook me up with his friend. He said that was not the case, but that this was a good friend of his and that he would at least know where I was if I was hanging out with this guy this weekend. Um, are you fucking kidding me? That set me off even more and I informed him that he already knew where I was and that I really didn't require any assistance from him in this department. He finally said to me "Jules, I know you have feelings for me and I have feelings for you too and this situation is just complicated and I felt like if you were him, it was close to me, and I would know what you were doing...that's all. I'm sorry. I just mentioned it to you, not him." I said that better be the case and he asked if he could call me tomorrow. I said I supposed so and hastened getting off the phone again. I am feeling  mindfucked by him right now and while we all know that Jules loves to fuck...I am not a fan of the mindfuck at all.

The funny thing is that on the way home today I was totally thinking I should just end this. Then, I get home and Russell tells me all these dates he's going to be in CA the next few months and frankly I kind of need him right now. And then of course, he goes and tell me he has feelings for me...jesus. I mean I know he does. I can see it in him and his actions, but we don't talk about it and haven't talked about it since that one night earlier this summer. It just feels like this could end up getting complicated and I really hate complicated. Despite the way it reads, I really do keep things pretty simple around here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sex is better in Hawaii!!!

I've officially been in Hawaii for 2 weeks as of yesterday. One whole week without Miranda has passed and I still wish she was here to enjoy everything I'm enjoying (well...not EVERYTHING lol) but I know 6 months will fly by and she'll be back in no time.

Since Miranda has been gone I've been slowly settling in to my new life in paradise. McDreamy has been wonderful, minus a fight we had when Miranda was still here about driving me to town to meet her and Jules for dinner. His biggest flaw (and really the only downside I've discovered about him to this point) is that he gets agitated/annoyed/overwhelmed very easily. I think part of it is just his nature and his upbringing and part of it is a result of the time he spent in Iraq. In other words, I think it is his nature to be easily annoyed but fighting in the war just intensified it. We made up (aka he realized he was being an a-hole and apologized) and since then we haven't had another disagreement.

He's taken me all over the island to do a bunch of fun things and shown me some of his favorite places. We get along so well it's very strange - I feel like I've known him my whole life and he says the same thing about me. You know those toxic relationships where you bring out the worst in each other? Well this is exactly the opposite. We completely bring out the best in each other - I calm him down, make him sweeter and more romantic, and give him the push he needs to do well in school and in grown up life. He does the same for me - he lightens me up, makes me more open to romance and love, and brings out my silly side. He also loves doting on me (except when he doesn't feel like driving to town hahahahaha) and protecting me from the dangers of Hawaii (when I slipped on a recent hike I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown..he kept saying "your mom would kill me if you get hurt on a hike I took you on"). I've gotten a full body massage including music, candles, and lotion, every night we've spent together. He hasn't said the "L" word yet but he keeps bringing it up so I don't think it will be too much longer. He's very sensitive and even though he knows my feelings for him I think he wants to be completely sure the love is mutual before he puts it out there. I can wait :)

The sex has been really really good too. We've had shower sex, kitchen sex and plain old bedroom sex. He's made me orgasm every single time, except for once when it was a little on the quick side - but it still felt amazing. Our most exciting sexual adventure happened on Sunday when we went for a hike behind his house. We had talked about having sex on this particular hike before I ever came to Hawaii but we never made a solid plan. On Sunday, we hiked up to the top and came to a clearing of sorts. He had packed us some lunch (homemade uncrustables!!!!!!!) so when we got to the clearing I assumed we were just going to sit and eat. We sat down for a minute to take in the view and he asked me if I was still up for some top-of-the-mountain-sex. I told him I was and he seemed sort of surprised, I guess he thought I had just been saying that to please him but that I wouldn't actually do it. He then said, "Really? Ok, awesome. Well, I brought a towel." The fact that he brought a towel nearly made me LOL but I held it in and just focused on how cute it was that he had thought up this whole plan. We found a relatively smooth rock for me to sit on and put the towel on top of it. I was facing outwards towards the amazing view and he stood in front of me. The breeze was blowing, the view was fantastic, and the excitement of having sex on the top of the mountain was the cherry on top. The only downside was having to hike all the way back down while his cum slowly made it's way out of me....sorry for the TMI!!!! We made it back to his apartment and showered and then that night he made me dinner and we ate by candlelight on his lanai. All in all it was one of the best weekends of my life!

Having a boyfriend again has been lots of fun but has definitely taken some getting used to. I've gotten so accustomed to doing things on my own! But I must say having a boyfriend in Hawaii is much better than having a boyfriend in NC. There are so many romantic things to do here that we couldn't do anywhere else. On any given day there is always a beautiful sunrise/sunset to watch together, a hike to conquer, amazing food to try, breathtaking views to enjoy...the list goes on and on. It doesn't hurt that I don't have to work for awhile and I can spend my days reading, lounging on the beach, researching places here that I want to explore, and planning healthy meals for us to eat (having someone to cook for has been one of my favorite parts of having a bf again).

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I think I've hit the karma jackpot. I don't know how long life is going to be this peaceful but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it!


P.S. - Yesterday I got on the wrong bus trying to get to McDreamy's and ended up spending 3 hours with the lovely patrons of the HI public transportation system. I decided it was karma paying me back for my road rage issues. I anticipate that won't be the last crazy bus adventure....my road rage is no joke and the universe hasn't even come close to evening the score.

Climbing the Walls

I don't know what it is right now, but I am seriously jonesing for Owen's cock. I mean like full on addict style. Clearly, I have sex addict issues, but it's like insane right now. I haven't seen him for a week and a half and it will definitely be 2 or 2 1/2 weeks before I finally get too. We've been sexting, which almost makes it worse because it taunts me but I can't have it! He's working some side job this week with ridiculous hours that is thwarting us from a much needed release of sexual energy. When I do finally see him, I can assure you all it will be ON.

I had sex with Gavin tonight. He called me today and told me it's his son's birthday and he was going to his party. I suggested he come over afterwards, which is always code for "come over and fuck me". He did, but because it wasn't the sex I'm craving it was basically just  mediocre. I sucked him, he fucked me, he creampied my kitty and I barely came twice. Russell was in the bathroom right outside of my bedroom and that was distracting and he came quickly again. It scratched the itch, but it wasn't the full on that I so desperately need right now.

I don't want to look outside of the team, but Owen better resurface in person soon!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Message from the Universe?

So we all know Miranda is not very good at resisting urges.  But one urge I have been very good at resisting is seeing Sawyer in person (cue dramatic music).  Thankfully, I’ve been able to hold very strong on that since last fall outside of the odd times we run into each other in public settings.

He found out via the kids that Coach and I had broken up and he started emailing me the odd message now and again.  And of course, he started flirting heavily and asking me to meet up with him.  He even pulled out the tactic of challenging me just to kiss him and see if I could resist.

The thing is I know if I was stupid enough to agree to that challenge I would totally cave and it’d be on like Donkey Kong.  Aside from the horrific mental ramifications of being involved with him again along with the bad bad relationship karma of being involved with a married guy, I know the sex totally wouldn’t live up to my memories.  The affair made things so hot and intense and because I’d only been with Duckie for so long, Sawyer seemed like the shit in bed.

The reality is – after my intensive research the last year lol – he’s just not.  He’s good in bed but not amazing.  Though he can dirty talk like nobody’s business.  And frankly, his junk is just not that big.  But he does know what to do with it to be fair.

Regardless, today he was literally begging me via email for a picture of my Hawaii tan.  I sent him a totally G rated one of me on the beach but he continued begging and said he wanted one like the one I accidentally sent him eons ago.  I told him I had deleted his number from my phone after that and he promptly emailed me his number again. 

I was feeling particularly devious so I snapped a quick one just of the top of my tan line along my bra and sent it to him.  No response.  A few minutes later, I wondered what that was about and I looked at my phone.  Horrifyingly funny but I had entered his number wrong.  Yep, somewhere out there someone got a surprise picture of my boobs.  I almost wish they had responded just to make the story even better. Somehow I feel like the picture getting sent to the wrong number was a message from the universe.

I did correct the number and resent it.  Of course, he loved it.  I was telling Jules and Gwyn about this funny event and Jules asked if I was going to start seeing Sawyer again.  That’s an emphatic no there friends.  I have no intention of seeing him again though the temptation is great.  The key for me is keeping distance though.  As long as he and I don’t see each other when we’re alone it’s all good.  Miranda can be strong.  But if I caved or even happened upon each other when we were both alone, well I’m not so sure my defenses could stand the Sawyer onslaught.

My new job is less than 10 minutes away from where Sawyer works.  I’m going to have to keep my eyes on the prize and focus on doctor dating alone to keep myself out of harm’s way.  He doesn’t go out to lunch much so the chances of us running into each other are slim but you never know. 

Why are there some people that your connection to is so strong and others you can walk away from without even a second glance?


PS – My sister is really trying to convince me to buy this house they own in my old neighborhood where Duckie and Sawyer both still live.  It’s a cute house and an awesome price.  Plus in a weird way I think it would be good for the kids.  It’s not on the same street but it’s just around the corner from our old house.  How weird and messed up would it be if I ended up back in my old neighborhood?  I’d need a Sawyer proof chastity belt.

Escape from Alcatraz

So Coach had his back surgery and he’s back in town per his crazy ass plan.  He messaged me via Facebook a few times while I was in Hawaii but nothing worth blogging about.  Then I came home from Hawaii. 

For some reason he started messaging and texting me – a lot.  I guess maybe because he was curious about Hawaii and couldn’t see my wall or because he was immobile after his surgery.  Who knows but it was making me crazy.  So I refriended him on Facebook with hopes that he’d just stalk me that way and leave me alone.  It’s worked pretty well I will say.  He’s only texted me like twice since I accepted his friend request.  That being said, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until he goes crazy pants again.

He did text me Sunday night I guess and said he was bored laying on the couch.  I told him to chill out he’d only had surgery two days ago and that I was going to bed.  About 15 minutes later I got a text from him saying, “HA I got out.  I’m going to Target.”  I responded “not smart” and asked who was driving.  He said he was.  Hello Nutso!  Sure, driving your car three days after fairly major back surgery sounds like a genius idea!  I promptly told him he was an idiot. 

Jules and Gwyn both expressed concern that I had refriended him.  The thing is though while I miss what we had – scratch that – what I THOUGHT we had, I’m all too aware that I was way more in love with his illusion than his reality.  Every time I even think in the least about him, I’m flooded with anger over all the BS.  There are no worries there my friends. 

Am I sad still?  Sure.  Am I angry?  Hell yeah.  Do I want to go back there?  No way!  I’m definitely missing being part of a couple right now, especially with Gwyn’s Hawaiian defection, but it’s nowhere near worth entering that hazardous waste dump.  And that’s just what Coach is for me – toxic.

In other boy news, the Ginger and I didn’t see each other Sunday so I felt like I needed to pull back from him.  I didn’t text him any Sunday afternoon/Monday.  Last night about 8, he started texting me like crazy.  Boys are so weird.  I’ve reverted back to the not answering a text unless it contains a question rule that Gwyn and I created.  I don’t know what’s up with him but I’m not sweating it either way.  Though I want to have sex with him again purely to see if I can evoke another “oh boy.”

And I quit this bitch!  I turned in my notice at work here yesterday.  Felt damn great if I do say so.  I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from co-workers congratulating for me for “escaping” and wishing they could do the same.  My new job is for a hospital so I told Jules I’m keeping my eyes on the prize and I’m going to date me some doctors! 


Monogamy X 2

I was laying in bed the other night pondering my current relationships with the team and then it hit me like a freaking ton of bricks. I'm essentially monogamous with these 2 men. Ok, technically I guess it's polyamory only Owen doesn't know about Gavin. At any rate, it's weird for me and it almost broke my brain and lead to several hours of insomnia.

I've been having an affair with Owen for almost 3 years. January will be 3 years. Outside of my marriage, this is hands down my longest sexual relationship and I've been sexually active for 22 years (another whammy in the acknowledgement of that length). Owen and I have had sex way more than Russell and I ever did in the actual 9 years of our marriage. (I don't count the last 1.5 years since we're technically separated.) As I said in the last post, I have a super short attention span and I lose interest quickly. Why haven't I lost interest in him? I mean it is the best sex of my life, but what exactly is going on here with that? I haven't a clue. All I know is that I have no plans of ceasing anytime soon and I still get butterflies every time I see him. I think it works for me because I know it's zero effort and I know he's not looking for a commitment from me, so there's no pressure.

Then we have Gavin...I've been seeing him for a year and a half. We've also had way more sex in that time than Russell and I ever did. I didn't realize at the time that I was doing this, but when I pitched the fit about the waitress, I essentially set myself up to only get to see Owen (fairly). My philosophy with Gavin until that time was that as long as he lived with his gf, he really had zero say in my life. I would fuck him and others and I would do so safely with the others, minus Owen who I know is clean. While I think I could still get away with this stance, it would be totally hypocritical of me to dictate that he only see me and the gf while I'm out fucking whoever I want. While there are a lot of things about Gavin that I like, there are also a lot of things that I don't with regards to him ever being more than a FWB and he's clearly not man enough to leave the gf. She's going to have to be the one to do that. (BTW, she didn't really break up with him the other day but she's still in CA doing god knows what.)

We also have the Chloe factor with Gavin. She hates him. I told her tonight that I may have him pick her up from school tomorrow and you would have thought I was telling her that a serial killer was coming. She pulled a face and pleaded for him not too (not in a scared way but in a I hate him way). She has no good reason other than he was initially really pushy with her. Now since he knows how she feels about him, he pretty much ignores her. He's polite and speaks and I force her to be polite, but there is a huge divide. I know the answer to fixing it would be for them to spend some fun quality time together b/c at the end of the day, he is my friend and I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon, but I also don't know that he could spend time with her without pushing her to do things she has no interest in doing and would it really benefit anyone other than me for them to spend that time together?

The long and short of this reflection is that as I've said, I'm not in a place to have a "normal" relationship. I'm happy seeing the 2 of them, but the longer it goes on I have to wonder if it will be harder to stop seeing them in the future. What kind of co-dependency am I creating here? I'm obviously totally addicted to sex with Owen. With Gavin, I like having someone around that I know I can count on and the sex is fun. I can justify it all day long, but I'm starting to wonder how "healthy" these relationships are for me. They meet my sexual needs on an epic level, but I suspect within the next year I'll want more out of a relationship as the dynamics in my household shift and I'm curious to see how things shift as this occurs. Another year is a long time though, will I be approaching year 4 with Owen and 2.5 with Gavin? I think a visit to a psychic is in order. I have questions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TMI Tuesday - What Would You Do?

1. You encounter a good looking lost and frantic tourist looking for the airport. You:
A) Shrug your shoulders, feigning ignorance.
B) Find the shortest route on your smartphone and get him/her a cab.
C) Direct him/her to the nearest bus stop.
D) Get your car, pick up his/her luggage and speed to the airport.

I don't have a smartphone, so I guess C. I would not put him in my car. That's just stupid in my humble opinion. I've picked up one hitch hiker ever and he was an old man that just paddled out of the water at the wrong spot. I felt safe. - Jules 
I would do B if I had a smartphone but since I don't I'd probably just give them directions.  My police office daddy put too many hitchhiker fears in my head. - Miranda
Probably A. Depends on my own situation at the time. If they asked me for help I would do my best but if they didn't ask I think I'd probably just keep on with what I was doing. -Gwyn

2. You’re taking a vacation alone. Your destination:
A) Beach resort — I just want to relax and de-stress.
B) A group tour — I don’t want to worry about the details.
C) Wherever the dart lands on the map.
D) Every country with a hostel — my backpack is my home.

A or C...I love a beach resort, but hell I live on an island. I am a big fan of new, exciting travel so I would probably do C if given the opportunity. - Jules 
Definitely A though I've considered just getting in my car and driving until I was sick of it. - Miranda
A. -Gwyn

3. Blackout! You can’t watch TV, so you light some candles and:
A) Dig up some batteries and listen to the radio.
B) Invite the neighbors, light a fire and sing camping songs all night.
C) Find a friend and play games that don’t require electricity. . . Like chess.
D) Drive to the next town — oh sweet Wi-Fi, I’ve found you!

E)None of the above. C'mon guys...we know what Jules would do. I'd find a friend to play games unlike chess or I would dig up some batteries and play alone. - Jules 
Um, Miranda would light some candles and have some patience for the power to come back on?  Unless the black out happened in the cold and then I'd bundle my ass up and drive to the nearest town with heat.  A few months back Coach was at my place and I had the kids and we had a power outage. The kids were bouncing off the walls. They couldn't figure out what to do. So sad lol. - Miranda
None of the above. I'd probably just go to sleep. Either that or read a book. I'm not a huge TV person anyways, I'd be more concerned about not being able to charge my phone or cook myself dinner. -Gwyn

4. The man/woman of your dreams has finally proposed. The relationship is perfect, they are everything you’ve ever dreamed of and ever wanted. They are also a multi-millionaire and want you to sign a prenuptial agreement. Which would you do?
A) Sign it
B) Just not get married  

If I ever planned to get married again, I'd say A. For example, if my favorite musician mentioned in the previous post wanted me to marry him and sign a prenuptial, I'd sign the fucking prenuptial. What I would get in a prenuptial is still more than I have and ultimately, I'm a firm believer in going in and out with what you came into it with. - Jules 
Despite my romantic tendancies, I'd just sign the damn thing. Would it be a little bit of a sore point, sure. But like Jules said I believe you should go in/out with what you came in/out with.  I wish I'd had a pre-nup with Duckie LOL! - Miranda
Sign it. -Gwyn


5. If you were going to marry an inanimate object, what would you marry?
Note: A woman has married the Eiffel Tower and another has married the golden gate bridge. Read about it HERE

Are you kidding me? - Jules 
I would marry Hawaii!!! -Miranda 
OMG I'm just glad someone else has seen my favorite weird movie ever, "I'm Married to the Eiffel Tower." What about the lady who was married to her crossbow???? As for me, I guess I'd marry my iPhone? Kind of a hard question to answer :) -Gwyn

Nasty Dirty Quickie

OMG I've been climbing the walls for sex. I just had the period that would NOT end...tmi, I know. It was finally over today, but it's been a very long, seriously packed day. My horoscope this morning read that today would be a very productive day, but to save energy for the festivities tonight. Um, ok.

The day started at 5:30am. I woke up to a call from Russell. He had gone out last night and I assumed he was stranded with some car issue...wrong. He was in the ER with a kidney stone, which is like his 5th one. It's become an annual event. I told him to call me and let me know later if they were releasing him and then he proceeded to text me for the next hour until it was time for me to get up anyway. I had horrible insomnia the night before, so I actually hadn't gone to sleep until 1am. Yes, 4.5 hours of sleep. It does not suit me.

I called Gavin at 7:30am following Russell's call that they were releasing him to see if he would ride with me an hour away to the hospital where I needed to pick up Russell and his car. He said he would but in his sleep haze asked me to come get him, not realizing how out of the way this was for me. Of course, I didn't mind since he was doing me such a huge favor at a ridiculous hour. We drove over there and came home and got Russell settled. We went to breakfast on the way back to his house at a local place and ran into none other than my most favorite musician eating breakfast with his kid.

I told Gavin on the way out that I have a huge crush on this guy and if the guy didn't have 3 kids, I'm pretty sure he would be my 2nd husband. Gavin found this funny, but I could tell was jealous too. "Let's Get It On" was playing when we got into the car and he told me that I could fuck him and watch this guy's video and pretend it was him if I wanted...lmao. I told him to be quiet, that I needed a moment. I dropped him off and he told me that he would come back tonight and make us dinner if we wanted...we wanted.

He made an awesome dinner for Gwyn and I because Russell was too hungry and out of it to wait and then sit up and eat with us. After dinner, I walked in and told him I wanted to fuck after everyone settled down. He said he would wait. The house must have sensed my need b/c everyone went into their respective rooms and watched TV. We closed my door and I sucked him until he got hard. He asked if it was a pussy or ass night, meaning was I still bleeding or not. I told him it was all clear and that it was safe to cum in me again. He promptly got onto his knees in front of me and fucked me with my legs spread wide (I clipped my nails so that I can play with my clit while he does me again, safely.), and with my legs closed like I love it up in front of us. He came all in me and stood back to watch it drip down and then he told me to take my fingers and lick it up. Fuck, that's hot. I love when he commands me to do things like that. I did and he loved it.

He asked me afterwards if that was ok...if it was too fast. It was fast since we hadn't had sex in a few days, but perfect since everyone was still awake and I really didn't want to draw attention to the fact that we were fucking. Gwyn knows b/c she reads this, but Russell would like to remain oblivious. I came, he came...all good.

I was sexting with Owen today and telling him about the new mirror addition to my bedroom. He can't wait to cum over and test that visual out, but sadly he's working a stupid side job all week and it will be at the least the weekend or maybe next week before we can see each other again. That's good timing though, because I think Gavin's gf returns next week and when she's around it takes both of them to meet my sexual needs.

In an interesting twist, the Hungarian has resurfaced and asked me out for next week. I'm going to his house after class one night next week for dinner. I really liked him, I just thought he moved way too fast. On a weird note though, I feel odd about seeing him. It's not that I won't tell Gavin about it, but we sort of have this agreement right now. We are both allowing the other one more...meaning I get Owen and he gets his gf as a freebie. I'll post more on that later and my thoughts on this whole thing. I've been with him for a year and half now and I realized last night I've been with Owen for almost 3 years. That is insane for someone like me with huge commitment issues and the attention span of a gnat.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mainland Blues

Well Miranda’s back on the mainland.  Boo hoo.  I’m feeling oddly introspective today which I guess shouldn’t surprise me since with all the changes but it has caught me off guard none the less.

Hawaii was amazing. I just love it there. Even beyond the fact that Jules and Gwyn are there, I just feel such an overwhelming sense of peace there.  Coming home was hard.  Really hard.  Much harder than I expected.  Saying bye to Gwyn and Jules was much harder than I expected.

It was a whole dramatic scene in the airport lol.  I was half drunk from the Zombies we drank at dinner, sobbing walking through the airport.  Then I popped half an Ambien and was extra loopy which at least settled down the crying and led to some very funny texts I sent to the girls and Russell.

Last night I was really too worn out to do much beyond unpack and lay on the couch watching poor TV.  My friend D called me and begged for me to come out with her. I actually entertained the idea for half a moment but I was physically too tired.  Late College Crush called me. We chatted for a few moments and in my tiredness I told him he was a gimp who was afraid of commitment. That led to a very funny conversation that ended with him saying he wished he lived here so I could be his girlfriend. As if!

Coach has been texting me some.  He had his back surgery and is here in town for at least the next month or two. I don’t like it.  Especially being tired and introspective.   It feels dangerous for him to be in town even if he is physically laid up at his parents and not out and about.  It’s only a matter of time before I run into him face to face.   I feel like an addict who’s being forced to be in close proximity to her drug of choice.  I texted him back some but not much.  I’m trying to keep him at arms length.

The Ginger and I had talked about doing something today but now he’s refereeing this afternoon so I don’t know that we’ll see each other or not.  In my current frame of mind I couldn’t care less either way.  Even McKing popped up and texted me last night for a while.  I’m feeling very “meh” about all these boys and I really want to meet someone who makes me feel excited and swoony.  If I could just somehow combine McKing and the Ginger that very well may turn out to be the perfect man for me.  Right now I really miss having a boyfriend.

Aside from my “meh-ness” I did get awesome great news my last day in Hawaii. I got the job I’d been wanting! It’s doing the same type of communications work but at a local hospital.  This could be my toehold into becoming a nurse one day before too much longer.  I’m excited and nervous about it.  It’s always scary to start over in a new field.  But it will be a great move for me and just think – I will be around doctors all day lol. I could be dating a doctor Gwyn! HAHA!

A very funky feeling Miranda

Nurse Ratched

Team Jules has a man down. Gavin has been sick for 3 days and he's in full on self pity mode about it. He called me yesterday about 50 million times while I was in a training with my boss. When I finally called him back, he said he just wanted to talk to me to make sure he could come hang out at my house. It seems the mere comfort of my house is enough for him...lol. I told him I wouldn't be home until late because of having to take Miranda to the airport (sniff, sniff) and he said he was going home to bed before I got back but just wanted to hang out at my house for a while first.

He called me today and was just pitiful. I ended up feeling sorry for him and invited him over or told him I would bring him provisions if he needed. He said he really wanted to come to my house and see me, so he did. Russell was making Chicken and Dumplings, but Gavin was hungry immediately. I went out and got us Thai since I don't eat chicken any longer (though it was hard to resist tonight) and picked him up some Day and NyQuil. Medicine straight from the gods in my book. I insisted he take it and we laid on the couch watching a super lame movie. In a very sweet move, Russell offered and made him a bowl of Chicken and Dumplings too.

Gavin's son is racing tomorrow, so he needed to go pick him up so he could spend the night. They get up super early (like 6am) on race days. He invited me, but we have plans with Chloe tomorrow. I was laying on the couch before he left and he asked me to come into my bedroom with him. I made some flip remark and he commanded me. I laughed at him and he asked nicely, so I went into my room and he had moved onto the bed onto the edge where he could see himself in the newly position full length mirror. Since I'm still bleeding, he knew he was going to get a blow job. I complied with his wishes b/c he's been so cool lately and sucked him off while he watched me in the mirror....hot. God, I'm a good nurse...rofl now.

I am currently pretty happy with him though. I know I'm the only one that likes him (other than Josie), but he's just so damn perfect for my life right now. There are not a lot of people that could handle my current deal, yet he does. He had a big score this week too.  Earlier in the week, he was cooking all of us dinner one night because Russell decided he was too tired. I was hanging out in the kitchen with him and we were discussing the recipe. I told him that every stick of butter he adds to my food, adds 5lbs to my ass. I told him that if he keeps cooking the way he does, I'm going to weigh like 250lbs. He looked at me with such seriousness and said "I don't care about things like that". I asked him later if he would still fuck me if I weighed 250lbs. This was totally in jest b/c I have no intention of gaining that kind of massive weight, but he again replied that I'm such an amazing person he doesn't care what I weigh. Now I fully suspect if I actually did weigh 250lbs, he would be out but I truly appreciate the sentiment that he's not hanging out with me just b/c of my body and that clearly the well runs deeper. This is the cool part about the friends factor.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Blows

I have always sucked at saying goodbye, even when it just means see you later. I'm not a fan. Miranda left tonight and I've actually been in a funk for the past 2 days over it. I came home early yesterday and she was at the beach. Gavin was here sick and I was playing around on FB waiting for him to come to life and her to come home. In the process, I got extremely homesick. My brother and his wife are expecting a baby next month and my grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary last weekend and I missed their party. I'm having my period and I'm just feeling whiny.

Last night, I felt like numbing myself. I started with a lot of wine early on. Gavin cooked Miranda, Gwyn, McDreamy, Chloe, and myself a fabulous dinner and we sat on the porch drinking and smoking after. I started to feel myself passing out and kind of abruptly got up and went to lay on the bed. Gavin was in my room already and I apparently demanded that he play with my ass. This lead to him fucking my ass and apparently more demanding that he play with it afterwards. During this time, it seems I just passed out. I woke up at one point, brushed my teeth, took out my contacts, and passed back out on top of the covers. On a happy, funny note, he just brought over a full length mirror that we propped up beside my bed. That is sure to to lead to some enjoyment.

Owen sent me this funny video tonight from Durex condoms. I told him it was a well timed laugh and then he asked what was going on. I kind of unloaded my whining on him...bless his heart. As if he doesn't have his own shit going on...
I'm sure it will all pass in a day or two when I stop bleeding and I get used to Miranda not being here again. I will say that I'm psyched Gwyn has stayed, but I know that has made leaving 1,000,000 times harder for Miranda. I'm just counting down the days til Miranda can stay here too!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girls Night Out

So as promised, Gwyn, Jules, and I went out Tuesday night and it was a blast.  Funny though because one of us has a boyfriend, one of us has two sort of boyfriends, and one of us is a free agent (oh boy aside).  Regardless, we got gussied up and forced our old lady selves to go out.

First bar we went to, we picked up a bartender, too bad it was a girl, with more tattoos than Miranda and Gwyn added together.  After we kvetched about divorce, we determined that no suitable men were available and we headed to another bar.  I should note that the original bar was the very one where Karoke Boy IDd Jules and Miranda and filled in a lot of drunken missing details a year ago.

So we headed to the second bar.  Upon walking in there was an awful lot of bad karaoke.  An awful lot that Miranda unfortunately knew.  At some point in the night a random dude approached and provided Jules and Miranda with shots of an indeterminate nature but ones that quite possibly included roofies.  Gwyn queried the providing gentleman with the question of where was her shot and he quickly provided her with his.  Great laughter insued.

After more shots it was determined that we should leave said bar and retired to Jules’ amazing porch and suddenly nice girl Miranda started making friend.  Gwyn tried to auction off Jules and Miranda and Miranda managed to score us and three other guys shots. Washington Apples to be exact.  After the shots and more beers we decided it was best to leave especially after “Pat” decided to hit on Gwyn and hearing that she had a boyfriend was to ask if Jules and Miranda were “bad girls”.  Which we are but we don’t readily admit it.  Whatever lol. Friendly girl Miranda also made friends with a bouncer who looked cute after many beers/glasses of wine/shots.  We all know how beer goggles work so let's be glad Miranda was only making friends.  Through talking to him Gwyn pointed out that his "title" on his shirt was protection specialist.  WTF?

So we eventually make our way out of the back of the bar and as we get in Jules’ car, we get cornered by a freaky dude who hit on us earlier and a random old dude.  After a few minutes Miranda took the bull by the horns and asked our “protection dude” to make the guy leave.  He did, much laughter ensued, and we wrapped up the night on the porch.

Holy hell it’s 3:05 am and we’re going to bed. Told you it was going to be an epic night.


PS  - Added the next day after we wrote this - I forced Jules to cuddle just to make her uncomfortable. Then she told me she wasn't wearing any underwear.  I revoked my guest privileges and scooted to the other side of the bed lol. 


I am enjoying the hell out of Miranda and Gwyn being here. We're having a blast and I'm sad every time I have to go to school or work and leave them. Fortunately, I've been off from work all but one day (called in sick today to sit on the beach all day with Miranda), but I have school in the morning all day. Anyway, it's been awesome. We've had so much fun laughing and relaxing and hiking and spending a boat load of time on the beach.

Not much to report on boy news...Gavin has been ever present. He's slept over a few nights (one when Chloe was home and I got up at 6am to move to the couch so she wouldn't know!). We've had sex a few times and I've tried to pay attention to whether or not he has any constant thing he says when he cums since we have been laughing our asses off over "Oh Boy" all week. He does not...the other night it was "I want you to drink all of my cum baby" and before that it was "Make my fucking cock squirt....Mmmmmmm". He called me all depressed tonight because his gf broke up with him (yes, again). O-M-G, whatever. Men are total retards sometimes (sorry male readers).

I was supposed to see Owen today, but thankfully he had to bail. I was not totally hungover from last night, but I was not feeling up to par. I am also bleeding (thank god!) and while I'm fine with it all, it just wasn't a very sexual day. I refused to get up and meet him first thing after school drop off since I had already arranged for Russell to take Chloe and I knew we were in for a late night last night. So, he was thwarted throughout the day by other plans and ended up having to pick up his daughter before we could hook up. I suspect I'll see him this weekend or something though. It's a full moon and he's been super horny lately.

Boyfriend Bliss

So finally McDreamy and I are together.  Bad news is that he doesn’t have gas money. Wait, maybe he doesn’t and that’s good news.  But the issue is he was having money troubles. GI bill issues and all that mess.   But Wednesday night I got here and we had amazing first time sex. Like rockets and fireworks sex.  Like meant to be sex. And yes I realize the ice queen has melted.

Everything has been magical. As dorky as that sounds it’s awesome.   McDreamy has been around Jules and Miranda and passed with flying colors. He handled Jules and Russell and the neighbor they’ve both slept with. He nursed me and Miranda up a crazy hike.   He’s the real deal. And he’s cute as hell.  And we’ve had a hell of a lot of sex.  Shower sex, bed sex, and way more. Including sex with his shoes on and me butt naked.  Sometimes, shorts are just too restrictive lol.

The good news it everything with him is as awesome and amazing as I imagined.  He and I really seem to be in synch.  For an ice queen,  it’s freaking amazing and I’m so happy to be in Hawaii with him and Jules.  Even in the fact that we relate via Joel Osteen.  Yeah, I went religious with him.  But not in a psycho crazy way.  Just in a universe wants certain things to happen in a specific way and I’m going to be part of that.
I’m still very much in a I can’t believe this is my life way and I can’t really believe that I live here in Hawaii..  I think maybe it will hit home once Miranda leaves and I see what it’s like to feel less like I’m on vacation and more like this is my life. 

I really feel like I’ve hit the karmic jackpot. I’ve got an awesome man, awesome friends, and a and an awesome life. What more could I ask for right now?

Much love,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Boy

Just a quick Hawaii update...It's funny but when the three of us seem to get together we actually calm down lol. It's like we suddenly gain perspective on the role of men in our lives and find ourselves content with one another's company with little if any need for men. Have no fear though we are heading out to a local bar tomorrow night I believe. I'm sure this relatively debauchery free trip will switch things up then.

A couple of funny side notes to share.  I'm shocked I forgot to include this in my last post but the Ginger did one of the most humorous things ever right at the culmination of our sex.  In my array of bed buddies I've heard lots of things said during sex.  Swear words, professions of affection, moans and groans galore but the Ginger sprung a new one on me.  Right before he was about to cum, he uttered....Oh Boy.  Like 5-6 times in a row each one more excited and louder than the last.  Yes, he said Oh Boy.

It wouldn't be as funny if he was Mr Goody Two Shoes who didn't cuss but he swears like a sailor!  So the fact that such a G-rated expression came out of his mouth in the heat of the moment is hilarious.  It really caught me off guard and it took a whole lot of effort not to bust out laughing.  In my head in that moment I totally thought, "I can't wait to tell Jules and Gwyn about this!"  Is that weird I was thinking of them while the Ginger was literally in me?  Maybe but who cares.  It was hilarious!

So the Oh Boy phenomena has given us great laughter this whole vacation and I've shared it with Russell, McDreamy, the neighbor that Jules/Russel have both slept with, and even Gavin.  We've debated responses to it, how I can work it into every day conversation with the Ginger, etc.  And ever time we say it we all die laughing.  What a great story to have in my wheelhouse!  My group decision I've been charged with the task of sleeping with him again just to see if it comes back out.

The other funny thing is that I keep threatening to invoke "guest privileges" on Jules and force her to cuddle.  Y'all know she doesn't like to be touched when she sleeps lol.  With Gwyn spending most nights at McDreamy's I've been sleeping in her bed primarily so Jules has been cuddle free thus far.  One night I did sleep in her bed with her and it was hilarious.  Gwyn and I have shared a bed on many occasions and usually we wake up super close to one another like we're in the midst of a conversation or as Russell said, about to start kissing.  Really Russell???? Thanks for putting that in my head!  I digress, so the one night Jules and I shared a bed this week when I woke up I looked over my shoulder to see if she was awake.  We were each on our sides facing away from each other and both on the far sides of the bed.  HA! I swear you could have put a twin bed on the mattress between us.  It made me LOL!

Though after I spent last night in Russell's bed (I so sound like a bed whore) I understand Jules' not wanting to be touched tendencies.  Russell is the freaking hottest man alive - temperature wise I mean.  I got in bed with him (Gavin was in bed with Jules you) and snuggled up next to him ready for a big gay cuddle and I swear I would have thought I was laying against a furnace.  I felt my body temperature go up about 10 degrees and had to quickly determine that no way could I lay there all night.  I found myself assuming the Jules position and scooting way over to the edge of the bed to stay as far away from the heat as possible.  Probably the first time ever I've tried to keep myself away from a guy in my bed!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yoga Sex

I’m in full on vacation mode with Miranda and Gwyn being here, but yesterday morning Owen asked me if I could meet him and I agreed to right after school drop off. He texted me that morning to tell me that his van was full of stuff and ask what options we had for places to go. Since Miranda was at my house, I suggested the beach at our usual spot. He quickly replied he was driving there right away and had towels with him.
I usually get there before him because he likes to walk up on me. Yesterday, he got there first and I met him. He wasn’t laid out like I normally am waiting for him, but instead greeted me with a kiss and stood there holding and kissing me right past the dunes. I could feel him getting hard while pressing against me and he eventually took his shorts off and moved my bathing suit bottom over to touch me. I started stroking him with my hand while kissing him and then he flipped me around and pulled my suit down and fucked me standing up. He’s a foot taller than I am, but he bent his legs and somehow made it work! After a little while, I moved into my favorite yoga pose (downward dog) and he continued to give it to me super hard. That man is a machine! Finally he took me to my knees and then flat into my favorite position. Of course he finished in my ass, although I was afraid at one point while we were fucking that he was going to cum in my kitty. This would not be the time for him to start that!! I was glad he held out.
When we were finished, we went down to the water to dip and rinse off. The waves were pretty big up here yesterday and he took my hand and held onto me while we let the water run over us. I ended up with a boat load of sand in my suit though. It stayed with me all day, until I finally took a long shower after spending the day on other beaches with Miranda!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sneaky Peek

There really is nothing better than your girlfriends.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aloha Times Three

We’re here! Yep the island of Oahu better be ready for Jules, Gwyn, and Miranda!  And in the last 48 hours all three of us have got laid.  Go girls!  After a very very long day of traveling, counting front butts in Detroit, pondering the weirdos in LA, and then a long awaited round of hugs at the Honolulu airport, the three of us were united again.  We promptly headed to Jules for wine therapy and to let Gwyn get ready to meet McDreamy.  She’s got a great story to tell about that so I won’t share any details except to say that he’s cute as can be, very polite, and Jules and I totally creeped and watched them meet for the first time from Jules’ car.  It was hilarious.

Now for Miranda’s tale of sex and debauchery! Well sex but not much debauchery yet.  Tuesday night the Ginger wanted to spend some time with me before my Hawaiian adventures. I still had some packing to do so he just grabbed us some dinner and came over to my place.  We ate and chilled for a little bit while I packed up a few miscellaneous things.

His patented PG touches were being used and he was rubbing my legs and we were sitting very close together.  We started watching the oh so romantic Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia – seriously watch it if you haven’t already.  I was laying draped on him, he was laying draped over on me.  Still no kiss. Ahhhh! I was texting Jules and Gwyn and they were dying laughing.

At some point I got up and I think got a drink. When I came back he was half lying on the couch so I sat down and leaned back against him.  He pushed my hair to the side and started kissing my neck.  I debated with myself – can I turn my head so he’s got facial access or is that breaking Gwyn’s edict that I not initiate the kiss.  Before I could come to a conclusion, he turned my face and kissed me! 

Cue romantic music.  Crowds cheered.  Waves crashed. Fireworks went off.  We kissed and kissed and kissed for a while and started to fool around a bit.  My couch is just not that big and the Ginger was sort of half crouched on the floor and the couch so he stood up and pulled me upright and we stood there kissing for a minute.  And devil be damned my bedroom is right off the living room so in we went. 

Now previously I’d been determined to be a good girl and not sleep with him till after Hawaii but it’s so hard to stick with that!  I did stop the action before things got too heated and told him that I didn’t want to sleep with him if he was sleeping with anyone else.  He said he was oddly flattered that I’d think he would be sleeping around and said he felt the same way. I told him I was by no means trying to rush things but that’s just where I stood right now.  And then we had sex!  Good first time sex that is! 

Afterwards, we lay there for a short while and then I really needed to get my ass to bed so I could catch a few hours of sleep before it was Hawaii time.  The Ginger kissed me a ton and told me to have fun in Hawaii and went on his way.  He’s been texting me quite a bit since then so I’m very interested to see how things proceed in the future. 

Last night while I filled in the girls on details they lambasted me for not using a condom.  I even had a damn condom in the nightstand next to me. But I didn’t go for it. Yep Miranda’s a dirty dirty whore and she likes it.  In the midst of them giving me a hard time I had to call BS and tell them both that sure I may have exposed myself to a potential STD but damn if both of them haven’t been having totally unprotected sex (or in Gwyn’s case is probably having it right now).  At least what could ail me could be cured with some penicillin. HA!  And honestly I figured it was a calculated risk with the Ginger.  All signs point to him not being a guy who sleeps around so I wasn’t overly worried.

Stay tuned for more details on our Hawaiian adventure!

PS - Also it was kind of dark in my room so I couldn’t end the debate about if the carpet matched the drapes.  I’ll be sure to report back though in the future. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Save The Drama for Your Mama

My girls are coming in 20 hours and 34 minutes according to the countdown clock and I'm psyched!!! Gavin, not so much b/c he knows it's basically a week and a half without him being the center of my attention...lol. No, he's been great about it and came over and cleaned most of his stuff (except for the things I asked him to leave for Gwyn) out of the 4th bedroom today.

We actually had a very strange morning. He came over the first time while Russell and I were out for breakfast. He was freaking out when I got home that the gf had hacked all of his shit...email, FB, and his phone. He said that she emailed him a picture that she claims someone sent him. It's a picture of a girl's crotch in her bikini bottom. He says he didn't take it or receive it as a text and doesn't know wtf was going on with that. I believe him only b/c he's a technology moron. Gavin is super smart with a lot of hands on stuff, but he can't even figure out how to send a text, much less sext pictures. He asked me if I would change all of his passwords so that the gf can't get into his stuff. I suppose he's not so worried about me. He did note that I could totally fuck him up knowing all of this information, but he trusts me. WTF? Um dude, if you don't trust your gf that really should be your sign. When I asked him for what he wanted his new password to be, he said "I love Jules". I am 99% sure Russell heard this, even though I told him to "shut up" b/c I knew he was just being funny, but Russell was a little weird later after Gavin left. Anyway, I changed all of his stuff (not to that password) and he called his phone company and cancelled any possible online stuff. It seems someone had sent that picture to either him or his son online somehow.  Every text he's ever rec'd was on his phone (all from the phone company btw) and this was not one of them, so both of us were confused.  I actually believe him on this one b/c of the aforementioned technology issues and b/c he's just so open and honest with me. The gf has been hacking into all of his stuff and sure enough they confirmed she's been accessing his online cellular account.

I looked through his phone because I was trying to help him figure out the picture thing and lo and behold there was a draft of a text to me about being in a meeting and calling me later. He laughed when he saw it and assured me that he hadn't tried to send me that. Thinking back, that is sometimes an auto text but he has a flip phone so he can't butt text/dial. He thinks she was going to send it to me. I don't know, it's all weird. I got a restricted phone call last night and when I answered the person on the other end hung up. I can only assume it was her. I have zero time in my life for her drama and have advised him to keep that drama at his house. He assured me he's trying.

He left and I spent the afternoon getting ready for Miranda and Gwyn's arrival! I went to class and out to eat with SD. You guys may or may not remember him. He's a really nice guy, but kinda clingy and very into me. I like him a lot. He's actually someone I should totally date and fall in love with, but he's got the smallest dick ever (hence SD) and I've told him that I just can't ever sleep with him again (for reasons I did not tell him) but that I enjoy his company and if he wants to hang out, we can. He does and so we did tonight over a lovely Indian food meal. It caused some uproar at my house though because Chloe wanted me to come straight home after class and apparently Gavin was hanging out waiting on me too. She told me that she informed Gavin I wouldn't be home for a while, but she wanted me to know he was waiting for me. I told them I was eating with people from school to avoid drama and questions, which wasn't a lie b/c he is getting his Masters and had class tonight.

I called Gavin on the way to the restaurant and confirmed that he could hang out at my house while I ate dinner and would be home as soon as I finished. I called when I was on the way and he sounded super sleepy, but I knew if he had waited this long for me to get home, he would keep on waiting. I was very flirty and suggestive with my intentions upon my arrival. I made up Gwyn's bed as soon as I got home and I was in the midst of making mine when he came in and closed my door. He said he was horny and wanted my ass. He meant it literally. He bent me over and teased me for a nano second with my clothes on. Then he started taking my jeans off and I flipped around to suck him. He was already hard and pulled me off and turned me around. He pounded my kitty and then pulled out and worked his cock into my ass. I don't know why, but as much as he loves it, he seems to save it for certain random times. I give Owen anal every time I see him and I would with Gavin too, but he reserves it. He called it in tonight though and fucked me hard until he filled my ass with cum Oh maybe that's it, he found a safe spot to cum for the next few weeks that is still inside me.

He came and we talked for a few minutes and then he said he was exhausted and going home to bed. I'm laying in my bed totally satisfied and ready to sleep! I'm so excited for tomorrow though, so I don't know if I'll get much!

PS Owen update...he texted me this weekend while I was in Kauai and said he was sorry for being MIA. We hadn't texted in a few days, which isn't all that unusual, but he said his wife had taken their son off island and he was spending the weekend with his daughter and having a great time. I was so happy for him. They really needed that time. He asked if I could see him Wednesday and I told him I cannot b/c I have to be at work on time that particular day, but that I could probably excuse myself for a moment on Thursday to see him. He said he'd like that very much!