Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sex is better in Hawaii!!!

I've officially been in Hawaii for 2 weeks as of yesterday. One whole week without Miranda has passed and I still wish she was here to enjoy everything I'm enjoying (well...not EVERYTHING lol) but I know 6 months will fly by and she'll be back in no time.

Since Miranda has been gone I've been slowly settling in to my new life in paradise. McDreamy has been wonderful, minus a fight we had when Miranda was still here about driving me to town to meet her and Jules for dinner. His biggest flaw (and really the only downside I've discovered about him to this point) is that he gets agitated/annoyed/overwhelmed very easily. I think part of it is just his nature and his upbringing and part of it is a result of the time he spent in Iraq. In other words, I think it is his nature to be easily annoyed but fighting in the war just intensified it. We made up (aka he realized he was being an a-hole and apologized) and since then we haven't had another disagreement.

He's taken me all over the island to do a bunch of fun things and shown me some of his favorite places. We get along so well it's very strange - I feel like I've known him my whole life and he says the same thing about me. You know those toxic relationships where you bring out the worst in each other? Well this is exactly the opposite. We completely bring out the best in each other - I calm him down, make him sweeter and more romantic, and give him the push he needs to do well in school and in grown up life. He does the same for me - he lightens me up, makes me more open to romance and love, and brings out my silly side. He also loves doting on me (except when he doesn't feel like driving to town hahahahaha) and protecting me from the dangers of Hawaii (when I slipped on a recent hike I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown..he kept saying "your mom would kill me if you get hurt on a hike I took you on"). I've gotten a full body massage including music, candles, and lotion, every night we've spent together. He hasn't said the "L" word yet but he keeps bringing it up so I don't think it will be too much longer. He's very sensitive and even though he knows my feelings for him I think he wants to be completely sure the love is mutual before he puts it out there. I can wait :)

The sex has been really really good too. We've had shower sex, kitchen sex and plain old bedroom sex. He's made me orgasm every single time, except for once when it was a little on the quick side - but it still felt amazing. Our most exciting sexual adventure happened on Sunday when we went for a hike behind his house. We had talked about having sex on this particular hike before I ever came to Hawaii but we never made a solid plan. On Sunday, we hiked up to the top and came to a clearing of sorts. He had packed us some lunch (homemade uncrustables!!!!!!!) so when we got to the clearing I assumed we were just going to sit and eat. We sat down for a minute to take in the view and he asked me if I was still up for some top-of-the-mountain-sex. I told him I was and he seemed sort of surprised, I guess he thought I had just been saying that to please him but that I wouldn't actually do it. He then said, "Really? Ok, awesome. Well, I brought a towel." The fact that he brought a towel nearly made me LOL but I held it in and just focused on how cute it was that he had thought up this whole plan. We found a relatively smooth rock for me to sit on and put the towel on top of it. I was facing outwards towards the amazing view and he stood in front of me. The breeze was blowing, the view was fantastic, and the excitement of having sex on the top of the mountain was the cherry on top. The only downside was having to hike all the way back down while his cum slowly made it's way out of me....sorry for the TMI!!!! We made it back to his apartment and showered and then that night he made me dinner and we ate by candlelight on his lanai. All in all it was one of the best weekends of my life!

Having a boyfriend again has been lots of fun but has definitely taken some getting used to. I've gotten so accustomed to doing things on my own! But I must say having a boyfriend in Hawaii is much better than having a boyfriend in NC. There are so many romantic things to do here that we couldn't do anywhere else. On any given day there is always a beautiful sunrise/sunset to watch together, a hike to conquer, amazing food to try, breathtaking views to enjoy...the list goes on and on. It doesn't hurt that I don't have to work for awhile and I can spend my days reading, lounging on the beach, researching places here that I want to explore, and planning healthy meals for us to eat (having someone to cook for has been one of my favorite parts of having a bf again).

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I think I've hit the karma jackpot. I don't know how long life is going to be this peaceful but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it!


P.S. - Yesterday I got on the wrong bus trying to get to McDreamy's and ended up spending 3 hours with the lovely patrons of the HI public transportation system. I decided it was karma paying me back for my road rage issues. I anticipate that won't be the last crazy bus adventure....my road rage is no joke and the universe hasn't even come close to evening the score.

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  1. I love the top of the mountain story...that's epic! I've never even thought of that one before. I'm so happy for you that you're loving McDreamy!