Friday, September 30, 2011

Do Ask Do Tell

I had an interesting day on Tuesday that both Miranda and Jules begged me to blog about so here it goes...

Russell had the day off and I needed to go to Target to get some things for McDreamy's birthday. He told me that he was meeting a friend (aka booty call with an army boy) in town and that if I wanted I could drop him off and then take his car to Target and come back and pick him up. Beggars can't be choosers so I took him up on his offer.

A little background - Russell had already seen this particular guy at least once (maybe twice) and had told me that he actually liked him and it was a shame he was moving back to Texas in the next couple of weeks. He's an army guy and I think like 32 or 33 years old. I hadn't seen a picture and didn't know anything about where the guy lived and what not. Just that he was an army nurse (I lol'd on that one please forgive me God) and a pretty cool guy.

Back to Tuesday.....so we make the 30 minute trek into town and I find out that the booty call is staying at an ALL MILITARY hotel downtown. It is well known that this particular hotel is only for military personnel and their families. I did wonder if this rendevous would've occurred so readily if the DADT policy hadn't been repealed the week or so prior. I was trying to figure it all out in my head...would the guy just come down to the lobby and meet Russell? Would I have to drop Russell off in some secondary location? Would there be an ID check?

So we pull into the hotel and one of my questions is immediately answered - yes, there is an ID check. "Driver's license please." Thankfully only the driver has to show ID and Russell explained to the guard that he was just meeting a friend. I wondered then what kind of interesting things (and people) the guards got to see coming and going from this hotel. From the stories Russell tells, there is no shortage of gay men in the military and apparently they like to get it on. I imagine this type of arrangement happens quite often but I'd love to hear some of the cover up stories the guys tell.

So we get through the gate and pull up to the front of the hotel, along with a bunch of other cars either loading or unloading military men and their belongings. Did I mention we were driving a red convertible? I felt like I may as well have had on a neon flashing sign that said "I'm dropping off an older man here to have sex with a young military man who may or may not have revealed to his employer that he enjoys the company of other men. Then I'm going to Target." Then another one of my questions was answered, Russell's friend was indeed down in the lobby waiting for him.

He was very cute and had a really friendly smile. He walked up to me and shook my hand and Russell introduced us. I swear I felt like I was dropping off my son for a prom date or something - ok, maybe not a prom date but you get the point. It was so strange. I saw a couple of guys in uniform looking in my direction and I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking. Older gentleman pulls up in red convertible with young female passenger. Older gentleman and young female exit the vehicle and are greeted by young military man. Young female shakes hands with military man and then he and older gentleman walk away into the hotel. Young female drives off in convertible.

I headed to Target and about halfway through my shopping trip Russell texted me to say I could come back whenever I was ready. It must have been pretty quick because not more than 30 minutes had passed at that point. I finished my shopping and headed back to the hotel to pick him up. And yes, I was ID'd at the gate. Thankfully, I wasn't questioned.



  1. ROFLMAO, I love this story and honey, you should have just waited in the parking lot. Russell is about a 5-10 minute man on a good day. Clearly, they talked first.

  2. Clearly they thought you were a gay pimp...wait a pimp who pimps out gay men.


  3. That is pretty funny! I'm sure they've seen it all at the hotel. I'm guessing you were at the HK right?