Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Save The Drama for Your Mama

My girls are coming in 20 hours and 34 minutes according to the countdown clock and I'm psyched!!! Gavin, not so much b/c he knows it's basically a week and a half without him being the center of my attention...lol. No, he's been great about it and came over and cleaned most of his stuff (except for the things I asked him to leave for Gwyn) out of the 4th bedroom today.

We actually had a very strange morning. He came over the first time while Russell and I were out for breakfast. He was freaking out when I got home that the gf had hacked all of his shit...email, FB, and his phone. He said that she emailed him a picture that she claims someone sent him. It's a picture of a girl's crotch in her bikini bottom. He says he didn't take it or receive it as a text and doesn't know wtf was going on with that. I believe him only b/c he's a technology moron. Gavin is super smart with a lot of hands on stuff, but he can't even figure out how to send a text, much less sext pictures. He asked me if I would change all of his passwords so that the gf can't get into his stuff. I suppose he's not so worried about me. He did note that I could totally fuck him up knowing all of this information, but he trusts me. WTF? Um dude, if you don't trust your gf that really should be your sign. When I asked him for what he wanted his new password to be, he said "I love Jules". I am 99% sure Russell heard this, even though I told him to "shut up" b/c I knew he was just being funny, but Russell was a little weird later after Gavin left. Anyway, I changed all of his stuff (not to that password) and he called his phone company and cancelled any possible online stuff. It seems someone had sent that picture to either him or his son online somehow.  Every text he's ever rec'd was on his phone (all from the phone company btw) and this was not one of them, so both of us were confused.  I actually believe him on this one b/c of the aforementioned technology issues and b/c he's just so open and honest with me. The gf has been hacking into all of his stuff and sure enough they confirmed she's been accessing his online cellular account.

I looked through his phone because I was trying to help him figure out the picture thing and lo and behold there was a draft of a text to me about being in a meeting and calling me later. He laughed when he saw it and assured me that he hadn't tried to send me that. Thinking back, that is sometimes an auto text but he has a flip phone so he can't butt text/dial. He thinks she was going to send it to me. I don't know, it's all weird. I got a restricted phone call last night and when I answered the person on the other end hung up. I can only assume it was her. I have zero time in my life for her drama and have advised him to keep that drama at his house. He assured me he's trying.

He left and I spent the afternoon getting ready for Miranda and Gwyn's arrival! I went to class and out to eat with SD. You guys may or may not remember him. He's a really nice guy, but kinda clingy and very into me. I like him a lot. He's actually someone I should totally date and fall in love with, but he's got the smallest dick ever (hence SD) and I've told him that I just can't ever sleep with him again (for reasons I did not tell him) but that I enjoy his company and if he wants to hang out, we can. He does and so we did tonight over a lovely Indian food meal. It caused some uproar at my house though because Chloe wanted me to come straight home after class and apparently Gavin was hanging out waiting on me too. She told me that she informed Gavin I wouldn't be home for a while, but she wanted me to know he was waiting for me. I told them I was eating with people from school to avoid drama and questions, which wasn't a lie b/c he is getting his Masters and had class tonight.

I called Gavin on the way to the restaurant and confirmed that he could hang out at my house while I ate dinner and would be home as soon as I finished. I called when I was on the way and he sounded super sleepy, but I knew if he had waited this long for me to get home, he would keep on waiting. I was very flirty and suggestive with my intentions upon my arrival. I made up Gwyn's bed as soon as I got home and I was in the midst of making mine when he came in and closed my door. He said he was horny and wanted my ass. He meant it literally. He bent me over and teased me for a nano second with my clothes on. Then he started taking my jeans off and I flipped around to suck him. He was already hard and pulled me off and turned me around. He pounded my kitty and then pulled out and worked his cock into my ass. I don't know why, but as much as he loves it, he seems to save it for certain random times. I give Owen anal every time I see him and I would with Gavin too, but he reserves it. He called it in tonight though and fucked me hard until he filled my ass with cum Oh maybe that's it, he found a safe spot to cum for the next few weeks that is still inside me.

He came and we talked for a few minutes and then he said he was exhausted and going home to bed. I'm laying in my bed totally satisfied and ready to sleep! I'm so excited for tomorrow though, so I don't know if I'll get much!

PS Owen update...he texted me this weekend while I was in Kauai and said he was sorry for being MIA. We hadn't texted in a few days, which isn't all that unusual, but he said his wife had taken their son off island and he was spending the weekend with his daughter and having a great time. I was so happy for him. They really needed that time. He asked if I could see him Wednesday and I told him I cannot b/c I have to be at work on time that particular day, but that I could probably excuse myself for a moment on Thursday to see him. He said he'd like that very much!

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  1. I enjoyed this...drama, sleuthing, mad crazy sex!

    Yaay for you and your girls being together.

    Have fun but try not to make the headlines okay.