Friday, September 2, 2011

Working Up to the Weekend

Gavin has been keeping a low profile until tonight. He decided things (the scratch on his dick) are definitely better and he was ready to come back for more...finally!!! I was getting a little bitchy with no sex, but it was on tonight. Gavin cooked dinner and was flirting heavily throughout. I knew he wanted it, but I also knew he was still probably sore.

I went into my room to do laundry and he followed me with his hard cock. I told him he would have to wait until I was finished for me to lick and suck him, but he was impatient. He grabbed me and tried to force me and I refused. I love a good power struggle. We wrestled some and I refused to open my mouth. He tried to spit into my mouth and make me take him, but I still refused. He lost, but only that round. It was super flirty and fun!

When I folded the last item, I announced that I wanted him. He told me to come over and suck him. He said I had some making up to do and that his cock was hesitant to be around me, so I should probably kiss it. I quickly got on my knees and licked and sucked him for almost 45 minutes. I was really licking him and taking my time....working him up and letting off. I had already decided I would just let him cum from this although he kept saying he wanted me to sit on him. I thought he would feel better if I just serviced him during this round. I finally got him so built up that he stood up and exploded all over me. I let him cum all over my face and tits and everywhere in between. Since it had been 4 days, it was huge. I licked him clean and we went out to watch TV.

We talked a lot tonight and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me before he left mostly in jest. We were actually talking about sex this weekend and how much I can't wait for vacation sex and how much I just need a vacation period. He got ready to go and I told him he needed to give it to me first. He said that he didn't know if he could, but he was willing to try.

I lead him into my room by hand and stopped at my bed. He took his pants off and I stripped down. I leaned over and started licking and kissing his cock again. I decided that he might need some extra attention, so I got on my knees and sucked him super hard and then he pushed me off and I flipped around on the bed. We had actually talked about the possibility of condoms since I was afraid my juices might hurt his cut, but he plowed straight in and didn't complain. We fucked like that until I came multiple times and it's just now donning on me that he broke the cumming in me for the next 6 weeks rule...fuck. We had a lot of alcohol over dinner. Since I totally depleted him earlier, I'm doubting he came much the second time but fuck, fuck, fuck. In the moment, it seems we forgot. He was giving it to me so hard and I was just taking him in and enjoying it...fuck. Well Miranda did say if I get pregnant within the next few weeks, she gets to pick the name...guess you should pick a few just in case...fuck, fuck, fuck.

Looks like it's going to be a fuck and pray kinda weekend...too bad I'm an atheist, good thing he's not.

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  1. Great line: too bad I'm an atheist, good thing he's not.

    Good luck