Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magic Dick

Finally, I got to see Owen yesterday!! It was super fast, hurried, frenzied sex with a funny run in afterwards. He had texted me in the morning to see if I could meet him around lunch time. Chloe was away as mentioned before b/c Gavin had come over (yep, totally whored it up yesterday and it was awesome!).  I had jumped in the shower to get ready to see him when 3 kids descended onto my house wanting to the go the beach.  I had to bail and told him I could do after 2pm when she was at a party or after he got off from work. He said after work was best for him and I promised to be available because Russell would be home and I needed to run to the store for dinner items.
He texted me right before he was supposed to get off from work to tell me that the wife and kids had just left the beach and he’d tried to say he was going to the hardware store but the wife reminded him they close early on Sundays. I expressed my disappointment, but said that clearly the universe didn’t want us to meet up this weekend. L  Then he remembered that he needed to drop something off to a friend and run to the store for beer so we arranged for a super quickie.
I pulled up and he came in right behind me. I jumped into his van and we were naked in like 3 seconds. He’d spread out a blanket for us and we knelt kissing for a few minutes. I knew he was in a hurry, as was I because Gavin, Gwyn, McDreamy, and Russell were expecting dinner in less than an hour and I still needed to run to the store. I asked him how he wanted me and he said he wanted to pin me down and fuck my pussy and then my ass. Yes, please!!
I flipped around and he gently pinned me down and entered me. I wasn’t overly wet, but within seconds I was cumming the first time. Within minutes, I had soaked him and he pulled out and entered my ass and within a minute or so he pulled out and shot a huge load all over my ass and up my back. It had to have been a record for us. He usually goes at least 30 to 45 minutes with an hour being his preferred…I was in and out in less than 15 and more satisfied than I have been in weeks!! Clark used to be insanely jealous of him and refer to his cock as the “magic dick”.  Let me assure you, it’s magical alright!!
I ran over to the local grocery and was answering his “you’re awesome” text when I damn near ran into him (literally) in the parking lot. I smiled and he kind of waved. I told him I thought the beer thing was just a story (and honestly thought he would have gone to the other grocery store right near his house).  As I entered the market, fear hit me. I’d told Gavin I was going to that market at that time if he wanted to meet me there on the way to my house since he was cooking.  Fortunately, Gavin took his sweet time leaving the beach and just met me at the house about 30 minutes later.
I raced through the store getting my groceries and as I’m at the deli counter, Owen is in the checkout line paying. It’s a super small store and he looked up and smiled at me. I am sure I blushed 83 shades of red while standing there. He took what I thought was a really long time at the checkout and I noticed he kept looking over at me and making eye contact, which prompted more smiles between us and blushing on my part. OMG I felt like we were in junior high…lol.  When he got back into his van, he sent me a text saying “Totally fumbling at the register…”.   I love that we’re still so hot for each other that we have that effect on one another after all this time.  He always strikes me as so confident; it was cute to see him like that.


  1. I used to and still feel like that when I run into Sawyer and he doesn't even have a magic dick. HA!


  2. "Magic dick"? I love it! Sounds like you had a lot of fun in his van. Glad you got to squeeze in anal too! You guys are awesome!