Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am enjoying the hell out of Miranda and Gwyn being here. We're having a blast and I'm sad every time I have to go to school or work and leave them. Fortunately, I've been off from work all but one day (called in sick today to sit on the beach all day with Miranda), but I have school in the morning all day. Anyway, it's been awesome. We've had so much fun laughing and relaxing and hiking and spending a boat load of time on the beach.

Not much to report on boy news...Gavin has been ever present. He's slept over a few nights (one when Chloe was home and I got up at 6am to move to the couch so she wouldn't know!). We've had sex a few times and I've tried to pay attention to whether or not he has any constant thing he says when he cums since we have been laughing our asses off over "Oh Boy" all week. He does not...the other night it was "I want you to drink all of my cum baby" and before that it was "Make my fucking cock squirt....Mmmmmmm". He called me all depressed tonight because his gf broke up with him (yes, again). O-M-G, whatever. Men are total retards sometimes (sorry male readers).

I was supposed to see Owen today, but thankfully he had to bail. I was not totally hungover from last night, but I was not feeling up to par. I am also bleeding (thank god!) and while I'm fine with it all, it just wasn't a very sexual day. I refused to get up and meet him first thing after school drop off since I had already arranged for Russell to take Chloe and I knew we were in for a late night last night. So, he was thwarted throughout the day by other plans and ended up having to pick up his daughter before we could hook up. I suspect I'll see him this weekend or something though. It's a full moon and he's been super horny lately.

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