Friday, September 23, 2011

Annoyed and Mindfucked

Gavin annoyed the piss out of me today. He called me not once, but twice while I was at practicum to see if I could contact my neighbor so he could buy some weed. Dude, go fucking knock on the door...next door. That was my first annoyance, but it gets better.

Then he tells me he's picking up his gf from the airport tonight and that she's home pretty much just for the weekend from CA and then I guess she's going back. Who knows or cares really? What I want to know is how in the hell someone with no job gets to travel this much? Anyway, I was not annoyed by this part but what super pissed me off was when he asked what I was doing this weekend and told me he had a friend I should hook up with. I snapped at him and told him that I did NOT need him to be in charge of my dating life, for real. I ended the call and was very abrupt and bitchy when he called the 2nd time regarding the weed.

When I got home, I was leaving to go get Chloe and he was pulling in. I gave him a mumbled line about going to get her and stalked off walking. When I got home, he had left (thankfully b/c it would have been a fight otherwise) and called me about 5 minutes after I arrived home. He said he'd washed my car, taken out my trash, taken my recycling, and wanted me to know how much he appreciates me. I asked if he was even curious as to why I was pissed at him. He said it was b/c the gf was coming home. I said it was not, but that it was his need to treat me like his whore and try to hook me up with his friend. He said that was not the case, but that this was a good friend of his and that he would at least know where I was if I was hanging out with this guy this weekend. Um, are you fucking kidding me? That set me off even more and I informed him that he already knew where I was and that I really didn't require any assistance from him in this department. He finally said to me "Jules, I know you have feelings for me and I have feelings for you too and this situation is just complicated and I felt like if you were him, it was close to me, and I would know what you were doing...that's all. I'm sorry. I just mentioned it to you, not him." I said that better be the case and he asked if he could call me tomorrow. I said I supposed so and hastened getting off the phone again. I am feeling  mindfucked by him right now and while we all know that Jules loves to fuck...I am not a fan of the mindfuck at all.

The funny thing is that on the way home today I was totally thinking I should just end this. Then, I get home and Russell tells me all these dates he's going to be in CA the next few months and frankly I kind of need him right now. And then of course, he goes and tell me he has feelings for me...jesus. I mean I know he does. I can see it in him and his actions, but we don't talk about it and haven't talked about it since that one night earlier this summer. It just feels like this could end up getting complicated and I really hate complicated. Despite the way it reads, I really do keep things pretty simple around here.

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